RANDOM Elect me! Because... I rule and stuff.

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  1. So... if I can get a minimum of ten YES! answers, I'll go for a position on staff. Here's the thing: I'm actually pretty seriously experienced. I've been roleplaying since 1978, and my first time doing it online was in 1986. So been at it kind of a while! I also have massive experience not just running games, but as a moderator and even an admin in all kinds of different formats. Largest board I've ever run was about four thousant people, though that was a religious community rather than something RP-based.

    What do you say, Iwaku? Let me know!
  2. No.
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  3. PBTTHT!!! Mid!
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  4. Y'all think I won't really do it, huh?
  5. You're not giving me anything to change my mind. Where's the free stuff? The food? What kind of campaign are you running? Fire your manager. BOOOOOO! *throws tomatoes*
  6. But I am still made of awesome and win! And I have cookies!
  7. Pear haps
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    ... No, I'm not easily bribed! D: GIVE ME SOMETHING BETTER DDDDD:
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  9. Get your democratic bullshit out of here. The people have no voice when it comes to who is and isn't staff. Only those who are hand-picked by the Owl Goddess are fit to rule.

    Seriously though, just apply if you want. I don't know what the point of asking for anyone else's approval is.
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  10. -stares right into Steel's eyes while writing NO on the ballot and sloooowly easing it toward the box-
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  11. I don't trust anyone who claims to have started to roleplay the decade before I was born. There's villainy afoot, I am sure of it.
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  12. Guess what, guise... we were playing Truth or Dare in the Steambox, and I got dared to do this! However... all of that stuph I posted is actually true. I am fifty-one. I am most definitely a battle-scarred ol' veteran RPer. And villainy? Why yes... yes there is, because youth and skill can never outdo age and treachery!

    If you like post-apoc, horror, dark fantasy, science fiction or superhero genre, shout at me!
  13. This thread confused me. O.o

    All staffies are a little bit evil 8D Heck, some are full out villainous. I think it's a requirement at this point.

    We played truth and dare and I dared him to go make a thread in general chat asking people for votes to get on staff 8D Jorick dared me to make that time to share thread 8D
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  15. Her, sweetcheex. The wicked Hyaena is IRL female!
  16. -Adds Hayena to iwaku trap list-
  17. Least I'm honest, right? And I write my wicked bois well enough that.... well, try me and see!