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  1. Greetings, author!

    This shop is here to provide service to amateur authors - such as yourself - who are in need of an editor. Should you choose my​
    services, I will help you to polish your fiction or fan-fiction into a shining work of art. I will help you to see and either fix or remove poor pacing, plot holes, continuity errors, characterization problems, and more. If you want, I can even just help you go over your roleplay posts to check for these issues as well. I love hearing new ideas from aspiring new authors, and I want to help you make your stories the best they can be. I promise to never be cruel in my critiques, or to attempt to superimpose my ideas onto your story. Additionally, you will always have final call on whether or not to change or remove something. My editing service is free, and all I require from you is to agree to the following:
    1. I acknowledge that I am biased as the creator of the story, and may not see problems in the work because of this bias
    2. I agree not to take critiques about any element of the story personally
    3. I agree to do my own proofreading for spelling and grammar errors before sending a piece for editing.
    My hope is that, should you accept my services as editor of your fiction, we can forge a partnership that results in improved writing skills and improved product from you, and experience as an editor for me.

    The actual editorial process is roughly as follows, but will vary depending on how much you have produced already, and what mediums you have available to work with. This is just a basic style; we'll find a method that works for both of us. For roleplay posts, it's basically on a post-by-post basis.
    1. A "plot skeleton" is constructed; a cliffs-notes style sequence of major events that carry the story from start to finish.
      Knowing what the story is leading toward is essential for me to help you create a story that doesn't wander too much or leave too many red herrings. If you do not have an ending worked out yet, we can work it out together.
    2. Any miscellaneous information required to understand the story is compiled and edited as required.
      World information, character explanations, etcetera. Because I am an editor and not a reader, all "spoilers" must be revealed in their entirety.
    3. We begin chapter by chapter, sending back and forth until we are both satisfied with it. Depending on changes made, re-editing of previous chapters may be required
      Sometimes we write ourselves into corners. It happens to everyone, and unfortunately, a lot of the time the best way to fix it is to change previously established information. For this reason I recommend not publishing fiction or fan-fiction until all chapters are complete.
    This service is available for all genres - please comment if you are interested!
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  2. Ah...I... Ahem! I would like to make use of your services. Now, I have been a beta for others on fanfiction and written a few stories there, but I am here for my fictionpress account. I have started a story with only one chapter up so far and not a lot of attention. Actually I was working on the second chapter when I stopped to look at this thread again. Editorial help would be nice for my original fiction :)

    I will say right now that I take critiques- good or bad- rather hard but I will accept the help. I know there are probably all kinds of things going on with my writing that I don't even notice. I can't wait to get the chance to work with you!
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  3. This seems great! I would love to try your services out one day ;3;
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  4. Just an update to those interested; now offering roleplay post services!

    This is less about creating a publish-worthy story, and more about generally helping to improve your writing skills. you don't have to submit every post, and you don't need your partners to either, but if you're looking at a roleplay thinking any of the following

    "Man, I wish I could move this story along somehow"

    "Why do people keep hating on my posts/writing?"

    "For some reason, everything makes me yawn even though it's supposed to be exciting"

    or something similar, remember me and I'll see if I can help :3
  5. You wonderful person you! I require your services!

    If you have Skype, please add me with your username! -> thefacecard

    If not, please message me so I know you have received this message and that we may continue in private.
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