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  1. Welcome Back To School! :teacher:


    For years, the Gods have ruled Earth with an iron fist. Each and every person has been afraid of the Gods, serving them and praising them for all these years. However, as time went on, the Gods found it more and more difficult to deal with the stubbornness and stupidity that is humanity. Slowly but surely, the Gods lost their patience, and began snuffing out the lights of humanity one by one. This had to be stopped, who would the Gods have to rule over if humans became extinct? The mighty Zeus concocted a plan in order to save them. The entire continent of South America was to be destroyed, and so this is where Zeus sprang his plan into action.

    Just before the Gods unleashed their might upon the world, Zeus trapped them, forcing them all into the most horrifying place he could think of in order to learn about humans— High School.

    Zeus has now successfully drawn each and every God under him into his own world of Eden, where he can bend the weather at his will and change seasons in seconds. Gods of knowledge and wisdom govern these student gods, teaching them everything there is to know about humans.

    There are some things though that a God cannot just learn from a book, and that is emotion. Zeus anticipated this and plucked students from all over the world to "participate" in this event, and help teach the Gods about how to be human.

    All Gods are taken from their domain seemingly from nowhere. The students selected have been picked from their time and place all at once, and dropped into Eden, only to wake up to a new destiny.


    Welcome back to school! I do hope you enjoy your stay at Eden Academy. There are two choices you may make when creating a character type:

    • Human ~ You are a human, plucked off the face of the Earth and dropped straight into Eden Academy. Your mission is to get the Gods to understand what it means to be a human little by little, which means showing love, affection and emotion! You need to show the Gods why humans do what they do, let them experience what makes humans such important beings.
    • If you do not do successfully change a God within a year, you will be eliminated by Zeus, watch out!

    • God ~ You are a God, taken away from your comfortable life and forced into Eden Academy. Your mission is to learn and experience what it means to be a human, and appreciate humanity. Your powers have been restricted by Zeus, who placed a powerful charm (piece of jewelry of your choosing) on you and no matter how much you try, you can't get it off!
    • You may choose any God from any mythology, but there are requirements. All Gods must be humanoid and in teenage age range. All prior knowledge you have is kept, and on the inside your God is the same as before, just the outer appearance has changed.

    Keep in mind, girls and boys, no matter God or Human, are in separate dormitories. Each character is given their own room and wardrobe of clothing, as well as any reasonable accommodations. Living here is forced, but not uncomfortable. There is a student store that is willing to sell you anything you want for free, but it takes a day to come in unless it is food. Each thing you order from the student store will be processed, and approved before being given to your character.

    When your character arrives in Eden, you are wearing nothing but the clothing on your back. You start with nothing, no special items or anything. Jewelry is accepted, but nothing too crazy please. Also keep note that your character is a teenager, and laws will apply. This isn't just a free-for-all school, you are expected to make a character within reasonable limits of a normal teenager which means no tattoo's unless your character had some kind of specifically tragic past (A/N: Please don't be a douche bag.)

    This is a school, which means there is normal school rules. No smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. Any character seen with these by teachers or Zeus will be punished, and if I were you, I wouldn't want Zeus whippin' my butt! There is a curfew at 11 p.m. and any student caught out after hours will be punished. There is a night guard that patrols the campus at night, so be careful! (-wink wink-).

    Classes start at 7 a.m. and continue to 2 p.m. every day. Each student is expected to join a club (listed below) any student caught skipping school will be punished.

    Available Clubs To Join:

    • Astronomy
    • Art
    • Baking
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Black Magic
    • Business
    • Crafts
    • Calligraphy
    • Computer
    • Dance
    • Debate
    • Football
    • GSZA (Gay Straight Zombie Alliance)
    • Gardening
    • Math
    • Music
    • Otaku
    • Pottery
    • Reading
    • Religion
    • Science
    • Singing
    • Tea
    • Theatre
    • Video Gaming
    • Writing

    If there are any clubs you wish to make, ask your teacher. A minimum of three students are required to create a club.

    Character Sheet

    This is a character sheet, just for you! Fill it out, and post. Of course, you can make it however fancy you want, add whatever pictures to go with your character, just please don't take up half the damn page. Maximum of five characters.

    • Iwaku Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Gender:
    • (Human/God):
    • *Original Mythology (Norse, Greek, etc.):
    • Age (approx.):
    • *Height:
    • *Weight:
    • Appearance:
    • Hair Color:
    • Eye Color:
    • *Skin tone:
    • Personality:
    • *Lover/Mate:
    • *Special Skill (If you have any):
    • *Background:
    • *Extra:

    Everything marked with an * is optional, but it would help us to better understand your character if you gave us more information <3


    Here we are! Down to the rules.

    1. Do not be an asshole. I shouldn't have to say that, but just so people aren't bringing out of game fights into game. Keep drama out, this is a judgement free zone. Don't bully other players, or their characters, unless you make it clear it's your character, not you.

    2. No Gary/Mary Sues. That means your character cannot be liked by everybody, nor can your character like everybody. That is a frowned upon character trait.

    3. No god modding/over powered characters. Your character cannot be "good at everything" or have "every piece of equipment." Everyone has limits.

    4. Your character is like a newborn here when you start. You do not know other characters, unless previously agreed upon (and just to be clear, students are selected at RANDOM across the world.)

    5. Use Brackets for OOC ex. (( Hey im back)) Please do not have an excessive amount of OOC.

    6. We don't give a shit of you have language, or do mature things, just know that whatever you do, you're responsible for it. We have nothing to do with it.

    Used Gods

    This area is to write down all already selected gods. Gods cannot be repeated, so get what you want before someone else does!
    • Hades
    • Loki


    Hiya! I'm just here to talk! So, this is the official OOC chat, once enough characters are made, I will open up a new IC thread (how exciting!)

    My name is Aazy, and I will be your host this evening, and hopefully many evenings to come. I am online virtually 24/7, except for most likely the times between 4 a.m. and 12 p.m. Even I need sleep sometimes.

    I would love to help you with anything you need assistance with, or if you need me to check anything. I am always here to help! I am administrator with Elfie, who is awesome and knows much about computers. Elfie-sensei, teach me your ways~ (Just kidding. .-. )

    I also just like to chat sometimes ^-^ Jus' super saiyan. Hehehe!
    Goodbye for now my muse <3
  2. Iwaku Name: Elfie
    Character Name: Hades
    Gender: Male
    (Human/God): God
    *Original Mythology (Norse, Greek, etc.): Greek
    Age (approx.): 18
    *Height: 5'7
    *Weight: 158
    Appearance: He appears as a normal pale teenaged boy with black hair and a single blue stripe on his front bang. He has piercing blue eyes and pointed ears. He usually wears a black and grey beanie with a single grey skull on the forefront of it. His clothes usually are comprised of a normal black tee with yet another grey skull on it and a black hoodie that zips open and close. Black jeans and black converse. He's the god of death, why should he look happy?
    Hair Color: Black with a single neon stripe on the front of his hair.
    Eye Color: Blue
    *Skin tone: Pale
    Personality: "Give - no - fucks" attitude. He only truly cares about something if it directly benefits him to do so, or simply wants something fun to watch. Something fun for him would include the murder of small infants, clubbing baby seals, and watching people spontaneously combust.... But hey, high school drama? Close enough.
    *Lover/Mate: N/A
    *Special Skill (If you have any): Great drink mixer
    *Background: Lord of the underworld
    *Extra: He usually has his big black skull candy headphones on his head, if he is wearing them he's not listening to you, he's listening to music.

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    • Iwaku Name: Aazy
    (I had many a character model to choose from, but you know what? Why not make a more low-key classy Loki? Thats right, I went American/British for this.)
    • Character Name: Loki
    • Gender: Male
    • (Human/God): God
    • *Original Mythology: Norse
    • Age: 17
    • *Height: 5"11
    • *Weight: 162 lbs
    • Appearance: Wears darker charcoal-colored clothing. Usually a dark button-up shirt with tie, and a black overcoat, as well as dark grey pants. Black shoes. He always has a sort of serene look on his face, blissful, thoughtful, wise.
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Eye Color: Green
    • *Skin tone: Pale
    • Personality: Loki is more of a gentleman, and is not afraid to engage in conversation. Of course, he is a little different on the inside (crazy) but hey, who knows that...? ...yet. When keeping up public appearances, he is graceful and helpful. It's not often he snaps, because he doesn't have his powers. If he had his proper powers, he would trick you into dying, but now all he can really do is go bat-shit crazy and kill you. Not that he will. He's a tricky fellow, be careful while talking to him because you never know how he might steer the conversation to his advantage.
    • *Lover/Mate: N/A (ho-hum? <3 )
    • *Special Skill: He is very persuasive...
    • *Background: Loki is best known by either being the Norse God of mischief, or the Norse God of fire. If you really want to know more about him, have a link. Loki
    • *Extra: Loki is the type of person who desperately needs to attend this school.

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    • Iwaku Name: Mandapanda_69
    • Character Name: Athena
    • Gender: Girl
    • (Human/God): Goddess
    • *Original Mythology (Norse, Greek, etc.): Greek
    • Age (approx.): 25
    • *Height: 5'4"
    • *Weight: 120
    • Appearance: She likes to wear light dresses that are easy to maneuver in. She wears gold gladiator sandals and wears her hair a bun most of the time. She has a way of walking that makes her seem as though she thinks she is higher then everybody, when in truth she just like how long her neck looks and how graceful she looks.
    • Hair Color: Dirty blonde
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • *Skin tone: Pale
    • Personality: She has a very strong and stable demeanor, she is the goddess of wisdom so she is very knowledgeable about many things. She isn't to fond of her siblings, well the rambunctious ones. She is sweet and helpful, she also wants to help improve the relations with humans (she is willing herself to believe that she wants to help them). So she is taking great care in teach the students. She disagrees with some of her brother Zeus' views.
    • *Lover/Mate: N/A
    • *Special Skill (If you have any): Very knowledgeable and logical. Great at Scrabble
    • *Background: She didn't agree with Zeus on caging the Gods but being the loyal sister she is decided to go along with his plan.
    • *Extra: She is a teacher (Pre-approved by admin).
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