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  1. " Freedom. To those that don't have, it it's more valuable than gold. But where should it start and end? We humans often think we have the right to expand, absorb, convert, or possess anything we need to reach our dreams. But time and time again, hasn't this lead to conflicts with others who essentially believe the same thing? Looking back on the challenges I faced -- at the way I often resolved them -- I realize morality can become our saving grace. Most of the time, didn't I try to keep my values in mind knowing how my values would affect others? More often than not, I resisted the urge to abuse power and resources simply to reach my goals more swiftly. I managed to hang on to my humanity -- but the temptation was always there."

    The world is at war, and on the brink of collapse. The Nazi's have gained much ground and don't intend on stopping until the human race is twisted and perverted by their sense of "right" and crushed under it's heel. Hitler's war machine rampages in the European theater where a German soldier on the front lines finds love in the most unexpected of places--in the arms of the enemy. Will it prevail in a world so dismayed, so polluted by hatred, fear and bloodshed? Or will it too be like the buildings abound; ruined, twisted like metal in the carnage and left and shambles.


    Character Name: The name of your character.
    Gender: Male or Female.
    Species/Race: Nationality.
    Age: How old is your character.
    Birthplace/World: Where the character comes from.
    Occupation/School/Grade: Their job or their school grade.


    General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details.
    Strengths: These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    (Copied from Diana's post.)

    This is a romance, but it also deals with some heavy issues. Honestly, I don't know if it should be in the Romance section--or in the Other's section because of the things I wish to involve in it. It definitely won't be your a-typical, wishy-washy romance where everything is just hunky-dory. However, there is an underlying romantic involvement between the two main characters.

    Now this story can be done one of two ways, but first I'd like to point out some things, maybe narrow the playing field a bit to give any would-be takers a chance to understand what I'm looking for in this particular RP, and for my RP partner.

    This story takes place in World War II. Late World War II. Sometime after June 6th or August 23rd 1942- February 2nd 1943 at the Battle of Stalingrad. The two dates coincide with the different ways and approaches that we can take this RP.

    If it's after D-Day (June 6th), Then I need someone who is willing to play a female French Resistance fighter. The French resistance didn't gain strength till AFTER the Allies landed in Normandy.

    If this is to be played at the Battle of Stalingrad, then I need a Russian female sniper.

    These are the two ways this can be played out--with a common factor: My character being a German soldier on the front lines.

    Now the reason this will be considered a "romance" will be because the two will in-fact, fall for each other. The reason being, they each save each other. He saves her once from German fire because he isn't you're atypical extremist Nazi, and later she wounds but does not kill him, she then finds him and realizes who's she shot and feeling remorseful and wanting to pay back a debt she falls in-love with him while caring for him.

    This RP will have sexual themes, sometimes it will be cut to black and left for the reader's imagining. There are kissing scenes, and tender moments. For the most part though, its the horrors of war. Gore, violence, atrocities. My character is later captured and sentenced by the Nazis to a death camp where he dies.

    Now, you don't have to be a big history buff, if you are that's great. You don't need to be a weapons specialist, if you are--that's great too. What I will look for though, is spelling and grammar and length of posts. My posts tend to be generally be long and detailed. I like making somebody feel like they are right there, feel a character's emotion and energy. I'm not a grammar nazi on the other hand. No one's perfect after all. But I do expect an intermediate level of efficiency.

    Post length should be at least two paragraphs. I don't want to see one liners at all. It's dull, it's hard to write off of and I simply think it's inexcusable. I want to be able to know what your character is feeling, why she is feeling it, etc. I don't want to try and figure out, from a single sentence or two how to react. Its hard to do without hijacking someone's character--which is a no fly zone for me unless asked first.

    • No god-mode. That should be obvious.
    • No Hijacks.
    • Proper grammar and spelling and again--two paragraph posts at least. I don't want to read gibberish and I don't want to waste my time trying to understand what you're character is doing, what she may or may not be thinking or what she's saying.
    • If you are Jewish, German or a Nazi--good for you. No spouting rhetoric in my RP. I don't want a philosophic debate unless it's in-character.
    • This is for mature audiences only. You have been warned. It contains; violence, sexual themes and realistic depictions of war.
    • I would prefer no anime pictures please. And no "real" pictures. Just give me a paragraph or two explaining, in detail, what your character looks like.
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  2. Very interested but I had a quick question- how often are you looking for posts? The most I might be able to do is once a day.
  3. Awesome, then I will work on my CS :)
  4. Your two ideas are very interesting,although I prefer the Russian resistance fighter idea. I just have one question:how often would you need posts? Since the most I can manage is Monday to Friday and once a day.
  5. Monday through Friday is fine, as is one post per day. I get busy sometimes as well, so I know how it goes. :)
  6. Perfect,I will get started on my CS then!
  7. I'm not a history buff or weapons expert at all, so let me know if anything should be changed.

    Character Name: Lorraine Manon
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: French
    Age: 20
    Birthplace/World: Caen, Normandy, France
    Occupation/School/Grade: French Resistance Fighter
    More: n/a

    General Appearance: Lorraine stands about 5’7” and 130lbs. She is more pear shaped body wise, with rounder hips. Her jaw and cheekbones are very angular, sticking out sharply, but her face is softened by her rounded nose and large pink lips. Her eyes look small for her face but are very average, and a dark brown color. Not the soft shade of chocolate brown that denotes a soft, warm person, but the deepest, almost black shade that indicates an old soul. Her eyebrows are thick but shaped well, and freckles dot her lightly tanned skin. Her hair comes down to just below her bust and is a mousey brown color with a few natural blonde highlights throughout. She leaves it stringy and straight, her only sense of styling it the straight across bangs that hide her forehead.

    Strengths: 20/20 vision, great marksman, great hunter, skilled in various weaponry
    Weaknesses: Not as strong as a fit male, unable to run for long distances
    More: n/a

    Current Goal/Purpose: Help free France/Defeat Germany
    Talents: Wrestling even a man twice her size. Helping others and understanding even the most outrageous plight.
    Inabilities: Not very good at history, math, or science. Running for long distances/cardio. Hurting the innocent.

    Fears: Dying, not seeing Germany defeated, being purposeless
    General Personality: For the office, Lorraine would pretend to care about trivial things such as her hair or clothes, shopping and schooling. For the other resistance fighters, she puts up a front of constant strength and determination. This is hardly always sincere.
    Inner Personality: Gentle, kind, and understands the power of love. She is understanding, but strong. She is not the type to cry over much but feels tremendously.
    Secret: Lorraine is afraid of the war ending, because then who will need her?
    More: n/a

    General History: Born in 1922, in a small home between the English Channel and Caen, Lorraine was one of four children, all girls. She was the last girl, and after she was born, Lorraine’s mother told her father that she would bear no more children on his behalf. She could not take it again. And so, with three other girls to help with the house work and sewing, and day to day around the home chores, Lorraine’s father decided to treat Lorraine the way he might have a son, though he was a bit gentler. Lorraine didn’t mind, much preferring the out of doors, and picked up her father’s knack for hunting with archery and skinning skills with a knife. Her father had been a soldier previously but had gotten injured and often had to walk with a cane. He still managed to pass on what knowledge he had to her from his days fighting for France, and the little girl soaked it up.

    Lorraine was a good student in school. She would have been excellent if her mind had been on arithmetic and not 10 ways to hit Guillaume in the back of the head using her slingshot after he’d made fun of her dress.

    Lorraine graduated school and had no idea what she wanted to do besides be a soldier really. Most of her female friends were becoming secretaries, teachers, or working for the newspaper, and the only one that remotely interested her was journalism. She began writing articles amidst the chaos starting in Germany, her first writing on Charles de Gaulle.

    In June, 1940, Charles de Gaulle addressed the people of France to continue the fight against the Germans.
    "Whatever happens, the flames of French resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished” would forever echo in Lorraine’s mind and writing. She knew her words would inspire the people of France, but she could do more. She joined a small faction of French Resistance fighters, using guerrilla tactics at night, while during the day she played her part as an innocent female journalist for the Germans who were occupying nearby Caens.

    November 11, 1942, German forces occupied the whole of France.

    1943 she allowed herself to be photographed carrying a BESAL machine gun, but with her face turned away. She still came to work, but felt increasingly nervous about her day to day identity and job.

    Present Life: AFTER D-DAY/JUNE 6th, 1944

    Lorraine quit her job before D-day and became a full time resistance fighter, using her skills with weapons to fight German soldiers day and night with the men and women who lived on the outskirts of Caen. When the Allied forces invaded Normandy, Lorraine felt excitement rising in her chest and knew in her heart of hearts, the Germans would be defeated soon enough. She currently stays in her own home that her father built for her and her older sisters. The two oldest have married and moved out but the one two years older than her still lives with her and works as a receptionist. Most of Lorraine’s’ days are spent practicing her shooting or actually fighting or writing for a resistance journal that is spread through the underground resistance groups.
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    Character Name:Raynia Oliver Mathers
    Occupation/School/Grade:Russian resistance fighter
    More:She has trained in hand to hand combat for years.
    Character Name:Raynia Oliver Mathers
    Occupation/School/Grade:Russian resistance fighter
    More:She has trained in hand to hand combat for years.
    General Appearance: She is 5’7 with long blonde hair that falls to her waist when hanging down,she has bright green eyes and a tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder that is always visible. Raynia weighs about 115 lbs and is a very small girl. She is lanky with rather average build but she is incrediby once her get her on a workout routine as she can build muscle quickly.
    Strengths:Hand to hand combat,running and climbing
    Weaknesses:Gun fighting,sitting still,driving a vehicle other than a motorcycle
    More:Her tattoo is a bright green that matches her eyes with dashes of blue and it wraps around her shoulder to end on her neck
    Current Goal/Purpose:She wants to avenge the death of her family as they were murder by German soldiers
    Talents:She can sing and play piano as well as dance any classical dance
    Inabilities:She cannot pretend to tolerate people and cannot cook
    Fears: She has a phobia of spiders and doesn’t want anyone near her to die.
    General Personality:The world sees a confident girl with no problems who is very friendly but frank. She gets along with most people.
    Inner Personality: She is actually very insecure and is constantly afraid that the people around her are going to disappear.
    Secret:She was raped by German soldiers during her first year as a resistance fighter.
    More: She is incredibly honest and if you ask a stupid question,you will get a stupid answer.
    General History:She had a perfect childhood with her parents,two older brothers and two younger brothers. Everything was perfect until the German soldiers came and murdered her parents,taking her brothers to fight in their army.
    Present Life:She is a resistance fighter and is with a small team of people who are taking down small groups of German soldiers,they get the people who won’t be noticed until they are needed.
  9. @Whirlwind, @PatchedUp

    Alright ladies (or gentlemen, I can never tell. No one's ever clear what gender they on here. xD Though Southern Belle does indicate a woman.) I have read both bios, and while both are interesting and done well--I'm going to have to go with Whirlwind on this one. Her's seems more thought out, not that yours wasn't good Patched.

    Honestly, I liked the Russian scenario better--simply because it was ultimately the Russians who took the fight to the German door step after an unbelievable counter attack at Stalingrad. The Russians did more damage then the Americans or the French/Polish Resistance, though they did contribute quite a bit.

    I will have my CS posted here shortly and we'll gone from there. :)
    Character Name: Wilhelm Albrecht Förstner

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: German

    Age: 27

    Birthplace/World: Munich, Germany

    Occupation: Panzer Grenadier


    Rank: Leutant(OF-1b) is the lowest Lieutenant officer rank in the armed forces of Germany. A second lieutenant typically leads a platoon-size element (16 to 44 soldiers or marines).


    General Appearance: Wilhelm is roughly, six-foot four inches tall, with a narrow but handsome face tapering to a pointed but dignified chin. He is neither the biggest man in his company, nor the smallest—but somewhere in-between. His arms are limber, and lean; corded with muscle that hides a quiet strength. He has bluish-grey eyes and his hair—while short on the sides and back is left a bit longer on top. It is a light sandy blond color. He bears many scars from his many encounters with Poles, British, French and even Russian adversaries. When not engaged, his uniform consists of various awards and merits depicting his long line of accomplishments.

    His uniform like many, consisted of a dark grey field tunic with six buttons,the pleats on the pockets had been removed from earlier renditions--it had been cut a little less full than others with the 'skirts' shortened and the green facings finally removed. His trousers featured a lower waist than earlier versions, and four large belt loops to hold the main belt when worn without the Field Blouse. A small pocket for keeping a watch was fitted (with a flap) and the suspender belt buttons moved to the inside. His service shirt was a sort of olive green in color, it was made of artex fabric with aluminum buttons throughout with two frontal pockets and two buttons along the chest leading up to the collar. His boots were leather 'jackboots' that rose to mid-calf or higher with no laces and has a leather sole with hobnails. He prefers a steel helmet to the peaked cap that officers usually wear which coincidentally--makes him harder to pick out from any other soldier.

    Strengths: Wilhelm is very good at fighting. He is part of the Panzergrenadiers; A heavy infantry unit that lies at the heart of the mechanized terror of the Axis war machine. It is no surprise that the heavy fighting he’s had to endure has molded him into a man of lethal capability. Wilhelm is proficient in hand-to-hand, disarming, and he could easily get off five shots in four seconds or less; has the eyes of a sniper to boot.

    Weaknesses: War decidedly takes a toll on you and it is no different with heroes of any country. While more than capable, he’s not as spry as he used to be. This is shown when he tries to push himself further than his body will allow. He’s also lost almost all sense of smell. The aroma of burning flesh, blood, bile and the fumes of gas attacks have left him ‘blind’ in this area. He also sees worse at night, so his lethality is more limited at night than compared to day time.

    More: Rank insignia includes three stripes on shoulder boards (or rings on sleeves)


    Current Goal/Purpose: The occupation of France, to slow or halt the Allied advance.

    Talents: Surprisingly, Wilhelm is quite the violinist and pianist. Though he hasn't played for quite some time. He is also proficient in field dressing and survival from his days in the bitter wilderness of Russia.

    Inabilities: Isn't very good at swimming or cooking.

    Fears: Due to his brother drowning when he was younger, Wilhelm has a fear of deep water. He also has a fear of flying from nearly being shot down while parachuting into combat zones. Outside of combat, he's got a fear of clowns, dentists and wide open spaces.

    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.

    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!

    Secret: He doesn't agree with the Nazi regime; pillaging villages and towns--raping women, and the genocide of the Jewish peoples are things he greatly disapproves of.



    General History:
    Show Spoiler
    Wilhelm Albrecht Förstner was born on November 11th, 1917 to a middle class family in Munich. Born just one year before the end of World War I and two years before the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, his father was a construction worker and his mother a seamstress. He had one older brother who died by drowning in a near by river. They never found his body, and it left little Wilhelm traumatized by the event. Growing up was hard, as it was for the majority of the German people. Due to massive inflation, Germany was bankrupt and people were starving. It was no surprise that Germany fell under the burden of totalitarianism. The light, it seemed, had breached the darkness and in the guise of hope was its hate spewing message.
    Show Spoiler

    Many flocked to this new regime like moths drawn to flame. The promise of a brighter tomorrow was on everyone's mind. Especially the desperate and starving. On the 8th and 9th days of November 1923, a man by the name of Adolf Hitler was arrested for a failed attempt to seize power in Munich and Bavaria. Sentenced to five years in jail this main would come to write one the most widely recognized literary works in the world, seconded only to the Bible: Mein Kampf. In 1925 a book was released prior to its author and quickly became one of the most widely accepted books of the German people. This had a huge impact on Wilhelm's father, who with religious fervor bought into much of its content. On February 14th, the Nazi Party hold the Bamberg Conference in an attempt to strengthen Adolf Hitler's control over the party. April 24th the Treaty of Berlin was signed with the Soviet Union promising a five-year period of non-involvement if either state is attacked by a third party.

    September 8th, 1926 Germany officially becomes apart of the League of Nations. An intergovernmental organisation, founded as a result of the Paris Peace Conference. Its principal mission: to maintain world peace. A goal it would later fail. In November 1st, 1926 Joseph Goebbels became Nazi Gauleiter of Berlin. A rank second only to the Fuhrer. On September 16th, 1927 Germany's President, Paul von Hindenburg, denies and denounces German responsibility of the Great War, World War I in which over 2 million German soldiers died and 763,000 civilians perished because of malnutrition and disease. Later that year, Germany signed a trade pact with Poland.

    History was being made before young Wilhelm's eyes. Some of it, he tried to ignore. Most of it, however, he couldn't. His father had indoctrinated him into the NDSAP or the Nazi Party. Little did he know, the chaos this party would inflict upon the world at large. He didn't feel it then, but the clutches of fate were wrapping icy fingers around his throat. His hands, his eyes, his words; all innocent for now. And for now at least, there was stability in Germany. The closer it got to Hitler being in power it seemed, the more bright the future looked. But what he and most other's failed to see, was the light was actually a train waiting to derail itself.

    By 1930 NDSAP had become the second largest political party after the SPD by September 14th, having gained its first minister in Wilhem Frick, as the Minister of the Interior and Education in Thuringia as part of a right-wing coalition administration. In May of By July of 1931, the Austrian Kreditanstalt collapses, and four million Germans are out of work and by July German banks face a crises. In July of the following year, the Nazis become the largest political party. February 2nd, Hitler was made chancellor of a Nazi-DNVP coalition by Hindenburg. Later, he met with top military officials to discuss the re-arming of Germany's military. February 28th marked the end of civil liberties and the process of exerting totalitarian control began. This was the beginning of the world spinning out of control for Wilhelm.

    Present Life: Wilhelm has been stationed a Caen for about 6 months. Respected by most of his comrades in arms, he has been a target for assassination in several attempts all of which failed to be executed or failed to provide the intended result. He manages 44 troops in his command.
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  11. @Whirlwind

    Thanks for the like! :D

    Just to make sure: You are aware of the content of this RP? I.e sexual themes, and/or intense graphical scenes?
  12. Yes, I am aware. I have no problem with such subjects & love historical settings for rps. That's why this one caught my eye.
  13. @Whirlwind

    Alright then. I just wanted to make sure. :) I'll have my post up as soon as possible with a link.
  14. Sounds good!
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