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"dark light" or "brain gray"; the color seen by the eye in total darkness

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"That type of behavior will not be tolerated under my roof!"
"My house, my rules."
"Get out if you dont like it here then!"

We've heard them all. Maybe we took them a bit too seriously though.
But we wouldn't know, after all, aren't we in here for a reason?

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In Eigengrau Asylum, We treat people suffering from many disorders. Some may have just mild Anxiety Disorder, some have major Schizophrenia. But no matter your disorder or circumstance, we will help you heal. Our methods may seem a tad bit unorthodox strange or barbaric uninviting, but we promise it's all to help!

We received a letter from someone, who prefers anonymity, that you might be suitable in our facilities. And although you may think you're fine, we see this as a chance to possibly help you. We will give you a week to pack and say your goodbyes to friends or family. Although you may feel as though you must tell your family, it is preferred to not tell anyone of your exact whereabouts, due to safety reasons. We appreciate your cooperation during your healing process and we expect you to enjoy your time here!

Concerning your arrival, we do not mind if you arrive earlier than the expected arrival date. However, if you decide to not pay us a visit, we will be forced to tell your family of the situation and forcibly have them bring you.

The rooming situations here require everyone must have a roommate, however, we do give you a tad bit of choice there. We will select a range of people that might suit you based on your test results, which will be taken upon arrival,and you will get to choose which one you would like.

As said before we expect your arrival soon, we cannot wait to help you heal!

After all, accepting your fate is the first step to take.

The Nurses and Doctors from Eigengrau Asylum

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The jarring letter was the worst of your worries, it was nothing but a joke. Right? At least you hope it was just a joke. But it was too.. real to be fake. Eigengrau Asylum was well heard of, mainly due to the success rate of their departing patients. Besides, there wasn't a choice. Perhaps when the nurse sees such a letter, she'd laugh it off, say it wasn't an official letter.

That was it, not an official letter. Just a sick prank. A sick prank that I thought it was a joke, at least.

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hello! if you're reading this then you must be interested to such a roleplay, however this is still in the making and is not finalized yet. so i do need more ideas and photos of various places characters can visit (lobby, room, dining area, test chamber, etc.) as well as someone to help me with bb codes because i have no idea how to use such items. if you are interested or you know people that are interested, feel free to ask questions, link them, or criticize my idea. im open to change! please, please, please give me suggestions and what you would expect from a roleplay of this sort. i love all forms of appreciation. any further edits i create will be marked as such. i thank you for reading into my first roleplay pitch and i thank you for spending even a second looking upon it. if you do decide to join, cs and sign-ups will be posted if this gets enough interest/approval ratings. again i thank you greatly and wish you a good day!
~ Gael

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I usually tend to keep away grom asylum rps, but I think everyone's first rp should get a shot in the limelight, so I'll join!

Now then on to the questions!
Where is this set? Is it a city or a town?

What happens at the asylum upon admittance?

Is there a head honcho at the asylum or a leading collective of nurses and doctors?

What are you looking for in terms of appearances? Real, anime or realistic art?

How many people are you looking for?

And what are the posting requirements/expectancy?



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I am open to all types of genre's, my main ones however are Sci-fi Horror and Action. The only RP's I'd rather not due are any threads dealing with any type pf homosexual themes or manga or anime type RP's.
Interesting...I would assume this is a horror based RP?
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