Ela had an arty moment, and a camera~

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So, I was digging through my old art stuff from college, and I found my camera. I decided it might be a good idea to take some pictures and show all you lovely people. I guess it'd make sense to split it all up, so here goes.

Gouache paintings, done as part of a painting unit:

photies~ 041.JPG photies~ 042.JPG photies~ 043.JPG

Watercolour paintings, from the watercolour unit. Not my strongest suit, but I don't cringe when I look at them:

photies~ 035.JPG photies~ 036.JPG

General expressive unit. Mostly chalk pastels and charcoal:

photies~ 033.JPG photies~ 032.JPG photies~ 034.JPG

Pencil/colour pencil drawings from the general unit:

photies~ 038.JPG photies~ 039.JPG

There's more, but I've reached the limit of attachments I can put on this, so it'll do for now~ depending on whether I can be bothered with the layout stuff, I might shove more up later.
Beautiful work! You've got a great eye for shading and color!

You could try uploading the pictures to your album instead and copy-pasting the img codes? (Community -> Albums) That'll help you post more piccies!
holy poo on toast batman! that's some awesome art :D
makes mine look pathetic Y_Y
*gives Elala an A++*
Is that a cupcake I see!? <3 <3 <3

Awesome art, darlin'. Keep it up.
Done with the procrastination, so I'm posting up the rest of what I have for now.

Sketches of hands for life drawing unit. Yes they're all of my left hand, yes, they're all in strange poses. T'was part of the assignment:

photies~ 040.JPG

One more watercolour (found the thing under the damn bed!):

piccies2 001.JPG

And finally, finished painting of two shoes. Different shoes, for the record, both pairs kicking about my mum's somewhere:

photies~ 031.JPG
I know I totally sound like a broken record, but you have some serious skill. All your drawings/paintings shine with talent as well as your 'own personal' touch that really makes them stand out. I enjoy them all very much.
Heeeee! Elan draws awesome! :D I luvvvv it alllll~ <3333 Draw more! Loveless wishes to see more and more! ^__^ *gives Elan huggles* <3
Nom, nom, cupcake. It be making me hungry. :D
But really though, fantastic work, I love the first watercolour, the hands and the shoes. Very nice style you have there.
I'd love to see more of it.