Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age??

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  1. So recently I've gotten into The Elder Scrolls series again, after not playing since about a year after the release of Skyrim, and playing it made me really want to do some roleplaying in the Elder Scrolls universe.
    Meanwhile, since December, I've been hooked on Dragon Age: Inquisition and, more recently, Origins. I've been itching to join a Dragon Age roleplay on here, but I really can't find one.

    I have just the frame of an Idea for ES: Oblivion or Skyrim(And possibly Morrowind, although I'm not nearly as familiar with that one) that's similar to Dragon Age, if you've ever played those, where the main character(whomever decides to play them) meets with other characters (everyone else) along their quest and joins forces with them. They'll interact, fall in love, become friends--or enemy's-- and save the world with each other, one dragon(or oblivion gate) at a time.

    As for Dragon Age, I really have nothing.
    So I was hoping, if I can get enough people interested in one idea or the other--or both. I'm totally up for having both going if both topics are liked well enough--, We could jump into a group chat or something and do some planning and refining, because we all know my ideas need serious amounts of both.

    ...anyone interested?
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  2. I'd totally be down for a Dragon Age roleplay. You've got no ideas for that at all?
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  3. Sadly, no. I'm glad you're interested though! It seems, at least to me, that there isn't many Dragon Age fans on here.
  4. Yeah, I haven't seen many Dragon Age roleplays here either. I tried a one on one a while back, but it didn't work out. Also saw one group roleplay taking place in Amaranthine, but it was closed.

    I'm a little obsessed with the series myself, even if the second installment was a major letdown. I've had a couple of problems with the latest, the main issue being the itty-bitty text paired with a wide-screen only format (My TV is super old and square). I miss out on reading codexes, which drives me crazy, but it's still fun.

    Anyway, yeah. If you get more interest or whatevs, I'd love to be a part of a Dragon Age roleplay. Maybe something focusing on the Inquisition agents working behind the scenes, running operations for the Herald?
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  5. Well I wouldn't call the second one a "letdown" but it definitely had some problems with it. But what doesn't have it's own little flaws? The newest one is by far my favorite, however it does have it's issues.

    Anyway, yeah! That's a pretty cool idea! I'm up for it.
  6. Well, I mean.. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but there were some big issues. The biggest ones were a lack of variety in enemies and the fact that the majority of the game was spent running through the same two or three maps. I got SO freaking sick of the Wounded Coast.

    But yeah. You wanna start thinking on where we want to go with this, or wait to see if you get any more bites first?
  7. I'm vaguely familiar with both universes though I haven't played the games... I'm trash -- but it's on my to-do list... But, if you do end up setting something along those lines, I would be interested. (I will do thorough research on the lore. Promise.)
  8. I agree completely. It would have been nice to actually have some more variety location wise.

    But anyway, I see no harm in beginning to plan things out now.
  9. Glad that you're interested as well! Both universes and lore are very interesting! I hope you can get in to and enjoy them.
  10. If I wasn't stuck with just my phone, I'd be looking up all the codexes and languages. Which, by the way, aren't super important to know. If you want to play a different race without having to learn their words and phrases, you could easily say they were raised in human society. Like in a lot of other fantasy games, humans are the world's primary inhabitants.

    SO. I think the easiest idea to start with would be playing agents of the Inquisition. Wouldn't have to go too in depth with the story, but easily could. Start with some basic operation, then later uncover some larger plot. Maybe explore some ruins and end up trapped.

    I'm not super great at coming up with fresh/interesting ideas, if you couldn't tell.
  11. I would just like to say that the DA:O controls for the PC are fucking terrible. o_o
  12. The 360 version works for me. Even if it was annoying though, I think the story is worth it.
  13. Yeah, I can tell it was designed for a controller. Unfortunately, Origins doesn't have controller support for the PC. wtf? Toughing it out, either way.
  14. It doesn't? That sounds kinda weird. Aside from the controls, are you enjoying it so far?
  15. Nope. I think the later ones do, though. And yes - I am...though I'm trying to ignore my ugly character model. lol

    Either way, I really like the universe.

    So this is likely going to be set within Inquisition?
  16. Not sure. We could just as easily set it during the blight, some crisis not covered by the actual games or just some random adventure. Inquisition is just the first place my mind went to because I've been playing it a lot.

  17. I don't mind either one! Origins or Inquisition could work for me! So far we only have an idea for Inquisition though, so that was the only open choice. I'm with whatever you guys want. Or at least whatever we can all agree on.
  18. Could play Gray Wardens, doing Gray Warden things. I'm tempted to use a Tal-Vashoth warden I drew as a character, but I might use him in a one-on-one. Kind of doubt it because reasons though.

    Got a bunch of other possibilities, but yeah. I like Qunari a lot.
  19. Qunari are pretty cool race. They're very interesting and different to other fantasy races. I've always been more of an elf kind of person, though. The Dalish can kick some serious butt.
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  20. I like how,this is pretty recent reply up there. HMMM.... Maybe.. Use the lore a d such from elder scrolls and aDragom age, find a way to combine them (easier than you think), then put your OWN lore, species/race or whatever. It really just depends on what you like honestly

    On a phone myself , but that doesn't stop me from helping others >:3 But yeah, you'll probably want to combine the two. My best idea would be the following: Add the ES races along with DA ones. Try to combine oblivion with skyrim by Making something up that allows the oblivion gates to open. USE SOME EXCUSE to link the universe together by either rift/portals or usin your noggin to make some new lore. Obviously add dragons. Now, an idea for an actual role play with this idea stuff is that maybe you wet leading your 'party' through woods/mountains/whatever the a colissal oblivion gate forms half a mile away. Soon after, shades, deadra, all sorts of things begin to pour out. About a see after emergence, you find out some deadric lord is using -le gasps- anchors to pull the world into the Oblivion Fades. You can lead up from there I guess.

    Edit: Best of both worlds, am I right?
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