Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak Iwaku ! <3



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"Eid ul-Adha, or Festival of Sacrifice is one of the major Muslim holidays.

It comes right after the fifth pillar of Islam called the Hajj or pilgrimage...

The day begins with a special congregational prayer followed by a short sermon. People are dressed in their best clothing, and children traditionally receive new clothing as well as other gifts.

Food, holiday congratulations, and festivities such as rides, balloons, and other fun activities for children follow the prayers. The holiday lasts for four days during which people usually visit or invite each other..."

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It'll never catch on.
BAH. You could at least say Eid Mubarak to me because I'm celebrating it :33

~We went for the prayer this morning && now I'm visiting people :)

The best part is you can do whatever you want && eat lots of sweets and your parents can't stop you, because its Eid ! xD
Eid Mubarak Imouto-chan. Sounds like you are going to have fun today. Hope you enjoy it.

Writing in the Moonlight,

May the Lord watch over you and your family on your sacred holiday.

Eid Mubarak! May the memories you create today keep you happy for years to come. <3
You know, for a moment I thought we were going to call up Chtuhlu or something like that.

Oh well, happy holidays and stuff.
Most of western europe is destined to become states of Islam, so better just jump on the band-wagon.

Eid Mubarak!
Sakura is turning you all into gibbering incoherents!


Eid Mubarak, Sakura. Enjoy the time you have with those you visit. I know I will too!

Whit all due respect, sir, yew only grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Your point being? Just because I'm not a Muslim or an Arab doesn't mean I can't enjoy a holiday.

Point taken...
THANK YOU EVERYONE :D You're all the best ! :DD

Eid-ul-Adha goes on for three days :D

Today's the second day ^.^

Last night I stayed up after midnight && watched movies && ate tons and tons of COOKIESANDCREAM ICECREAM CAKE.

I felt kinda sick this morning, but it was worth it!


Wheee :)
Religion's getting soft. >:[
Eid Mubarak, little Saki-chan!!!
May you be happy! ^_^
Eid Mubarak!

I hope you don't get too sick. And don't forget to brush your teeth.

But other than that, I hope you have fun. C:
Eid Mubarak, then!

I have no idea what that means! :D
It's Klingon.
At last, this thread reveals its true colours.
That's just Ryker.

Somehow eighteen years in the Expeditionary Forces turned him into some sort of...

What's the word I'm looking for?

Messiah o' Modern War.


What the hell...?