Edit image not working...?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Opal, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. I was trying to edit the size of my signature with the little drag + resize tool, but it doesn't seem to stay tiny when I hit 'save changes.' D: Is this feature just nonfunctional?
  2. It works for me; could you give some more details about what you're having problems with?
  3. It doesn't work for me also....

    Whenever I drag to change it's size, and post it or whatever. Just doesn't work @.@
  4. You're hitting 'save changes' after you drag to change the image, right?

    Also, what device/browser are you using?
  5. Using Google Chrome and I never saw a save changes button
  6. Yup, same as @Edge. Google Chrome on my laptop. I do hit 'save changes,' but nothing happens. It just reverts to where it was.
  7. I'm using Chrome on a non-mobile as well, it seems to work for me though.

    @Diana is the signature being tweaked right now or something?
  8. Yeah. I just tried to change the size of my Signature, clicked save changes, and it still hasn't changed :/
  9. If don't even have the option for changing the signature size. .__. Never had. Where are you guys looking?

    Huh. Never noticed that before. Then again, I'm using IE. >___>;

    And yeah, it doesn't stay saved for me either.
  10. I'm just gonna blame your instance on a terrible browser, lol
    Get dat Chrome up in heah!