Elder Dragon Tavern(OOC)

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  1. The Elder Dragon Tavern is a tavern for the most devious of people. It is a place for assassins. Assassins of many different shapes and sizes, from all kinds of different groups, clans, and guilds, come to this place, for the hospitality that is usually present. This is the OOC for Elder Dragon Tavern. No sign up is needed in any way. If you wish to post your character(s){two max please}, feel free to. You do not have to use any fancy colors for speech, or for the actions of each character, but you can if you'd like.

    You also can use BBcodes to make your posts look stunning to reflect your wonderful personalities, haha. This is mainly for general chatting and plotting. That said...

    Tsumi Kurokura.jpg
    Name: Tsumi Kurokura
    Pronouciation: sue-me core-oh-core-ah
    Role: Innkeeper

    Name: Vincent Itsokuni
    Pronounciation: Vin-cent Its-oh-coon-e
    Role: Innkeeper

    You don't have to post your character, just jump right in. Link to IC thread --> Here
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  2. saving for later. doing this!
  3. Hello, @Katrina Iceheart! ^_^ I really do hope more people take an interest, as I'd love to hear of the grand stories people could make up for their assassins.
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  4. If at all possible, I'd love to see some great and in-depth info about the assassins' contracts. I want to see what people are capable of, and also want to read some lovely posts. I'd also love if we could get more people.. I really hope we do.
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  5. @Katrina Iceheart, in my little ooc section of my last post, all of the details are there. both the false detail, and the detail Tsumi left out. good luck, I can't wait... *whistles innocently*
  6. Keyp. Am I allowed to ask what I should add and emit specifically @Kelsi Kitsune I'm currently on a break from working around the house xp
  7. Well, honestly, I say just go with what you're thinking. I left a clue in my last post here, in case you want to go in the direction of getting it right. I think another few clues are up a bit further.
  8. Sorry, I keep getting side-tracked. I still don't understand why I had finals, THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL ENDED. But I should be more available to post =3
  9. No pressure. I'm actually going to merge this universe with Wolfsin's big group rp thing. Even though it isn't likely this rp will go anywhere, my characters from here will probably live on as npcs in his.
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  10. Sorry about that let me try to write tommorow...ive been busy so sorry
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  11. i'll reply as soon as I've posted a reply to Wolfy's rp, as I intend to have the worlds intertwine, of course, with permission from him. It's probably going to be a long post, and from the view of Tsumi instead of Remmy in this rp IC.
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  12. I think I may join this. Is it strictly human characters?
  13. Yes, human characters, please. Sorry, I've been busy changing my guitar strings, and trying to learn some new songs.