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  1. 1944. The nazis won. In Edinburgh, Britain, there is major resistance, with the nazis assigned to Edinburgh struggling to remain in control. Fight, sabotage and kill wherever you can. We can't escape, they've cut off all exit points in the city. There are military camps scattered across the city, with guns and ammunition. The nazis may have won, but we Scots aren't going down without a fight.

    I prefer if your character was a civilian, but some exceptions might be made, just msg me if you really want to be someone else. Just post your character up on this thread, and after a few people have joined I'll post the RP.

    Character Sheet

    Special Skills:
    Job in the past:

    IC Thread here! --> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/edinburgh-resistance.94525/
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  2. Name: Arksta (Ark)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: Silent, generally doesn't talk a lot. She can be cold, but not cruel unless she has a serious grudge against the person. Fast and intelligent, but not very strong. Very resourceful but is not great in social skills, and reasonable reserved.
    History: As a child she was bullied and cast out of the popular girl group, and this slowly formed her resilient, silent personality. She became a swift fighter so she could defend herself, but never actually killed before.
    Other: Always carries a lightweight knife
    Special Skills: Knife-fighting, thinking, parkour
    Job in the Past: Administration
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  3. Accepted! Hope to see you in the RP!
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    Name: Catherine Brandy

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Appearance: (The image shown above)

    Personalty: A hard worker, very charismatic, and the stereotypical socialite.

    History: She was very well off as a child due to her father, Robert, owning a large petroleum company. After Robert died when she was 15, all his money went to her mother, Eleanor, and her as well. When Edinburgh fell into Nazi hands, she joined the resistance, thinking her social skills could gain top secret information from SS and SA officials.

    Other: She works for the espionage sector of the resistance and also enjoys photo
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  8. All good, just need to do special skills and job in the past @AngelNinja2018
  9. Special Skills: Charisma, Note Taking, Stealing
    Jobs in Past: Waitress and Shopkeeper
  10. Accepted. We don't have quite enough people to start, so if you could maybe get a few friends to put up some CS's that would be great @AngelNinja2018
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  12. Name: Thomas Elvan
    Age: 27
    Personality: Thomas isn't what one would call a nice guy. He's greedy, cold-hearted, and maliciously intelligent.
    History: Thomas is a mid-level Mob-Boss, who's known to do his own dirty work. As such, his reason for fighting the Germans is different than most. The Nazi's haven't been good for buisness, you see. They take the money citizens use to pay rackets, they've been comandeering the bars, and they never pay for their..."shows." Thomas has had enough, and he wants them out before profits fall any further.
    Other: Has a thing for redheads.
    Special Skills: Has good eyes and a steady aim. Knows how to be inconspicuous, to hide in plain sight. He's also a skilled pianist.
    Job in the past: Tommy's been in the mob for his whole life, though he did go to college for finance.
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  14. Accepted. Probably throw up the IC tommorow. I'll put some rules and situation information on the first page.
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  15. Here is the IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/edinburgh-resistance.94525/

    Read the rules and the things to know in the RP description before posting.

    I'll probably make a character sheet after a while... But for now I'll be controlling the general plot and major characters other than yours'. And if you decide to start off in a group of some sort, I'll probably get it stormed by the Germans, just so you're a little desperate and on your toes at the start.

    @Eon @AngelNinja2018 @Ordered_Chaos
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