Ecinev Wen

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It had been a very good century for Thade Ilev. After pitting the entire world against itself, he had enough time to implement his plan, calling forth a terrible entity of unbelievable power... it was the greatest day of his life. The day when the sky darkened, fear washed like a tidal wave across the populace, and gods simply vanished from existence. The day would have been better, had he succeeded. Quickly destroyed by the eldritch abomination, he was not around to see a group of heroes seal the creature, thereby saving the world.

The damage, however, had been done. Multiple gods had died, and the previously-escalating war that raged worldwide had broken the world from it's previously-medieval loop. Once upon a time, men and women died by the virtues of blade and magic. Now, new ways of doing things have begun to emerge. Technology... machines. Once created solely for war, the technology is slowly becoming utilitarian, though hostilities abound, left over from the war.

Gods weren't the only things to die. Entire races perished under the existence of the horrible monstrosity that had been summoned. Plants and animals warped, mutated by it and the decay of the pantheon. Cults rose and fell faster than any adventuring party could deal with. Civilizations turned to ruin, some without a single memory of it's existence. Horrors, spawns of the summoned creature, roam the waters... alongside the water's originally dangerous populace.

It's up to you, Hero.


Setting: 'Ecinev Wen' is a world made mostly of water... it has no magma core. Instead, water pressure and tidal movement keeps the planet together, along with it's core of ice and rock. While land can be found jutting from the water, the planet only has two continents... three, counting the one made of ice. The first, "Aeon", lies in the equator of the world... it is hot and muggy, with a myriad of bugs and diseases. The second, "Eidolon", is the largest of the three continents (taking up forty percent of the world's surface area). It has a variety of environments, and is the most heavily populated area. The final continent, simply known as "Force", is a land of chaos, mist, monsters, and snow. It is the dangerous place where Thade had summoned the creature ment to destroy the world, and where said creature still lies sealed.


Religions: While it is not required to have a religion, a number of cults exist. There are benefits for being in a particular Cult, and it can provide a useful 'guide' to determine character action and attitude. No cult is globally opposed to any other cult.

-The Cult of True Glory: Revering the three surviving gods of goodness, the Cult of True Glory acts guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against precepts such as rules or tradition. For them, doing good and repairing the wounded state of the world are the truest forms of righteousness. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer inner conflict - they simply do the right thing. Very few do this without accepting reward, but these are very, very few - the reward can be used to strengthen oneself, aiding others.

-The Cult of Mortal Destiny: While originally called the 'Cult of Mortal Dominion', the practitioners of this cult found that serving the old gods of evil didn't quite give them what they wanted, so they abandoned them. Followers of this cult do not believe in the continued divinity of the gods - after all, if they can be killed, how much 'god' are they? Many are concerned solely with personal gain, but a good few are concerned with the prolonged livelihood of the mortal races.

-The Cult of Unyielding Kings: By far the most militant cult, these individuals see the use of technology and metal - finding it more enthralling than the magic and spellplay of old, and are trying their damnedest to prove technology is superior to magic, even going as far as to make items that 're-create' magical abilities through technology. Mostly made up of war veterans and fighters, a few 'enlightened' spellcasters who have given up their spellwork make up it's members. Oddly, the cult boasts the highest amount of sentient undead of any other cult, probably due to it's founder - a famous death knight referred to as 'Doctor Carnage'.

-The Cult of Erratic Sensation: At once the most peaceful and unpredictable of cults, they're also known as 'The Cult of Lunatics'. The entire cult seems 'touched' in that they go forth, looking for new sensations, new... everything, really. They're out to climb the mountain 'just because it's there', swim out to a buoy in the water 'just to see if they can', and go out and adventure 'because there's nothing exciting to do here'. Lovers of nature, fine wine, art, and magic. They'd be more interested in machines if they were prettier... or did something amusing.


Rules of Creation:
Level 3.
32 Point Buy.
4,800 starting gold.
Books Allowed in Character Creation: Core Rules, Complete Series, Encyclopedia Arcane/Divine, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Iron Kingdoms Player's Guide, Book of Exalted Deeds (Note: I WILL be using Book of Vile Darkness, Elder Evils, and Lords of Madness for villainy, as well as homebrew material), Races series, Savage Species, Frostburn, Stormwrack, Cityscape, Dungeonscape, Spell Compendium, Draconomicon, Heroes of Horror, Oriental Adventures, Player's Handbook II, and Libris Mortis.

As a Note: Even if the book is allowed, I might not allow all of the material within. Parts of the game will tip towards the 'horror' side of things, what with eldritch horrors and spooky settings... and though most of the game will have the players acting as... well, adventurers... it's hard to scare a character who's character has pretty much created an invincible beastie. As well, on account of this being an 'altered fantasy' world, some races will not be accepted (though all core races are fine).