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  1. Hideki is a butler to the Stein Estate. The Stein gained their wealth by developing and selling miracle elixirs. Gio Stein, founder of the Stein's Miracle Serums, marketed himself on the claim that he had found the Fountain of Youth. Though in those day many people made this claims Gio had actually stumbled upon something. A mixture of chemicals so potent this a drop to much would whisk an eighty year old man into infancy before once very eyes. But of course Gio had to be a business man first. He had to make the effects temporary so he could support his growing family.

    Once business was booming and money was secure he bought land to build his families estate and his laboratory, he even made enough to hire a couple of loyal staff, allowing their families to be housed with them. Working for the Stein family was a very secure job. Born into the head butler's family, it's the only job Hideki knew. As the years went on Hideki took over the responsibility of head butler at the tender age of 23. The new power helped him to fulfill the curiosity he'd suppressed for years. This curiosity lead him to Gio's secret laboratory. The family had been out of the house and he had given the staff a day off. He was alone with unlimited access to the fountain of youth. His greed got the best of him as he consumed a vile of the elixir labelled Regen.

    The liquid burned like acid as it went out his throat and was absorbed into his blood. He fell to the ground has steam rose from his pores. He absolutely knew they he was going to die in that lab. Alone, in pain worst than child birth and to strength to call for help in the barricaded fortress of a lab. Little did he know this the extremely dry weather would seal his fate.

    The Stein's never made it back home, because there was no more home to come back to and no what for Stein to get the elixir he had made his living off of. The Steins moved on and in time the estate.

    Over 500 years pass before the estate is rebuild by one of Stein's descendants, Gloria Adams 24. Though years had passed and mergers were made to preserve the wealth of the Stein legacy Gloria was the only descendent of the family. She was obsessed with her family history even to the point of using half of her money to rebuild the original family estate for old blue prints that she had looked up, leaving out the details about the hidden Labortory. She was most interested on finding it for herself.
  2. In the middle of the night there is a small rumble in the west wing of the mansion. A thin but robust plant grows through the new foundation and pokes it's head out into the warm tungsten lit hallway. 500 years of burrowing to surface and it's hit with artificial light. He starts to bub then blooms spreading spores on to the toxic floor. The look of the flower its self is very bizarre. It was red with green spots as if it had a face. And the sweet smell of it's pedals enter the vents an filled the mansion.
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  3. on that morning Gloria awakon by the smell. she looked around to see what was making the lovely smell. when she notice nothing was diffrent here she got up and walked around the masion to see where the smell was. i wouder what that smell is. she was walking in the west room when she notice the lovely flower. "what tipe of flower are you?" she asked it like it was going to anwser.
  4. The floor began to give due to the bulk of sections of the roots. Her breath had began a domino effect. Every few feet a trail of roots poked out from under her new wooden floor, as if the destruction was leading her to a family secret. The root lead to the back door and continued a few more feet to an old dried up sewage drained surrounded by the the same little flowers. The smell much stronger at the drain.
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  5. she looked at the flowers unsure where to go now. "where do you want me to go lovly flowers" she said with a small voice so no one heard her. she looked around to make sure she was not beeing followed. "if someone see me like this they may as well think im crazy." she said with a frown.
  6. The sewer swelled with a massive moan of sweet air. It sounded like a mans cry for help but more flowers sprout from the roots this time the leaves glowed a mild tint of Blue and they seemed to align up to the drain and spiral around the insides until they met a vanishing point. The path seemed to be friendly one.
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  7. she was scared but then she sucked it up and followed the path. she didnt care if it was a scary that flowers would blome around fast. like it was magic. but that made her more exited too. she loved mistory. she coutined to follow till she made it to a.
  8. Mass of green roots plump and glowing a dim green. What stuck out from the root was even more surprising. A men was yards of brown bread and head hair lie entangled in the roots. It was as if the roots were his protectors and he was the very sustained of their life. But has carbon dioxide filled the atmosphere the root gradually loosed the naked man. Strings of slime weakly holding on to a severed attachment. He began to fall.
  9. she was shoocked at the site both that fact he was naked and that he just came from a fower tree something and now was falling. she ran ove to him to catch him before he fell but he just landed on her. "Ow. Oh hey are you allright?" she said poked him softly. "hey boy you alright"
  10. Hideki's eyes open narrowly revealed bluish grey eyes and looked at her. Everything was so blurry. He saw the petite outline of a womanly figure, "Anabelle?" he asked hoarsely. Though his voice was wrecked for years of being unused, it was gentle and potentially friendly. His head started to spun and he started to feel how weak her was. He fell off to the side.
  11. no Im not Anabelle, im Gloria" she said with a smile she was unsure but that name sounded fermiller. she cheeked him to to make sure he was alright "sir are you alright?" she asked still she mad sure.
  12. Hideki was knocked out, as if sleeping for 500 years wasn't enough. He still thought he was in the past and his love Anabelle and he had finally been reunited. He heard her say , "I'm not-" then everything when dark.

    He woke up a few days later in a guest room. 'What am I doing in here? I need to get to my room." He thought as he hopped out of bed and noticed her had strange clothes on and a massive amount of hair that needed to be taken care of, "If he was still alive and had only passed out yesterday then how had his hair grown so much in so little- the serum." he explained in his thought and walked to the bathroom and saw weird pluming fixtures and fireless lamps bolted to the walls. He was tempted to touch it but, well let's say he had had enough experimentation for a day.
  13. Gloia walked into the guest room with the boy in it. she wnted to make sure he was alright. but thats when she notice he was not in the bed "Oh gods where is he." she added with she yelled to some one hoping they would hear but she ran away to finid someone "James the boy is missing" she said running around scared. "JAMES" she yelled
  14. He peeked out of the bathroom wondering who James was. He shrugged and found a pair of scissors and started to cut his hair. He could not be seem by anyone else then way he was. He was dreaded facing the Dr about the serum he drunk, and he had to apologize to Ana for missing their date. He thought about what he was going to say as he cut and trimmed his hair.
  15. Gloria came back to the room with james. "hello is anyone in here" she asked to make sure she just miss seen him. "See James hes missing" she said James sighed. "hes not missing hes in the bathroom Miss" he said with a smile james was an old man in his late 40-50 but he looked younger.
  16. Hideki came out of the Bathroom with a bag full of his hair. When he looked at he say a young woman and an older man, "Um...Hello, are you two new here?" he asked bowing politely.
  17. She looked at him unsure then loos at James unsure. "yes....? No?...... ok lost what do you mean new" she was lost. "James make him stop hes confussing(its a word to her) me" she said in a cute kid voice. she can be a kid some times but not always
  18. "Um...okay, Well I'm the new head butler, Hideki Toriyama." he said bowing politely. He wondered about James, he looked like he had worked in the home for years, but maybe it was that Hideki hadn't met everyone in the mansion yet.
  19. she looked at him. unsure and if she hear the name right. "Ok....." she said just playing a long "um we didnt get a new butler wait are you dieing James" she said with saddness. "No lady Gloria" he said with s small smile. "good i dont know anything about a new butler and a head bulter at that Sir"
  20. Hideki looked at them puzzled, "Did Dr.Stein fire me while I was in his lab? I can explain to him!" he said getting worried. He paced back in forth thinking aloud, "I knew I shouldn't have tampered with his lab...Goodness what is my father going to think! Gone in last than a week...And Annabelle...how am I going to take care of her without a job..." he stopped and turned to Gloria and James, "I have to speak with Dr.Stein right away. Where is he?"
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