*Edited for content*

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Professor Crane

Original poster
Okay, here's how the game goes.

You post a sentence about the next poster, it has to be saying something they did, but all verbs and nouns(or pronouns) have to be replaced with *edited for content*

also, you need an excuse or comeback to what was said about you.

Why'd you *edited for content* that *edited for content* in such an *edited for content* way?


Divine Space Witch Ò◇Ó
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I had to *Edited for content* before we could stop by the *Edited for content* and call your MOM about *Edited for content*.


The Empress
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I think you dialed the wrong *edited for content* because some *edited for content* came and *edited for content* all over my *edited for content* until I *edited for content* with my *edited for content* and made him *edited for content*

Karsikan the Berzerker

Original poster
*edited for content* are the *edited for content* so *edited for content* my *edited for content*

Quiet One

Original poster
I can't believe *edited for content* was so *edited for content* on *edited for content*. And there was so much *edited for content* that I *edited for content* in the morning. I can't wait until we set up *edited for content* again!