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  1. What's your highest level of education, and what's your dream job? Are you on the path to that job or even working at it as we type? Or are you one of the many stuck in a crappy job until you can fulfill your dreams?

    I'm a high school drop-out, currently going to school for my GED. I'm also a nursing assistant. I've worked in nursing homes, but never hospitals. I don't really like the field, but it pays very well for the low schooling time. My goal is to go to school for dog grooming and open my own mobile business. :) My dream also changes often, though, so who knows.
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  2. I have an Associates' in Culinary although I found out rather quickly that I don't care for the job. Far too physical for my liking and I like using my brain power much more. Currently I'm pursuing a B.A. in Journalism and probably gonna Minor in Graphic Design. Right now I've doing some minor freelance work to build a portfolio and get some work experience. It really doesn't pay much, but I can rest easy knowing that once I do get my B.A. I'll have some work experience to back it up.
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  3. I have a B. Sc. in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education. I am currently between jobs as Nursery teacher, since I've just moved to London. Since I was little, this is what I've wanted to do: teach. My ambitions from here are still along the lines of teaching, although the setting changes. I want to get a Montessori Degree, but eventually I want to go back to school to be able to take the board exam and be a Certified Lactation Consultant (ie. breastfeeding). I want to share and impart knowledge. :)
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  4. I am a High School Drop Out after 10th grade, due to... unpleasant life circumstances! Off and on I've tried studying for my GED, but have never been aggressive enough about getting it.

    I STILL have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and I am almost 31 years old. 8D Right now I am a housewife and a Pro Bono Website Administrator. I do the things I do right now because I love and enjoy doing them.

    I am not an ambitious person. At this point in my life, I just want to live happy and content with what I have. One day in the future I would LOVE to write and publish a novel, or many novels. But I am clearly not serious about it yet cause I've put no time or dedication in to trying. >>;

    Of course, my "DREAM JOB" would be getting paid to run Iwaku. Getting paid to roleplay and interact in a roleplay community? Best. Job. Ever.
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  5. I have completed highschool and I attempted to get a Meat Cutting certificate, but I wasn't able to complete the course due to illness that decided to pop up near the exam periods. It was still a lot of fun, though I doubt I'd ever go back to finish.

    I don't know what I want to do. I've never really had a passion for anything. I mean, I enjoy writing, but the moment anyone asks when I'll publish a story, it starts to feel like a job, and I end up abandoning it for a new hobby for a little while. The same happens with my art or my singing.

    Even if I could choose any job in the world, with certainty that I could actually do well in the field, I haven't the slightest idea what I'd do.
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  6. Lulu, I'm right there with you. That's exactly how I feel, which is why I'm scared to get financial aid and go to a long-term schooling type deal. I'm so scared that once I'm done with the schooling and am in debt, I'll hate the job. It's a huge decision and it's scary!

    Diana, we're basically in the same boat. I've been studying for my GED on and off for 2 years but just recently decided to finally go back. Hopefully I can stick with it this time. :x
  7. I got my GED and am going to college for visual fine arts and business. My dream jpb would be an illustrator, but I'm never sure how likely it is that'll happen. Right now I work in a school office, and that's actually kinda cool.

    To those who are looking to get your GED go for it! You're awesome :D
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  8. I have a Bachelor's Degree, and I think education is overrated. I work in sales and marketing, but my dream job is to work at a game developer or in some facet of the entertainment business.
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  9. You probably couldn't work as a game developer, but you could work for a gaming company. With the newest consoles that are coming out and all of these upcoming titles I would assume that publishers are hiring people for sales, marketing and some PR work. Electronic Arts, which is the largest game publisher has some sales jobs. Don't know where you're located, but here's a link.
  10. Yeah I have been on the hunt lately. I don't have the skills necessary to code, but am hoping to work in concept development, marketing or PR.

    But it doesn't even have to be gaming. I'd be content working with any company that handles entertainment, whether it's TV or news or movies or music.
  11. I'm trying to finish my AA in community college, currently. I want to transfer to University of Oregon when I'm finished. :] I've mostly been working towards something in the Environmental Studies department. My major reads 'Geology' right now at the college I go to, but that's because none of the other programs interested me... I just picked something related to my field of study. lol

    I haven't had a job in about a year because of just the way my life's gone. Also, the area I live in has few job opportunities. (Small towns suck.) I'm a stay at home mommy, and I take college courses online. So, I feel like I'm doing just fine. I want to set a good example for my son, and I want him to be able to tell his classmates/friends that he's proud to have a mom who does ___ for a living. xD Also, I aspire to be the first of my family to finish school. My dad dropped out, my mom dropped out, so did my younger sister.

    As for dream job... Honestly, I just want to open my own little shop of odds and ends. lol It sounds crazy, but it's what I've always wanted. I wanted it to be part funky gift shop, part smoke shop. >>; It's just a silly dream, but hey it could happen. My boyfriend even backs me up on it, hehe. <3
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  12. I graduated highschool, although technically it was Continuation school. Kinda like last chance highschool for people who either get in trouble or cut class too much.

    I didn't have enough credits to graduate, but this one teacher liked me so it all worked out niiiiiicely. Not that I cared at all at that point in my life. I don't actually have a psychical copy of a diploma either.

    I work in the trades, building things. It's what all non educated people do who want to make semi-decent money!

    My dream job would be none. I hate work and am lazy as hell.
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  13. Oh boy, are you ready for this?

    I've completed two years of my bachelors degree in Computer Science. It's abet engineering qualified degree, so you could call it computer engineering if you like. I've got an applied mathematics minor done & I'm one quarter through a Journalism double major. I'm also the founder of a semi-startup (we haven't gotten enough funding yet) for a reusable heat pads.

    What I want to do is all over the place.
    With my CS degree, I am concentrating in game programming & artificial intelligence (a double concentration). I'm a freelance hacker ( cyber security is really popular at my university, so I can learn without taking the actual classes) and designer. I don't have a portfolio (because who has time to set that up? It's actually in progress, I promise)

    I'm hoping to work in augmented reality research / virtual reality. But first I will probably have to get some experience in game programming real-world & some robotics.

    In terms of journalism, I love writing for local newspapers, but I'm starting to think they're becoming extinct. I might start blogging for online papers, but it's a whole lot of time commitment & I don't have it at the moment. My dream is to work with the BBC. I've been dreaming about that since I could first understand words. It was the only channel dad let me watch when I was a kid!

    Just to throw it out there. I'm not super talented. I'm just a hardworker. CS is super difficult for me, but it's fascinating and I like the idea of working with technology. Coding has an invigorating experience to it, so I stuck with the subject. Journalism was my original path, but it's not so much of a career in asian families so I had to choose something else for a major.

    And finally, I do have one talent and that is language proficiencies. I can easily pick up on a language by hearing it for a few days. I guess I have really good auditory memory? Of course, I have to work hard to learn the grammars, but I can naturally imitate accents and remember all sorts of phrases off the top of my head. Living with a korean girl for four months and watching a few korean shows gave me tourist-level Korean. Even my roommate was shocked at now native my accent sounded.

    I don't know what I'm going to do / want to do with the languages, but I'm sure it could get me some freelance work in between vacations!

    @.@ Wow, this the first time I've compiled my plans coherently...
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  14. Currently studying my 3rd year of Computer Engineering with a focus in Controls. I'm going for a Bachelor's degree, nothing more unless the company is willing to pay for me to continue my education! I work for DuPont in their Process Control Engineering department and I've been here since January 2011. I stand an incredible chance at getting hired immediately after I graduate, which is great, but this isn't my dream job :< I love what I do, but if I had the chance, I'd want to develop characters for Square Enix's Final Fantasy division or Bethesda's Elder Scrolls division. But I'm happy with my job, as it currently provides for me and my wife and I will have no trouble supporting a child when we have one.
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  15. Uh, high school graduate, enrolled to start college classes this fall for Computer Graphics and Animation. My job would probably be my band... Yep...
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  16. Don't even get me started on university. You have to pay so society remains divided by the haves and have nots.
  17. After highschool...I took up Fashion.

    I failed. But the fashion sense never wore off. Then I took Airline Information Management. It was too easy I'M SERIOUS.

    Then, I worked one of my many random dream jobs a year ago, that is, being a call center agent. I'm weird.

    It was one of those pesky survey companies that you most likely have hung up on countless times. But I like hearing what people have to say, whether it's about politics or cars or health care. Mostly, i spoke with hispanic housewives and senior citizens. Everyone else always hung up.

    Now as I wait for the academic year to open on my next adventure of studying Gaming and Animation horay, I'm doing another one of my random dream jobs. I'm teaching English! Gladly, my students [three who are at least four years older and one four years younger] are kind and smart.

    But my dream is to be a chocolate engineer
    a game tester
    a pro cosplayer
    a voice actress
    a translator
    a pro martial artist
    a graphic novelist
    a writer

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  18. Such awesome lives you all lead, glad to hear from all of you. :) I wish you luck in your endeavors!
  19. I'm currently a university student that really is lost in what she wants to do. :P
    I suppose my ultimate dream job would be to become a preschool teacher or primary school teacher (JK-Grade 3). I love kids and I love teaching. Unfortunately, up in Canada teaching jobs are especially hard to find now that our birth rate is going down and basically that field is flooded. I currently work at a bookstore and about 30% of the people there having teaching degrees and cannot find jobs in that field.

    Right now I am about to go into my first year of a four year business program, to get my Bachelors. I took nursing last year and decided it wasn't for me -- I hated the clinicals and honestly, was just really uncomfortable.
    My plan (at the moment) is to work in charity, fundraising, or accounting. I would love to work for some kind of children's charity or business. However, things always change and I really don't know what I want right now. I am just happy to be in a new program that I might be able to enjoy a lot more. I am a pretty big math geek, so I think accounting might suit me.
    Also, I have been toying with the idea of opening up or helping to run a daycare. Obviously I would be more on the business side of things, but I would consider getting a degree in Early Childhood Education (2 years) on top of my HBComm in order to do that. But I honestly have no idea, and I guess we will see!
  20. What's your highest level of education, and what's your dream job?

    My highest level so far is having my GED, and entering my third year at university.~
    I suppose my 'dream job' would be to run camera for a film and or tv show and floor direct for a talk show.
    But, to be honest, I am very content doing anything in my field (Film/Video Production). o:

    Are you on the path to that job or even working at it as we type?

    Yes, and yes.
    I just crewed two films this summer, and have more projects lined up for the future. :3
    Premier nights are gonna be siiiiiick. <3

    Or are you one of the many stuck in a crappy job until you can fulfill your dreams?

    I do many other jobs on the side when I can. However, I have many passions, and never consider anything I take part in to be crappy. Experience is experience. It is what you make of it.