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  1. Hisakawa Etsuko

    Etsuko woke up to the sound of rushing water coming from an entrance to a mountain. That was the beauty of the Natsu tribe. No one seemed to care about anything once the sun began to rise. Hopefully the tensions between Haru and Fuyu didn't change the atmosphere of the mountainous lands. Their fighters had chosen to side with Haru, for whatever reason. Etsuko was a simple Natsu hunter and only fought when she had to. Or when she had some excitable fight in her. Etsuko had always thought it had been for the contempt the Aki had for the Natsu and vice versa. Either way, Etsuko preferred traveling, hunting and the occasional fling.

    The young woman gently propped herself near the edge of the waterfall. Absentmindedly grabbing rocks from the edge of the cave, she threw small chunks of rock into the water. Watching the waterfall carry the stones downstream, she grabbed a sharper rock that stood out from the rest. Etsuko sat among the cavern, nude save for a small white undergarment that covered the top. There was no shame in nudity with the Natsu. Silently smiling at the sleeping Hiei, she sharpened the weapons she had in her possession before traveling up the mountains. One thing led to another, as it always had with each Natsu-jin. No shame was to be had in seckshooallitee either. Everything was calm, and everything was tranquil as the waterfall that covered the entrance to the mountain.

    Not bothering to dress herself, Etsuko playfully inched closer to the man beside her. "Beeeeenkei-san~ A new day has begun, and the Gods have blessed us with a new mountain to explore!" Gently twirling a finger around his forehead, she happily jumped up. The last thing the woman wanted to do was to participate in the affairs of other tribes, and Etsuko was almost sure that the easygoing Hiei felt the same. Spinning around the small cavern, the young woman cupped some of the water from the entrance. Splashing some over her face and upper body, the hunter flicked both hands towards him. "Come, the water feels splendid." She lightly smiled. Sun reflected through the water, giving the rest of the cave an invigorating glow.

    Saito Shiori

    Shiori was accustomed to the perpetual snow and ice of the Fuyu. Her red kimono had been adorned in the furs of various animals that had passed on. While trained proficiently to fight and heal wounds, her main duty was to protect the young in the harsh lands. Unlike other tribes that simply left their children to explore their territory, it was dangerous to wander off. Getting lost could cost your life in the Fuyu tribe. The snow made it difficult to see and difficult to survive. While some strayed off to find food, the woman took it upon herself to take care the children and treated them as if they were her own.

    However, food was scarce and many nights were spent hungry on Shiori's end. Raids were common, and some of the tribesmen became infamous for their crimes. While Shiori was a typical moral voice for the people, the young woman had no choice but to turn a blind eye. There were days where crime fed the children. Unless they were fed and cared for, she did not care for her own wellbeing. A large shelter made from ice was what protected them as Shiori covered each child with sleeping pouches and their own coats.

    Today was different. Today the Fuyu prepared for war. The night before was spent nearly sleepless after skipping on supper, or what was left of supper. Shiori found herself feeling lightheaded, dark circles around her kind amber eyes, but her consciousness refused any offer for food. In the crack of dawn, Shiori was to be preparing breakfast. Walking sleepily, she dragged herself out of her sleeping pouch. Doing a small headcount, her eyes immediately went wide at the unoccupied space.

    One child was missing.

    The caretaker slipped on her shoes and ran outside. Panting, the snow burned her pale and tired face. "Ai! Ai-chan!" She yelled out for the young girl. Spotting one young man in the snow, she called to him. "Ai-chan! Have you seen Ai-chan?!" Shiori reached Sagara, a firm, concerned grip on his shoulders. "Please help me... she can't be very far..." Normally, the woman tended to keep her composure, though a child missing in the crack of dawn was rare. Rare, and dangerous. That, and the lack of sleep and nutrition had gotten to her psyche.

    "Ai-chan!" Another sight had appeared in the corner of her eye. A silhouette of a small child in thick furs had been hiding under a pine tree. Feeling a headache approach the woman, she rubbed her temples, voice losing volume. "Go back to sleep." Her voice sounded resigned. Fearful eyes crossed the child's face as she shamefully returned to the shelter. Consequences could be dealt later, for now, Shiori... was... tired.

    "I... apologize for the... ah..." The golden eyed woman lost her sentence, slumping down on the cold snow before addressing the poor guy.

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  2. Kazehana Miyuki

    Pillars of smoke danced up into the clouds from destroyed homes. The strangely familiar yet foreign homes burning in the breezy afternoon smelled not only of charred wood, but the distinct stench of cooking flesh as well. Miyuki had been brought to her knees and bound at the wrists, and behind her were more Haru-jin in a similarly sticky situation. That's when she recognized the area as home, for she spotted the cherry blossom covered path leading up the hill to the temple she'd spent so many hours in.

    Distress overtook her entire body and she immediately began to fight against her binds. The slightest movement felt like they were stretching, if only a little. That's when the reason the very familiar scene in front of her was on fire and the sky she lived under filled with the black clouds of burning souls made itself known. Men and women with bloody weapons and bone-like masks with hollow eyes were before her. One among them in the center holds a blade that glimmers, clean and unscathed, as if newly made by an artisan blacksmith. The figure, indiscernible from a man or a woman comes closer.

    The hollow eyes of her executioner's mask pierce through her soul and Miyuki finds herself whimpering and desperately trying to break free. In her struggle she falls over on her side and attempts to squirm away. But her executioner puts a stop to this and pulls her up by her long dark hair. Miyuki looks up into the soulless eyes of the mask, but she can't seem to speak. The executioner raises their blade, and says, “Into the Void,” before swiftly jerking her head to the side, exposing her neck. And just when the blade falls and her eyes snap shut, they flicked open in the real world.

    “No!” Miyuki woke with a start and a shout. Across from her a baby started crying in the arms of her mother in the open wagon she was sitting in. The driver turned around and lifted an eyebrow, and the rest of the passengers looked at her with looks of confusion and concern.

    “Lady Kazehana, are you alright?” asked a warrior next to her. Miyuki’s face flushed pink and she touched her neck softly.

    “Y-Yes,” Miyuki cleared her throat and repeated louder and more confidently, “Yes, I'm fine. I had a nightmare is all…” She looked up to the sky and corrected herself, “A day-mare, I suppose.”

    “What was it about?” The warrior asked eagerly. “Sometimes the dreams of a priestess are prophetic!” He said this with a way more excitable tone than Miyuki cared for, especially considering what her dream had actually been about.

    “I'm going to spare you the embarrassment and the guilt of suggesting that a nightmare that frightened me so much I woke up screaming...could potentially be prophetic, and occur in reality. In the future, it would be wise not to ask such questions,” she responded coldly and then rolled her eyes. The wagon stopped at a fresh spring, joining the others in the Haru-jin caravan on the outskirts of Natsu-jin territory. Now that the Aki-jin had sided with the Fuyu-jin, Miyuki’s tribesmen were heading to help their own new allies. An impending attack was sure to come now that the lines in the sand had been drawn.

    Miyuki was heading to their ally’s home to offer her support. She knew many Natsu-jin could use a morale boost, they probably felt as if they'd been dragged into tribal warfare. And once the fighting got serious, there would be plenty of injured people that would need her help. And probably many dead that she'd have to guide into the afterlife as well. Miyuki exited the carriage and approached the spring. Others gathered around it, engaged in idle conversation.

    Surely the Natsu-jin will recognize that we're doing everything we can to protect them, she thought contently. Miyuki knelt down in front of the spring and splashed spring water onto her face and began to fan herself. “A daymare…” she repeated softly, finding herself sitting on her knees just as she had been in her dream.

    Benkei Hiei

    Unlike Miyuki, Hiei the Natsu-jin was sleeping like a baby. Having secks the night before usually means you're gonna get some really good rest, and rest and secks are two of Hiei’s favorite things. If he did dream he definitely didn't remember it. He woke up to the sound of a woman’s voice.

    “Kawaii-chan…” he grumbled and didn't make the slightest move to sit up. It was the end result of an ever evolving nickname since they'd met. From Hisakawa-san to Kawa-san because that was less of a mouthful, to the affectionate Kawa-chan when they'd become friends, and then to Kawaii-chan after they'd banged. “The mountain will be there tomorrow…” he replied in a blissfully sleepy voice as he rolled over, knowing his protest wouldn't mean jack shit to her. “So many mountains…”

    When they'd met, Hiei had already left the monk’s temple that sat on top of a mountain. Not leaving for the day, but leaving for good. Well, until he decided to go back. If ever. What started as a pilgrimage out toward the Void evolved into Hiei losing really any right to call himself a monk. But he didn't see it that way. The way he saw it, he'd simply begun to live his life as a normal Natsu-jin, and the gods hadn't punished him for breaking his vows at all. In fact they blessed him with fun nights and deep experiences, and 8 hours of sleep if he so chose instead of having to wake up at 5 in the morning and stand on his head.

    In his journeys he met the huntress, she gave him food, he gave her stories of his travels since he'd left the monastery, and then they just kinda, never split up and started banging. Such is the Natsu way.

    As stated before, he knew resistance would be futile, and he was right. She urged him to join her at the water and after a deep sigh of content, he gave in. “Okay. Just give me a second…” his words slowed down and one second turned into 5, then 10, and then 20, and then he finally willed himself to sit upright. Equally naked and with the wood of the morning. “Hey there buddy. Have fun last night?” he whispered to the hill in the white sheet over his lower body.

    Hiei sighed and stood up, yawning loudly as he joined Etsuko by the water and splashed his face to wake himself up a little more. “Beautiful morning,” he said wistfully as he put his hands on his hips casually, also feeling pretty lax about being stark naked. “The kind of morning that just makes you want to… lay down...and go back to sleep, yes?” he asked with a drowsy chuckle.

    Jinai Osono

    “HAAAAH-YAH!” Osono roared and her mighty kanabo crashed into the temple of a pathetic Natsu-jin warrior. Blood, brains, and bits of bone covered the studded club, though the combination of them all together just looked like a goopy red mess. Osono smirked and whipped around, “KI-YAH!” Her bloodied kanabo crashed into the jaw of a Haru-jin warrior, liberating some of their teeth from their gums.

    “Heh…” Osono huffed proudly, looking at the busted open training dummies she'd filled with dirt, mud, rocks, and leaves. Her fantasies of gore and glory helped her get in the mood to train, kind of like how one imagines they're actually having sex when really they're just masturbating.

    Breathing heavily, she dropped the kanabo and stood up straight, looking up into the trees with her devil mask lowered over her face as the morning sun began to crack through. “Let them try to come to our land…” she told the sky and the orange leaves above her. “I’ll kill them all~” she said with a triumphant grin. The spirits of the forest would look upon her favorably if she kept true to her promise, and she fully intended on doing so. The spirits didn't look favorably on the pathetic folk who lived outside of the Aki-jin’s territory and didn't fear them. So they would become Osono’s prey and show them true fear. She'd do the devils’ work.

    She didn't really care what the Fuyu-jin wanted, didn't even fully understand their beef with the Haru-jin to begin with. All she knew was that there was one, the chief sided with them, and now Osono was going to show the spirits that the mask she wears isn't just for show. That she was the devil who shouldn't be trifled with. And oh what fun it'd be.

    Osono probably looked like a mad woman, giggling to herself alone in an allegedly haunted forest. She picked up her kanabo and after taking a few air swings swung it so hard that it sent the training dummy’s head flying off.

    Sennou Sagara

    Cold air nipped at Sagara’s jaw as he stared off into the distance. Unlike Osono he wasn't fetishizing the violence he'd experienced in his life. The war crimes he'd committed had saved lives. The dark holes of his mask shielded a forlorn expression as he contemplated the dream he'd had last night. It wasn't anything special at first, in fact it was a dream he'd had throughout his entire life. He'd stand at the Void with blood on his hands. Someone important to him would be standing at the edge, reaching out to him. And before he could say anything, they'd fall backward. He'd catch their hand at the last minute, but the blood would cause them to slip and descend into the abyss.

    However this time, no one had been at The Void. He was alone and just...staring at it. Then he woke up and resumed traveling toward Aki territory. And now he was taking a break to reflect. That's when he saw her. A little girl, sneaking out of the shelter he'd stopped by. He turned and looked at the girl, and his appearance frightened her. She scurried off and Sagara followed after her. He quickly stopped once he realized that he'd made the girl run faster. He stood there and lifted up his mask, letting the cold wind kiss his cheeks. Sagara held out his hand, but the girl only retreated more, though she seemed curious about him.

    Sagara lowered his mask and put his hand down. As he searched his bag for some kind of treat to offer the little girl, he heard a woman shouting behind him. Sagara turned around and was quickly grabbed by the shoulders by a frantic woman. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, being who he is. By the time he managed to say, “She's--” the woman in red already spotted the little girl. He removed his hands from his bag and turned around to face her as she returned.

    “Don't be sorry,” he replied blankly. The club on his back, his mask, and his headdress were all dead giveaways that he was a warrior, on his way toward Aki territory. Sagara didn't have the heart to tell her that he'd frightened the child, and felt a need to make amends. “Is...is she yours?” he asked quietly, shuffling around in his bag once more before finding a small sack doll that he'd picked up from the snow, and taken with him out of the odd sense of pity people get when they come across abandoned stuffed toys.

    “Can you give this to her?”
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  3. Koizumi Yuuta

    A full rest and an early morning training session left the disciplined and typically calm Yuuta relaxed. As relaxed as they could possibly be in the middle of the war. Being one of the high-ranking worshippers of the Gods and protectors of the Priestess, the Priestess needed the man more than ever. He had been protecting the Priestess for as long as he could remember. The rest of his days were spent praying and leading rituals.

    Today, Yuuta could be found meditating, lavender scented incense lit under a container of darker rocks. The man was always sensitive to the slightest noise in his spiritual state. Without opening his eyes, he heard a man’s footsteps walk in his direction.

    “The journey to the Natsu-jin begins now, warrior.”

    Not that he needed a reminder. However, the Haru-jin liked to be early whenever it was possible. Multiple sunsets beforehand, he ordered the farmers to harvest as much as they could before the day of the war. They stored most of the harvest in stone buildings to be protected by warriors.

    “Yes, I’m aware. I shall make my way. Thank you, Akira-san.” Yuuta politely nodded towards the fellow Haru-jin.

    In his pride, the man thought their battle formations and strategies had little flaws. He even smirked inwardly at the thought of the Aki-jin and Fuyu-jin being brought to their knees, submerged in their own blood. Not that he could ever say this, Yuuta considered himself a classy man. And he found nothing classy with wanting to steal crops for themselves.

    Grabbing his blade, Yuuta swiftly placed it into his sheath. Making his way to the spring, he waved to some men and women conversing among themselves. The crops and the land around them were bare as some of the soldiers stayed. His focus was placed on someone else, despite this. The Priestess needs me more than ever. Subtly noticing Miyuki in a troubled state, the bodyguard reminded himself to tread lightly.

    “Lady Kazehana.” Yuuta bowed slightly, flashing her a handsome smile. “What is a daymare, if I may ask?”

    Hisakawa Etsuko

    Etsuko groaned like a little kid. “No, it’s never just a second.” As expected of Hiei, she was correct. Meeting the monk was an… interesting experience. She had never talked to, much less, banged a Natsu-jin monk. The experience wasn’t a bad one, though, it was odd how they just stayed together after many months of travelling. She found his laid-back attitude quite refreshing, as he never seemed to object to her odd wishes and desires of adventure.

    Yesterday, they had gone to the floating mountians to search for a rare flower, said to give meat a ‘godly’ taste. Rainbow in nature and glowing nearly translucent in the sun, it was in one of these mountains. Was it in the mountain the two were in? No, they found a cavern inside a waterfall. So, the two Natsu-jin did what was natural. Have sex in it. We’ll find it the next time! Etsuko thought.

    “Finally, you’re here~” The young huntress exclaimed. Sighing at the sunrise as he splashed his face, the woman had to agree. “Beautiful, indeed.” Etsuko smiled, nodding at the lights reflecting from the water. Though, the last statement made the raven haired woman frown. After less than a second, the cheerful woman reverted back to a light laugh.

    “No, I think you’re the only one that thinks that. Mornings are the start of a new day! That flower could be anywhere on this wonderful mountain! Or even in one of the many around here...” She jumped up excitedly before grabbing his hand. “How can you say that a morning like this is meant for sleep? That’s ridiculous, Benkuuuun~Benkun had been a closeness nickname, formed over their ‘adventures’, just like Kawaii-chan was.

    “Even if we can’t find the flower, we’ll find adventure! We’ll find adventures, no matter what!” Etsuko leaned towards the water, cupping it in her hands. Instead of splashing it on her face, she splashed the water towards Hiei’s direction.


    Mori Hayato

    Saying Hayato was an outcast was like saying poison was bad for you. The Fox Demon kept to himself, sleeping upon trees and roaming the haunted woods with the supplies on his back. He was loyal, very much so, to the Aki-jin. However, the Fuyu-jin nor the Haru-jin won his loyalty. Not that they’d ever consider the sneaky fox a formidable ally of sorts. He preferred to work alone when he could, though, even Hayato knew that a war was never fought alone.

    Hayato looked to the leaves, nearly camoflauging his appearance. The man’s features were so Aki-jin it hurt. Silently walking among the tribal grounds, there were several warriors in their demonic masks. The leaves rustled as Hayato found himself in another empty, quiet space.

    Closing his eyes, he pulled two sharp metal fans from a silk bag. In each hand, he took methodical steps forward. With inhumanly quick movements of both hands, the assassin slowly opened his golden eyes. Small fragments of the golden leaves lay in front of him. Follow the wind, Hayato reminded himself of his teachings.

    “I’ll kill them all~”

    Hm? Hayato only knew one person who would glorify battle like that. Following the voice, the fox slipped on his mask inconspicuously. A field of training dummies were laid out, most badly beaten from Osono’s beatings. Being the person he was, Hayato quietly watched on. That was, until the dummy head went flying towards his head. Almost reflexively, he sliced the head the way he did with the leaves. A rain of burlap, dirt, rock and leaves fell on the young fighter. Luckily, the wide design of the fan had sheilded him from any harmful rock.

    Careful. I don’t desire getting hit with the Devil’s wrath.”

    Hayato knew Osono, but not as a friend. She knew him as the Fox, Hayato knew her as the Devil. Funny how Aki-jin spirit masks seemed to say a lot about your personality. As unapproachable as ever, he merely crossed his arms and looked to the ground.

    Saito Shiori

    Shiori blankly stared at the toy, and quietly nodded. After a few moments, her composure slowly returned to her. Perhaps it was the cold air. She silently thought for a moment. “I take care of these children. Either they do not have parents or their parents are warriors… I treat them as I would my own.” She shyly touched her own cheeks, attempting to return the heat to her face.

    Shiori had only seen him closely now. With his getup, it seemed obvious he was a fighter. It could be his last day with the Fuyu-jin. Her sense of pity for him grew. Warriors could always benefit from a breakfast, right? “Why don’t you give the doll to her yourself? All of the children sleep there.” The woman gently suggested, pointing to the structure of ice and fur, refusing the doll.

    The small fire had not died out just yet. Smaller varieties of meat and leaves made a small sizzling noise. “They’re… also about to eat.. If you would like to join.” The dark haired woman quietly added. The bowls made it easier to carry in her arms. “I-If you want. You don’t have to...” Dropping off each bowl beside their sleeping bodies, Shiori put a finger to her lips. Not that she needed Sagara to be quieter than he already was.

    Truthfully, the caretaker had never talked to the mysterious Sennou Sagara. Only hearing his name among the list of infamous criminals, Shiori found it in her place to leave them be. Her children were her duty, not to socialize with warriors. Turning to the now sleepy Ai-chan, the child huddled against another for warmth and comfort. Seeing many children fall asleep at once was a peaceful, even endearing sight.

    “My name…” She started, looking down modestly. “S-Saito Shiori. What is yours, warrior?”
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  4. Kazehana Miyuki

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yuuta,” Miyuki sighed his name as he verbally snatched her away from her daydreaming. She wiped at her wet face and bowed back to her guardian. “You surprised me,” she immediately straightened her posture and adjusted her facial expression. Miyuki always felt a need to present her inner strength to others, even when she was feeling weak. This was especially important to her when it came to Koizumi Yuuta. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“A daymare is obviously a nightmare you have when the sun is up instead of the moon.” She defined her made up would snidely and rested her hands in her lap. Miyuki didn't want to go into detail about it, in fact she would rather just forget she ever had it, and the quickest way to do that was to put it in the hands of the Gods and shut up about it. So she changed the subject. “How are you faring this morning, Yuuta?” she asked but it didn't sound like she actually cared to know at all. As if she was just making idle small talk for the sake of making smalltalk. [/BCOLOR]



    Benkei Hiei

    Hiei looked away from the sunrise and down at Etsuko with a tranquil smile. “It was worth a shot,” he mused before letting go of her hand. One of these days Etsuko would agree to sleep in. But what would it take? Sickness? Depression? Getting banged so hard the night before that walking would be too difficult? Aside from the last option all of the possibilities were terrible to think about. He'd never want to kill her spirit, it was what made her who she is. Besides, someone had to force him to be active. The gods had given him Etsuko to keep him busy. At least adventures with the huntress were more fun than kicking it at the monastery.

    He nodded in agreement. “Even if we don't find the flower your cooking is already divine without it,” Hiei mused casually, before his eyes snapped back to Etsuko. You could see his muscles tense up reflexively as soon as he heard the word "catch." He prepared his hands to catch a speeding dagger if he had to, but his readiness to do so was wasted. One cannot catch water, and so it splashed him on the chest. He was silent for a beat before laughing jubilantly.

    “Hisakawa-san, you'll rue the day you challenged the great monk Benkei Hiei to a water fight!” He said with a dramatic tone and a big playful smile. “Prepare to meet your doom!” Hiei took Etsuko by the waist and pulled her directly under the waterfall with him, completely soaking the both of them.

    Jinai Osono

    Osono was inattentive on most days and pretty dense in a lot of ways. But her awareness of her surroundings tended to get even worse when she was in her berserk battle mode. That's why she never really liked the sneaky types. And the Fox was nothing if not a sneaky type. Still, Osono treated all of her tribesmen the same so long as they'd never personally ignited her wrath. After all, the only other option would be to kill them.

    “Impressive reflexes, Fox” she firmly planted her club into the ground and rested her hands on top of the handle. “And for what reason do I have the great honor of being spied on by the Fox this morning, I wonder?” she asked facetiously. “Perhaps the Chief sent him for me? Or has he come to challenge me to a friendly sparring match? Maybe he just likes what he sees~?” the Devil implied suggestively. She snickered deviously and leaned against a tree. Osono was teasing him, but she was genuinely curious to know why he was watching her. She hoped that he wanted to gush about the upcoming war.

    Sennou Sagara

    Sagara felt an undeserved pang of guilt in his chest when Shiori spoke of the children's parents. For some reason, he felt as if being associated with the same warriors made it seem like he was responsible for each of the children she had to care for. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, contemplating how he should even respond to that, though he never did.

    He wanted to refuse her offer to come inside, but he also didn't want to tell her that he'd gone and frightened the poor child. That would be much worse than just going in, so he gave her a quiet nod and followed her inside. Sagara gently set the doll down by the sleeping girl, feeling quite guilty that he didn't have a gift for all of the children. However, he did have to refuse breakfast.

    “Saito-san, It's very good to meet you,” he replied in a hushed voice with a low bow. Sagara removed the mask from his face to reveal golden eyes. “I’m Sennou Sagara.” Sagara wasn't sure how much weight his name carried, he tended not to think about things like that. All that mattered to him was providing for their tribe. “Thank you, but no thank you,” he refused the bowl and explained, “I wouldn't want to take away food from the children.” Speaking on behalf of all the warriors who'd left their children with her, he added, “W-We’re grateful for the work you do here.”

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