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Dammit.... He shouldn't have taken the bet. He had hoped the underdog would win the fight, but no such luck. Either he had a horrible sense of potential, or he just couldn't place bets for shit. And they could not have chosen something worse for him to do to fulfill this bet. Psychics, he hated them. He didn't know exactly why, but others told him it must be due to the fact that two superiority complexes cannot coexist long together.

Whatever that means....

He hoped this would be swift and simple. Get in get out and be on with life. This should be as painless as possible. He trod carefully as he entered the shop. From the outside it seemed just as bad as the rest of town, but inside there was this.. Tingly aura everywhere. He couldn't quite place it but it gave him the creeps. These women, charging money for charms and ramblings over a sily glass ball. It was stupid in all honesty. Superstitious horseshit.

"Hello? Anybody here?" He hoped no one would answer so he could go on his merry way and not have to deal with anyone at all.


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Julian froze.

She was in the back, where the old woman kept her table and crystal ball set up for her stupid "psychic readings". The entire place was set up to really amp up the atmosphere. Make people feel like what is going on is super mystical, surreal and magical. The reality? That lady was total bullshit. It kind of pissed Julian off the way the she made stuff up off the top of her head and everyone actually believed it.

That's why Julian was in there trying to steal her stuff. She was a real psychic. Not the kookie bangle wearing loons that pretended to see the future. Julian had a gift. ...Something that was less like a gift and more like a total nightmare. Seeing the future was not at all glamorous like people wanted to believe.

Shit! There was only one way out of the room. She was going to have to lie her way out as quick as she could before the hag got back.

"Can I help you?" Julian stepped through the beaded curtains. Wearing a simple tshirt and jeans, the small brunette didn't look like she belonged there. Outside of the tarot deck sticking out of her back pocket and the large red chunk of carnelian, she appeared more like some homeless teenager than a gypsy. "I'm busy right now. What do you want? Love potion? Vengeance charm? Palm reading?"