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  1. I know I promised to have this up on the 5th. but things got in the way preventing me from doing so. But the Sign up sheet for EoE is up now and so are the rules. also as the title suggests this is also where we will hammer out the rest of the details of the story. but for those of you just joining here's the jist of it...

    It's the future and the human race has used genetic splicing and fossil regeneration sciences to create a new Super Hybrid to replace their typical soldiers in war times. These Dinosaur like reptilian humanoids are known as "Raptoids", and the humans have made a number of different species to fulfill different proposes. At first these Hybrids were highly obedient even to the point where they sacrificed them selves to protect their masters, and in even worse cases turn on their own kind. However things seemed to take an unusual turn when one Raptoid learned how to speak. His name is "Sun Flare", and he would soon become very famous. Sun Flare dreamed of a world where humans and Raptoids shared the world as equals, but the humans didn't like that idea. They thought that since they created the raptoids that Raptoids don't deserve freedom, and deemed it wise to start killing off any Raptoids who agreed with him. This caused Raptoids to rebel and revolt against humans sparking a war that lasted for five years. Ultimately Raptoids won the war forcing humans underground where only 10,000 humans survived the onslaught. Raptoids now rule the earth as its new dominant species, with a world population of over 16,000,000,000. But the conflict isn't over, Some humans still wish to fight against the Raptoid opposition while others either wish to make peace with the raptoids and replenish their numbers or await their imminent extinction. Raptoids on the other hand still patrol the over-world in search for any survivors but so far none have been found. Sun Flare despite being responsible for wiping out 20% of the human race (more than any Raptoid) he still hopes that there could be peace with the human survivors if there are such a thing, and many raptoids feel the same. Some how ever think that it is best to finish them off. The question remains though, who will be the true supreme ruler of earth? The Super Hybrids? Or the Homo Sapiens?

    And now for the Rules, because as I have said in the past. What's fun with out them.

    1. Even though Raptoids have special skills, there will be no god modding or meta gaming.
    2. You may have up to 6 characters, no more than that
    3. You may play as either a Human or a Raptoid. and before you ask, yes you can use both if you want.
    4. Be respectful, shouldn't even have to say that
    5. even though combat is allowed, the winner and even who dies must be agreed upon between both parties through PM, and then approved by my self through another message.
    6. If you are a Raptoid, stick with the abilities of your breed. no exceptions will be made.
    7. you can play as a traitor if you wish to be, but I will only accept so many of these.
    8. use this page as an OOC, do not use the Interest check or IC page.
    9. Humans are SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than raptoids, don't expect to win a fight with your mare hands.
    10. As GM, my word is LAW.

    and now for the Sign up sheet

    Name: (what dose your character go by?)
    Age: (How old is this character)
    Gender: (are you Male or Female?)
    Race: Are you a Human? Or a Raptoid?
    Breed: (Raptoids only, see "Raptoid types" to fill this part out)
    PoB: (where where they born? Raptoids must Put "Hatchery" followed by a number between 1-10)
    Backstory: (give your character some depth)

    Raptoid Types:

    There are Five breeds of Raptoids in the world, each of them with their own set of skills and abilities. Some are bigger than others, but they all share the following traits. Males are Larger, Stronger, and more armored than females. Females are smaller, but Faster and more agile than males. All raptoids have highly powerful senses, so much so that they have eyes more sensitive to light than humans, in fact one of the best ways to escape a raptoid is to blind them. Raptoids are Highly intelligent, just as much if not more than humans. Raptoids are Omnivores, but they prefer to eat meat. All raptoids posses super strength, but some are stronger than others. all raptoids are immune to radiation. Finally al raptoids are capable of reproduction.

    Fire Raptoids- Fire Raptoids are the fist batch of project Raptor and take up 50% of the population. As the name suggests they can breath fire and are also immune to it. Fire raptoids also have pyrokinetic abilities and their heat resistant skin allows them to withstand intense temperatures hotter than the earth's core. Meaning they are the only raptoid who can swim in molten lava. the are the strongest in terms of super strength but are are only the second largest of all breeds. They have average armor but most more fire arms wont effect them, unshaped cryo based plasma weapons are your best bet as they fire projectiles that are cold and icy which are much more effective than other weapons. Fire Raptoids are named for their red, orange, yellow coloring.

    Poison Raptoids- Poison raptoids were created with idea of assassination. they are smaller than the other raptoids being as big as a human. Poison Raptoids also have the least amount of armor, to make up for this they are armed with long poisonous quills that cove the backs of their heads, necks, torsos, and tails. they can even shoot these quills from their tails at a remarkable range. Poison raptoids also of poisonous claws and venomous teeth and can breath poisonous but flammable gas, they can also spit acid that can eat through even the thickest metal plating. They also are the only Raptoids capable of camouflage, making them the stealthiest of the raptoids. they are the second fastest and are vulnerable to most fire arms, however they have an immunity to poisonous weapons. Male poison raptoids can be any shade of green with a Prominent coloration of purple in their quill made mane. Females typically are darker in color, and have shades of white in their mane instead of purple.

    Frost Raptoids- Also known as Ice Raptoids, this breed was created for combat in colder climates. Basically they are like fire raptoids but they have ice powers instead of fire. they are the largest of the raptoids and the second strongest, but Ice raptoids are most well known for how sturdy they are, they have the strongest armor but they are quite vulnerable to fire, the hotter the flame the better the results. They are resistant to cold temperatures making it so they can survive subzero temperatures ad even absolute zero. Frost Raptoids are typically multiple shades of light blue.

    Water Raptoids- These raptoids were created for deep sea missions and as such can breath underwater, they are the only raptoids with both lungs and gills. They are just a little bit bigger than poison raptoids and are the slowest of the raptoids, however they are very fast in the water. Water Raptoids spit scolding hot water that flay the skin off their victims. They are vulnerable to electrical weaponry, and can not be harmed by plasma and resistant to fire. Water raptoids can be any shade of blue and are most recognized for their large fin across their head and back.

    Electro Raptoids- as the name suggests, these Raptoids have the ability to manipulate electricity. The are the fastest of all breeds, and are just a little bit smaller than fire raptoids but bigger than water raptoids. They are immune electrical weapons, infarct it will give them power if used on them. Electro raptoids are however vulnerable to water, if used on them they could electrocute them selves and thus have to resort to close combat. Elcetro Raptoids are yellow with cyan patterns.

    Hatchery locations:

    this section gives you an idea of where each of the ten hatcheries are in the world and a bit of backstory on each.

    Hatchery 1- This hatchery is located in the US, and is where primarily fire raptoids were raised. needless to say this is where the first batch of raptoids were created and also where Sun Flare was born. it Currently is abandoned.

    Hatchery 2 - This Hatchery is located in China and is where they imported Prehistoric animal DNA to use in future experiments after the first batch was a success. In the story it is currently a Barracks under raptoid control.

    Hatchery 3 - Located in Russia, this hatchery is where Frost raptoids were primarily made. It is technically the only hatchery under human control, but only due to a technical malfunction that prevents both sides from entering the sector due to it being protected by a force field.

    Hatchery 4 - This hatchery is located in Australia and is currently a pile of rubble. This Hatchery and Hatchery 8 are the only two hatcheries that were completely destroyed in the war. Electro Raptoids were primarily created here.

    Hatchery 5 - The 5th Hatchery location is in Japan and is currently uncontrolled by both sides. It is rumored my the humans that a sixth raptoid species with the power of all the other five races was created here, but neither side has found any evidence of such creatures even existing. this is where Water Raptoids where primary made.

    Hatchery 6 - This hatchery is found in Central Africa and is in raptoid territory. However, despite it being within their boundaries it is currently unused.

    Hatchery 7 - The seventh Hatchery is where poison raptoids where primarily made and is currently the operations center of Death Spike's "Snake Pit" organization. It is located in England and was untouched through out the entire war.

    Hatchery 8 - This Hatchery is located in Germany and was the first Hatchery to be decimated in the war. it is however now being used as a graveyard.

    Hatchery 9 - The 9th Hatchery is located in Brazil and is currently being used as a museum by the Raptoids. Before the War this hatchery was used to import the DNA of exotic reptiles to aid with the design of Raptoids.

    Hatchery 10- the 10th and final hatchery is also located in the US. This was the first Hatchery that started killing off raptoids and started the war in the first place. Those that survived are mostly high ranking officers of the Raptoid army. This Hatchery is Currently being used as a night club, one that Sun Flare Visits often.


    Name: Sun Flare
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Raptoid
    Breed: Fire
    PoB: Hatchery 1, USA

    As you already know, Sun Flare was the raptoid that started it all. All he wanted in this world was equality and peace, but the humans had too much pride in their existence to let that happen. Now He Rules over the Raptoid Race as heir Emperor, a benevolent and fair king. His people lookup to him and respect his ideas, he is king for a reason after all. Sun Flare was the first raptoid to learn how to talk, shortly after he began to read and even write. Now he is fluent in 4 different languages and has even wrote a novel titled "The Hunt" about a trio of velociraptors finding their way home. During the war for freedom Sun Flare Killed 20% of the human race, which is more than any raptoid in the world. He was the absolute leader of the Raptoid army dubbed "Talon", and to this day still is. Sun Flare now resides in a large city in America, spending his days strolling through town and relaxing at any club he comes across. He is a Reasonable Raptoid who prefers to negotiate before a fight, He is kind hearted and level headed, and he surprisingly likes 80's music.


    Name: Death Spike
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Raptoid
    Breed: Poison
    PoB: Hatchery 7, England

    Death Spike is Sun Flare's Second in command and had been named for his reputation. Before The Raptoids revolted and after they started to learn to talk, Death Spike was a member of a human military core known as "Hammer Head". Once they saw how skilled he was as an assassin he was transferred over to the black ops core known as "The Falconiers", where he was made the leader of a 5 raptoid team. Once the Raptoids begun fight against the humans however Death Spike disbanded from the humans and founded his own black ops Faction that he named "Snake Pit", and remained loyal to Sun Flare and his army since then. Death Spike remains eager to seek out the humans to this day but so far he and his search party have turned out unsuccessful. Death Spike is noble but is not as forgiving as Sun Flare, He is known for being blunt and strait forward, and hates humans with a vengeance.


    Name: Hydra Siege
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Raptoid
    Breed: Water
    PoB: Hatchery 5, Japan

    Hydra Siege unlike Sun Flare and Death Spike left his mark on the world in another way. Before the Raptoids struck back He was a proud member of Raptoid law enforcement, he and several other raptoids hunted down criminals and literally dragged them to prison. That however changed when he and his species found them selves being attacked by humans and he got word of the war. Enraged, he sided with the Raptoids and saw to it that and human he got into his jaws became a prisoner of war or a war casualty. Hydra Siege now retains his title as n officer of the law in the world, but little dose he know that the humans are just below his feet living deep beneath the earth. Hydra Siege is a bit reckless at times and can even endanger the mission at times, but he is a master detective when it comes to a case and seldom lets a criminal get away.


    Name: Lucy Aisle
    Age: 43
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Breed: N/A
    PoB: New York, New York

    Professor Lucy Aisle was the one who was in charge of project Raptor, the experiment to create the raptoids. She was over joyed when she saw that it turned out to be a success at first. In fact it was her who gave Sun Flare, Death Spike, and Hydra Siege their names. So you could imagine how she responded when they all started talking for the first time. Sadly though her excitement would soon turn to sorrow, when she found out that the military wanted to exterminate them all when Sun Flare suggested his ideas. Because she was bounded by a contract she had no choice but to side with the humans in the war for the world. Now she and the rest of the humans live in a huge cavern underground, like Sun Flare she hopes that both races can one day be at peace.

    Name: Argrous Tavis
    Age: 55
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Breed: N/A
    PoB: Moscow, Russia

    Argrous and some of the raptoids have only one thing in common, they were created not born. Before humans had the idea of making raptoids, they were creating super soldiers from human DNA. Argrous was given his name after the creature on Falconier Emblem, The Argentavis. After his training Argrous immediately joined the faction and became one of it's top soldiers, but when the Falconiers started to recruit Poison Raptoids into their ranks he was outraged. He had a saying that "The Military is Men" and "Raptoids Belong in a Zoo like other dangerous animals". But his superiors told him other wise and was partnered with an Individual named "Death Spike", a raptoid who would soon be leading his own team. During the war Argrous hate for the raptoid race became absolute when Death Spike dismembered him and rid Argrous of is both his legs. To this day Agrous is the only human who has ever survived raptoid venom and poison but only because of his augmentations . his defeat showed the world that even in hand to hand combat the smallest raptoids can best the strongest of humans. Agrous is bitter and blunt about everything in the world, and is still sore that the world now belongs to the thing he hates most.

    and that's it for now, may add more if I think of anything. Now show me what you got!
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  2. So you added more to it then the last time I saw this.
  3. Yep, and only going to add more, hence the reason why this is not only the sign up sheet but also the plotting page. but not now since it is so late where I live in the world, but soon I'll make my characters and add a bit more details to the world its self.:bsmile:
  4. Name: Taii'uk (Nicknamed Via for a more feminine name)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Raptoid
    Breed: Poison
    PoB: Hatchery 7
    I'm going to push this off for now. Mainly because I need to go for now and refuse to type a backstory on my phone.

    Just know that she's pro-human, isn't happy about being venomous because it's not an ability that can be turned off, which can lead to some funny moments.

    I think I'm going to also do an Electro Raptoid and a human character later :3
    And I might add images to this post later on, when I have time to make them.
  5. Okay, until then I'll Approve of this character until then. Welcome to EoE
  6. Name: Tiamat (Goes by Tia)
    Age: 19
    Race: Raptoid
    Breed: Water
    PoB: Hatchery 10
    Backstory: Tia was hatched at hatchery 10 and managed to escape in the confusion of battle. She had imprinted on one of the workers there, but saw him get killed trying to stop the battle's start. In his memory, she has refused to kill any humans, though she does help capture the ones who attack them. She would prefer not to fight when possible, a view that ensured that she would never make it to a high rank

    Name: Anna Rayne
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Race: human
    PoB: Houston, Tx
    Backstory: She was just a civilian when the war started, still in school. When she heard that the raptors could talk, she thought it would be a great thing but then the war came and now they live underground. She still thinks it would be better to all have peace and get along, but she doesn't see how that can happen. She and her family managed to make it underground because of her father's political connections even though he did not hold any office at that time. Now her father holds an office and she has to keep quiet about her wish to see the world at peace with the raptoids.
  7. Your Characters have been approved, Welcome to EoE!. Looking forward with what you have in store for them.
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