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  1. Introduction:

    For generations the land of Eien has been plagued with a deadly mist. Humanity struggles to survive in small villages scattered throughout the land protected by the Shrines of Istaril. These shrines provide a small blanket of magic which prevents the mist from entering the villages. Although their exact mechanisms are not known, it is universal knowledge that they work off of what the people call “Shards of Istaril”. These crystals, depending on their size, are used as a source of energy for these shrines lasting about two years. To perform this dangerous task, the villages send out a group labeled the “Caravanners” to retrieve the Shards of Istaril every two years. They generally consist of those who are more resistant to the mist and even with this genetic advantage; most do not survive the trip. You are to play the role of a Caravanner and retrieve a Shard of Istaril. The fate of your village lies upon you.

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    Elysium (open)

    Elysium (open)

    Beloved Elysium, whose reach pierces the very sky! This is truly the pinnacle of man-kind’s imagination. –Unknown Author, Of Elysium

    The land of Eien has seen many civilizations come and go but none quite in the fashion of Elysium. Born from the ashes of a total war, the civilization grew in power and wealth through the invention of magic. It is thought that they eventually destroyed themselves through striving towards perfection. Artifacts from its time are common, though few live who are able to decipher their work. The ruins of their cities can still be seen to this day.

    Waldstead (All Players Start Here) (open)

    Waldstead (open)

    Sure, it's a little sleepy but it'll do. -Mayor Rebena

    A timeless village deep in the woods. Houses here are made of a combination of rock, mud, wood and straw. It is one of the smaller villages. The forest provides their food and water, although many go to bed hungry. The trees, being warped by the mist, block much of the sun making it a gloomy place to live. More importantly, this prevents them from growing their own food beyond small things such as tomatoes (and even those turn out green half the time). The Shrine of Istaril is located dead set in the center of the village to make sure the barrier spreads out evenly over the land. Wooden gates fence the villagers in and are opened only for the Caravanners.

    Raem (open)

    Raem (open)

    Welcome to Elysium RAEM! Enjoy your stay! -Ruined Billboard

    The largest and most prosperous civilization in Eien, it is based in the ruins of one of Elysium's ancient cities. Many scholars and magicians reside here, determined to restore the city to its former glory. Raem is perhaps the safest place to live in as they have multiple Shrines of Istaril. Although very grand, only rumors come out of the city - even their Caravanners are said to be controlled through magic.

    Mines of Istaril (open)

    Mines (open)

    Something moves in the tunnels... -Unknown Adventurer's Book

    The only place where the shards of Istaril are known to be found. Caravanners must venture deeper into the mines every trip and many fear the day when the mine runs dry.

    Traditions (of Waldstead):

    INFO (open)

    Caravan Day: One of the only times Waldstead can afford to throw festivities. A large send-off party for those who seek out the Shards of Istaril.

    Naming Day: Parents choose to name their children after a month has passed in Waldstead, as their living conditions kill off many infants. On this day, the entire village gets together to suggest names for the lucky couple.

    Renewal Day: Villagers throw festivities to welcome another two years of safety from the mist when the Caravanners return.

    Chosen Day: Village elders get together and assign roles for children who come of age. There is no arguing with their decisions - if they decide you are a fisher, you are a fisher. A fruit picker will die a fruit picker. The only exception to this rule are the Caravanners - if one shows resistance to the mist, they are immediately shifted to the position of a Caravanner.

    Beliefs(of Waldstead):

    INFO (open)

    Yven, the God of Creation
    Mostly believed by elders and children of the village, it is the story of how the world floats on the back of Yven the creator, who takes on the form of a whale. Like barnacles, Eien along with the stars are at the mercy of Yven. Every million years, it is said Yven will plunge into the waters of the Universe, drowning all of Eien to begin anew. Yven is neither a malevolent or benevolent God. To it, Eien truly is just a barnacle on its back.

    Yven’s Warning
    The origins of the mist have become lost throughout history. Three prominent reasons have come forth. Many hold the belief that the mist has come from Yven’s spout – a warning that a new beginning is imminent. Others believe that the mist is simply a natural phenomenon. Lastly, some speak of the mist as the doing of the magicians of Elysium; a defense mechanism gone wrong.

    The god the shrines and shards are named after. The story of Istaril has been forgotten throughout the years save for the name.

    Magic is looked down upon in Waldstead, many viewing it as an unnatural and destructive art. It doesn't help any that many forms of magic require pieces of the shards to function. Others believe that magic will lead to their doom, as it did to Elysium.

    Generally consisting of a team made up of no more than six people, they trade their health for the village’s. Their caravans are drawn by two bioxen. They are clothed in the best the village can offer, including masks, goggles, and gloves. Still, the average Caravanner can embark on two or three expeditions before they are overcome by the mist. Caravanners have a mixed reception in the village. On one hand, they are seen are heroes, retrieving the shards. On the other hand, many are jealous of their resistance against the mist along with their freedom to leave the village. They are also often scapegoats when the mist occasionally seeps through the barrier.

    Most villagers work high up in the trees picking fruit or hacking away at the tough branches to allow sunlight to reach their village. There are few blacksmiths and magicians. Caravanners, when not hunting for shards, are tasked with hunting and trading with other villages.

    Flora and Fauna:
    Waldstead is built in a forest of warped trees, leading to their size. Some bear striped fruit the size of large oranges called Pommas, which serve as their main export product along with lumber. Bioxen, a mix between a cow and a mule, are an important asset to the village. Unnaturally tough, they serve as the Caravanners' beasts of burden. They also give milk and when grown too old for their purpose, meat to the village.

    Other Things to Know:
    INFO (open)

    It is heavier and far thicker than regular mist. It warps everything it touches but it seems to have less effect on water. Those who have ventured into the mist unprotected have claimed it to be suffocating, almost seeming solid. It almost seems to have a mind of its own, and tendrils of the mist are often seen probing the barriers of the shrines. Over exposure to the mist will lead to Mist Sickness, otherwise known as Miasma.

    Mist Sickness/Miasma:
    Caused by over-exposure to the mist, the afflicted begins to feel their senses slowly being shut down. Eventually they fall into a deep sleep, never to wake again. Rather than have their comrades endure this cruel fate, those afflicted are usually dealt a mercy-killing.

    The mist has a tendency to bring out a person’s worst nightmares, literally. Although it is unknown how or why this occurs, the mist takes the form of a person’s nightmare and attacks. It is not a mental attack, as victims are often left with physical reminders.
    Flora and fauna are affected differently by the mist and instead of falling into a deep sleep, they have warped into twisted versions of themselves.
    In some ruins, Elysium's ancient peacekeepers still roam the halls, programmed to protect the area for eternity.
    Other Caravanners from different villages also pose a threat, as many will jump at the chance to steal shards instead of mining them legitimately.

    Magic in Eien is not the conventional type of magic. Through various artifacts of Elysium, those trained to read the language can charge these with shards of Istaril for various effects. Many of the information found are in the form of holographic books and one must be able to create the device or find and repair it to use magic. Potions are very rare, being found more than being made but they have many potent effects. These range from instantly knitting up cuts and stabs to hardening skin beyond steel to superhuman strength.

    Shrines and Shards:
    Shrines are large structures made out of metal. They often come in various shapes and designs, though Waldstead's is in the form of a pyramid. They have a socket specially suited for storing shards in, which gives them the ability to repel the mist. The size of the shard appears to matter, proven tragically when a group of Caravanners brought back a piece the size of their hands.
    The Shards of Istaril, also called Crystals, serve as the power source of the Shrines. No one really knows what kind of energy is in the shards. They come in all shapes and sizes but are differential from regular gems by the audible hum which comes from them.

    Character Sheet:

    CS (open)


    Levels of Resistance to the Mist: (Ranging from 1 to 4, from lowest to highest.
    Level 1: Can withstand tendrils of the mist touching you.
    Level 2: Can withstand breathing in the mist directly for up to three hours.
    Level 3: Can withstand breathing in the mist directly for up to a day.
    Level 4: Can withstand breathing in the mist directly for up to three days. )

    Accepted Characters:
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  2. Reserved! Making a character sheet soon.
  3. Name: Russal Yew

    Russal is considered wise beyond his years, quiet and stern. He would be considered attractive if his demeanor weren't so off-putting. He has a strict code of honor and tradition, but like all people he usually strays from it, particularly in situations where the right choice isn't clear.

    His heart lies between the village and the villagers; one part seeks to help his long-time friends and family, while the other wouldn't hesitate to give them up if it meant the well-being of Walstead.

    Russal was born an orphan, taken in by Peter Yew, a family friend of his mother, when Russal was a year old. His parents, for reasons untold to Russal, had ventured too far into the mist and were lost. The elders of the village confirmed this when an apparition appeared from the mist, seeking the infant Russal and attempting to kill him; a fear of his parents come true.

    Russal learned this when he was eight from some of the older boys in the village, causing him to lose his temper and get into a fight. One he sorely lost. Peter was quite angry when he learned of it and promised the other children's parents to discipline Russal. Discipline he did, as he taught Russal the ways of the sword most every day for most of the day. Peter was quite old, but his experience hadn't left him yet, nor had his family sword rusted too much. It was hard, grueling training, but Russal soon became a hardened man who defended his village after the village elders chose his path.

    Russal learned of his resistance to the mist when he had a fever during training. In a fever-induced stupor he wandered aimlessly in the dead of night, stumbling and tumbling among the roots. He spotted an unusually large raven flying through the gnarled branches, calling his name to him and commanding him to follow. Then the bird flew and disappeared into the mist. He followed and was lost for a day, until he came out exhausted.

    When he awoke he found Peter and his friends standing over him, just about to commit a mercy-kill. Peter was crying, but he dropped the knife and hugged his foster son. Over Peter's shoulder was the raven, perched on the window-sill, staring intently. Apparently, it had stayed over Russal's bedside the entire time. When they tried to shoo it away it merely attacked. Russal decided to keep the raven and named it Mist.

    Russal is quite skilled with his sword and without it, trained in hand-to-hand combat as well. He is athletic and fit in comparison to the hungry and weak villagers. Like many children from the village Russal learned the art of tree-climbing at a young age, and taught himself to climb other surfaces such as rock and building. Russal's raven, Mist, is also strangely empathic and both of them seem to act as one.
    Levels of Resistance to the Mist: Level 3

    ((Is this okay?))
  4. Name: Ronin Kantono
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    About 5'10, pale, skinny
    Personality: Ronin is given a wide berth by some in the community because of his attitude. He doesn't care much about others, willing to do anything to get the job done and doesn't mind taking risks to do it. In a fashion he is selfish when it comes from person to person but he does care some for the community as a whole.
    History: Ronin was born to two choppers, whose job was to cut away the tree branches to let some sun through to the crops. Because of this he was named a chopper once he came of age. He hated the work and did his best to shirk his duties whenever possible, leading to trouble as some patches of shadow made a few crops die. He decided then that he would do anything to get out of the job. However the only way to do so was to become a caravanner.

    He devised a plan. When a small group came back from one of the neighboring villages, he waited till the gates opened. Ronin tied a black bandanna around his face as a makeshift gas mask and ran through the threshold. It was a risk as he didn't know if he would survive, but it worked. The mist's tendrils wrapped around him much to the panic of the few at the gate but all he did was laugh. He was immune to the mist.. sort of. When he pulled off the black cloth around his face he began to choke. He would have to wear a mask at all times but it didn't matter. He could resist the mist to a degree, and that was all that mattered.

    The next day the elders granted him his wish and he would never have to climb a tree as long as he lived. He walked through the market with a nice little sum of money. He bought a sword similar to the blades he used as a chopper and an outfit of all black, his favorite color.
    Skills: Ronin has a clever if not devious mind. He knows little more than the things common to Waldstead but he is a quick learner. He has an above average skill with his sword due to his years of experience handling sharp blades and getting into the occasional scrap with a tree trunk to blow off steam.
    Level of resistance: 1
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  5. I want to say how much I love the name Elysium for the last civilization; even though it's just a name, it really makes me feel it was a utopia that tried too hard to touch the sky and paid for it, like the tower of Babel.

    Name: Sameen Demir
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sameen is tall and slim; she's not exactly strong, but her time spent trekking through the mist on a timer has made her athletic and tireless, able to jog long distances effortlessly. She has fair skin, and living under the trees of Waldstead has turned it pale as the snow. Her hair is long, loose, and dark as night. Her eyes are a light gray, likened to a gathering stormcloud. The palm of her right hand is scarred and ruined by burns; a memoir of a past incident. When she doesn't need to cover up to venture into the mist, she wears a simple, practical outfit consisting of a long sleeved black shirt, similar black pants, a black cloak (with several pockets on the inside), and a workbelt that is lined with pouches that contain tools and devices, and her sword's scabbard. Her sword, which she forged herself, is gently curved and designed for slashing attacks, doubling as a tool to cut through the thick and twisted foliage in the unprotected forest around Waldstead. If she needs to journey out into the mist, in addition to shrouding her face, she wears a hardened leather breastplate, bracers, and greaves. When expecting trouble (i.e everytime she ventures out of Waldstead), she also wears a long white glove on her left (off) hand framed at the wrist by a metal bracelet, slotted with a tiny Shard of Istaril and marked with symbols of magic. The palm of the glove itself is woven around wires connected to blue pads at the fingertips.
    Personality: Sameen is stern, ruthless, and intelligent. She tries to plan out everything she does, laying out strict schedules for her day or strategies for her travels. She's organized to a fault, everything in her house being laid out in symmetrical patterns and stored in rows upon rows of carefully labelled and extremely specific drawers. While usually friendly enough, she's irritated if her schedule or plan is interfered with in anyway, becoming irate and making waspish remarks. She mostly lacks an ethical code save for a loyalty to her village, finding no fault in magic, or killing to get what she needs. While not quite emotionless, she can be disturbingly unfeeling, unphazed by grisly sights and jumping to violence quickly if faced with an obstacle. She isn't used to working with other people, and often neglects or forgets to share her plans with them, sometimes leading to conflicts of interest. She gets angry if someone questions her plans, and will flat out abandon them if they continue to get in the way. She doesn't really warm up to people quickly, but she still gets along well enough with comrades who don't question her. She's slightly arrogant but tries to plan for everything, so she rarely underestimates a situation. Despite her intelligence and gift for tactics, she's totally clueless if her plans (and contingency plans) fail, and becomes rather distraught.
    History: Born to a blacksmith and a weaver in Waldstead, Sameen inherited her parents' gift for craftsmanship, being declared a metalworker when she came of age. Taking to the profession, she become quite competent, making tools and the occasional weapons for the people of the village. She developed a reputation for making reliable and practical implements, but she socialized very little with the other people of the village, staying in her shop most of the day and working. On a hunch one day, she developed a new kind of hooked arrowhead, designed to sink into and catch the flesh. When attached to a rope, it could be used to drag back slain small animals that lay outside of the village's barriers, expanding the range in which the people of Waldstead could safely hunt. Her resistance to the Mist was discovered when a caravanner, returning from an expedition, collapsed just outside of the barriers. Sameen was the only one nearby, and the Shrine was beginning to fail, so she took the risk. Covering her face, she sprinted out into the Mist, dragging the caravanner back into the borders and delivering his Shard. The caravanner himself survived, although he wouldn't have if she had waited any longer. While she expected to die because of her foolish venture, she found herself virtually unaffected, still perfectly healthy. Word of her resistance quickly spread across the village, and she was reässigned to the role of Caravanner. Getting ideas about her new status, she set about forging a sword and crafting light armor for herself, contemplating the freedom her resistance gave her. One day, her brother, whose wish had always been to be a Caravanner, entered her shop while she was working. Mad with jealousy, he proclaimed that if he wasn't able to leave the village, his sister wouldn't be able to either. While his words confused Sameen at first, they became clear enough when he drew a knife (one that she had made herself, in fact) and lunged at her. Having no weapon at hand, Sameen picked up the red-hot bar of steel on the anvil in front of her, severely burning her hand even through her heavy glove. While the sword was still a work in progress, its tip was already sharp. She stabbed him in the chest with it, slaying him before he could touch her. Dropping the steel, she immediately thrust her hand into the bucket of iced water she kept to cool her pieces, but her palm was already horribly scarred. She then hid the body and spun a story about her brother deliriously dashing into the mist, and her being forced to mercy kill him. While it was in self defense and she didn't regret it in the slightest, she did fear the possible repurcussions of his death. While most people would have started over on the sword, she instead plucked it off the ground, cleaned it, and went back to work. When it was complete, she wryly named it Kinslayer, more as a joke than anything else.
    Armed now with Kinslayer and her extreme resistance to the Mist, Sameen began to make regular journies out of Waldstead, exploring Elysium ruins, learning everything she could about magic, and recovering every artifact she could. In addition to a variety of potions, she found three of note:
    A padded white glove interwoven with wires. After she repaired it as best she could, she found that when she set a dial on the metal piece, it would deliver varying degress of electricity to what she touched, depending on the setting of the dial. She now uses it a secondary weapon as needed.
    A metal bracelet, inscribed with symbols of magic, slotted with a tiny Shard of Istaril, and mounted with something like a nozzle that stretches out over the hand of the wearer. After reparations were made, the device was discovered to shoot a concentrated beam of supercooled air when the wearer twisted their wrist in a certain way, leaving flecks of frost in the air and flashfreezing objects touched.
    A metal rod with a glass tip underneath which a Shard can be seen. When a switch is held, the tip emits harsh white light that seems to pierce even the mist (to a degree) in a radius around it.
    It took her several months of research and study to repair and learn to maintain the devices, but her proficient use of them has granted her the title of Magician among the people of Waldstead, who are characteristically of mixed opinions about her now. Ignoring public opinion, Sameen continues to work in her smithy when she is not venturing outside of the village or preparing to do so.
    Skills: Sameen, in addition to being a master smith, is a master strategist, able to easily see a situation from the position of an impartial observer and determine the best course of action. While not extremely good, practice has made her competent with the sword, and she has adapted her combat style to mix the shocking glove and the the supercooler in, using those to disable opponents and then finishing them with Kinslayer. She is a competent (though by no means amazing) magician, generally able to understand, repair, and maintain smaller magic artifacts, but deciphering huge, complicated ones like the Shrines of Istaril is far beyond her ken.
    Level of Resistance to the Mist: 4

    This took me all night and this morning to type, but totally worth it.

  6. Wow. Your CS is amazing. Never seen one more detailed. Which kinda makes me sad to have to burst your bubble and point out that the plot setting points out clearly there are no blacksmiths in Waldstead as listed under beliefs/jobs xD I'm pretty sure that can be overlooked given the detail and absolutely amazing bio. My OCD brain just wanted to point it out
  7. Oh, whoops. I read the first post two or three times and still missed that. I do question that, though--What do they do, hunt with stone spears and arrowheads? I don't see how they could really get along without some sort of smith, especially since hunting is explicitly mentioned.

    Oh, and that isn't even my longest or most detailed character profile, hehe. Longest was for a fan RP of some anime about a year ago (I don't watch anime, but I found the setting interesting enough to join). My character was effectively immortal, so I had to write over two thousand years of history, and also spent several paragraphs describing her weapon alone. I tried to make it as concise as possible and it still turned out to be about 2500 words (Sameen's is about 1400 if you're wondering), if I recall correctly. xD
  8. I wish I had your skill. And patience xD I do agree with the problem in not having at least one blacksmith. Either way technically none of us have been accepted yet so we'll wait and see what the world builder Mahigan has to say. For all we know there's something wrong in all of our characters xD
  9. Name: Melody Carpenter

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (open)

    Personality: Melody is well known about town for her stubbornness. She isn't the kind that likes being forced into a direction which isn't of her choosing. She wants to explore and inquire. Learn something new instead of going about the monotony of everyday life in the town. Life was hard in the village with no hopes of changing and that was something Melody hated. Even the miserable circumstances they lived in couldn't make her stop believing that a change could be made.

    History: Melody is the daughter of Marcus, a woodworker that supplied the the town with furniture, and Amanda, a weaver that made baskets or even thatching. She spent most of her younger years around her mother's skirts, content with playing and exploring the town's every nook and cranny. Came her fourteenth year, she stood before the council, awaiting her life sentence. A bit dramatic, but the way she acted upon hearing she would have to be a weaver forever could have been misinterpreted as it. She shouted and screamed, but the council had decided and that was that.

    So time passed. Her mother taught her everything she needed to know, albeit with a lot of sulking on Melody's part. Her nimble fingers were well suited for the job, although her mind wasn't. She was frequently caught staring off at something that she found more interesting and this slowed her work somewhat.

    Came year eighteen, when the Caravanners finally returned from their quest, Melody had the cards of life she was dealt, reshuffled. The Caravanners were busy exchanging the new crystal with the old, she was busy plucking plants that would be of use for weaving. Stuck in her own thought she didn't notice the Mist until it was too late. It surrounded her, yet she was unscathed. Finally the Caravanners affixed the new crystal and the barrier came back on.

    Her survival meant she didn't have to be a weaver anymore. Her six years of waiting had given fruit to an adventure of a lifetime. The council reassigned her. She had two years to wait. Two years to train. After that, freedom.

    Skills: In the two years she had before the next quest for shards, Melody made sure she could learn as much as she could of necessities. First was some form of combat, she opted for a bow since the men were more able to use there strength in melee. Second was a knowledge of plant life. Which are edible, which are poisonous and even where to find them. Her father also showed her other basic survival skills, like making fire.

    Levels of Resistance to the Mist: Level 2
  10. Typing what I can on a quick break, skimmed over all CS.
    I'll make sure to update the OOC and add rules to make things more clear, sorry.

    For @Cheesecake, @Cahill, looks good. Accepted.

    @Jamie64, it'd be awesome if you could change "came back from Raem" to "came back from another town". Accepted.:>

    @Vansalon, I was thinking more alone the lines of wooden spears and nets woven from plant fibers but that kinda rules out swords, bows and all that fun stuff.

    I'll change the whole bit about blacksmiths, accepted :>

    Alright! I know I'm not the best GM but I promise I'll work on this as soon as I get back home. Thanks for showing interest everyone. :)
  11. This is technically your RP Mahigan. If you wish to have it a certain way you're free state so. We're applicants. I'm sure none of the others, including myself will shun you for it.
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  12. This RP sounds awesome! If there is still room, I'd like to fill out a CS.
  13. I'm deciding whether or not to have a character or to just GM events/enemies/NPCs.
    @Optimistic Potato, sure!

    Speaking of which, I was thinking we cut off sign ups at one or two more people. What do you think?
  14. Well, you said that caravanners are never a group larger than six, and with the four who already joined plus Potato and yourself, that's six. And I can't speak for anyone else, but I always have much more fun as a host if I have a character myself (in one case I had five characters in an RP I was hosting).
  15. I'll give time for @Adelaide Belial to make a character.
    If she/he doesn't want to play then I'll open sign-ups again. I'll work on the IC thread, should be up by Tuesday.
    I think I'll just play the NPCs, there's quite a lot I want to do with them. :)
  16. After actually thinking on it for a bit, I think there is an inherent flaw with having a blacksmith. Considering we're located in wood, surrounded by a deadly mist, iron or steel sound like they'd be pretty difficult to come by. The town, with its many infant deaths, seem to not be able to spare people. That and only a few people are able to get through the mist. It's unlikely that there would be a mine or miners to mine the ore required. Also, judging from the picture given, Waldstead seems to have a lot of water problems on the floor and the rest is wood. Fire and the stone for a forge sound impossible to be made there without putting the town at great risk.

    According to you, mahigan, the ones with immunity are also in charge of trading with other villages and likely also scavenging. That could mean they would find weapons or other necessities, like shears and knives, from other villages with more adequate resources. That or even merchants, people with stronger immunities, could come around to trade.
  17. For argument's sake I'm just defending the smithy. The lack of water isn't exactly conclusive. It's a bit swampy but I bet they have a way of filtering water. Might not be an overabundance of it but enough to spare a forge. As for the ore.. you're right in the fact that the act of mining takes time, energy, and manpower they don't have. My only solution to that is they trade ore from a neighboring village that has a mine. It's a specialty thing. Waldstead's main export is fruit and crops as listed. Perhaps another town trades ore and other valuables for food. Again not the best explanation but every argument you make in any direction is bound to have a hole.
  18. I might have been unclear on the water. Haha. I meant there is quite a lot of it. Enough to make things a hassle. Not a shortage that would make the cooling of steel a problem.

    And please. By all means. I make these points exactly so we can discuss it. What use is an OOC otherwise?

    Granted they can trade ore with other villages. Perhaps there is a village that situated itself in a cave and continued to burrow deep in to expand. Their export would likely be metals of various sorts. Trade doesn't even have to be an issue. There are obviously abandoned places. Cities, vehicles, etc. For all intents and purposes people can use that scrap and reforge it. Smelter it down and such.

    Then again. If trade is viable. Why trade for ore instead of finished products? Maybe the ore is cheaper. That's a pretty good reason. Then again that ore needs to be reworked, which takes time and resources in itself. All really depends on how much it takes to make something from scratch versus how much it would be for the same already finished product.
  19. Oops, sorry for misunderstanding on the water xD

    I agree on that question, why buy ore instead of finished product? You'd think a place that made it's living off of heavy industry would at least take the time to craft it. However, it could be both. As we all know forges not only make swords and shields they make other necessities like pots and utensils for cooking or pitchforks and.. other tools for farming. Most metalwork would probably be bought and traded for from somewhere else but Waldstead might have a single forge on hand for the every day things. Although caravanners do the best they can I bet it'd be easier to have your own smithy to mend your broken shovel rather than waiting for days maybe weeks for a replacement. It'd be cost effective too. And who ever works the forge may have an arrangement with a Caravan to pick up a little ore along with swords and arrows
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