Elder Scrolls RolePlay Partner Request

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  1. Not gonna bog down the page with a huge list of what I want to RP.

    Looking for an Elder Scrolls themed RP. Behold, a list of things I like from the series and would like to perhaps happen.

    Please be aware of posting expectations and content rating <3
    • I adore Morrowind and Skyrim's setting, the rest I either don't care for or have little knowledge on (Elder Scrolls Online).
    • No qualms about race, though lately I've been on a Dunmer streak.
    • Don't have a giant plot planned, but one can be brainstormed quickly. Mostly looking for day-to-day adventuring.
    • Prefer a conversation to house the RP rather than a thread, but willing to be flexible.
    • Again, flexible on a great many things.

    Don't leave me with..
  2. im very interested :)
  3. Why did I get no alert for this threeeaaad?!

    Was there anything in particular that interested you~?
  4. I would like to do a dark brotherhood rp or just a strait up adventure game
  5. Splendid! Though I'm probably looking for more make our own story as we go. If that's fine by you?
  6. I'm perfectly okay with that do you have any ideas about how you want the relationship of the characters to be when they first begin there journey together ?
  7. Could meet on common ground. Shall we take it to conversation to hammer out the details?
  8. Of course :)
  9. Of course I'm still looking for partners to fill my time and creative void with!

    C'mon now. :c
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.