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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
Year: 2682

Location: Exodin City; Eden & Co Super Store

Time: 12:06 P.M.


You wander into Eden & Co not truely knowing what you were looking for, in fact you had never thought you would buy one but you needed it, be it for a job or because of the good words you have heard from happy friends of yours. You step in a bit further, a little lost on where you should go, when an assistant wanders over to you.

"Hello! Welcome to Eden & Co, can I help you with anything?" She asked you excitedly. She didn't give you time to answer as she notices the flyer in your hand. "Oh! You must be here for the new Comen models! You're in time, we've just gotten the last of the models on the floor. Let me show you them."

She turns quickly on her heal and you are left to follow quickly after her, hoping into an elevator at the last second as she presses the button to the 8th floor. You glance through the glass walls at the passing floor, clothing, coffee makers, even a level made for shoes. When the 8th floor comes you feel a wave of awe flow over you, you search is over. As far as you can see there is nothing but beautiful figers, some masculin and others feminin. The sleak finishes and bright colors put you in a haze, leaving you confused but amazed. The assistant smiles to herself as she notices your expression and is quick to move you out of the elevator and onto the floor.

"So, do you know what you are looking for?" She question, you only replying with a confused stare. Her smile only widens as she is quick to put her hand on your back. "Alright, then allow me to show you some of the top models and we can work together from there." She said.

You look out over the floor once more and nod your head simply. You still couldn't believe you were buying a humanoid computer....
Human Profiles:
General Appearance:

Searching for in Computer:
General Personality:

General History:

Coman Profile:

Name/Model Number:
Gender Build:
Model Appearance:
Model Special additions:

Name/Model Number: MO97 "Moe"

Gender Build: Female

Model Appearance: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/album.php?albumid=122&attachmentid=3829

MO97 comes in a simple and clean black and white with eyes that can have the color adjusted to your liking. She stands at a heafy 7'0" but built with space in mind, coming with a charging station that is a compact and easy to place in one's apartment or house. She is sleak and sharp but will be no danger to young children or infants, her edges are buffered and curved so that no cuting is possible. Upon her back she carries many ports and has all of her wires built into her system so there is no need to worry about powercords getting lost like in older models. Her feets and arms can be replaed and adjusted for certain setting, from thin arms and flat feet to her large work arms and heel raised feet.

Abilities: MO97 is more than just a computer, she is a companion like no other! She is programed with basic cooking and cleaning knowledge which will grow and adjust as she continues to work and cook for you or your family. She can also have babysitting, nursing, and many other things programmed into her with her sophisticated memory bank. However, if you do find that you are running out of room, you do not have to worry about picking over the skills you have downloaded and bought, information can be sent to a built in memory card in her charging station which she can access wirelessly! MO97 can also be maked into your home phone or be added to your current phone line, becoming an answering machine or a possible answerer to any calls that you may recive. Along with all this MO97 is still a computer in the end and is able to produce a large 36" hologram touch screen, complete with hologram keyboard.

Inabilities: Since MO97 is such a large model, she is not the most convient to take on trips, having to be counted as another passenger. She also must be charged regularly, at least once every week, depending on how often she is running and how long those running periods are. She goes through quite a bit of energy, though she uses it efficently. Finally, MO97 is not a wireless travel model, though she can move just as easyily as one, she can not access the internet without a plug in connection or a wireless antenna attachment.

Model Special additions:

Multiple Screens: MO97 is combatable with the knew mutil-screen cubes, portable squares that can be taken anywhere within a 30 yard range. These squares also have the touch feature which means it can make touchable screens and keyboards for the whole family to use, the limit of screens you have is the limit of cubes you buy. Each cube must be synced up with the main machine wirelessly to work.

Audio/ Video Recording: Built into MO97 is the highest grade recording and filming equipment avaliable, giving you crystal clear sound and videos of those oh so special occasions.

Alarm/Protection: If there is ever an emergency the MO97 will instantly call 911, either upon request or after viewing the situation and comparing it to the standards programed into her system . She also has built in fire and monoxide alarms

ProgramedPersonality: MO97 speaks sweetly and kindly to those who address her. She is never rude or impolite and she is always quick to follow through upon a request. Her personality will never change unless you by other personality programs which can all be found either online or in an Eden & Co store near you.

Owner: None yet.
Name: Chantal Sauth

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Occupation/School/Grade: Nightclub owner (Exodin's Garden)

General Appearance:

Strengths: Business-minded, completely fearless, fairly adept at self-defense.

Weaknesses: Small and short, as well as being fearless (it's a double-edged sword, since she tends to rush into things).

Searching for in Computer: Something to act as protection for her, since her club isn't always the safest of places for her to be.

General Personality: Strong-willed and stubborn, she does not wish to be subdued in any way. She does not like rules and sometimes breaks them, purely out of spite for them.

General History:
Chantal's father was a big businessman who made a lot of money on the market but, unlike many who neglect their children, Chantal was his greatest treasure after her mother passed away easily into her childhood. With such a doting father, Chantal did not often reflect on the lack of a maternal figure and grew up in most aspects as a normal child.

When Chantal turned twenty, her father died of a sudden heart attack, leaving her his entire fortune. The loss of her father caused her father's company to die without his guidance. Deciding to try to invest the money well and recreate the company her father loved, Chantal started out by creating a high profit business - a nightclub.

For two years, Chantal cut it on her own. However, with the nightclub gaining in popularity, it's expanded and Chantal has finally given in that she needs protection.
Kitti! I love her! I hope more people join so she can get the bot she needs.
I'm so full up on RPs, but I dreamed about a good idea for this game. And I always listen to my dreams; it's where my best creative ideas take place. >:3

I thought about making a human. A mute one, looking for a robot who can translate his/her sign language to make life easier. Also just to have a friend because someone who can't speak can't make friends all too well.

I'll work on a character soon. <3 Hopefully someone's willing to plot wif me.
I'll plot with you Fluffy!!! 8D I'd love to see you in this RP fluffy! Don't worry about posting to much if you get busy though, I know you are in alot of RPs.

Oliver Salazar



Oliver is a carpenter and an artist who crafts furniture by hand and, if the client requests it, decorates it. The shelves, tables, chairs, etc. that he creates is always a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The little shop he has is in his garage, but it sometimes moves to a trailer on his truck so he can take his work to other places. The title Oliver's Woodwork is printed in bold letters on his business cards.

General Appearance:
Oliver is 5' 10" with an athletic build from daily doses of exercise. Being of Spanish descent, he has a naturally dark tone that turns caramel during the summertime. He usually has a handsome, but messy style of hair that coordinates well with his short facial hair. His eyes chocolatey brown, always full of emotion since his voice cannot express his feelings in any way. Oliver's wardrobe is filled with simple clothes. Blue jeans, regularly, and t-shirts. At times, he'll wear collared shirts with long or short sleeves. There's a separate stack of clothes for work, though. Pants and tees with stains and paints that won't wash out are reserved for work.

His physical capabilities count for something. With plenty of practice, he's developed good stamina and a reliable build of muscle. If need be, he can lift fairly heavy objects and run for quite some time without getting tired. He also rarely gets sick. Oliver is also a handyman, with good knowledge of tools, paints, stains, crafting and much more a person can find useful.

Unless he's in a work environment, Oliver is in no way a social man. Outside of his home, he's at a loss for how to communicate with anyone! However, his greatest weakness is his muteness. Since the day of his birth, he's been a silent person. That comes to a great disadvantage if there's no pen and paper on hand, or a person who can understand sign language.

Searching for in Computer:
Something to translate sign language, answer the phone, and complete other tasks that require speaking. Work would be easier, too, if he had someone willing to communicate with his customers. That way, he doesn't have to multi-task writing messages and building. He'd also like his companion to exercise with him. Oliver likes the idea of someone who can give verbal motivation, record his progress and serve as a music player.

General Personality:

General History:
He's coming along wonderfully Fluffy! I adore him so much~! 8D
(Under Construction)

Kayla Harrison



Aspiring Vet

General Appearance:

Strengths: Intelligent, patient, determined.

Weaknesses: Can be stubborn, too honest and a tad bossy.

Searching for in Computer:
Kayla is basiclly looking for companionship, and someone with strength for protection and other tasks.

General Personality:

General History:
Just bumping this thing, I know i haven't said much but school had me a little stressed. Now that I have one of my major classes out of the way I'm less stressed and have more time to work on this bad boy! Anyway, if you are still interested just post and finish you profiles if you haven't yet. Also we could use some robots too~

Name/Model Number: K3kk3 "Kikki"
Gender Build: Female
Model Appearance:

K3kk3, better known as the 'Daughter Module v.10' is the first released model that resembles a human child more than a robotic prototype. She stands at about five feet, with a light alumnium alloy build and charging stations on the sides of the head. With an additional price, her wireless headset charger can be bought. None of K3kk3's features are interchangeable aside from the chosen specifics of eye color, hair color, and various outfit designs.
Abilities: K3kk3 is a childlike companion who can accomplish basic tasks like phone services, downloading, using the internet, etc. She can also be used as a trainer for various sports experiences. Unlike more bulkier models, however, K3kk3 is not capable of transforming into a computer screen, but instead, carries a portable laptop that she uses as a display interface when necessary.
Inabilities: K3kk3 was built as a child companion and not as a housewife. She is not capable of properly cleaning up after a family or cooking anything particularly complicated. As a lighter model, she cannot carry many things on herself and as a result, comes with very few accessories built-in.
Model Special additions: K3kk3 comes with the additional option of K3kk3 the shaolin master, K3kk3 the karaoke queen, and K3kk3 the babysitter. The Shaolin Master version is a robot adept at several kinds of martial arts and at teaching them as well. The Karaoke Queen is the perfect addition for a music lover, for it is programmed to give updates, play, download, and edit music. And finally, the Babysitter is loaded with lots of information on children of all ages, play-styles and general babysitter information.
Programmed Personality: K3kk3 is built with the mind of child and as a result, asks questions and drops honorifics. She is playful and generally talkative, although most of the programmed emotions do not make sense in the context of her existence.
Owner: None yet.

Awesome Sakura! I love her~ She is so cute! Now make sure you act like a robot/ computer more than a human now. Because she looks like a person you're going to have to make sure people know she is a robot and not a human alright? Other than that she is perfect.
Yeah, thank you for reminding me of that! I think it will be interesting (to say the least) to play a robot! ;D
(Fluffy, did you get that play-by from an HMV ad? Because I see that guy EVERYWHERE hahaha)
XD I honestly don't know, Dance. It was a picture I came across, I liked it, I used it.

And woah nelly, I keep forgetting to finish that character sheet.
Damn i like this rp though . . .idk what type of bio i should do haha