Elder Scrolls RP? :D

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  1. The harsh and snowy land of Skyrim has fallen into chaos. The High King... shouted to death, a rebellion has erupted, brothers are killing brothers, and on top of it all... the dragons are back and wreaking havoc across the region.

    So, here's the dealio. :3

    Age: (Any age is fine)
    Race: (Altmer [High Elf], Argonian, Bosmer [Wood Elf], Breton, Dunmer [Dark Elf], Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer [Orc], or Redguard)
    Appearance: (Picture or description, can be N/A if you wish)
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: (There can be up to 5... first come, first serve. I, myself, will be dovahkiin. So there will be 6)
    Background: (Can be N/A if you wish)
    Additional information:

    OUR DRAGONBORN SO FAR: Ashaekin, Ichigo, Tenchi-Roku, and myself. Two more spots open for the dragonborn.

    Name: Anja Daae (Anja is pronounced "Anya", and Daae is pronounced "Die-aye")
    Age: 17
    Race: Nord
    Appearance: (See thumbnail)
    Are you dovahkiin (dragonborn)?: Yes
    Background: Anja's been on her own ever since she was a wee lass. Both of her parents fought in the Great War and lost their lives. She was sent to the orphanage in Riften... but couldn't stand that old hag Grelod, so she ran once she turned the age of ten. Somehow, she managed to get as far as Whiterun... unharmed. She made her way to Jorrvaskr and has been kin to the Companions ever since. She trains, fights, and lives with them in Jorrvaskr. She had heard the name "dovahkiin" tossed around in conversation when she had been present... especially when in the company of people of Ivarstead. But she's leaving the land of the Whiterun Hold that she's come to know so well to find out what this Dovahkiin thing was all about.
    Additional information: Anja is adorned with Daedric armour, and dual-weilds daedric swords - she's crafted her weapons and armour herself with the help of Eorlund. She's not too good with a bow, but will use one if necessary. Being surrounded by people that consider themselves true Nords, she doesn't know much about the use of magic. From what she's heard about Winterhold... magic use was typically frowned upon. But out of curiousity, she learned three basic spells: Flames, Frost, and Sparks.

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  2. Name: Da Gin Ne
    Age: 19
    Race: Bosmer
    7888.Wood%20Elf.jpg-610x0[1].jpg Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Yes! First one.
    Background: Da Gin Ne had grown up with the grey beards, giving him knowledge of dragons and the tounge that dragons are born with. He had natural talent in the art, so they assumed him to be dragon born. Figuring out what they had said about him, Da ran away. His name in dragon tounge shoots fire balls that could incenerate a house.
    Additional information: Prefers bow and arrow with poison. Versatile and more fit for a thief. Skillful in healing, destruction, and some illusion magic. Loves to make poison from various materials, making him skillful in alchemy. Prefers light armor, and is good in close combat using dual wielded daggers.
  3. Name: "Shadow" Ra Darjma
    Age: 17
    Race: Khajiit
    Appearance: Like the picture, but female and has ice blue eyes.
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Yes
    Growing up in a traveling caravan of Khajiits, Darjma has seen a lot of there is to see in Skyrim. When she was about twelve, the caravan of merchants had been spotted by a group of orc bandits that had a high bounty on their heads at the time. The bandits attacked the caravan and killed everyone, save Darjma, her father had hidden her behind some rocks and bushes. She bared a great hatred towards the bandits, so much so that when she turned fifteen and had trained in fighting, she hunted the bandits down, killed them, then collected the bounty. Not long after, before her sixteenth birthday, she ran into the dark brotherhood and was asked to join the, so she did. Now she travels around Skyrim with various assassination jobs, not knowing of her being Dovahkiin.
    Additional information: She specializes with dual wielding swords and daggers, but will use bow and arrow if she wants to strike from a distance. Also, she mostly uses destruction magic, especially fire. Uses light armor, perfect for her love of sneaking, thieving and assassinating. She has only a little knowledge about the language of the dragons.
  4. I created my bio, and updated the post to let people know that you two are dragonborn. ^.^

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  5. Alright... I'm going to make the thread. More people can join as we go along. I'll just create the thread and I'll make my post after. I had no idea how busy I'd be! I have no time to make my entrance post. I'll send you guys the thread link after I create it!
  6. Ok. I'm sorry that you're so busy ari. This rp sounds like a great idea.
  7. Also, is there a main plot/storyline? Just curious.
  8. No, no storyline. It can be whatever you want - I want it to be flexible. ^.^
  9. So its like skyrim and never truly ends? Awesome. I may join the thieves guild while in riften.
  10. Name: Sorris
    Age: 21
    Race: Dark Elf
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    Background: Not much is known about Sorris. Some say he was a mercinary, others say he is a surviving member of the Dark Brotherhood. Ironically, both stories are true. Sorris was born into the Dark Brotherhood in Tamriel. After it's annihalation when he was nine, he was taken in by a family of warriors, who soon joined the Companions. When he matured at the age of 16, his adoptive family was slaughtered and he was placed in care of Aela The Huntress. She taugh him everything.... as well as her 'gift'. Sorris first learned he was dragonborn when he killed a dragon in the forests by accident.

    Additional Info: Sorris specializes in two handed weapons, one handed, sword and shield, and destruction magic. His conjuration is just as good, but his skill set is mostly that of a battle mage. He only wears dragon plate armor.
  11. Go right ahead and join the Thieves Guild! :D
  12. Name: Carolus Rex
    Age: Undetermined., but old.
    Race: Argonian
    Appearance: Scars cover his entire body, and his head is shaped sort of like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, blackish green scales, no horns/hair.
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: nope.
    Background: Has fought in Morrowind at the time of the Nerevarine, Cyrodiil at the time of the oblivion crisis and Skyrim during the stormcloak rebellion, although he has never met the Nerevarine, Hero of Kvatch or the Dragonborn.
    He is reputed to be a vicious warrior with his Ancient Nord Greatsword of Burning, and no less than twice held
    He is also known to have fought Daedra, at least one dragon, Draugr and has extensive combat experience against the common Races of Tamriel.

    A Grizzled Veteran of countless wars, The Figure of Carolus Rex is somewhat of a soldiers legend, a scarred and pitted Argonian, wearing a black cloak over shining Daedric armor, wielding an ancient Greatsword wreathed in flames charging from the darkness, laying about with the flaming sword until the enemy lay burnt and broken, before disappearing as soon as he arrived.

    Nord Legends speak of an Argonian, swathed in thick black robes advising Jarls and Thanes, striding into their holds, bearing news of some immanent invasion or other disaster, defending the hold briefly before again, disappearing just as abruptly as he arrived.

    Imperial Legends speak of an Armored Argonian crafting fine armor and weapons for Imperial heros in ages long past.

    Additional information:
    Masterful in the Arts of smithing and enchanting, Carolus Rex's weapons and armor, and those he gifts to those who are worthy are the legendary, although surviving examples are incredibly rare.

    It is unknown if Carolus Rex is one Argonian, or a lineage of Warriors trained from birth to replace their parent, or even if the stories Attributed to Carolus Rex are the actions of several different warriors, fused together over time into a mythical Warrior legend.
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    Just give me time to make my character sheet.
  17. Can I join?

    Name: Kaassi

    Age: 22

    Race: Khajiit

    Appearance: Scars cover her face and hands, and she keeps her brown fur short to disguise near-bald patches across her body.

    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: No

    Background: Raised as a traditional Khajiit, she's as skilled as most of her kind - or was until she was banished for accidentally setting her camp on fire and killing and resurrecting most of those around her. Attended the College of Winterhold, specialising in Conjuration and Destruction. Was nearly killed for "innappropriate experimentation" aka Necromancy, and had to flee. Now she wanders the land as she spirals deeper into Necromancy, obsessed with righting the wrong that made her a pariah to her own kind.

    Additional information: Wears Hooded Necromancer Robes and carries no weapon but her claws and her magic.
    Her accidental massacre is well known throughout Skyrim among the Khajiits. Because of this, her own kind look upon her with deep mistrust - and sometimes respond to her presence with violence.
  18. Name: Gradon Balsir

    Age: 21

    Race: Imperial

    Appearance: [​IMG]( without the helmet)

    Are you Dovahkiin ( Dragonborn)?: No

    Background: He was always trainned to be skilled in the one handed and two handed swords he was good for his age as his guardian raised him he moved on in his teenage years to the town of Whiterun for a time in training he was somewhat skilled on theft surviving on his oven for a few days toughened him up his guardian sent him off to find his own destine way of living as so what he's become along the way.

    Additional Information: Carries a sword and a light sheild, his tattoo markings on his left shoulder and arm as well as on his right arm as well, he wears light armor and boots thats he took after killing a bandit along with his bouch were he has few gold and few items.
  19. Name: Nayneria
    Age: 20
    Race: Nord
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Are you Dovahkiin (Dragonborn)?: Yes
    Background: Nayneria has always been a warrior from her earliest years. Born in Skyrim in Kynesgrove. When she was younger she use to ditch her farming responsibilities and play with a knife, pretending she was an adventurer. Once she got older she left Kynesgrove and started traveling, trading her knife for a battleaxe and making a name for herself as an excellent warrior. She has yet to join any guilds or groups yet though people have asked. She did become a bloodkin to the Orcs though a couple months ago.
    Additional information: Nayneria is also good with a bow and arrow, sneaking up first to shoot and if seen, then using her battleaxe. Or using the battleaxe if she is being impatient. Her armor and weapons are all daedric.

    Totally joinin the Dark Brotherhood
  20. Everyone can join! Jump right in! :D