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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by daemon_reaver, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. As said thread edit button missing. can't access the ability to change the ratings and category stuff. Also can't put in there the links to the IC for the OOC. can still edit the Title and the genre but that's it. help?
  2. Are you perhaps using a device with a small screen, or a very large screen resolution? If so, Iwaku is built to adapt to those things to make it more friendly to mobile devices without needing a mobile version. It sometimes hides options under some kind of subtle menu buttons. Look for a symbol near the timestamp of your post, should be three horizontal lines. Press that and you should get a little menu popping up with some options, including the Edit one.

    If that doesn't solve your issue then I have no idea what's up. :P
  3. Yeah i know about the sub menu thing. go for that as that is when i need it. use laptop and Desktop mostly.
  4. I've just noticed it too. There's no option to edit the thread (categories, ratings, links). Editing the Title indeed is there, as well as adding a poll, but yeah that indeed only edits the thread and prefix.
    Checked on multiple devices: iPad, laptop. Using Chrome and Safari.
    Also made no difference after I upgraded to (anonymous) donator.
  5. Aaahm, I am looking in to this. O_O I think I may have removed something that was important. But I am not sure if I can add it back yet.

    When you use the Donation Page, it will not give you the Donator shinies automatically! (there's a not on the page explaining that! You have to use the Subscriptions in your account settings for it to be automatic. It's one of those annoying things) You'll have to send me a PM if you'd like them. 8D
  6. Used the Account Upgrade page. Chose the anonymous donation option. I do have the 'bump' button, not the rest. Kinda unfortunate one has to sport the green banner in order to have the Topic Starter Controls? Since it wasn't listed as a perk of the anonymous one and they didn't show up.
    But that's a topic for a different thread I suppose. Didn't mean to hijack a thread to go off on a different subject ^^'
  7. OH! O__O I didn't realize I already had that turned on! I was meaning to debut that on the next forum update. You SHOULD have bump thread and all of the topic start controls -minus- editing other people's rp posts. (that one is turned off for everyone right now) If not I have to do some fixing
  8. Ah well oops for that I suppose. Though I do very much like the option ^-^ But yeah, no edit or delete button for other people's posts in the threads I started, I guess if that's switched off it explains why it's not there.
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