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  1. "Protobiota selenensis" - Before life, from the moon


    ON the twentieth of July in the year 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set the soles of their space suits' boots on the moon's dusty floor. Upon their return to Earth, something odd and alive was found on those soles...

    Tardigrades. Microscopic, eight-legged animals that supposedly thrive on wet environments. They're also supposedly of terrestrial origin.

    And nothing's supposed to survive the inhospitable emptiness of space.

    The tardigrades were brought to a secret research facility beneath Nevada, called the Archangel Research Facility. There, the tardigrades were observed. They seemed normal from both an anatomical and physiological perspective, functioning like, well, proper tardigrades. However, when scientists looked at the chemical structure of their cells and organs, scientists found something weird: everything was jumbled up. Lipids on where proteins were supposed to be, carbs on where nucleic acids were supposed to be, and heck, even a genetic code that was completely different from regular DNA (with twelve different nucleobases for a genetic alphabet!). A completely alien species of animal, with a macroscopic system homologous to terrestrial tardigrades.

    But the discovery of the microscopic E.T.s was not the true miracle.


    ON the first of March in the year 1973, the Archangel Research Facility went into total lockdown, losing all contact with the outside world. No evacuations were recorded to have been held before the lockdown. All records pertaining to the facility were kept under twelfth level classification, and the facility was deemed "totally corrupted": the lockdown was to be permanent and greatly enforced...


    EDEN: Chapter One - The Lockdown


    IT is the fifteenth of February in the year 1973. Liaison offices are being established between China and the United States. Pink Floyd is about to release their eighth album, The Dark Side of The Moon. The Watergate scandal continues to be unraveled. Audiences across America continue to enjoy Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather. And you, you're all stuck under here, at the "Archangel Research Facility" (as the 'foreigners' call it) working on something codenamed "EDEN". You don't know what it is, where it came from, or even what its codename stands for; all you know is that it is something related to Chemistry. Or Biology. Or Combat. Or Plumbing. Or hell, even the Liberal Arts. Whatever your field of work in this facility is.

    Well, that, and the fact that it's something found on samples taken from every moon landing ever done, from Apollo 11 to Apollo 17. So, you know, it's probably nothing you should be spooked by, something you should think about too much...

    And besides, look at your bank account: money's flowing into it like iced tea from a pitcher. A bottomless pitcher. A bottomless pitcher with medical coverage, plus additional academic and security-related benefits, with bonus access to a government-maintained nuclear bomb shelter in case of shit-fanning.

    But still. There are rumors from the informed higher-ups that it's something big and dangerous. Mutants, poisonous gases, radiation, the sick-bay slowly turning into a morgue; they may just be rumors, but they're definitely consistent in their ominousness. Maybe you should do something about it... Say, some investigating?

    Or maybe some escaping...

    -You can't leave. No, the place hasn't gone on lockdown [yet], it just ain't yer leave-time yet. So, once again, you can't leave the facility. The only taste of daylight you'll have for most of this adventure is the facility's solar, a special chill-out room/food production/energy production area for the facility.
    -No loners. Loners don't work well in research facilities like this!
    -No "saboteurs". You wouldn't have been hired by the government if there was even a hint of suspiciousness in your background.
    -Limit your anachronisms. Assume that the only things these scientists are advanced in in terms of tech are better electron microscopes, slightly better computers, and better genetic engineering capabilities; no CDs, no USBs, no internet. Though this rp is set in a secret government research facility, the only thing that's confirmed to the scientists to be real out-of-this-world is EDEN.
    -There will be action. There will also be a lot of psychological tension and domestic intrigue. And, most importantly, science!
    -Post at least once a week, or be (something related to the plot that I don't think I could mention yet)!
    -And finally, common sense rules. No god-modding, no personal flaming, use your best grammar possible, and the like.

    CHARACTER SHEET: (Addressed to your character)
    Name: ...
    Appearance: Post a picture of yourself, then describe important physical characteristics of your character, like age, body-build, and whatever.
    Occupation: What's your job in the ARF? How did you get it? Why did you get it? What skills do you use in it? Do you have these skills, or not? (The job must not be high-ranking; you're not supposed to know much about EDEN)
    Motivation: Why did you take this job? And, more importantly, why would you want to survive it?

    Personality: What's your attitude in life? How do you act in trying to achieve your goals? Why do you have that strange smile on your face?
    Trouble: What hinders you the most? Why does it hinder you like that? (Make your trouble into something that'll affect not just you but also your prospective team mates)
    Reputation: How do your co-workers and higher-ups see you? How do you relate to them? Why do you relate to them like that?

    Off-Duty: What do you do in your spare time? Why do you do it? What skills have you acquired from this off-duty thing you do?

    Special Item: Something special, like a special gun or a picture of your newborn son, that empowers you, provides you with a unique asset/liability, or at least has a special story to tell about your life. It could be anything, as long as it's not something that's OP, inappropriate to your character, or anachronistic.

    (Optional) Little Story: A little story about yourself, just for our entertainment.


    Setting Notes (open)

    The ARF has twelve sectors, with each of them focusing on a field of study related to EDEN; what these fields of study are, none of the low-ranking personnel (including you, dear players) know. The sectors are autonomous of each other in terms of functioning, meaning each sector supplies itself with its own power, food, security, living quarters, and even sewage treatment. The only common structures within the facility are the main entrance, the master cesspit (wherein all of the wastes that could not be recycled or reprocessed go), the communications array (wherein all packages from the outside world are received, and all communiques to the outside world are transmitted), the executive offices, and the aforementioned solar (the food and energy produced there are for the common areas).

    The sectors, however, are not wholly separate from each other, and traffic between sectors is allowed and commonplace, with this traffic being facilitated by a system of hallways and manned trams. The sectors are laid out in a ring-shaped plan, with the first sector being due north, the other sectors following it clockwise from the top, and the common areas being either above or in the middle of the ring. The design is so to make the facility easy to both navigate through and quarantine in case of problems.

    Technical Details (open)

    On energy production: Energy for each sector is produced by each sector's respective nuclear reactors, all of which are located on special bunkers deep below the facility. The mass of earth between the reactors and the main facility provide enough of a bulwark for the facility in case of nuclear meltdown, and this mass may only be traversed via a system of elevators.

    On food and water production: Each sector has its own set of underground farms, growing mostly plant-based food via hydroponic systems. Little animal-based food is actually grown for the facility; most meat and meat-based products are imported from the outside world. Water, meanwhile, is collected from systems of aquifers and rain-catchers which are once again grouped for each sector. The farms are located near the top portions of the sectors; the water collection facilities, meanwhile, are aligned with the water table lines.

    On sewage treatment: Most sewage in the facility is recycled and reprocessed into materials needed by the facility; however, some, like wastes coming directly from the experimentation chambers, may not, and are instead deposited into the aforementioned "mass cesspit", which is found in the mass of earth between the nuclear reactors and the facility proper. The treatment plants themselves are located at the bottom ends of the facility proper.

    On air: Air is pumped directly from the surface via special vents which are once again controlled sectorally; these air-control stations are found at various places within each sector.

    On living quarters and entertainment: Low-ranking personnel such as you players bunk in dormitories, with each room housing about four people. Low-ranking officials, meanwhile, are bunked in rooms for two; high-ranking officials live in special apartments. All of these living quarters are located fairly close to each other, near the top and center of the facility. Food is distributed via cafeterias located near the living quarters; entertainment systems, such as dancehalls, arcades, cinemas, and literary libraries, are located near the solar.

    On security and maintenance systems: Fire, medical, judicial, external-threat, and maintenance controls are located at various wards scattered throughout the facility, with their main offices and whatnot being found at the center.

    On book-keeping: Various archives are located in wards scattered throughout the facility, with their main offices and whatnot being found at the center. These archives usually contain both information regarding specific experiments done in the facility, and general information on science and whatnot.

    On experimentation: Most experiments are held on various small laboratories scattered throughout the facility; however, some experiments require dealing with materials and forces on larger scales, and so have larger laboratories which are located near the sewage treatment facilities of the sectors.

    On administration: Low-ranking administrative offices are scattered throughout the facility; more central, higher-ranking administrative positions find their offices near the living quarters.

    Issues (open)

    On the issue of pets: Only officials are allowed to bring pets into the facility.

    On the issue of family: Family members that are not personnel are not allowed into the facility[, except on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day xD].

    On the issues of race, gender, and sexuality: There are no restrictions on race or gender within the facility. Sexuality, however, is another issue, and honestly admitting to being non-heterosexual generally leads to outcasting and even expulsion.

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  2. Looks interesting. I haven't had chance to read it all yet but its got more thought put into it than most virus/ alien/ parasite /whatever things.
  3. Do take note that the whole thing ain't finished. I've still a few more details to put in with regards to the setting, namely the facility's layout and the important people within the facility. But I guess there's enough up there to start something running. And boy, do I wish this happens to take off.

    Without anyone bringing it down mid-game, that is.
  4. Name: Desurim
    Showing obvious signs of aging he has hair hair and an increasing amount of wrinkles. Average height of 6"" with around 200lbs giving him the start of what would be a belly from prolonged sitting.
    Occupation: A biochemist by trade he specializes in the the human body but was surprised to receive an invite to join the new project EDEN and study what was listed as "Never before seen events" which immediately striked his interest. Desurim has been near the top of his field for his breakthroughs in identifying and isolating a cross-species pathogen found in cows and various other livestock.
    Motivation: Living as a scientist performing acts that both save and improve lives has put him in a situation where he feels superior to most average people and feels as though it is his responsibility to try and lead new projects forward not caring much of his own personal life that he never created.

    Personality: Calm and analytical he tries to understand how things work before wondering why something acts the way it does.
    Trouble: Time isolating himself into his studies has left him unskilled in dealing with people. He sees them as both inferior but tries to hide that fact and never understands the motivations or wills of people around him causing him to get into arguments frequently over small things.
    Reputation: Although respected for his quality work no one see eye to eye on a personal level and try to keep conversation to a low except on a professional level.

    Off-Duty: Reading is the most common way he passes the time always looking reports from other scientists or the odd science fiction novel he happens to find.

    Special Item: Years of confinement in lab situations and exposure to all sort of virus' and other hazards has left him with an increased immune system allowing him to be somewhat immune to lesser diseases and causing slower growth of more advanced ones inside his system.
  5. @Bryce325:

    About your special item, if your field was Biochem and you got exposed to viruses and other biohazards in your job to that degree, then you'd be two things. First, you'd be seen as sloppy by most of your colleagues, which is a good reason for the government to not hire you in a project like this. Second, you'd be dead, as the immune system... well, it's a bit more complicated than that...

    Anyway, I guess it's a good special item, just the reason for it has to be different. Say, your character was... well, immune because of some sort of genetic advantage? And try to narrow down your field of biohazard immunity. Instead of "viruses and other hazards", try just viruses or other things. It'd be somewhat unfair if you were immune to a whole host of biohazards besides viruses.

    Oh, and on a science-y note, instead of "immune to lesser diseases and causing slower growth of more advanced ones", a somewhat more realistic advantage would be "faster immune response" - you still get sick, just not as bad and not as long. But you don't really have to expound on it like this.
  6. I think I might actually have to change the starting date from the 22nd to something like the 15th... It feels kinda unrealistic to have the EDEN do its thing in just one week.

    Addendum: Changed the starting date to February 15
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  7. Oh, I'm guessing I'll have to put you all in certain sectors... Once everyone playing has posted their character sheets, I'll post/message you all about what sectors y're gonna be in.
    I'll be posting the profiles of certain important characters in the rp sometime soon (by soon, I'm hoping it'll be sometime this week, though my social life is kinda acting out (positively) this week, so that deadline may not happen). In the mean time, here are some more pictures of tardigrades! Aren't they awesome? The only animals who can live... in space!
    Fun times! (open)


    Up next, pictures of dust mites! Or maybe the heads of flies...
    Or worse, my Bio notes...
    Or even worse, my pictures of dissected cats....
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  8. I shall put up a CS ASAP.

    Lol, ARF.
    I immediately thought, "Lol, what a BARF" and then mentally laughed at my laaaaame joke.
  9. I'll be making an CS too! XD though on an off-topic note, your signature's from To The Moon! =^-^= Very fitting... And also one of my all-time favorite games o-o
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  10. I didn't notice that my sig, being from To The Moon, actually fit EDEN's theme... Lol. But yeah, it's my favorite video game ever, as it's the only game that ever made me really cry my heart out; the inspiration for the rp, however, is probably my Biology subjects, plus a bit of Portal, Half-Life, and BioShock.
  11. I did recognize a few themes from those too o-o anyways I shall keep working on my cs carefully :S
  12. Oy, I seem to have forgotten all about the NPCs' descriptions. I'll try posting something later this week. In the mean time, I suggest you make yer char. sheets!
  13. I'll wait until you've made yer tweaks on her before I make some comments.
  14. Just posting up my interest here. I will see what I can do about a CS.
  15. Posting interest.

    Saw the name of the research facility and I was like HEY that looks cool :P
  16. Name: Rebecca Hardy

    Occupation: Becky is a farmhand for one of the sectors. She was raised on a farm in Nevada and the Archangel Research Facility figured the local talent would be good enough for food production jobs.
    Motivation: Becky had been living on her parents' farm. She was raised Mormon and her parents were after her to find a man and start a family, but their nagging and hints just made the idea seem unbearable. Then saw an ad in the paper offering farm work at a government facility. The pay looked good, so she jumped at the chance to get out from under her parents' roof.

    Personality: Becky prefers action to careful planning. It's the difference between chasing a rabbit out of a garden and trying to figure out how it got through the fence. She lives in the present. Becky is sociable and willing to call anyone "friend" until they show themselves to be otherwise. She's from a small town where strangers didn't really exist.
    Trouble: Becky doesn't mind sharing responsibility, but she will get defensive if anyone implies that something was solely her fault. She can also be headstrong and is slow to accept leadership. This can put a strain on new friendships, though those who know her avoid pointing fingers or making demands.
    Reputation: Becky's superior likes the young farmhand. She's hard-working and knowledgeable. Her superior's superiors think nothing of the "hick from the sticks." The few people who farm alongside Becky find her upbeat attitude pleasant and her violin-playing delightful, though one scoffs at her poor understanding of cranberries.

    Off-Duty: In her off hours, Becky might play her violin or practice with her slingshot. She picked up the violin in middle school and played it through high school, mostly preferring to create toe-tapping fiddle music to gentler melodies. The slingshot has been her weapon of choice since she was a kid. Her older brothers were taught to use guns, but her mom was protected of her only daughter and insisted that Rebecca not be exposed to that. So Becky's dad taught her to use a slingshot, and she's become quite good at it. She also likes to make cheesecake, but hasn't had the chance to do so since starting her new job.

    Special Item: Becky's hat was a graduation gift to her from her grandparents. She still wears it when she works, though there isn't really a need to keep the sun off her face in the facility. She values the hat because it reminds her of her roots, which could be easy to lose sight of amidst so many city people.
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  17. I'll create a profile when I get home and read it fully. It looks neat!!
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