[Elder Scrolls: Oblivion] Rise of the Fallen



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[glow=cyan][size=+2]Will you live to fight another day?[/size]

It has been 20 years since the Oblivion Crisis. The Septim royal line has finally come to an end with the sacrifice of Martin Septim.The mysterious hero, who made the survival of Cyrodiil possible during the Oblivion Crisis sadly died during the final moments of the battle for The Imperial City, holding off the endless hordes of daemons while Martin transformed into the avatar of Akatosh and banished Mehrunes Dagon once and for all.

The hero was given a large memorial, and was given the title of Champion of Cyrodiil Posthumously. For Martin, the ever vigilant gaze of the dragon statue stands as memorial enough.

In the two decades that had passed, Cyrodiil had been rebuilt and recovered. Kvatch was restored to its former glory, with a new count installed. The Imperial City and Bruma had been repaired... But the country was no longer the peaceful place it once was before the Oblivion Crisis.

With no heirs to the throne, the country was at first leaderless and in turmoil, until The Elder Council had decided to name a new man Emperor. This man came in the form of a wealthy nobleman, Alexander Reeve, thus creating the Reeve dynasty.

But this did not go down as smoothly as the Council would have hoped, nor did it restore calm among the people. The Southern Cities - Leyawijn, Bravil, Skingrad, Kvatch and Anvil all rebelled against the decision of Alexander becoming Emperor, thus splitting Cyrodiil in two - the Southern Half opposing everything the Northern cities do.

And, causing even more outbreaks of violence and restlessness among the people - Bandits in the South had been coming together under a single Bandit Lord, whose identity is still unknown. Under his or her command, bandit attacks have become much worse, and no innocent traveler is safe on the roads in the South.

Even the Blades had split amongst themselves - those who wish to serve Alexander as the new Emperor, and those who oppose this decision.

Currently, Alexander is still in power and in his twilight years, and his greedy sons seem all too anxious to overthrow him. Tension grows between the Royal family, as each of the legitimate heirs plot their own ways to try and get the crown for themselves.

But, unknown to Alexander and the rest of Cyrodiil, a greater evil than ever before is slowly getting a foothold in the North.

A young nobleman under the name of William Hemata became obsessed with tracking a mysterious Ayleid weapon - a powerful sword rumoured to be able to end all wars. He found what he had been searching for, and has now become the most powerful necromancer Tamriel has ever seen, dubbing himself The Dread Prince.

Now, this new undead threat stands, leaving only death and plague wherever it travels and the Imperial Army and combined city forces may not be enough to stop such a threat. In the legacy of the Oblivion Crisis' hero, a new set of champions must emerge, to rise up and take the fight to the Dread Prince.

Will Cyrodiil - on the verge of civil war - be able to unite against this sinister threat? Will The Blades once again rise to fend off the threat to their country? And what of this Bandit Lord? All hope hangs in balance, for if Cyrodiil were to fall, there would be little hope left for the rest of Tamriel. Dark times lay ahead, where the weak will die and only the strong can survive.

Will you live to fight another day? Or will your soul be devoured by the Dread Prince's cursed blade? Only the Nine know who will live and who will die.[/glow]

[size=+2]Rise Of The Fallen: