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  1. I know it sounds weird, but the way that stupid BBC code works, I can't "copy and paste" unless I copy and the paste the actual code in the post. Which is a problem, in and of itself, because this forum's software hides the code when you edit a post which is strange.

    If at all possible, maybe make a way you could retrieve your BBC information from the graveyard from one of your posts? I do have RP plots that I would like to try on other forums or re-using the characters from graveyard RPs
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  2. When you click edit on a post try this:


    You wanna click that top right button on the editor! It will show you all of the bbcode information and post!
  3. Now if only we could do it to locked topic posts...
  4. Sadly, that is the one thing I am unable to do! D: At least not that I can find yet. O__O I'll keep this on my lookout list!