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  1. The Most Extreme, Animal Face-Off, Prehistoric Fight Club, the Walking With... series, Primeval, etc, etc.

    Whether it's Animal Planet, National Geographic or Discovery Channel, these channels have educated us for centuries with entertainment the school could would never provide.

    Is Edutainment a good substitute, though, for normal, boring education? Because it seems, I learned more stuff from Edutainment than I did at school.

    What do you think? And what's your favorite Edutainment program? Mine's Animal Face-Off and Prehistoric Fight Club. Such Edutainment programs don't come round very often, sadly.
  2. If I'm watching TV, it's most likely either Food Network or Animal Planet. A lot of the shows on snakes and things like that are really the reason that I know what I do about reptiles and exotics since it's an area we don't have much experience in with school.

    I think things like that are an awesome way to learn, but for some reason I'm really paranoid about whether the information is correct or not. So far, Animal Planet hasn't done me wrong. ;3
  3. I think hearing a narrator with a smooth voice talk about tigers fucking is an enlightening experience.
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  4. Most of the TV I used to watch was History Channel, actually. They have some interesting stuff on there. Not gonna replace good ol' fashioned education though.
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  5. I Looooove education television! :D Especially the Science Channel and Discovery. My favorite shows are usually about geology and astronomy. Earth History, planets, etc.

    I don't care so much about people history unless related to biology and evolution. c_____c Social history and whatnot bores me to tears. It's always war this, war that.

    I definitely learned more in watching these shows than I did in school, but that's because I'm OLD now. x____x I've been OUT of school now longer than I was in it!
  6. Clare
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  7. Dani:
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  8. I wish I had military channel, the only interesting thing in History Channel now is a documentary on WWII that National Geographic already showed.
  10. Edutainment at its best! made sophomore year for gov't class