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This is my first shot for Iwaku, hope it doesn't disappont. Please please, you have to have played Morrowind and Skyrim for this to work. Though, I doubt most people have gone as far as to play Morrowind unless they were there when it came out.


          • The Dark Brotherhood

Everyone Knows who they are, well, THEY as in plural, but I'll tell you that later...
Want someone killed? Very badly, so much that you're willing to pay for it? And I'm not talking legal. The Black Sacrament is what they call it, the ritual to call upon them, then they shall appear, but be ready to pay for it. It doesn't come cheap. That's the Dark a Brotherhood for you, Skyrim's very own assassins for hire. I can't go as far as call them a guild, seeing as their business is shady, they play it dirty. Did you know that back when the five tenants were still being practiced, the Speaker for the Blackhand could even ask one member to "purge" the guild in times when there was suspected treason or spilling of the Brotherhood's secrets? Yeah... And not one member is spared, even if they were innocent. That was back in the old days, but still, that doesn't mean they don't play dirty.
That's the Dark Brotherhood for ya.


            • The Morag Tong

I bet you don't know these guys, probably because you're most likely a thick-headed Nord who would fry to a crisp in Morrowind's lovely dry weather and you're used to the cold of Skyrim. Plus, you most likely try to ignore the fact that things like the Dark Brotherhood exist. Well, guess what? Morrowind-the Dunmer, they have their own type of Brotherhood, well, scratch that, wouldn't want to piss them off by comparing them to the Brotherhood, now would we? These guys, they are actually a guild! Even acknowledged by the government there. Their assassinations are legal, while the Brotherhood isn't. While the Brotherhood calls it "contracts" these guys call it "Writs", even the wealthy and powerful go to them to "honourably execute" (as written in the writs) someone. They detest their less legal counterparts with a passion.
They are the Morag Tong.

And these two guilds are about to clash. The Brotherhood moves into Morrowind, the Morag Tong's territory. They start to steal their "Writs" claiming the money for themselves. Some even stop going to the Morag Tong and instead go to the Brotherhood for their assassinations. The Morag Tong are not happy. This is their territory.
Which guild will be victorious?


>>This is not Romance, so please no romance, thanks.
>>No OP! (Over powered), it ruins the fun and we cannot all be invincible. Yes, this is fantasy RP but still, come on, don't be a party pooper!
>>Be respectful
>>Keep cussing at a minimum!
>>Not everyone can be Dark Brotherhood!
>>Dragonborns not included in this roleplay!



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