Elder Dragon Tavern

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  1. The Elder Dragon Tavern is a tavern for the most devious of people. It is a place for assassins. Assassins of many different shapes and sizes, from all kinds of different groups, clans, and guilds, come to this place, for the hospitality that is usually present. Inside, the usual chatter can be heard from the front door, the sign swinging and swaying from the slight wind. The sign beside the door reads, "To all assassins: You are welcome here."

    A young lady and robed man sit at the bar, serving drinks. The lady, Tsumi, and man, Vincent, are the keepers of the inn, and legends among assassins. The inn welcomes all assassins, but beware, for it is also neutral ground, and all disputes are asked to be held outside.
  2. Po, a cute assassin with bright green hair walked in wearing a hooded long black jacket, dark green shirt and black pants with black boots.
    As some assassins gave him a glare, he simply ignored them as he sat down on the barstool in front of Tsumi, waiting for someone to take his order.
    (He looks like this only without the crown and wand)
  3. Tsumi looked at the regular, who sat in front of her. "Hey there, Po, how's your day coming along?" She said, pouring the usual. "I heard you botched your recent contract slightly." Vincent said, looking up to the man. His hood slipped off of his head as his head shifted to Po, and he sat up straight. Tsumi simply punched Vincent's arm softly, yet firmly. "Oh, right. Guess we all have our mishaps at times. I meant no offense, I merely wish to know what exactly went wrong." He stated, raising his glass waiting to meet the one Tsumi had just poured for Po. Tsumi smiled at Vincent, and raised an eyebrow, as a way of saying she was keeping him in line, and went back to wiping the bar off.
  4. "Well, if you really must know...i accidentally killed him...he wouldnt stop fussing" Po simply smiled and took the drink after Tsumi poured it.
    "It was such a shame, he was a great fighter too..."
  5. http://s921.photobucket.com/user/MizuHime2X3/media/Daughter20and20Servant20of20Evil-3.jpg.html
    Ragna entered the building, an angry snarl on her face. She had recently been cheated out of her pay. She pulled her dark red hood off of her head and out of her face. Her red-Brown eyes were practically glowing, piercing into anyone who she looked at.
    She took long strides to the counter, and took a seat. There was another seat between her and po. She slumped down and placed her arms on the table and her chin on top of her arms. She huffed slightly because she was having a terrible day. She took a note from her picked that said "the usual" on it, so she didn't have to talk. She'd end up chewing someone's head off.
  6. Po asked for a straw and kicked his feet up, pursing his lips he looked up at the ceiling.
    Some people hire Po for specific reasons, he wasnt very serious about his job but he could fight better than usual assassins, he was indeed becoming popular...as well as a fan of the ladies.
  7. Ragna coming in angry was nothing new to Tsumi. She slipped a straw into Po's mug, and smiled, pouring Ragna's drink. "Lemme guess," Vincent started, stirring his drink a bit while looking at the newest person of the night, though the most frequent customer the Tavern had. "You got cheated out of a kill, no, out of the money for the kill.. You didn't work a job for Tami(Tah-me) again, did you? those two results are all you can expect from her." He chuckled, slightly scorning her, though he'd be surprised if she found a worse contractor.

    "If you're so much better, why don't we hear your last contract?" Tsumi asked, shooting a glare toward Vincent. "Well, if you insist, I'll tell you. I had a contract from that robed fellow, the one who came in a few weeks ago. My target was the next-in-line of the throne of Aldur. The pretty young girl." Vincent explained, shifting his head toward the bar somewhat. "Of course someone would want her dead. Everyone knows how conflicted I am about killing young ladies in cold blood. If it weren't for the fact the we need money for this tavern of yours to continue to run, I would never have done it."

    Vincent really hated ending a young life, especially the queen-to-be Allicya, being that she was only thirteen years old. It wasn't so much as killing a young kid, as it was ending a life that hadn't seen the world as much as they probably should have. "After sneaking in, I made my way to chamber after chamber, until I found her, and the blade of my sword was thrust into her chest with such speed, that she couldn't scream, grunt, or anything.. her eyes, full of surprise, and pain, looked into mine, filled with tears and sorrow, through the mirror at her desk. Needless to say, I gave her a proper burial in the graveyard of her family, and until I arrived earlier, I had been there all day." Vincent finished his story and downed his drink, quickly pouring another, and drinking half of it as well.
  8. Po drank through the staw like a little kid looking back and forth.
    "Yeah that tends to happen when you kill someone," the young and handsome assassin said in a mono tone.
    As one guy walks past Po out the door the green haired oddball hummed as he raised a watch that he just stole off the assassin who didnt seem to notice.
  9. Ragna grunted. She had accepted the contract from Tami. She was friends, no, just around to hang out with when she was a child. She lifted her head to listen to Vincent's story about killing the young ruler-to-be. Things like that were rough, but they had to be done for personal gain. She nodded in agreement when Po said that it tends to happen. The corner of her mouth curved up slightly when he revealed the stolen watch.
    "More of a thief than an assassin's move, Eh?" she shrugged. "Anyway, She wanted me to kill the captain of this ship that was docked in the nearby port. I did, and then she disappeared before she paid me. she left a note saying she wouldn't. and it was a good haul too. If i had gotten it, i wouldn't have had to do another job for a month. but now, ive gotta catch up on payments for things and get food. No worries, ive got money. its just starting to dwindle a little bit." She said, taking a sip of her drink.
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  10. "So she skipped out on ya?" Tsumi said, pouring more drinks for everyone, as well as other customers. "Well, Lavona shouldn't be doing anything, and he's an excellent tracker. You can ask if you want if he'll track her down for you. Just... Don't say anything about his name. He's touchy about his girly name." Vincent stood up as Tsumi finished her sentence, downed his drink and set the mug on the bar, and started for the door. "I need some rest, so I'll stop back in at the usual time." He said lazily, slamming the door slightly.
  11. Po hummed in a musical tune, "we cant get rusty now can we? Besides thieves have an exciting life too!"
    Hearing the womans troubles, he listened carefully..."do you know what she looks like? Or what she asked you to do? By the honorbound code of assassins I would like to help you..."
  12. "I'll take that option into consideration." Ragna said to Tsumi and waved goodbye to Vincent.
    "Tami does lots of contracts but normally cheats people of their money. i heard sometimes she ransacks the property of the people who the assassins killed. Its sort of a giveaway. I heard, The person i killed, the captain, owned the ship he sailed, and he had some pretty cool items aboard, but i didn't get paid. So i wouldn't know. I only hear. But yeah. She seems kind, but is a major thief and cheater. I should've known better. Only the desperate go to her." she snarled.
  13. Though she didn't much care about the price of another persons contract, Tsumi wanted to make sure she was paid appropriately, to settle the matter for the moment. After she decided what to do about Tami, Tami would get whatever payback the future would have waiting. The queen-to-be job, as sad as it was, had given Vincent the money to be set more or less for life, and though most would go to running the tavern, and keeping the bills payed, a hefty amount in its own right per month, Tsumi never liked seeing assassins without money.

    "I'll make a deal," Tsumi said, lifting a few bags from under the bar. "Either it's enough that you could basically be considered rich among lower assassins, or it's more around petty pocket change. Regardless, you aren't leaving without the tavern until you're paid appropriately. I've set in these three bags, various amounts of gold, as well as a weight in each, so they all weigh the same." She set the bags in a line from left to right, across the bar, and a fourth one, a much bigger bag directly in front of her. "If you can guess which has the most, as well as guess the weight in each bag, you can have all the money in all the bags. It's very simple." Tsumi said, giving a smirk.

    She poured a mug for another assassin, and handed it to him. "Also," She stated, noticing Ragna about to start choosing, "I would think carefully. One of my details, I'm lying about, and one detail I left out."

    (Three bags in a row, with weights in them, four on the table, choose from a bag. like I stated, she left a detail out about her little deal, and one detail is false. I'm looking forward to your reply)
  14. Ragna leaned her head back and moaned slightly. She sat back to a normal position, then leaned forward on her one elbow which was on the bar. A smirk came across her face.
    "I'm not good at riddles, nor have I ever been. But if you give me a second." Her face looked thoughtful, eyes focused to the top left corners. She was deep in thought.
    "Being that the reward is rich for a poor person or petty cash for the average, wouldn't it be the same? And you never said what units of measurement the weights are, so they could be between a really tiny number and all numbers in the total weight. And the deal with the weights only given about those three bags. The fourth one has no guarantees that it's good either. Any of the bags could only have a gold piece in them and for all I know, feathers can be filling in the spaces! Dang.... shoot. You know what, screw everything, I'm going with the one in front." She points at the fourth bag. "An emphasis has been put on these three, but you never said anything about the fourth." She shrugs, expecting it not to be right.
    ((I tend to over think stuff, so if I missed the obvious I'm so sorry. Very similar to my character, I suck at riddles. *facepalm* ))
  15. (No, you're actually correct. It was planned to be no weights at all, and the fourth and largest would have the most gold. Since she didn't rely with a given number, she's in a way denying the existence of the weights.)

    "Not bad." Tsumi spoke, pushing all four bags of gold to Ragna. "You might not be good with riddles, but you're certainly good at choosing. That's in total, plenty of gold to last the month. That should settle things for the time being. Sleep on it, and let us know what you intend to do." She said, placing another mug of drinks for everyone. "Po, why are you always stealing people's watches? Do you know how much a good watch costs? If you steal mine, I'll have you strung up by your feet, and beaten gracefully like a pinata." Tsumi stated, looking back to the green haired assassin.
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  16. Ragna stared at the bag, somewhat amazed she had it now.
    "Uh thanks!" She scratched the back of her neck, still somewhat flustered band angry at herself for falling for Tami' s tricks again. She leaned to Po. "The question is though Mr. Thief, could you put it back without him noticing?" Ragna gave him an enthused, challenging glare. "Oh, and I'll ask Lavona about helping out with her."
  17. Po sipped the last of his drink, watching the entire show before getting up and thanking the bartenders for the drink before paying and leaving.
  18. A woman clad in light armor came into the bar, overhearing some of the conversation, and sat at the table. "Lavona," She started, tapping her finger on the bar a few times. "That can't be good if Lavona needs to be contacted. I've heard that people only contact her when they have a serious problem."

    As she got her sentence out, and pulled the mug Tsumi placed in front of her to her lips, two nasty looking men walking in, shouting drunken threats to a random person. They found their guy, when he made his way to the back door a little too fast. Remmy watched as they chased him and pinned him down, beating him with heavy strikes to the face. Remmy had hopped up, and made her way behind them swiftly. With one kick to the neck, she had incapacitated one of the guys, before pulling the other guy towards the front door, who was now flailing about, drunk out of his mind. "L-Let me go!" He shouted as best he could, given his condition, but it didn't help.

    "This tends to happen when someone starts something and Remmy is present." Tsumi said, getting up, and headed to the door, after hearing some of the commotion. "You ready to finish you drink, Rem?" Tsumi said, appearing at the doorway to the tavern. A slight nod was all Remmy could react with, before walking back in, and reclaiming her place at the bar.

    (Click here and scroll down to see the post telling Remmy's half, in Wolfsins rp.)
  19. [​IMG]

    Eldritch walked up to one of the men and asked what happened. After getting a biased run down of the short fight, Eldritch walked into the tavern. "Who here beat up the drunks?" Eldritch asked roughly. Eldritch was ready to fight anyone who was dangerous enough to randomly attack two men.
    (In case I confused you with my choppy two sentences, Eldritch was told by one of the men that they were randomly attacked, even though that's not the truth. So Eldritch was ready to fight someone who was crazy enough to randomly attack two men.)
  20. Remmy turned to face the newcomer, standing up and walking toward him. "Now, now, Remmy. You know the rules." Tsumi spoke up, walking out from behind the bar, and grabbing Remmy's shoulder. "I'm the one who beat them to a pulp, and threw them out. This is the third time they've disrupted my tavern." Tsumi said, making her way behind the bar once more. Remmy sighed, and sat back at her seat.