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  1. Character Bio
    Name: Sara Wessen
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'7"

    Appearance: Sara Wessen was a product of her surroundings. Like all but the rare sailor, who braved the stormy seas to the east, her skin was as pale as ivory. Her hair, in contrast, was long and dark. Between the lack of vibrant sunlight, and her tendency to avoid the remaining settlements of mankind in favor of the bounty of the Great Forest Floor, Sara had begun to develop alterations to suit her surroundings. Blue-green bioluminesence broke up the the shape of her body, allowing her to better hide among the glowing shrubbery between the roots of the Great Trees.

    Her attire was a matter of leathers and furs, most with exotic patterns both those luminous, and dull, and all of them warm enough to suit winter wear. Most of her gear she carried in a backpack, or along the broad belt encircling her narrow waist and fixed with a bounty of little pouches. A short, single-edged sword hung as well from the belt, on the opposite side of a quiver of arrows. She often carried her bow in hand, when she didn't fix it to the pack as well.

    She looked like nothing so much as one of the creatures of the world under the Allsky.
  2. Name: Jordon Fairfax
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'11"

    Appearance: With pale skin, Jordon is of Caucasian ancestry, and due to the lack of sunlight, has grown more pale since he was a child. Without a need to tan, his skin has also become very vulnerable to any sunlight if he is to come across it, easily being burned in a quick amount of time. Complimenting his pale skin are light blue eyes, though in certain light they look almost grey, but still retaining much of their true blue appearance. Atop his head and bristling from his chin is light brown hair, easily distinguishable from blond hair. His physical build is an endurance build, meaning his muscles, while not large, are very well toned, showing the lines between the muscles. He may not be the strongest, but he has great stamina.

    His clothing consists of leathers skinned from animals, some of which had developed bio luminescence. This serves as camouflage in the other glowing surroundings and also as a light source when going through dark areas. On his back is an old leather bag made from cow leather containing bandages, itching salves, hand sanitizer, among other useful items for daily use. For navigation purposes, a sickle rests on the right side of his leather belt, useful for cutting down tall grasses and thin branches. On the left sits a handled tomahawk, also useful for clearing areas, though primarily used when putting up for the night if he is not around more people. The tomahawk also has a bashing end on the opposite side of the blade, useful for defending himself without dulling the blade.
  3. Sara stalked through the luminous underbrush on a game-trail that hadn't been used in quite some time. There some deer droppings, but they were long dry, and barely distinguishable from the earth around them. She was relatively safe, for the time being. On her trek, she'd had time aplenty to think over the contract that had been delivered to her. One of those settlement folks, the ones who lived behind the walls, wanted a guide. And she'd been paid well to arrive. So she was on her way.

    Ghosting her way up to the gates themselves, she peered upon the walls of a familiar city. The walls themselves were built into two great trees, one to the northeast, and one to the southwest of the city themselves, and the gates were set beside each of the trunks. She eyeballed the big, rolling metal gate, as she lifted her fist to knock on the thing. Her face -shrouded as it was by her faintly glowing hood- was fixed in a ponderous frown.

    "Who goes?" Came the call from the top of the gate.

    "Sara," Came the Walker's clipped response.

    There was a silence at the top of the wall, before the whirring motors of the gate began to lift the gate. Sara only waited 'til the gate was high enough to pass beneath, before doing so. As she walked toward the town center, word of her arrival spread. Murmurs of speculation spread in her wake, as news of her arrival spread from the gate.

    By the time she reached the fountain at the town's center, a small crowd had gathered, all trying not to appear as if they were gawking at the Walker. Setting herself down on the fountain's edge, Sara contented herself with a softly hummed tune. He'd meet her here, she knew. It was only a matter of time.
  4. In the privacy of his home, Jordon sipped on his hot coffee. Coffee beans were fairly common as they were one of the first ones to evolve to solve world hunger. At the time he was 12, so he wasn't able to remember it as well as most older people. The memories of the sun had faded with time, he liked to imagine the heat of the steaming drink flowing down is throat remind him of how the sun felt on his skin. Still, it was but a faced memory, much like many things in this world. Finished his beverage, he stepped outside to the glowing landscape. There seemed to be some commotion, perhaps someone had arrived. It was difficult to traverse across lands, so an arrival was typically a big deal. Letting out a heavy sigh, Jordon decided maybe he should see as well.

    She was quite pale, which was normal due to a lack in sun, the skin had no need to tan. Patterns of glowing skin sections showed she was most certainly not a settler, she was probably quite skilled at traveling, which was a good skill to have these days. The main crowd seemed to be amazed, which was just silly, was it so hard to believe someone who roams the forest would seek occasional companionship? What dolts were they to assume that the odd were a sight to behold. Still, approaching her at the fountain, Jordon greeted her with a smile. "Hi, I'm Jordon Fairfax." He spoke, gently as he could, not out of fear of frightening her, but out of respect. As he sized her up, he took note that she must have been about his age, they might have a fair bit in common. "And how are you?" Small talk for now, as much as he hated it, but he'd see if she wanted to get to the chase, was just visiting for a place to rest, or wanted a friendly face.
  5. Sara crossed one leg over the other at the knee, and rested her elbow atop it. Her chin landed in her upturned palm, and her eyes scanned the crowd. One was making his way towards her, despite her luminous appearance. He was either very brave, or very curious. The Floor didn't produce anything that wasn't either exceedingly hearty, or lethal. He spoke to her, and -for a moment- she didn't remember what the words meant. She'd been too long in the forest, and her social skills were lacking, to say the least.

    He had asked her something. Her mind worked, and tension crept into her shoulders. The meaning of the words came back to the Walker in a flood. She was supposed to respond. Her lack of a response was growing awkward, as she regarded the towner.

    "Hello, Jordon Fairfax." She finally greeted him. "I am well-fed, footsore, and in need of sleep." Her eyes narrow. "Why do you ask?" She took a handle on her suspicion, and reined it in. "I have come to meet a man in need of a guide." She added, belatedly.
  6. (OOC I'll assume position of being the person who sent out the work request)

    Having approached her turned out to be a good idea, he had been waiting on her to show up. He didn't expect to get someone so close to his age, but she probably knew the area better than he did. "Well, that's me, I've been waiting for you to show up." Beckoning for her to follow him, he continued on with his words. "You can sit for a bit at my place, rest those feet. In the mean time we can talk, get to know one another before we head out." He wasn't sure if they would head out today or the next, but he was prepared for either. As he walked to his home, which was temporary, he thought of where he had to go. It was just a rumor, but still, the hopes of a medical facility to fight the ever evolving wildlife would help greatly. Watching human society decay as plant life grew uncontrollably was the very thought that made Jordon stay awake at night, even if only figuratively. The outside of his home was simple, as it was simply a hallowed out section of a massive tree trunk.

    Opening the door, the first thing one could see was wooden furniture, mostly padded with plants, some had evolved with soft leaves. This was also not decorated on the walls, so the hollowed color of the brown wood was still dominant, and some would argue overwhelming. For this reason, a carpet that was simple and blue sat on the floor. It appeared to be pretty dirty, mostly from people walking on it without caring to wipe off their feet. Jordon didn't much care. From the ceiling dropped natural, living vines that lit up the area with a blue-green glow. "Please, come in and make yourself comfortable."
  7. The luminous guide dipped her chin in a nod as the fellow gestured for her to follow. Back onto her tired feet she clambered, unlimbering the bowstave from her pack. Unstrung, it was usable as a walking-staff, though she didn't lean on it like she wanted to. Her eyes flitted to the abode the approached, set into one of the trunks of the great trees.

    Sara's free hand brushed the living wood as she strode through the doorway. "Thank you for your hospitality," Said the girl, as she picked a spot along the wall. She slid down it, and crossed her legs beneath it. Across her knees came her bowstave, and her hands moved to her bare feet, to massage softly the aching soles. "I was paid very well to guide you." Spoke the girl, abruptly. Her social graces were somewhat lacking.

    "I would like to know why a city man would need a Walker for the sort of duration that you seem to need. This is a much longer job than escorting you to another one of the holds."
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