GROUP RP PLOTTING Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fanfic Roleplay

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  1. Ok so I have wanted to do this for a long time. SKYRIM RP FTW! Ok os people in chat said I should make this. Ok so im not sure what the plot should be but one rule I have is that the elves don't look like aliens like they do in skyrim. :P I don't think we will stay just in skyrim we could ecentually go to other places to and just wing it :P More likely we go to Cyrodil, Morrowind, or High Rock.

    Ok so maybe instead of one Dovahkiin there is a group? Like Dovahkiin have been gone for ages, but suddenly a bunch are born and raised all over Tamriel and for different reasons they are suddenly drawn to Skyrim?

    I dunno maybe people don't want to follow the original story; I'm not even sure I want to. Maybe we could base it around the original story, but twist it and make new stories and quests and maybe even keep some of the old ones? I dunno. What do you guys think? What would you guys like to do?

    Personally I have to say I want to play as a Dovahkiin (Who doesn't), and also I have to say the Skyrim main storyline doesn't actually make me feel like its the end. There is so many or plots that are open to us...Think Aldmeri Dominion? Where did the Dwarves go? Battle of Gods? What about a plot that actually revolves around the Elder Scrolls!?! (Crazy Idea I know)

    There are countless plots for us to use. Personally I think we should stick with the civil war and dragons return quests, but allow them to be changed or flexible and allow all other quests to be expendable or replaceable. Alongside these two main plots we can put others. Or for all we know these could be just larger plots of even larger plots. If people are interested im sure I could write up some cool plots; with help from some people. May take awhile though.

    Anyways; Ideas? Thoughts? Interested? Anyone want to Co-GM this with me if it ever gets started?

    I'll only be doing this if there is enough people and if their is an interesting plot to do, if people want to GM this go for it im no real GM personally unless im Co-GMing with someone.
  2. I'd actually been thinking of doing a Skyrim roleplay. I was going to do a one on one with a friend, but a lot of things happened and that idea just kinda fell apart. Our plan was to be two unimportant characters, adventuring and such. We'd have little to no involvement with the important characters, but the main events from the game would still be going on. We were actually going to play it out as survivors of the attack on Helgen, and I think my partner was going to play one of the prisoners that were being brought in. I'd be up for this, definitely.

    As I said, I would totally be up for this, but my knowledge of the Elder Scrolls series only includes Skyrim. I'd never heard of the title until that installment. In order to fit myself in to this roleplay, if it happens, I'd likely be playing a character native to Skyrim who hasn't gone out of it's boundaries, and has about the same knowledge of past events as one of Skyrim's town guards.

    If no one else tosses in their ideas, mine is that like.. Since you're wanting it to take place in areas aside from Skyrim eventually, maybe we could be fleeing because of the war and the return of the dragons, to find some place more peaceful. Maybe some characters would have more important reasons for visiting these places, but they'd see a common goal and band together to help eachother survive the trip at least. Or something else could happen to stick everyone together, just whatever you think would make a good cause.