Editor Troubles, Bug Notes!

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  1. I am trying to keep track of these in ONE thread because right now they are scattered everywhere and I can't keep up. O__O

    Give AS MANY details as possible! Without the details, I have no way to figure out the problem source.

    *** Special Note: All Mobile users can DISABLE the rich text editor if it is giving them problems, and just use a simple text editor. Go to PREFERENCES and uncheck the correct box.


    - Copy-pasting a post in to the editor is not doing the formatting right.
    There is a button that says "paste as text" click that before you post your post, then paste. It should hopefully work. Otherwise, turn off the text editor with the button on the right hand side and paste. Then switch back to the rich editor.

    - Weird random highlight of text while trying to type and some post content getting deleted.
    Try turning OFF the rich editor while writing the post. We've not been able to recreate this problem yet.

    - Some user names won't do the @tagging right.
    Certain usernames with special characters are being a pain in the ass. We're looking for a fix..

    - The img button and url buttons aren't working for some people

    - Jumps to the start of the page when you try to type on mobile??? Have no been able to recreate this.

    - Zooming problems??
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  2. Zooming problems is on mobile, sometimes on mobile it jumps to the start of the post when trying to go to a specific point. Those are both mobile iOS as far as I know since that's all I have to do mobile with. Also, for mobile iOS, the top row of the screen, the one that has your inbox/alerts/personal option is gone.
  3. Oh, sorry, I found it now ^^ for some reason it's at the bottom of the screen now, though...? (The info links that used to be at the top)
  4. Editor slowly scrolls up as you add lines on long posts, you can't see what you're typing once you pass the keyboard
    (iPhone 5 - Safari)
  5. Same problem as Mini..>_>
  6. I can't access my spellcheck correction. It tells me a word is spelled wrong but I can't click it to change to the correct spelling.
  7. @SlatersDeath

    I need more specifics about the device and browser you are using!

    That goes the same for the rest of you. O_O Details, details, details.
  8. My posts concerned the iOS devices which is iPod, iPad, or iPhone, and they all work on safari
  9. iOS, I'm on my iPad sorry :D
  10. Um..the only thing I'm nervous about with this new text editor is that it doesn't have a save draft button that I'm aware of. I don't know when it saves or how often so I'm always anxious about refreshing the page or x-ing out without finishing a post. Nothing has really been deleted yet, but I do want to prevent it in case that happens. I think I liked the old one better. It seemed simpler.

    -don't wanna be a bother,
  11. Even if I use Chrome on my iphone, the text box moves up while I type most of the time.. Even if I disabled that option from my preferences as Diana suggested..>_>

    And, I am wondering of there is something possible to be done about the zooming while posting in the text box and after I post? It's still at a higher resolution lol

    except this.. To be honest, I liked it how the old text box was before..:(
  12. I'm on firefox and everytime I hit the delete button when I have text selected, it clears the entire post.<I'm on a laptop
    Also, my drafts won't save either.
  13. Pretty much I'm having same problems as everyone above. Slowly scrolls up as I type sometimes not always. Has really bad zooming in and out problems. And I've had it skip up lines when I'm typing randomly.

    (Iphone 5s and iPad)
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  14. Just recently, I created a roleplay group called Repercussions. I had the intention of being able to easily separate and organize each thread, such as a general chat area, roleplay area, and an information area. However, when I use the unordered list icon or ordered list icon, it shows up when I'm editing, but not when I save the edited thread and see the preview. What's going on? Do I need to have advanced HTML coding to organize and create the group as I'd like? (Dell Laptop; Google Chrome)
  15. When I post, the text editor likes to lag. Sometimes it doesn't post and I have to press it again. A recent post attempt, I had to hit it again and it posted twice.

    Laptop PC with updated Mozilla Firefox.
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  16. I use a Mozilla add-on that lets me change all fonts to serf, since I dislike san-serif fonts (especially arial). I applied it to iwaku so I wouldn't see the default posting font that has all the letters tilted. But with the new update, only "Font family" and "Font size" showed up; the rest were little rectangles with the tiny letters "EO" and a tiny number. I'd like to be able to see the post-editing images as they're supposed to be while still using that add-on.
  17. I'm not sure if it's specifically a text editor issue or if somehow the site doesn't recognize my windows 8 phone but I had to kill the rich text function totally as just turning off mobile didn't rid my issues... I'm running 8.0 on a Nokia Lumina 928.
  18. Our groups area is a huge pain in the ass and doesn't process certain bbcodes like it is supposed to. :( We are currently unable to fix most issues with the group area, and are working on a new groups system to test.

    I am noting the rest of these bugs and looking in to what I can! When all else fails, turn off the rich text editor in your preferences and you should be able to continue posting without any issues.
  19. Aww, well that's unfortunate. Thank you for the explanation, Diana.
  20. Have you tried the BBCode editor? >>