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  1. Okay so a while back I did an elder scrolls RP revolving around a necromancer trying to bring back his lost wife until a vampire comes around and twists his goals. The following spoiler is a more detailed version as well as a link to the RP.

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    A necromancer named Ennoc holed up in Labyrinthian is trying to bring his dead love back to life, then one night a vampire, Sylette, enters the scene. As it turns out, his experiments and lust for knowledge had attracted the attention of those more closely related to death and desired to claim that power for her own. For a while they "live" together in Lost Valkygg, in labyrinthian, each offering something the other needs without fully respecting or trusting each other. Eventually Ennoc, out of fear for his life and mind due to the presence of the vampire,rushes one of his experiments and accidentally turns the body of his lost wife to ash, making it impossible to revive her.

    Broken and lost to despair, Sylette twists his loss for goals toward her own end and convinces Ennoc to pursue more knowledge and power in the hopes of conquering all of Tamriel like Mannimarco had tried or how Tiber Septim succeeded.

    In time they begin to build up an army in the old city of Bromjunaar; the necromancer finds new and and more efficient to raise the dead adding to his growing legion as well as acquire a following of fellow necromancers who aid him in his quest. While the vampire calls upon her dark brethren and vampiric thralls to bolster the ranks of their ever increasing army even more.
    In time Labyrinthian begins to regain its former glory as necromancers, vampires and other undead begin to turn the old ruin into a bustling city of evil and death. Eventually, when time is right, the undead legion assaults Hjaalmarch, The pale and Whiterun hold taking over Morthal as well as smaller settlements and several forts.

    As both their power and influence in Skyrim grows, the necromancer and the vampire begin to struggle for dominance within their newly created "nation". The reason for this is again depending on the situation, the personality of the two, their backgrounds, etc... the result is a small civil war within Bromjunaar between the vampires and the necromancers, weakening them in the middle of their war against the living. This gives the other holds in Skyrim as well as the legion an opportunity to create a counter offensive slowly driving the undead menace back.

    As the war seems more and more lost, the vampire and necromancer settle their differences and hole up in Labyrinthian. Slowly but surely their once powerful army begins to crumble due to desertion and losses in battle until only the original necromancer and vampire remain to ward off the full force of Skyrim with nothing but their own mustered force of undead and thralls.

    Their opponents eventually break through and despite a heated battle in their own freshly created throne room, they both die at the hands of the empire, their dreams, goals and lust for power dying with them.

    For those willing to read what this became:
    Elder scrolls: Dead and damned

    Sadly, the person I was roleplaying with suddenly left most likely due to personal reasons. However, I quite enjoyed my character, the setting and the story so if anyone want to retry with me from the start with their own character let me know.
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