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    Eclipse Phase is a game of transhuman scifi, Lovecraftian horror and spy intrigue. The game is set ten years after Earth was destroyed by renegade AIs known as the TITANs. This event, known as the Fall, pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Then, for reasons known only to then, the TITANS just.. vanished. However, the remaining human population has a kind of immortality thanks to technology that allows us to convert minds to computer data and upload into new bodies. As long as your mind is kept on a server, and you're keeping up with your life insurance premiums, death isn't that big a deal.

    Eclipse Phase has a whole bunch of different factions butting heads in the solar system. The inner system is dominated by the Planetary Consortium, a conglomeration of hypercorporations centered on Mars, while out past the main Belt things get weirder, with the Jovian Republic, the Titanian Commonwealth and all kinds of anarchists, isolates and Scum (think mad scientist-gypsies) floating around. But above all those other factions is Firewall, a secret conspiracy assembled after the Fall.

    The goal of Firewall is simple - to keep another Fall from happening and stop humanity from toppling over the brink into oblivion. Agents of Firewall, called Sentinels, are recruited from all known factions and can be all kinds of people. They can be criminals or soldiers, hackers or politicians, engineers or pilots. This broad draw is as much a weakness as a strength, as Firewall has no official power to protect itself, being simply a group of like-minded individuals who all agree that humanity's continued existence is a better priority than petty factional squabbles.

    So, that's the general setting out of the way. Now for the more specific plot I have in mind: Firewall has recently determined it has a leak. An operation on Luna went horribly wrong, killing and exposing a large number of Firewall agents. Suddenly weakened in the inner system, Firewall has assembled a new cell to the Scum ship With Sharp Flames to make up for the loss of manpower... and to ferret out the mole.

    EP's a big setting, though, so there are lots of other potential concepts for a game.


    Ego Vs Morph is a really important distinction to make in Eclipse Phase. Your ego is your mind, which is basically a computer program running "human-mind.exe". Your morph is your body - and your morph is NOT you. You might not even have one. Your ego is stored in a part of your morph called a cortical stack; think a hard drive made of diamond, about the size of a grape, in the base of your skull. So long as that can be salvaged from your corpse and put in a new body, you're not dead! Morphs can be robotic or organic - organic ones are favored and synthmorphs tend to have social stigmas attached to them - and the organic ones might not even be human. Morphs can be modified and upgraded, traded and sold, and they're a hugely in-demand commodity following the Fall. And since humanity hasn't invented faster-than-light travel yet, traveling long distances basically means leaving your morph behind and emailing your ego to another planet, with another body waiting.

    Forking is the process of simply making a copy of your ego and putting it in another body, so that there are two "yous" running around. Alpha forks are exact copies, while beta, delta and gamma forks are inferior copies, with fewer of your skills, memories and personality traits intact. People often make forks to be in two places at once and then reintegrate to get their memories; this can be a slightly disturbing experience so most people don't fork for longer than a day or so. Also, since many people actually don't HAVE bodies it's considered poor taste to hog up a body you don't really need.

    Nanofabrication basically means using nanotechnology to turn a lump of boring base elements into delicious food or awesome guns, using dedicated machines called fabbers. Such technology is a huge point of contention in EP's politics. The inner system economy runs on traditional capitalism, which means stuff needs to have scarcity and value for money to make sense. As a result, the corps TIGHTLY control nanofab tech with DRM, one-use blueprints and watertight IP laws. In the outer system, however, the tech is open source and there are a number of factions that advocate using non-capitalist economies with free access to nanofab tech.

    Rep is the cornerstone of those outer system economies and it does see some use in the inner system, though not as much. Rep is short for reputation and it works as a kind of social currency. Your social networks each have a different rep attached to it - for instance, anarchists use @-rep while media types use f-rep - and shows your esteem and standing in a group. The higher your rep, the better those people like you. You can use that rep to buy favors from that group and earn rep by doing favors. On the other hand, doing something to anger that network will lose you rep.
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  2. You got one interested fellow here.
  3. Great! Do you have a concept in mind?
  4. Aye. Anything where you can play as a cyborg octopus is cool in my books.
  5. JUST a cyborg octopus? You know, there's a Takko synthmorph which is a full robot octopus.

    Alternatively, sun-whales.
  6. I'll be joining too.
  7. I should also point out, Nobody, that EP literally has an octopus mafia. They are called the Hidden Concern and they are AWESOME.
  8. I'm definitely interested. The call of the octopus is strong.
  9. I should point out my experience with EP is minimal, if that.

    What is the limit on 'morphs'?

    Basically, how crazy can you get with them?
  10. I'll join, if there's room. The ideas are flowing >=D
  11. That's a simple question with a slightly longer answer.

    Morphs are mostly humanoid in size and shape, but there are some exceptions. For example, uplift morphs are basically just animals with bigger brains and bodies, as well as some genetic engineering that makes them a bit more suitable for day-to-day work. Other strange morphs include swarmanoids (thing a swarm of cloud-computing microbots) or flexbots (modular robotic forms). You can sleeve (put your ego into) bigger things like vehicles or even habitats, but generally those things are too big and complicated for one mind to handle. For instance, a Fenris morph is basically a tank but because it has tons of stuff you actually need SIX minds in there. Morphs often come with mods to handle their intended environment, such as Rusters which are used to live on Mars, or Bouncers, which have hand-feet to get around in microgravity.

    Also, because morphs are pretty expensive to buy or mod, you mostly have one that just fits your day-to-day needs. For example, you're not going to have a combat model unless you're a career soldier. Most people are in morphs called Splicers; those are basically humans with the shitty stuff like genetic diseases stripped out, basic biomods that make our immune systems better and reduce the need for sleep, and with a cortical stack put in. Most people also have mesh inserts, which are basically what allow you to surf the mesh (internet) with your brain. Mods are the same kind of idea - you can get some crazy stuff but they cost cash and why would you need a nanoswarm hive in your body if you're a file clerk?

    A good metaphor I like to use is think of your morph like a car. Most people have one and it's pretty central to your daily life, but most people don't have F1s or nitro boost. Most people buy for comfort and usefulness rather than top mileage. And if you break it, that's more of a financial issue than anything.

    Finally, there's a social issue attached to bodies. Because of that whole AI singularity apocalypse thing, people don't like being surrounded by robots. There are for categories of morph, with different social connotations. The top of the pile is biomorphs, purely organic bodies; these are more expensive and socially considered 'better' than the others. Next there are synthmorphs, purely mechanical bodies; these are primarily used for labor jobs and are considered 'working class' so to speak. Third, there are pods, which are kind of like the T-800, mechanical core surrounded by artificial flesh and used for similar purposes. Synthmorphs and pods are cheaper than biomorphs, but make people uncomfortable... Finally there are infomorphs, which are when you literally don't have a physical form and your mind just exists in a cyberspace; most people aren't willingly infomorphs.

    Oh yeah, and some places prefer different types of morph. Like, if you walk into a Scum swarm wearing an unmodded body, everyone's going to know you're new there. But if you walk down the street on Mars wearing something with twenty phalli extruding from every orifice and each tipped with a plasma rifle, you're going to also stand out as 'does not belong here'

    Anyway, lots of people seem interested in this so I'll get to work on the OOC.
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  12. Eclipse Phase? Knowledge of glorious Uplifted Octopus mafia?

    Hello, /tg/. Good to have you here.

    You planning on using the tabletop rules for this outing, or are you just gonna run this thing freeform?
  13. Sup.

    Freeform for the most part. Don't want to scare people off with math, at least not at first. Going to be keeping track of rep though.
  14. Probably for the best; Eclipse Phase is pretty number crunchy, though the Transhuman splat did alleviate that somewhat.

    Just so you are aware, though, we added a dice roller to the forum a while back. You know, for dice and the rolling of them. You can get access to it by hitting the More Options tab on any posts you make.

    Just in case you fancy running something more tabletop-ish at a later date.
  15. Yeah, I have seen it. But Eclipse Phase is already DENSE with new info just for the setting (part of what I love about it) but throwing new rules for that kind of thing etc is just going to make the barrier for entry even more intimidating.

    Also, if this turns into Everyone Is Octomorphs or the Octopus Godfather (Godtopus?), I am totally aroused fine with that. It's already Space Burn Notice in my head so things are already pretty awesome. How more awesome can we make it?

    Thread is up!
  16. I found it kinda made Character Creation a whole lot less stressful, personally. Basically instead of NUMBERS: THE HEAD-ACHING, Transhuman let you build a character through a package purchase system. Or through a Life Path system (sorta like Traveller, if you've ever played that).
  17. Oh yeah, I've used both alternate systems from Transhuman and I agree that they're far superior to the bean-counting of the old way. When I ran EP with my tabletop group, it's what I use for them because otherwise a new player joins and it's like "Okay guys, time for seven hours of petty arithmetic!"
  18. Right, reading it, ill see about getting something up later tonight/Early Tommorow

    I like the look of the Scum.
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