Eh, what did you say?

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  1. Guys, guys...

    I stayed up all night just to post this! This right here is what I've been working on for hours, take a looksee right here. I made it in black color to be more interesting:

    Made you look.
  2. FUCK YOU!!!!! x3
  3. No thanks, I'm all fucked out for today D :
  4. Then... FUCK YOU TOMORROW!!! x3
  5. Excellent, when's part 2?
  6. omg this needs to be a movie
    morgan freeman can do the voice over
    and we can make it more awesome by adding more sex scenes and maybe some sparkly vampires that get killed by a train at full speed...oh and dancing breasts that shoot lazers out their tittes
  7. I'm so glad you guys liked it!

    redblood even wants to fuck me because I did such a good job!
  8. I don't wanna fuck you o.O I want you to fuck yourself while I'm watching :D But I can fuck you afterwards x3
  9. and i will join in and make it even more sexy....nothing screams sexy like me in a spongebob costume with some dildos out the holes
  10. I won't let any manparts or man-like parts into my body >_< keep those away from me
  11. [video=youtube_share;b64m5_3_6dY][/video]
  12. My unbirthday party just got very awkward!

    But it's the wrong thread.
  13. its never the wrong thread because with us all threads always go to the same place
    the bedroom
    or the kitchen counter
    or the bathroom shower
    or the garden

    or wherever else you can fuck
  14. or the car
    or the supermarket
    or hell
  15. have you ever tried it in a car that shits hard
  16. I'm a virgin so no, I haven't x3
    But my friend did it in a car on her second time having sex :D So it totally works x3
  17. yes but since im tall and my bfs tall it was like my head was in a weird position the whole time
  18. Hahha doesn't matter, my friend is tall and her bf is also tall sooo... Though she said it wasn't that comfortable since the car was small and she laid on a hard part in the car that I don't know what it is named neither in English nor Swedish. That thing you put the seat belt in x3

    But she didn't regret doing it xD
  19. [video=youtube;D_CiK8CAXbo][/video]

    Is this what you really meant to say?