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  1. Hello everyone! I am an artist with a lot of love for character portraits. It's likely my favorite thing to create. So! I figured I would extend my portrait commissions over to iwaku.

    Portraits will be $20 a piece and no bigger than 2000 pixels wide at 300 dpi.

    1. You must give me a week's notice before you need the completed work, otherwise I can't fit you into my schedule properly.
    2. You must provide me with a detailed description of appearance. You'll need that for your CS anyway!
    3. You must have an active PayPal or Venmo account ready to pay. $10 is due upon initial commission with the remainder to be paid upon completion.
    4. My signature must NEVER be cropped or removed from the painting.



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  2. You realize I'm going to pay you my life's savings right
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  3. why hello there

    Would you prefer those interested to shoot you a PM, or shall we discuss in-thread?
  4. Details can be discussed via PM! I will eventually contact you through PM anyway for updates and exchange of info as I don't think that stuff should be displayed publicly.
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  5. If you're still open, I definitely need to throw some money at you. *_*
  6. PM me with your character's description if you'd like!
  7. @rissa 's Loey La Clair

    Commissions are still open. Just PM me if you're interested!​
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  8. Your work is stunning! Would you feel comfortable doing a woman who was genetically created and is partially a woman but mostly a dragon?
  9. Are you still open? :o
  10. Not at this time!
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  11. Alright, that is no problem! I can wait. ^^