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    Hello all! I've had an idea for a group Fairy Tail Fandom rp for awhile now and finally decided to see if others would be intrigued as well! I dont have all the details figured out yet, I'm mostly waiting to see if theres enough interest first. But here is the jist.

    It will be set in a semi-AU (alternate-universe) from the original anime. We would be playing as members from a recently formed guild, Eclipse. Fairy Tail and all the rest still exist, but they wont be apart of this rp. While FT is busy with another threat, Eclipse is faced with they're own enemy. Someone has unleashed a long since forgotten airborne plague on the land. Its victims first suffer from persistent migraines, then they start losing they're senses one by one, after that comes organ failure, then eventually death. Overall the plague takes 4 days to 1 week (depending on they're physical health) to kill someone from the moment they're infected. Whats truly scary is it only effect Wizards, non-magical humans seem unaffected by this deadly plague.

    Nobody has figured out a cure yet and the disease keeps spreading. A group suspects its the work of a mysterious organization known for being anti-magic/anti-wizard. With the fate of Fiore on the line and Fairy Tail dealing with they're own problems. Eclipse is called upon to find this organization known as The Crusade, and find the cure for this formidable plague. A plague now named "The Heartless Plague".

    With the lives of all Wizards/Magical-Creatures on the line, will Eclipse prevail or will Fiore fall?​
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  2. If you get it up, shoot me a link! I want in :3
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  3. OHO!

    Are Dragon Slayers allowed?
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  4. Yes but there will be a limit depending on how many players join =) God Slayers too but no Devil Slayers, too OP.
  5. Interest here, too! Shoot me a link as well if you get it up! :D
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  6. I've heard of Devil Slayers but I'm still confused about the main difference between them and other Slayers.

    Anyways, I think I'll reserve a Water Dragon Slayer.
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  7. They're currently being introduced in the most recent anime episodes. Pretty much they're scary strong.

    Ok will do! =)
  8. I'd be interested as well!
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  9. Interested!
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  10. Awesome! I think this is enough interest, I'll get to work on the OOC and give ya'll the link when its up =D Thanks for your interest!
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  11. Sweet! Can't wait
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  12. Ooh, I love fairy tail, though I didn't get very far into the massive bulk of stuff. The last thing I remember watching is when they fight the guys who want to activate Nirvana.
  13. i'd be interested if this is still on
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