Edo period/Samurai Champloo style

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  1. Would anyone be interested in a RP with an edo period setting? Something like Samurai Champloo?

    It doesn't matter if you haven't seen the show. This isn't canon, I was just using it as an example There isn't any magic or fantasy. This is mainly historical.

    Instead of just forcing a plot on you, this will be a group RP plotting session. Also, since this is a broad topic, instead of just brainstorming blindly, tell us the type of character you would to explore, that would be appropriate for this time. Please be original (i.e. I wanna play the emperor). Think of a character according to that time and its social classes. Through this, we can formulate a plot with characters everyone is comfortable with and has a role. I would much rather prefer you guys not to use historical people (other than for the setting), as it might be confusing after a while. Plus, it alot more creative when you make your own character.

    THIS IS NOT A CHARACTER SHEET THREAD. You don't need to have a finalized character. Just give a general idea of who you would be during this time

    tea master/mistress
    or other professions/occupations
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  2. Yeshhh!! I love the Edo period!! unless you're looking for others...
  3. I would be and so would my boyfriend :)
  4. @PinkArrow Sure! no problem :)

    @Atmo Cool!

    @Eloquence Great!

    As a stated before, I don't have a plot idea, so I'm open to any ideas if you guys have any.
  5. Unfortunately, I have no plot ideas in mind at this point in time.
  6. I would be interested as well. I have ideas aplenty. It all depends on the characters we would like to play. They could all be focused around an ancient samurai bloodline. Imagine opportunities for renowned sword smiths, tea-masters/-mistresses, lowly peasants, and every other profession you can imagine surrounding a samurai's household. At the moment I envision a woman leading the household - after her husband died in battle. Perhaps financial ruine is looming, suitors for the family name, treasure, or teachings might be hammering on the gates.

    Pretty easy to run away with the concept. Perhaps it is an idea to check out who's interested in what kind of character. When it's clear what we've got in the mix, I'll be able to draw up a general outline of the stage. We can figure out what to do from there. Good idea?
  7. @Gorgoniy I never thought of it that way. It actually a great idea. Gives a lot more freedom on character chose and the plot overall. I'm definitely fine with that. I'll re-edit the thread so people can give a general idea of what character they want. You won't have to come up with the stage alone though. Everyone, including me, is free to give ideas

    I like the idea of a woman running a household. Very trivial for that time period.
  8. Is this a period piece or an alternate history? If it's a period piece, I'd love to place a tea mistress who is (secretly?) an onna-bugeisha.
  9. Period piece. Onna-bugeisha sounds great
  10. Alexa Ray is back and still interested in this!
  11. I deleted it because of stupid self-discipline.
  12. Good idea, I'm for it.
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