Ehue... Hi.

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  1. Greetings people of the internet, I am indeed ιηк ƒα¢тσяy. Feel free to call me Ink or whatever, I don't really have a preference. I am of the female gender and I am from the US, but I wish I were from Europe... On other matters, I suppose I'll just fill you in on some random information about myself. I stumbled upon this site when, of course, looking for a good place to roleplay. I am a person who can do group or onexone roleplays, I don't really care. When it does come to roleplaying I am into some longer posts, but short posts is fine with me, I can't always type a lot myself for I can be considerably busy. I love to write, I love to write poems above all else. I suppose on a rainy day I would dance in the rain given the opportunity. Afterward I would be the person chilling on the couch. Song on my mind? Eh...

    "He stumbled into faith and thought, 'God, this is all there is.' The pictures in his mind arose and began to breathe. And all the gods and all the worlds began colliding on a bad drop of blue. Blue lips, blue veins. He took a step but then felt tired, he said, 'I'll rest a little while.' But when he tried to walk again he wasn't a child. And all the people hurried fast, real fast. And no one ever smiled. Blue lips, blue veins. Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away. Blue lips, blue veins. Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away."

    Well, have a nice day everyone.
  2. Sup, Ink.

    Welcome :)
  3. Howdy Ink! Welcome to the community!