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  1. Ghalor (By Annie) (open)

    Name: Ghalor. He doesn't have a surname, as he has never learnt whether he has parents or not and would prefer to find them(if he could at all) instead of making his own or inheriting someone else's.

    Age: 167 human years old.

    Gender: Unknown of gender, but is preferred to be addressed as 'he'.

    Race: Iroan.

    Physical Description: (Picture in process.) He appears to be in a reddish-gray colour, as the mineral substance he contains is Germanite. The main elements it contains (descending, by amount) are Copper, Sulfide, Germanium and Iron, making it an impure, but rare mineral. Thanks to the elements he contains, Ghalor is very tough and strong, as well as useful as armour and weaponry. As for his form, it cannot be described, since it changes every day or more often and doesn't look particularly as anything.

    Something to be noted about his body is that there are two roundish holes on a not-so-far distance of each other in a horizontal line in the front of, what's supposed to be, his head and a triangular hole on the same distance below them, again, in the front of his 'head'. He uses the two roundish holes as vision and the triangular one - as scent. Another interesting fact regarding his senses is that he doesn't feel the different materials (flesh, cloth, etc. Ghalor can't feel if something is soft, prickly, hard and so on.), nor can he taste, as he doesn't have a hole or anything like that for a mouth. But he is capable of hearing through his whole body, as it is cracked almost everywhere you could see and the sound waves get to him through the cracks. And (why, another fact~) yet another thing about his senses is that he sees everything in brownish shades, so he can't differ different colours; and his sense of smell is much weaker than any other mortal/immortal of the races. It's unknown whether it's just him or there's someone else from the same race with such 'problems'. BUT(T) His hearing abilities are much better than most of the races, as the slightest trace of sound gets through any part of his body.

    A thing about his organs is that he doesn't have any. Therefore he doesn't need to breathe, eat, drink and so on. But he can feel exhaustion and his daily cycle is similar to that of the other races - around 8 hours sleep and through the rest of the time he is awake. (Please note that I am not very fond of Iroans and don't know that much about them, so there may be many mistakes in what I've written so far or write later on about my character from that particular race.)

    And a last thing about his physics (or not) is that he shapes his form into mostly armour, as he prefers protecting and defending to attacking, and despises violence.

    Past: It was much before the beginning of the latest peaceful age of Altai that Ghalor was born in the northest part of Iro, not far from the coast. It was a pretty rare sight for an Iroan to be born of a mineral, containing something as rare as Germanium. Germanite - an impure mineral, containing 4 main elements and a few side ones, which are not as important as to even mention them. Ghalor's birth was something quite usual at sight, but incredible as the mineral he's made of is extremely rare.

    Ever since then he has wondered how he came to life. Ghalor had thought that a female from his race has given him birth, just like with the other races. But he did not regard that he is an Iroan, a mineral creature that is far more different than the other species. And so, he thought he had 'parents' - a caring mother and a loving father, who had taken care of him. But that was all in his imagination, in his thoughts, and nothing proves that that is the truth.

    A notible thing about him (and probably the other Iroans) is that he can live a long life and doesn't age, as he is not capable of that. That is why he has never changed in the quality of his mineral ever since he had come to life. And the things he had done from then onward was research. Only research. You would see him observing the other races, including his own, or watching the Note Worthy training their expert-level magic. He has always wanted to be a part of those amazing mages, but it was not allowed for them to personally teach him. That is why they explained what are the three magic schools and let him on his way, as they 'were too busy'.

    Ghalor thought that magic was a really useful thing t learn, as it would aid him in the search of his parents. The thing he did not know was where to start, since he didn't know what they look like or anything like that. He did not know if they even existed. The research he made on Iroans did not help him learn how they were born. Asking the others of his kind didn't either.

    The Germanite Iroan was quite interested in Spirit magic. All he knew about it is that it's used mainly for healing and helping others, just the use he wanted to have. He knwe it'd be useful in his journey, so he greatly wanted to study it and was headed on the way to the Spirit Magical School.

    Personality: Ghalor is, so to say, a very cautious creature. He may not have enough knowledge stored from his years of existence, therefore he is careful in everything he does, since he may do the exact opposite of what he wants or the consequences could be fatal. Even though he claims he doesn't know much about anything, he is very wise. He takes as much time as he needs to make a decision or think about something and he ends up almost always wise. But that could also be the wrong thing to do, since each and every second is important and he loses a lot of time just in thoughts. Something to keep in mind about him is that he's not the social type. You'd rarely see him communicating with someone, just because he does not feel comfortable around others and from time to time feels insecure. And probably because of his lack of vocal chords. It's not healthy for him to keep a distance from other living beings, as he usually does, since he gets lonely from time to time and can't think properly when he feels that certain mix of emotions like... sadness, grief, solitude, maybe even lost. As much as he wants to find friends, he isn't capable of doing that or he hasn't observed enough about that. He thinks that when he finds a friend, he'll keep them dear and never leave them. He feels that destiny may find him a friend for life, who he can protect and take care of. He claims he'll be loyal to that one first friend he finds. He KNOWS he will be loyal to that certain being. Due to his feeling of loneliness, he easily gets attached to people he has just socialised with. So, those who want to just tell him 'hi' and be nice to him, keep in mind that very soon Ghalor'll cling to you and never leave your side, even if he annoys you a lot and you try to get rid of him.

    Magical school of choice: As stated above, he wants to learn Spirit magic. The first spell he wants to learn is a healing one and he is looking forward to starting his studying and aiding his comrades in the upcoming adventures.

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses: His strengths include his hearing ability, the lack of exterior feeling(as he can't feel physical pain on the outside), his toughness, his cautious nature, the knowledge he has stored and his loyalty. The weaknesses are the lack in taste, one-colour-shade vision, lack of scent, the time he takes to make a decision or think about something, his insecure and asocial personality and sometimes his wish to protect someone and help them may lead to some unpleasant situations, such as that particular someone getting annoyed, leaving Ghalor, an argument and so on.
  2. Mith'ral by Nay'ar (open)
    Mith'ral Mythe

    46 Human year old



    Physical Description:
    She looks like a 17 human girl if not for her long years and tail. Her eyes are a bright red. She always wear a maple leaf shaped pendant.

    She was born and raised in Aeoni by an ancient, strict but loving family; one of their traditions was to have at least one of the heirs to join society as scholars, while military career was seen as less prestigious even if equally important.
    Her older brother (fond of knowledge) kept up his family name in the Keeton society as a brilliant scholar, following the Mythe tradition. During the ascension of the Council (she was 22), her family followed the Royal decisions and accepted the new status quo without complaining. On the other hand, after turning 27 (the rough equivalent 10 years old humans), Mith'ral decided to train and join the Royal guard as, she knew, she would bring more honor to her family that way.
    Their parents, upon their decisions, gave them a heirloom each: her brother got a bookmark with a maple leaf shaped pendant while Mith'ral got a crystal maple shaped necklace pendant which made them fully grown Mythe family member.
    While training, she learned how to control herself, how to make the most of her senses and her surroundings, in turn, this resulted as a little lack of presence (which is not bad in a combat situation, but a bit frustrating in everyday life) and she tends to go unnoticed even to her family. Of course she studied the basics, but she is more of a dynamic creature and mastered close range combat techniques. After years of sweat and blood on the training floor, she was accepted in the Royal Guards as one of the youngest recruits that corp ever had (44).
    She asked to be sent on that ship because she heard the captain was the best mind magic user which she wants to learn in order to be the best guard she could ever be. Her motto was always to improve oneself to be able to protect what's dear to oneself.

    She is not very talkative and she doesn't have much of a presence either. She is quiet but always smiling though it's a melancholic smile most of the time. She likes sweets, nature and fluffy things, so under such circumstances she could just become childish. Other than that, she is strict with herself and prefers doing things alone. As common to her race, she wants to learn more things possible; she decided to travel in order to learn so that she wouldn't shame her family and her Queen.
    There are few who could claim to have seen her sleeping face, as she sleeps deeply just around someone she could trust, but she is awfully cute when deep asleep. She has a habit to touch her pendant when nervous or under stress, it helps her to focus. She dislikes liars and assassins for their underhanded methods. When provoked she normally ignores it, but if one of her family or her companions are as near as brushed, she could kill on the spot, because saving someone dear to her would surely bring honor to her name.

    Magical school of choice:
    Mind (especially illusion type magic)

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
    She is swift, strong and silent, her hearing and smelling are very keen and her balance is perfect. Also, she specialize in close combat with hidden blades and she is ambidextrous.
    She has a weak spot behind her ears but hates when someone touches them or her tail without asking. She is weak against ultrasonic waves and could result a little clumsy when she's hungry. Also, a weakness is her family, if one of them should be in trouble she would just freeze and do nothing from shock.
  3. Vera by Rune Alchemist (open)

    Name: Verusha "Vera" Dalca
    Age: 50 Human Years.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Keeton/Die Jaeger

    Physical Description:
    Vera is and oddity, among her kind, many believe its because of her suspected dual parentage. She has oddly colored silver hair that contrasts with her naturally tanned color skin. She is taller than most of her kind, and is quite physically fit, though most people tend to notice her eyes first - they are a shade of icy blue. [​IMG]
    Past: Vera's history, perhaps starts with her parents - A Keeton by the name of Mira Dalca, and a Die Jaeger who simply went by the name Varik.

    Her parents (close)

    Vera, has never actually been the the Keeton's home Isle. Instead, she grew up in Anmel, the human capitol with her mother, a Keeton who went by the name of Mira Dalca. Her mother had never really told her who her father was, though she said she had once worked as a brothel madame leaving whoever her father actually was up to wild speculation. However, many suspect that her father was in fact a Die Jaeger from the way she looks and her general personality since it differs greatly from most Keeton's. This is closer to the truth than some might actually believe - her father was in fact one of the dark skinned humanoids.

    Her mother had once been a brothel madame in Anmel. Her mother never quite told her why she ran one. She simply commented when asked that it was 'fun', much to the horror of the young girl who did not want to imagine her mother doing such things.

    Mostly, the people who used her brothel were of the upper nobility, though she occasionally got someone who was of lesser status. Her father was a Die Jaeger who, lucky for her mother happened to be stopping by at the right time. He was a mercenary, having left his home quite some years before, and was in the city simply looking for a place to unwind, if a Die Jaeger can do that.

    He had heard a commotion from the streets as he was passing by. Some human nobles were causing trouble for her and a few of her girls. Her father simply intervened because the nobles in question, had denied him payment after a job he did for them. He roughed them up quite a bit, and she hired him as security afterwards. It was easy pay, and a lot more pay than he usually got. He still saw his fair share of action too. A Brothel was a place where all kinds of shady things went on, whether with its owners knowledge or not.

    This arrangement went on for about a month, until the nobles he had roughed up decided to come back - with arrest warrants for both of them. Needless to say, that was easier said than done. After killing or injuring about half the guard, thanks to the help of the girls in the brothel the both of them escaped into the cities slums. This is where her father parted ways with her mother, stating that the deal was up since she no longer had a brothel to run. About eight and a half months later, Verusha was born.

    Vera (close)

    Life wasn't easy for her growing up, but her and her mother made do. Her mother decided to not get back into her old business, and instead focus all of her attention raising her. She would have liked to take her back to her homeland, but lack of money prevented that. Vera grew up hard, learning how to take care of herself on the streets at an early age, gaining quite the reputation thanks to her natural strength and abilities, though thankfully she remained mostly out of trouble with the law, side from being in quite the few fights when she was a kid.

    As she grew up she began to take an interest in swords and combat, and taught herself how to use a blade. However, despite her stubborn persistence and eagerness, she made very little progress teaching herself. Her luck turned, however when she discovered an old, veteran swordsman living in the slums not far from them.

    He refused to teach her at first, stating that all she would do with it was use it to get into trouble. She persisted, though, and he agreed to teach her on one condition. Never use her sword to harm someone out of anger or hate. She didn't really give this much thought at the time, and just eagerly agreed to it to learn.

    So, he spent the next few years teaching her everything he knew about the sword - she even had to forge her own sword before he would let her even train with a real one. Aside from teaching her the art of the blade, the two grew close and he ended up becoming sort of a father figure to her. So after about three years under his tutelage, he had taught her almost everything he knew. She wasn't satisfied, however. She wanted to learn more. He said he had nothing else to teach, so instead she should get some practical experience.

    It was a tough decision for her, she couldn't leave her mother all alone here, but she wanted to go and explore too. Her mother and him had become good friends during these three years though, and he agreed to look after her if she left. Her mother was supportive of her decision, and that was that.

    She traveled the world in search of adventure, honing her abilities, after breaking her first sword, a Katana with quite a long blade during a fight she re-forged the blade into two different swords about equal length and taught herself how to use them both.

    After she heard about a trip to some mysterious new land, she eagerly went to join.

    If there's one thing Vera likes doing, it's fighting. Whether this is an effect of her Die Jaeger blood is up for debate, but no one can dispute the fact that she loves it, always has and most likely always will. She's incredibly stubborn and doesn't back down form any challenge even if she knows she's gonna lose - even if she could get hurt in the process. She's too prideful and stubborn to do so.

    Outside of battle, she's fairly friendly, if a bit promiscuous thanks in part to her mother. She outgoing and won't hesitate to make new friends and will do anything to keep her old ones. Loyalty is paramount to her, and betraying her is just one way to get yourself stabbed. She doesn't think much about her actions, and would act first rather than think.

    Magical school of choice:

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
    Adept Swordsman:
    Despite her boasting otherwise, she still has a lot to learn in this area. Calling her anything other than a novice or adept with a lot of Talent would be pushing it. She strives to become better though, at all martial endeavors. She is currently training herself to wield two swords at once, but she is much better with one sword currently.

    Half-Blood Hearing and Sight: She has keen hearing and and the ability to see much better than most other people, thanks to her Die Jaeger and Keeton Blood. She doesn't have the sensory strength of a pure blooded Keeton or Die Jaeger, but a blend of both that she could use to her advantage during a fight.
    Die Jaeger Strength: Her Die Jaeger blood grants her natural strength above most of her kind. She's not as strong as a pure blooded Die Jaeger of course, but could match most other people for natural strength. That said, she doesn't rely on her natural strength much in a fight, and would rather rely on her agility in a fight.
    While she may be a Keeton, at least partly, she doesn't posses their natural grasp for magic and trickery. While she isn't stupid by any means, she's not clever or a very deep thinker. She prefers things to be easy, simple, and clean. However, if you insult her intelligence, be prepared to suffer being stabbed. Repeatedly. ​

  4. Myrrh by Moi (open)

    Name: Myrrh Ghyrratino

    Age: 67 Human Years.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Keeton

    Physical Description: Myrrh appears to be about 25 years of age in human terms. As with most Keetons her only defining feature are her Beautiful tail and ears, however their is a discrepancy, both Myrrh and her twin sister (yes she has a twin, that is for later though) have Silver hair instead of the regular reddish orange hair keetons are known to have: Image


    Myrrh was born to an isolated community at the southern tip of the Keeton's home isle. Her mother was a Hex borne, and during childbirth Myrrh was transferred the Hex borne gene. Her sister however, was not. Surprisingly the small babe did not die like most who gain the mark of the hex this way. Strangely, however, the color from her hair was drained and in it's place was a pale yet alluring silver coat.

    This mark turned her into a target of bullying in her child hood years, and because of the abuse she became a rebellious child. She began to feel like everyone was pushing her away, until eventually, she was all alone. He sister left their hometown to explore the other Nations and her family turned their backs on her because of her bad streak. Myrrh began to feel entirely alone, until finally, she lashed out. By this point she had already become a heavy drinker even though her body refused to allow her to get drunk and during a night of heavy drinking she finally decided to give her village what it wanted. She left, stowing away on a vessel that left the following morning.

    However, Myrrh's luck had left her that day, for shortly after taking to the seas, the ship she had stown away on was assaulted by pirates from two sides. The crew was taken captive and Myrrh was discovered. However, Myrrh was not to be taken down so easily. The combination of her natural fighting ability and strong mental magic skills won her a spar with the two pirates who had discovered her.

    From there she proceeded to search the ship, using small tricks of magic to foll the pirates into giving her the upper hand. She managed to eliminate most of the pirates under the deck, but the pirates above the deck were a different story. Instead of sneaking around she decided to play the bluff card. Myrrh emerged from the underbelly of the ship with a confident stride and announced herself to her enemy.

    The pirate captain himself stood before her with a look of confusion on his face. He drew his blade and pointed it in her direction, demanding she bow to him. Myrrh laughed at his face, disarmed, and knocked him to the ground with ease. None of the pirates were Hex borne and for this reason she was able to easily beat their leader.

    Myrrh was not aware however, but these particular pirates believed in reward through action and determined their leader by hosting duels between themselves. Seeing their strongest man dropped by Myrrh with such efficiency caused the pirates to gain respect for the Keeton. Due to this the remaining pirates presented her a deal, she would be allowed to live if she did not interfere with the raid. Myrrh agreed and soon found herself aboard their ship.

    After some time it was clear that Myrrh's strength far surpassed that of the pirates who had taken her in. After being convinced t ostay in their ranks and join them as a pirate, Myrrh soon found herself at the head of the ship. The former Captain taught her all he knew and with time she surpassed even him.
    The tales of Myrrh's raids and venture's are known by most every ear on the high seas. She treats her comrades with respect and gives her enemies no quarter. She is not evil by any means, but she is still a pirate and for that reason their is a bounty on her head.

    Today she is revered as a legend, and known as the strongest of all known Mental Hex borne mages.

    Personality: Myrrh is a wild girl, she looks for adventure at every turn and never turns her head back. Her policy is "keep moving forward" and she has a reputation for taking action and thinking later. In most cases her magic can get her out of any bind her muscle headedness gets her into. She is a true lover of the sea and is at home on the open waters, she hates the cold and crowded cities. She is kind to her subordinates and treats her allies with respect and love. She is witty and good at thinking on the spot. She is known to be extremely stubborn and curious. Sometimes she forgets to eat.


    Myrrh is physically agile and strong, her magic holds up very well too. She is a master at close combat and relies mainly on her fists for fighting. She does carry a dagger, but it is more for dramatic affect than anything, she is useless with weapons. Melee or ranged.
    Myrrh can be strong in high stress scenarios but sometimes doesn't stop to think about the consequences of her actions. She is easily distracted by food.

    Magical school/Abilities:

    Mental Magic
  5. Grem by Hilter (open)

    Name: Grem Scarborough

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Averaging around five feet and seven inches tall weighing around one-hundred and twenty pounds underrates Grem's Y build making his overall appearance underwhelming. Due to his mixed blood he appears to be an ordinary human with the exception of his medium length stark white hair hanging haphazardly over his striking golden eyes, and extended lateral incisors that are short enough to be hidden while his mouth is closed.

    A crimson jacket lined with straga fur over a black multi-threaded vest usually hides Grem's torso accented by a pair of blue denim breeches adorned with various pieces of metal to form an unorthodox set of armor, with an iron sword tied off to the waist in an exquisite sheathe with a blue base decorated with various runic symbols and inlaid with golden leaves, and a pair of greaves fitted over brown combat boots

    Race: Lucreisan/Human

    A half-breed born to a Lucresian mother, Yua Nier, and Human father, Emmet Scarborough, who was ostracized due to the thought of the two races mixing being viewed as indecent; His mother's family viewed him as something less than a person only referring to him as 'It', while his father's side is completely oblivious to his existence due to the relationship between his parents being more or less an affair.
    He grew up without any friends spending all of his time with his Mother until he grew tired of the loneliness and left his village in search of adventure at the age of 18.

    A few weeks later, he arrived at Caitor, the captial of the province, where he met a swordsman by the name of Pencrest Granze, an older man easily twice Grem's own age. The man took an interest in the boy offering to take him under his wing and teach him the way of the sword, but Grem turned him down continuing on a journey with no destination in particular.
    It wasn't until four years down the road and several companions later that the Lucresian finally took the old man up on his offer. While Grem's strength was refined and beyond that of the average person his skills with a sword were crude and non-existant, even after months of training it wasn't until fairly recently that he began to make any progress.

    The people of this land have a system where individuals are ranked in their respective fields of expertise, when it comes to Swordplay Grem is nowhere to be found, however, he is ranked as the 33rd strongest fighter and listed as one of seven up and coming individuals referred to as 'The Seven Titans'.

    Personality: Grem is an resolute individual who is outwardly viewed as a slacker and plays it up not giving 100% in anything and only truly becoming serious in situations where he deems it completely necessary. However, once serious he becomes a totally different person as he picks up everything at a substantially faster rate; Most notably once Pencrest informed him of the possibility of becoming a scout his training finally started to progress.
    Due to an absence of friends during his childhood and only recently being around others extensively has he really taken part in social interaction, so most of his conversations are short and to the point, anything past that becomes drawn out fluff.

    Magic: Spiritual


    Improved Senses: Grem possesses a sense of smell ten times stronger than a human's, his hearing around four times, and his sight allows him to see farther and more clearly as well as giving him night vision.

    Improved Strength and Agility: A strength tied to his Lucresian blood, Grem is more powerful than an average human and his training with Pencrest only helped to develop it even further as he relies on it more so than his actual skill with a blade. While his agility is more of an inherent trait from the wolves his people were believed to have descended from in times past, as displayed by his erratic fighting style composed of leaping back and forth performing flips and twists fluidly linking them together.

    Novice Swordsman: Calling Grem a swordsman would be an insult to true warriors, but he possesses the most basic knowledge of wielding a sword that allows him to get away with the title. When it comes to actually using a sword, haphazardly slashing away trying to keep on the pressure while dodging incoming attacks is the most one can get from him.
  6. Marx by PotatoPussy (open)
    Name: Josef "Bo Dato" Marx

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Race: Die Jaeger

    Physical Description:
    Hide Spoiler

    5' 8" Carries arrows with tips made from various materials. Mostly steel. Carries this sword on his hip
    Hide Spoiler
    [​IMG] He also has several throwing knives tucked in his belt. he never removes his mask near others and thus I will not describe his face until a later date.

    Past: Born into Die Jaeger, Marx is a trained hunter and soldier. While others in the group chose to expand their knowledge of upfront combat, he went for the ranged alternative. His life has been boring and bland up until now and thus when his Kommandant asked who wanted to take a trek to unexplored lands, he jumped right on board. Now he is on the ship with the rest of the group, waiting for adventure.

    Personality: Eager and ready for action while simultaneously patient enough to wait for great rewards. Marx craves great adventure and glory and is willing to do much in order to find it. He is willing to work with any one and with any means to achieve the goals he sets for himself.

    Magical school of choice: Body

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses: Unmatched tracker and in archery. He is smaller and weaker than most other Die Jaeger, but quicker and more agile. He is skilled with a blade, but does not hold the same natural skill that he does with a bow. ​

  7. Halforth Wells by Aza (open)

    Name: Halforth Wells, the Archaeologist

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Man

    Halforth was born in the small, but wealthy, settlement of Lorica. Lorica used to be an unassuming little village, but nearly one-hundred years ago an excavation team arrived from Lillica to explore the nearby ruins which the villagers religiously avoided. After the researchers had gleaned what they could from the ruins and determined that it was structurally sound, they established the College of Higher Learning which has grown into the most prestigious academy in all of Corruca. Those who have more than two generations of ancestry within Lorica can attend the college for free, those from other cities must pay a large but reasonable fee for their education, and that is what has fueled the growth of the small village.

    Fortunately for him, Halforth was one of those who held ancestry within Lorica, his family before him had mostly consisted of farmers and hunters with the occasional explorer mixed in. He, however, wanted more. He didn’t want to just see the ruins of ages past, he wanted to understand them, learn from them, and use that knowledge for the future. He studied archaeology at the university, the very thing on which it was founded, and learned everything about how to evaluate ancient ruins and relics. After he graduated he joined Lorica’s Archaeologist Guild, a group who collected and pooled their knowledge of ancient ruins to increase the effectiveness of their exploration and research, then went off on his own with maps and volumes of information to guide him in his research.

    Halforth’s started by exploring previously excavated ruins, seeing if he could come to the same conclusions that his predecessor’s had without reviewing their notes previously, as he built confidence he planned more and more bold ventures. He initially travelled solo, but after a close encounter with a group of bandits who had made one ruin their base of operations, he decided that he would need more help with his excavations and has travelled back to the cities to find a party willing to brave the dangers of the world for wealth and knowledge. That is where he heard of the expedition to explore the Sea of Mysteries, and his path was set.

    Personality: Insatiably curious. Though Halforth tries to remain objective and analytical, he can get easily excited when experiencing new or unexpected things. He generally believes he is a decent guy, willing to lend a helping hand when and if it is convenient for him, but not going out of his way to be altruistic. He has never killed anyone before and though he believes if he had to it would be an easy decision, he has never been put in that position and hopes he never will be.

    Magical school of choice: None, ever. Ever.

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
    -Halforth is an exquisite climber, capable of finding holds in all but the sheerest of cliffs with his lithe figures and athletic build.
    -He is a skilled duelist, and has put his superior agility and flexibility to work in training to wield the more delicate swords such as rapiers and cutlasses.
    -He lacks any magical ability, he would not be cut out for doing more than using arcane items if such things exist.
    -He is excitable, and the wisest thing is not always what he does first.
    -He does not wear more than leather armor, so he is suceptible to ranged attacks and heavier weapons.
    -Halforth has a keen eye developed by his research into archaeology, able to spot things that few others notice and evaluate them in moments.
    -His multiple journeys into narrow and collapsing tunnels and other desiccated ruins have made him lean, flexible, and quick on his feet. He isn’t afraid to get dirty for research.
    -He is a fan of whistling, often, and to the irritation of others.
    -He can read, excellently, and possesses all of the other educational skills lacking in primitive societies.
  8. Erakio by GDeer (open)
    Name: Erakio Ceph (aka Ausular)

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human
    Physical Description: Muscular build, standing at 5'9 and 185 lb. Longer length brown hair usually held back with a bandana or something similar and a well kept stubble all along his chin. Usually wears basic cloth clothing, with a large dark green cloak. (WIP)

    Past: Erakio was born into a large noble family, and with three older brothers and a older sister he was spoiled as the youngest. Sadly though Erakio was sickly as a child and rarely left his families manor. His father was a military man and so focused more on the older three brothers, hoping to prepare them for combat. Erakio spent much of his younger years being tutored by both his sister and mother in the arts. But as Erakio grew older and much healthier, his father began to take interest in him. He began to teach Erakio one on one combat, survival skills, and even strategy.
    At the age of 16 tragedy struck the Ceph family, Huntry the eldest son, was killed after only a few months of service. The three remaining brothers, decided then that no more of them would die in combat. Both Erakio and the second youngest son, Darius, ran off instead of having to deal with their father. Before disappearing in the night, Erakio took with him a large sum of gold, a ornate sword, and his families seal, what he considered his inheritance. Now alone in the world and still very much a child at the age of 17, Erakio began to wander across the land. He eventually came across a troop of wandering performers, which after traveling with for some time, he joined. After performing in numerous towns and cities for years, Erakios past began to catch up with him. After numerous failed attempts to convince him to come back home, his father began sending mercenaries to bring him back by force. Instead of causing issues for the other performers, Erakio fled once again. Recently he has joined up on expedition to the Sea of Mysteries to avoid his father and to bring back a few good stories.

    Personality: Cocky, prideful, talkative, somewhat lazy, adaptive, easygoing.

    Magic: None, dose have a few tricks up his sleeve though.

    Strengths/ Weaknesses
    - Well trained in dueling/ fencing
    - Aspiring writer
    - Great oratory skills, tells stories.
    - Avid fan of the arts and loves to sing
    - Misc. other skills taught by the performers
    - Is a sleepy drunk and has an drinking problem
    - Has a weakness for Keeton women

    I'm really sorry for this being garbage, I have been doing this from my phone and haven't slept in like three days. I promise I will be fixing this up. Like a lot. Really sorry it's bad right now.
  9. Seraia By Cerianis (open)

    Name: Seraia
    Age: 150
    Gender: Female
    Race: Iroan- iron

    Physical Description: For the most part: This is her current form
    This is her form when she wishes/has to move
    Unlike the other races, Seraia is different in the way she sees and hears. She has dimple like spots in various spots, about 6 in total, which end up in different spots depending on what she shape shifts into. All six dimples are how she sees and as such gives her the ability to see many different directions at once. She hears through the use of minute cracks throughout her body. This can be quite painful for her during a sword fight because of the clanging and vibrations, and can leave her slightly deaf after a fight. However, while she can see and hear, she can’t smell or taste, which as an offense weapon most of the time she is glad of.

    Past: Seraia was born to iron as her mineral and while she was given a rather large allotment of the metal she always desired to be something other than what she was. Quiet often her little town hosted visitors that would often tell all the Seraia and locals stories of their adventures. These regular events fueled Seraia’s desire to travel and see the fancies that she had been told of. As soon as twenty years had passed, she left friends and family and hitch-hiked a ride with an amateur adventurer.

    For several months she travelled with Dean Withers. They travelled through towns and cities, going from inn’s to sleeping out under the stars. They had just boarded a boat to start travelling further south when pirates hijacked the ship and Dean was pushed overboard and drowned. She was then taken up by a pirate, the existence of what she was kept a secret from the captain. She remained with the young pirate for many years, changing her appearance to suit his needs as time went on. Eventually the pirate left, taking his years of bounty and her with him and set about to make his home and settled down with a young girl.

    Tiring of the lack of excitement and still in her prime years Seraia left taking on the form of an iron spider about a kilo in weight and about the size of a bread plate. She found her way to the nearest inn and found a middle aged adventurer, covered in dirt and excitedly rambling about some exploration he wanted to undertake. She decided that he would be the next one to take her where her heart lay and transformed back into a dagger, the largest thing she could do after the exertion of moving to the inn. She pushed her thoughts towards the adventurer and let him know she would accompany him in the form he was most comfortable with.

    They started out the next day with a small party interested in looting the tomb or something or other. She hadn’t been paying attention. She looked forward to experiencing new things, seeing new sights. They’d travelled for several weeks before coming to the tomb, but once there she perked up, expecting an adventure. However she was disappointed to find that they were there simply to raid the tomb of anything of worth. They had spent several days infiltrating the tomb and had gone deeper each day, when they’d gone deep enough that the air had started getting chilly and the earth had softened considerably and the supports had eroded considerably. A yell shattered the silence and one of the more enthusiastic robbers hit one of the beams as they turned in excitement. The beam shattered, the earth collapsing on top of them all.

    It took Seraia several weeks to pull herself out of the collapsed earth, the so called adventurer having trapped her under his body, and then having to sift around in the rubble and earth had taken a lot of her energy each day. Emerging from the rubble she sighed, disappointed that the collapse had covered the only way that she knew was out, but not only that it had taken them weeks to get here, it would take her months, if not more for her to get back if she met no one along the way. So the way she figured it, someone would be along this way soon enough considering the idiot she had been with had been blathering about it all over that inn.
    Thirty-five years down the track, at a hundred and fifty years of age, she was deep into exploring a tomb she hadn’t entered before, having been unable to access it before when she heard noises from up above.

    She remained where she was in her spider form, unwilling to waste any more energy trying to make it back upstairs. She waited what seemed like an insignificant amount of time compared to how long she had been there, but when the party entered into the room, she knew who her new companion was. Five years down the track, living as a much favored rapier she’d seen more archeological digs and knew more about them then she would have imagined she ever would, and knew about archeology about as well as she knew how to pirate. Of course, nothing excelled her knowledge of fighting. She picked up the techniques used when a rapier is used quickly and learnt how to read Halforths movements to the most minute of details. She enjoyed any tales he threw her way, and she tried to make any of her own tales as interesting to him as his were to her. Move forward five years, and to another exploration, the expedition into the mist.

    Personality: Curious and adventurous. Always willing to find out about new things and to explore everything that she can. With no interest in material possessions she can be uprooted immediately and is always ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Despite her friendly and bubbly nature and deceptive welcoming personality, she is a weapon and has no issue with being used to deal death or seriously maim anyone who gets in her wielders way and is no stranger to blood, bone and muscle. She helps others to help herself, for without them she would go nowhere and so she helps in any way she can as a sort of payment, but also because she enjoys the companionship of those she travels with, some more than others. She can be quiet outspoken, often offering suggestions when she’s not needed, most of which can be quiet distracting for the person she’s telling.

    Magical school of choice: Mind

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
    - Is well educated in several forms of dueling, mostly pirate like brawling and the techniques employed by Halforth when using her as a Rapier.
    - Isn’t afraid of being dragged along into small crevices and tunnels
    - Can quiet often predict the next action of any opponent or foe.
    - She is impatient and can’t stand a quiet moment, or two and as such always wants to be on the move.
    - She can be pushy, what with having to rely on others to get her adventure.
    - Dislikes being submerged in water, especially salt water.
    - Being dented takes a while to smooth out, especially if the fight was a long-ish one, and doing so means that she won’t be able to shift shape for several days after. Shape shifting however because it is a natural process for her does not tire her in such a way, but moving herself in her spider form can and does.
    - Can be deafened because of a sword fight, however this does not do permanent damage to her.
  10. Erastus By Supes (open)

    Name: Erastus Pullo

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Physical Description:
    Picture (close)

    Past: Erastus Pullo was born in a large family. When he was only 15 he was tossed out of his parents small farmstead for space with the younger children. He worked in many places, such as a servant, a farmer, a merchant and an Innkeeper. None of these fascinated him and all of them bored him, so he always wished to find more hobbies to distract him. The only one that ever succeeded was music.

    Much of Pullo's history is composed in his songs, which are well known in the human city of Anmel, where his songs 'Autumn is the Colour' and "The Last Spring" made a noble woman cry. She filled his pockets full of gold and for the first time in Pullo's life he was content with the career he had chosen. Over the years he has released many famous songs, some about history and others about the great deeds that high lords and their sons have done.

    Pullo found himself within Kemnar when he was asked to go on an adventure and write ballads of what exactly the crew did on their journey. He thinks he was only encouraged to go on the Journey because he was writing a song about how a Baron was treating his servant girls. Rather than face humiliation the Baron (reluctantly) paid for his passage on the ship, which Pullo was happy to accept.

    Personality: Pullo is very passionate about music, songs, glory and riches. He has a drive for adventure and loves to perform and show his creative side. He has a tender heart, but is never afraid to reveal the secrets of others through song, often using his musical talent as a way to release his emotions and oppinions in a healthy, yet confrontational way. That said, his personality outside his music is very considerate of peoples feelings and he never actually intends to hurt others.

    Pullo can become quite isolated within himself, and this can cause him to shut people out. This is never intentional. He's just dedicated to his music.

    Magical school of choice: Mind

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses: Pullo has absolutely no talent with weapons. He is a warrior of the pen, and his best ability is through words and his patience. His strongest skill is his soothing voice, and his music.
  11. Alexandra by Elaine (open)
    Name: Alexandra Leonhart
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Physical Description:
    Alexandra looks as human as a human can look. She stands at 5'7 which is average for a human female at her age. With fairly tanned skin, one could guess she spends most of her time outside and with toned arms and abdomen, one would think she exercised daily. They would be correct.
    Her hair is light brown in color and quite shaggy so she keeps it just above shoulder length so it doesn't get in the way.
    Her eyes which are sharp and tend to find some of the smallest of details are hazel in color, a light brown around her pupil like sunrays while surrounding that would be a jade green.
    A notable physical feature of Alexandra other than her mature features would be a birthmark on the back of her left shoulder. This mark takes the shape of a triangle pointing upward, or what Alexandra would rather call it, an arrow head. To her, it means that she's to the point and always striving forward.

    Alexandra doesn't have the prettiest story behind her. She grew up in a very small family which consisted of her and her father. Her mother died giving birth to her so it was up to her father to take care of her.
    Her father, Teo Leonhart, wasn't the best father, or role model for that matter. Despite that, however, Alexandra grew up with great manners and a very cheerful personality. On the other hand, Alexandra was very weak as a child due to the fact that she ate very little. Her father could barely afford food for the both of them so she would insist that her father eat part of her portion so he could stay strong and keep working. She was very caring for her father and was generally a caring person over all. This was seen as a miracle since she was picked on for most of her life for being skinny, weak, and the fact that everyone knew her father as a joke.
    Sadly, once Alexandra turned 15, her father was killed in an accident, leaving her with no one but her grandmother who despised her. Every day, her grandmother would make her clean the house, do the dishes, cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and do ridiculous shores and errands. She was practically Cinderella without the stepsisters. Even so, Alexandra was still cheerful and caring, never letting anyone get to her.
    She misses her father very much and visits his grave every half moon, telling him how things were going and that she was alright. It would only be by her fathers grave where she would cry silently.
    To this day she still lives with her grandmother, although the woman nears death but is too stubborn to die. She plans to move out soon and do what her and her father had dreamed of doing when she was a child; to explore new lands and seas. The stories her father told her of him and her mother inspired her seek out new people, things, and places. Not only that, but she wishes to be strong, as strong as her father was and maybe even stronger. She wants to help those she cares for and to be able to defend herself which she couldn't do when she was younger.

    As said before, Alexandra is a very caring and cheerful person. She tends to think of others before herself but when it comes to her goals which are to show people that just because she is human does not mean she is weak, and to make new friends, she will do whatever it takes to achieve them. She's the kind of person who doesn't know how to give up...
    Magical school of choice:
    She wishes to learn the magic of the Body in hopes she can become stronger physically. She has already thought of the pros and cons but believes it's impossible to change her mind after having thought this way for years.
    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
    The fact that she does not and will not quit when it comes to her goals is both her strength and weakness. She will push herself far past a point where any human would have given up. Due to this however, she would go so far as to sacrifice herself to achieve her goal, although this would be as a last resort. Also, the fact that she is human means she does not have immense strength or speed. She does, however, have her flexibility and a little experience in gymnastics and acrobatics from the ridiculous chores her grandmother had her do.
  12. Raijion by Wolfsin (Mia) (open)
    ~Raijion (Rai) Le'shade~



    Die' Jaeger/Human

    Physical Description:
    Raijion has a copper tone to his skin; which contrasts very well with the golden sheen to his eyes. Unlike all of the other Die'Jaeger, Raijion is much thinner and smaller built; due to his human half. DEespite that he is conditioned for his body weight and has quite alot of lean muscle at his core. Raijion has thick long white hair, which he often tend to put war braids through. Every feature is narrowed from his chin and neck to his shoulders and torso. One thing that makes Raijion stand out most however is the black symbols. Stories of war heroes hes personally imprinted upon himself in order to remind himself constantly what he strives to be. The only original marking is the one on his face, leading down his right shoulder. Someday he hopes that this marking will be a trademark to his legend.

    Like all kin born as Die Jaeger Raijion was very aptly placed in a combat program. Raijions father was not happy with his son, nor the wife whom gave birth to him. The man was cold and all he cared for was power, strength and power within his clan. Raijion was not the biggest, the strongest or even the most talented warrior and so he was always a disgrace to his father. Luckily Emehra, Raijion's mother still loved her son regardless of what her husband thought of him, she was very used to the idea of segregation especially when it came to her being human.

    Emehra was a very kind woman that did her best to appease Raikon. She did what ever was asked of her and always had a smile on her face while doing it. Raikon was cruel, but he was still a good husband despite how he treated poor Raijion. he was good to Emehra and never allowed anyone to talk bad about his human wife in front of him. This really confused Raijion but he didn't dare ask his father about it.

    One day in the sparring pit Raikon stood with his only son and quite literally was beating him bloody. Others watched but most of them were content with the sight. Raijion could do nothing but barely twitch on the ground, but in order to please his father he always tried to reach for his weapon, and he would always get back up to face the man. he refused to show weakness. He WOULD make his father proud; even if it killed him.

    Raikon didn't care, he kicked Raijion on the ground and spat on his sons head for being so pathetic, The crowd roared with laughter, and then from the gate came a gentle voice. Both Raijion and his father would know instantly whom it belonged to. Emehra ran out into the middle of the arena and when she arrived she tried to help Raijion up. Raikon look unto the pair with disgust. "Let the little bastard get up on his own!" he roared and she bared her teeth and screamed back at him. "Bastard? he is your Son Raikon!" Raikon did not respond well at all and silence had intensified around him. The crowd was waiting and watching. "he is no son of mine."


    Emehra's hand fell slightly from Raikons face and a joint gasp from the crowd told her the error of her ways. Raikon turned his glare of hatred onto her. "Do you think you can disrespect me Bitch?" His words were cold. Emehra pleaded for mercy, she did her best to try and calm him down; and then. Raikon's fist crossed her face and he knocked her to the ground. He didn't stop there. Raijion couldn't move despite how bad he wanted to help her. Raikon ripped her of her clothes and jewels and left her to cry on the sparring ground. he hit her more than a few times; most likely to establish dominance. The whole scene left the woman in a state of shock as she cried to herself on the ground. All Raijion could do in his limp body was watch.

    Eventually the two returned home. Raijion built up enough strength to hold her on his shoulder and get her into her bed, but she was not about to rest easily. Emehra pulled him close and whispered into his ear. "We can't stay here anymore Raijion. Your father will come home later tonight but we must go before that. I don't know where but we can't stay here, i love you too much to allow that." Her words were rushed, but they were warm and he would always remember them.

    Raijion did not have much to pack, and neither did Emehra; so they hurried to prepare and leave. Emehra took Raijion's hand in her own and lead him to the door, but on the other side... Raikon thundered into their home and instantly in his drunken stupor he realized what they had meant to do. Raikon fell into a berzerker rage and ... He took all of his fury out on her. What ever was left after she was a corpse he found necessary to give to Raijion. it lasted the whole night, until the bastard fell over and passed out, but even after that when things were finally peaceful again. Raijion was still alone with a broken corpse.

    After the event, it only got worse Raikon moved very quickly and courted another bitch of a woman. She gave him sons he could be proud of, Two strong warriors of their race. Raikon spent extra money on them and sent them toa prestigious combat conditioning course. Raijion became an aid for the townspeople and learned to scrape coin from dirt to get where he wanted. he was much smarter than his brothers however and often through bets he found ways to cut into their earnings. One thing was the same between him and his siblings. None of them were willing to admit they'd lost at anything to their father.

    Raijion eventually built up enough coin to get himself accepted into a military training corp. His brothers had fallen off as mercenaries, and he was beginning to rise into the height-less ranks of the corp. His studies taught him of war time strategies and he focused further into becoming a better war general than any before him. Bullying of course didn't stop, but he'd learned not to care what others thought. if they wanted to fight him, he would fight them, and often he would wear them down before ending them on the spot. A single good strike with a spear was all it took to win a battle, that was why it was such a grand strategic weapon.

    Time went on and Raijion gained more and more renowned for both his ability to turn a situation, his luck, and his skill with both pole arms and a chess set. This gained him alot of fame, but with it came infamy in the form of jealousy. others still looked down on him, but they were silent in how they did so. He preferred it this way. However with his pursuit having succeeded it was time to jump yet another height. Raijion went before his military council and requested they recognize him as a general. The council would not grant this request but instead they offered him another deal.

    Raijion would board a ship as a personal body guard for the Lady Myyrh. While it was meant to shame him for being forced to guard a beat, If his tactical mind were to come in handy to the captain then so be it. This was assignment in unknown lands, and maybe. if he were to return from this. He would be recognized a hero. Raijion gladly accepted this mission.

    Raijion is an odd ball in comparison to his up-bringing. Of course he trained same as the rest of the Die' jaeger, and he has a combat prowess for his people, but his combat prowess goes a step further. Rai often found it more entertaining to study into situational warfare. This being the case he was always very secluded, and often quite cocky. Some could say he was charismatic, but most of the time his witty remarks and snarky comments are not well received by the masses. Rai loves the idea of full scale war, but ignorantly so. he dreams of being a general that can both be feared on the battlefield and for his name to strike terror into his enemies very souls just by its mentioning. To sum it up Rai is reclusive, Intelligent, tactical, Cruel, and brutal, but perhaps there is a softer side waiting to be found. No one has really tried befriending the smaller half breed Die' Jaeger so who is to know.

    Magical school of choice:
    Mind. Specifically tactical illusions.

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:

    Pole Arm combat~ Raijion caught on quickly that the Ranseur was a very tactical weapon for commander, and since then he has made it his main weapon of focus. Rai is far from mastered with the weapon but he is good enough to be a renowned soldier in pole arm combat. he utilizes the length of the weapon to make decisive marks on his opponent. he is not useless at close range either however.

    Tactical Prowess~ Raijion can surmise a situation within seconds and come up with nearly 10 different possible counter tactics, and that isn't even including his straight forward tactics. He is expert as situational combat and knows how to manipulate numbers, personality, and environment to his advantage in battle. Too bad no one takes him seriously and he has a hard time with gaining respect of the troops he needs to command.

    Lighter than Average~ Due to Raijions human half he was born a much smaller version of his race, and is looked down upon for it. He is tall and lanky rather than tall and built like a shit brick house. This makes it much harder for most people to take him seriously and gives him his fire to change the way people look at him. He can sometimes over surmise things and overdo things for this reason, and has a complex about being looked down upon.

    Strength and Agility~ Since Raijion is smaller like a human he is also much faster than most of his primary race. However he lacks a significant amount of strength in comparison to most of them. He is still abnormally strong in comparison to humans but to his own people. He is a fly in the wind.
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