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Edit alert

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cosmic Penguin, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. I think there should be a 'This post is being edited right now' alert so that people can keep that in mind when replying to a post, so they can change it better and not get upset when they have to edit something due to a prior post being changed.
  2. Sounds interesting, but even then, from how I see it, people are not always online when a post is being edited. Even if they got an 'edit alert', they may not always be online. Therefore, in my opinion, it wouldn't make much sense considering posts can be edited at any time.

    On the other hand though, there is something similiar to this, although not exactly the same. If you bookmark a post and have the 'alert when edited' option checked for it, it will alert you when that specific post has been edited.
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  3. Not too sure if that would be possible to do. It might be possible to fix so that you get an alerts after it has been edited (right now it's possible if you bookmark posts as Alexa pointed out), but during the editing might not be such a simple thing to fix. On top of that there are a lot of times when people start editing and then decides "no, this is good after all." and then cancels. Then there's people whom edits just to check a coding that is in that post, which would send out false alerts that someone is editing at the moment so you should wait with posting.

    We had a thing for a little while where you could see if someone were writing on a post. (Don't know what happened to that though. o.O) So maybe if something like that was made so you could see on the post if someone was editing it. But once again, I don't know if that would be possible to fix.

    It's just to wait for @Diana to come and tell us what's possible and what's not for the web thingy, which I cannot comprehend, iwaku lays on.
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  4. If it's an OOC post people shouldn't edit except for minor corrections, it's just impolite. If it's IC in a quick pace game and happens often maybe the people you're playing with should tag people on IM when they're ready.

    Doesn't help as the replier when people edit their posts....
  5. In theory this would be AWESOME. O_O It'd be nice if there was a little note right on the post, or appear on the post saying something like "This post is being edited".

    In execution, I am not sure it's possible or would be functional. D: The only way it could work is if the alert appeared on the post itself (otherwise, how would the edited post alerts know who and when to send it to). And if it was on the post itself, you'd still have to be viewing the actual post to know that there's an alert there. And if you're in the middle of typing the roleplay post, it's not likely that you're going to be peeking at all the prior posts often enough to see the alerts.
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