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  1. Hello, dear fellows. I've come back to request a partner who specializes in historical dealing with things such as politics and romantic affairs. I'd prefer if my partner had an agressive playing style, as well as an adept writing style. I want to be more involved with complex themes, so this is my reason. I don't have much of a plot yet, unfortunately, as I was hoping my partner could help me develop that.

    The idea so far is that an illegitimate heir has fallen in love with one of the queen's lady-in-waiting. The setting would be held in France 1554 and furthermore, to add drama, I was thinking that the illegitimate heir was blackmailed into/accused of conspiring with people of the pagan faith. Another drama piece I was thinking about is that the king/a prince from another country, has taken a liking to my character and so begins a reluctant affair or somewhat of a love triangle. I would be the female and my partner would play the male.

    I love detail, as well as correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, so show me you have it.
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  2. That sounds really nice, I would like to be your partner.
  3. @AngelNinja2018 I read your roleplay resume and a roleplay you've started. Are you sure you'll be able to meet every single requirement I hold? I don't mean to offend, but your roleplaying skills haven't shown what I'm looking for in particular.
  4. I'm confident I can meet your requirements! Even if this story has been taken, we should plot another similar to it. I have no issue playing the male lead, however I'm not partial to love triangles if the situation arises where the woman loves them both--if she's loyal to one and the other simply has interest in her, then it's fine.

    PM me for further information! I'd love to get started.
  5. @Sansa Stark What do you mean this idea has already been taken?
  6. Oh, it has? My apologies! I'd still love to plot something if you're interested.
  7. @Sansa Stark You're confusing me. You've stated that the idea has already been taken. What do you mean by that? Who put up the idea first?
  8. Oh. No, what I meant was "if the idea has already been taken". I assumed that you would only be looking for one person for this plot and wouldn't do it with more than one person. I'm sorry if I confused you! I'm a bit confused myself to be honest. >.> How about we just start over? I'd love to do this story with you, or plot something different should your current cravings differ.
  9. @Sansa Stark No worries. Thank you for your kindly offer! As for the love triangle, sorry if it wasn't made clear, but my character would not be attracted to the king/prince from another country in any way whatsoever.
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  10. Perfect! Would you like to get started on a more detailed plot via PM?
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  11. @Minibit Mind moving this thread to the one x one roleplay? Please and thank you! >.<
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