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  1. Fandom Plots + Pairings
    I've also posted this in the one[x]one sign-up page since all pairings and plots can be Libertine or not

    Arrow [Oliver x Laurel]
    (Your Character) Oliver Queen has recently come back from the island he was trapped on for five years a changed man. His body is covered in scars and unbeknownst to the world, he is now the vigilante known as 'The Arrow'. He has taken it upon himself to stop the criminals of Starling City with his bow 'n arrow. (My Character) Laurel Lance has always wanted to become a lawyer, and now that she's made it to the DA's office, she's saddened to learn that it isn't as free from corruption as she thought. Using her position to learn of all the dark happenings within Starling City, Laurel takes it upon herself to begin training to become the Black Canary. Can Starling City handle two vigilantes? What happens when two people who have been friends for years discover each other's true identities?
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D [Skye x Ward] & [Fitz x OC]
    1. Grant Ward (your character) has been a prisoner of Phil Coulson for the past few months, and the new Director has asked Skye (my character) to interrogate him on a number of occasions. This has led to the two of them reigniting their feelings for one another, but neither one of them have been able to admit it for fear of what the rest of the team will think. After their hub is found by HYDRA and all but destroyed, the team must separate and through some twist of fate, Skye and Ward end up paired together.
    2. After almost being killed by Ward, Fitz (your character) hasn't been the same. Barely able to utilize the brain and intellect he prided himself on for so many years has been frustrating, so much so that after Simmons' departure, he's taken to speaking to himself. In an attempt to help Fitz get over Simmons and give him to confidence to work through his mental hinderances, Phil Coulson gives him an assignment; he is to infiltrate a HYDRA base with one of Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D recruits, (my character) Abigail Maine. But like everything that includes HYDRA, things don't go exactly to plan and the pair of them find themselves trapped without an extraction plan.
    In the Flesh: Kieran x Simon
    Haven: Audrey/Mara x Nathan
    Sailor Moon: Serena x Darien
    Vampire Diaries: Elena x Damon / Elena x Stefan / Caroline x Klaus / Hayley x Elijah / Tyler x OC / Luke x Male OC
    OUAT: Emma Swan x Captain Hook / Prince Charming x OC / Mad Hatter x OC
    Marvel: Steve Rogers x (Young, Modern) Peggy Carter / Bucky x Steve / Fitz x Ward
    American Horror Story: Jimmy Darling x OC
    Arrow: Oliver x Helena, Oliver x Felicity / Ray Palmer x Felicity
    The Flash: Barry x Male OC

    Original Plots + Pairings
    The Fall of Stardom [18+]
    Lyra Steele has been in the music industry since the age of thirteen. Her parents were in a band together and have been labelled the king and queen of country music. Many expected Lyra to follow in her parents' footsteps and dominate country, but she decided to enter into pop music. With a number album and two number one singles, Lyra couldn't be doing better; until her previous boyfriend releases an intimate tape they had made together. Since Lyra's audience is comprised of teenagers age 13-16, her label deems her unfit to manage and she is dropped. Forced to join a start up since no other label will touch her, Lyra thinks that her career is over: until her new manager decides to pair her within a thriving indie band in hopes of opening Lyra up to a new crowd.
    Secrets, Lies and Magical Wars [Medieval, Fantasy]
    Alistair Montgomery is a noble. Heir to a vast amount of land and wealth, many would seek to manipulate and use him for their own gain. Women attempt to gain wealth and power and men seek to act as parasites to his reputation. But beneath the smiles and elegance that is the Montgomery family is a dark secret: their only son is gay. Alistair enjoys late night dalliances and secret meetings but after the Queen of Staraptor stumbles up him with the prince, he is banished with his personal title and assets stripped. It is after travelling for days in an attempt to create a new life for himself that he stumbles across a ferocious and merciless mercenary, who is harboring a secret of his own. Managing to convince the mercenary to train him in the art of fighting, it seems that Alistair harbors a dormant magical ability that allows him to see the desires of others. On this journey they will both discover things about themselves that they couldn't have suspected as well as find themselves in the center of an age old war between the nobles of Staraptor and the hidden magical community.
    Witch x Warlock [gory, murder, torture]
    Intern x Businessman / Boss [dude on dude, angst, hidden agenda, small age difference]
    College student x College Student [dude on dude, secret romance, reluctance, angst]
    Shield Maiden/Valkyrie x Warrior / Soldier / Mercenary [gore, romance, combat]
    Superhero x Superhero [dude on dude, combat, angst]
    Fantasy Race x Human / Fantasy Race [combat, angst, dude on dude or hetero]
  2. I'm interested in doing the Tyler/OC TVD rp (as the OC), College student/College student and the Fantasy race/Human rps :) I have no preference
  3. I was hoping to play the F in a hetero pairing. I don't mind doing a dude on dude college pairing; but I'm not into doms and subs. I prefer playing just ordinary guys who like guys, and the same with my partner. If that's okay? :)
  4. oh we can do the fantasy race/human then :) I don't mind being a guy at all