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  1. Name: Sice/Six [The Sixth Child of Group Heart]
    Age: 17
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 176 lbs (Average)

    Personality: Quiet; Paranoid; Withdrawn; Anxious. Struggles to converse and interact with others - there are very few he's actually capable of speaking with. Most assume he's rebellious due to the fact he doesn't always immediately respond or do as he's told, but in all truth he tends to be caught up in his own thoughts.

    History: Like all others from his group, Six is apart of the 3rd Wave of Subjects [Group Heart, being named after the Suits of Playing Cards]. The only thing he knows is his experiences in the Facility.

    Ability - Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate fire.

    Other: Due to his frequent zoning out that caused him to be seen as 'rebellious' and his paranoia causing him to stray away from the other subjects, the scientists found it fitting to theme his 'appearance' around a more 'punk' or 'gothic' style. Purely for their own amusement.​
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  2. Bree.jpg
    Name : Bree / Three {Third of Group of Heart}
    Age : 17
    Hair : Brown and curly, down to the middle of her back
    Eyes : Brown
    Height : 5'0''
    Weight : 102 lbs {small, petite frame}

    Personality : She's an independent girl, with a strong will and a mindset to do the best she can. She's rather impatient and unbelievably curious, probably two of her biggest faults. She has a big heart and tries to do the best for others, sometimes ending up as more of a doormat that others take advantage of than anything. Due to living her entire life in the facility she is somewhat naive.

    Ability : Telekinesis - the ability to move and control matter with the mind.
  3. The silence was deafening.

    Sitting in a 5-by-7 room with white walls on every side was Sice, wearing a plain black t-shirt and black sweatpants. His void gaze was focused on the white wall across from him. He was as far away from the door as he possibly could be, as usual. With his legs folded beneath him, he didn't move - he was as stationary as a statue. Yet, while his body was immobile, his mind was racing.

    He had done it again; he had rebelled. Or rather, he didn't, but he was too nervous to do anything. It was a simple task - destroy the test dummy. But such a simple task could have dire consequences. What if he threw a fireball and the ensuing explosion caused everything to catch on fire? What if the entire Facility burnt down because of him? What if everyone died?

    No, fireballs were too dangerous. What if he used his hands as flamethrowers? No, even worse.

    There were too many variables - too many ways things could possibly go wrong. What if he lost control again and injured the scientists? Surely they'd think he was attempting to escape, right? And then they'd punish him. And that was never nice.

    "Six!" The deep, booming voice cut through his thoughts and the paranoid teen looked up with his usually glassy expression in his eyes. It was clear to the Overseer of Group Heart that Sice, as usual, wasn't all there. At least not mentally. It was an unfortunate defect, but if they could do something about his inability to pay attention for extended periods of time, perhaps they'd be able to find use of him.

    But they couldn't be sure of that - no one really knew how his mind worked, and it was best to be safe. They had considered drugs, but during the testing phase his powers became... Unstable, to say the least.

    "Get up." The Overseer said, the man ordered. He was former military, born and raised for it. His form, so bulky and firm in comparison to Sice's more slim frame made that clear. He was, like all other Overseers, wearing some overpriced suit that he hated, yet he knew it was a requirement. The suit, in comparison to Sice's attire, established a subconscious hierarchy between the two.

    Immediately complying with the man's order, the teen forced himself to stand, his hands instinctively going into his pockets while he seemed to slouch over slightly, his eyes going to the ground before focusing on the man's shoes. They were immaculate, as usual. Sice could only wonder how much time and effort was spent into keeping such simple footwear so clean and shiny.

    "You were being rebellious, again?" The Overseer inquired while folding his arms and Sice flinched.

    How was he supposed to answer? He wasn't being rebellious - he was being cautious. He had to weigh the options. What if things didn't go as planned down to the smallest detail? It'd be bad and he'd have to pay the price for it.

    "Answer me, Six!" He yelled again.

    "The observers were too close. I couldn't properly calculate the splash damage. I would have suffered no injuries naturally but there was a chance they would have and if they would have I would have been in trouble." The words poured from his mouth like a faucet that's knob had been turned all the way, to the point his lips were practically a blur.

    "I see." The Overseer said, rubbing his chin. It would be pointless to punish the Subject for inaction - everyone knew he was a paranoid little runt, and further punishment would probably serve to only enhance that paranoia. "Very well, then. Return to your quarters and we'll sort this out at a later date." The man said before stepping aside, his gaze practically burning a hole through Sice's chest.

    Sice, was confused though. And immediately suspicious. Why was he being let off the hook without punishment? Why wasn't he being torn into verbally? The Overseer should have been furious, shouldn't he? Sice had disobeyed a direct order from his betters, so naturally he should have received some type of punishment, yes? Why weren't they putting him in the Pool or the Freezer like usual? This was odd and unnatural. Something was right.

    Had they finally decided his rebelliousness wasn't worth the trouble? Were they going to terminate him? Deuce had always teased Sice about his indecisiveness getting him terminated - was it finally going to happen?

    "Six. Go to your quarters!" The Overseer shouted, snapping Sice out of his own paranoia and the Subject nodded, keeping his head low as he quickly exited Solitude. Walking down the white halls of the Facility, Sice retraced his steps from Solitude, across the yard, all the way back to the Dormitory. Pushing the door open slowly, Sice peeked inside, figuring everyone else would be in the cafeteria, recreation room or in testing.

    Either that or they'd all been given orders to murder him from the Overseer and were lying in wait - just anxiously waiting for him to step through the door so they could assault him with the full force of their abilities and turn him into mulch.

    With his hand on the doorknob, slightly turning it, Sice froze, unable to make a decision.

    If he didn't go into the living quarters like he'd been ordered, he'd be rebellious and most assuredly put in the Freezer.

    If he did, he'd probably die.

    'What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?'
  4. Tck, tck, tck.

    The room was completely silent other than the sound was the old clock that hung on the far wall of the room. Her eyes followed the movement of the pendulum swinging. Its slow, methodical movement was almost hypnotizing. And possibly the most entertaining thing in the room. Literally.

    Two hours a day they got free time. They could sit in the cafeteria or the recreation room and have some free time. For the most part, this meant that Bree was just staring at either the white walls, the white ceiling, the shiny white floor. Oh, or perhaps the white table tops.

    Three put her head down on the table, her forehead resting against the cool surface, her curls spilling forward on the table. She listened to the sound of the clock tick. Someone across the room moved around in their chair. A flip of a page in a book. A couple of the women who were supposed to be watching them whispering to each other.

    The sound of the clock stopped suddenly. The pendulum stalled, the arms stopped moving. It helped her focus a little bit more on the conversation. There wasn't much else to do, after all. Might as well snoop on a conversation.

    They talked about their kids, their husbands, their families. Their homes. Her nose wrinkled a little as a sour look appeared on her face. At least no one could see it with her head against the table. Three always heard conversations such as these and became a bit pouty.

    Perhaps that was why she was the one they dressed like someone younger than herself. In pink, a big white bow tying back her hair. The scientists liked to have their fun with their pawns, after all. Each person had their own look. It made sense that the curious, soft, guileless girl would be dressed like a young girl.

    Why was it that most of the workers went home at night and came back in the morning? She had heard the stories a million times but it didn't seem to make any sense. What was beyond a facility in their, what they called, homes. Were they nice? Why was it that her life was so different from the lives of the pictures of smiling children that they kept in their wallets?

    Why? Why? Why?

    The sudden, muffled noise of a person talking over one of the radios attached to one of the women's waistbands. Bree heard them let out a gentle sigh and heard their shoes squeak as they moved across the polished floors to the door, and she could hear the click as the door opened.

    "Six. Stop fucking around and get in here."

    Three raised her head with a small frown, looking to the door as the woman stepped to the side to let them in. Had Six gotten into trouble again? She hoped he wouldn't be terminated.... they couldn't afford to lose another member of their team. The last few losses had been painful. She would never let anyone know that though. If she did, she would be the next to go.
  5. Sice jumped when the door swung open and he instantly met the annoyed gaze of one of the women who occasionally observed the Living Quarters. Was this it? Was this how he was going to be terminated? Should he attack? A quick fireball and she'd be a pile of ash on the floor; if they were going to kill him, he could at least resist, right? But what if he did and she meant him no harm - then he'd be in the wrong. He'd be a killer.

    'Six. Stop fucking around and get in here.'



    So they weren't intending on killing him. That calmed him down a little bit and he just lowered his head as he stepping inside, hands in his pockets as he looked around before spotting Bree. Friend - Okay, that was good. He could at least trust Bree, she was always nice to him.

    Making his way across the room, he nervously shambled to where Bree was sitting before taking his place beside her. With a somewhat awkward and stiff posture, his eyes wandered around the room before settling down on the clock.

    "I messed up during a test, today. Got put in solitary. Overseer let me out, though. He wasn't angry for some reason." Sice muttered under his breath, wanting to talk without the Observer's listening. "I've been getting more and more paranoid." Sice blurted out, his head lowering slightly.

    "Something is wrong. I completely froze during the test." He mumbled, his mind racing and forming conclusions before he could even process them. "It would happen every now and then because I'd be unsure, but... It's been happening a lot more frequently. What if I'm going through Kernal Panic? Like a computer. What if I keep freezing and freezing until I'm terminated?" He muttered, his foot tapping against the floor with growing intensity as he began to chew on his thumb, his anxiety and paranoia going in overdrive.
  6. Tck, tck, tck.

    The clock's arms started moving again and the pendulum continued swinging. The time was now three minutes behind the actual time, but hopefully no one would notice that was her doing and just consider it faulty.

    Bree gave a small wave to Sice as he headed over towards her, sliding into the chair next to her. He muttered to her softly and Bree looked around to gauge if anyone could hear them talk if they whispered. The two ladies who observed them wandering into the cafeteria, and now there was only Five in the room reading a book.

    Okay, good.

    "Sice," she said in a mother-like tone, reaching to try and pry his thumb from between his teeth. "You have nothing to worry about. Please, just do what they say from now on. You'll have nothing to worry about then. The researchers know what they're doing, they've calculated everything out for you already." She knew the reason already without him needing to tell her. Despite all of their mediocre social skills the Group of Hearts were all close.

    She relaxed back in her seat and gave him a small smile, trying to reassure him. She liked Sice, she didn't want him to get terminated because he was so nervous and anxious about.... everything.

    "I'm glad you talked to me, you know you can always talk to me about what's bothering you."
  7. Remaining still as Bree took his hand, he nodded slowly, still obviously paranoid about everything. Sice wanted very much to just accept what she said, but there was still the same nagging in the back of his head that there was something amiss. He was well aware of how paranoid he usually was, but things were slowly getting more and more out of hand. At times he felt as though things were getting more and more out of hands, at least in terms of his mental state.

    "Sorry, I'm just... Really nervous." He mumbled as he looked down to the table as his foot continued to tap against the floor. "Sorry. I know, I should calm down down, but I can't." Sice admitted, his eyes darting around the room. Slouching in his seat, he turned to face Bree.

    "Have you ever thought about... Not being here?" He inquired quietly; he knew some, if not most, of Group Heart and all the other experiments figured The Facility was where they were supposed to be. It was all they knew, but even amongst all of his paranoia, all Sice wanted to do was get away and find out what was waiting for him beyond the confines of the facility. "Like... What's out there? What's a 'house' and... Family? Shit like that..."
  8. Her eyes widened a little bit as he spoke. Not because what he was saying was a bad thing, but because it was as if he had read her mind. Her gaze shifted down to the table, her expression becoming a bit softer. Perhaps a bit of sadness showed on her face. Bree responded in a soft whisper. "Yes. I think of it a lot. I think if maybe I could leave, we could leave... and we could have our own family. Do you think there's any... family out there for us though?"

    She had asked Overseer when she was a child. Bree remembered the feeling of being dragged by her hair to solitary as she cried. She never asked again. She was sure almost all of them had asked at some point, but what they were threatened with quickly pushed any thoughts out of their head.

    Her soft whisper continued after a moment of gathering her thoughts. "Are there any homes for us even? You hear what the researchers call us. We're freaks... abominations." Her expression had changed completely. A few moments before she was trying to give him advice in the most adult-like voice she could manage, but now she looked like a little, lost child.
  9. Looking around, Sice lightly shrugged his shoulders. Normally he would have looked at Bree, like any normal person would, as she spoke, but he couldn't. He heard the Overseer say the eyes were the windows to the soul, and Sice believed that. And he was afraid of her seeing through his window.

    "They call us a lot of things..." Sice muttered out, his gaze still scanning the room. "But they're not like us." His voice went low as he folded his arms on the table and laid his head down, turning to face her, only lightly muffling his voice as he spoke.

    "I want to leave. I don't like it here. I... Used to think this is where we belonged, but I want to go somewhere else. I want to see... Other things. It's really scary, but there's so much out there... And just considering it overwhelms me - but it's not the usual... Anxiety or paranoia, it's something else. And I don't really know what to call it, but it makes me want to go out and see and learn as much as I can... Away from here." He spoke softly, his gaze finally meeting Bree's. "But I don't think we can get out of here alone... We'll need the others..."
  10. "You're... really considering it." As much as she thought about it she never would have acted on her wishes. If Sice helped her though.... If everyone else helped they could all be free and maybe they could all be a family. It may not be nuclear by any means, none of them had mothers or fathers. She loved all of her fellow experiments though, whether or not they cared about her as well, and she would love to be free with them all.

    "We should ask the others. T-the ones we can trust." She paused for a moment and chuckled for a moment before smiling, her expression quickly changing yet again. "I think we can do it. I-I think we can really do it. We can get out of here." Her voice grew with more confidence as she spoke.

    Slowly she leaned more towards Sice, as if the whispering tone they hadn't been using the entire time wasn't enough. Her eyes darted across the room where Five was in a chair completely fixated on the book that he had already read about a million times. She watched as he flipped one of the discolored pages, gripping onto the worn cover of the book. "Should we ask Clyve?" Surely he wouldn't be too risky of a choice.
  11. "Yeah..." Sice nodded, not even able to believe he was so confident and sure about something. He was usually so paranoid about everything, but for once he was proving, to himself at least, that he had a backbone. He was still nervous and scared of something going wrong, but he wouldn't back down. Not this time.

    Following Bree's gaze, he eventually settled on Clyve and his paranoia kicked back in. Clyve was a bit more rational in comparison to everyone else. What if he decided that what they were planning was stupid and dangerous? What if he went straight to the Overseer? Was this even all that good of an idea?

    Wait. No. He couldn't allow that train of thought.

    "I think Clyve would help..." Now Sice was thinking more along the lines of their abilities - even though Clyve was barely bulkier than Sice, his ability to manipulate the earth made him a practical tank. "He could break through most of the base... But... Our idea is pretty crazy... And he's not exactly... Crazy." He mumbled while rubbing the side of his neck.

    "I'm not sure he'd be completely against it though... But you ask. Well, we'll both ask, but... You know..."
  12. Her eyes widened as an idea came to mind. They sparkled, appearing almost golden in the florescent light. For the first time in her life she was experiencing this feeling she had never felt before. Hope? Was that what it was? "He breaks things and I can move anything that gets in our way. Or.... anyone." The last thing she would want to do is hurt someone, but they were in a facility filled with scientists, guards, many people in general that stood in their path to freedom.

    A sudden thought made her pause and she felt internal panic like Sice normally would. What would happen if the Overseer found them? He would terminate all of them. Bree let out a slow, shaky breath. No. That wouldn't happen. She had to think like she had been before. That they would all be family. They would be free...

    "I can do the talking, if you want," she offered with a small smile, raising her voice back to a normal tone as she also rose out of her seat. What if he thought it stupid? If he talked to the Overseer about their foolish plan? Bree gulped and stepped forward across the room, her tennis shoes squeaking against the vinyl flooring. She approached the chair where Clyve was sitting, leaning forward a little, trying to look at what he was reading. The cover had long since worn, as they didn't have many things supplied for them, but he insisted on reading it over and over.

    "Bree." He said simply, flipping a page. He never looked up, he just knew that it was her.

    "U-um.... come sit with me and Sice!"
  13. Sice was so relieved when Bree said she'd do the talking for him. He was steadfast in his resolve to escape, no doubt about that, but actually vocalizing his intentions? To Clyve of all people? Please - he'd probably die from a panic attack before he was capable of doing that. Standing with Bree, he buried his hands in his pockets as he followed her, somewhat intimidated by Clyve's general demeanor. He wouldn't call Clyve 'nice', but he wasn't 'mean' either. He was simply very straight forward and blunt, while Sice was awkward and weird.

    He could feel himself fidget under Clyve's cold gaze when he finally looked away from the book and towards them. This was usually when Sice got nervous and just gave up on trying to interact with Clyve - you never had any real way of knowing what he was thinking or feeling because he could suppress his own emotions so well. And Sice was pretty much an open book through and through.

    Shifting on his feet when Clyve's gaze returned to the book, Sice looked between Bree and their ideal accomplice.

    "Why would I do that?" Clyve's inquiry made Sice let out a quiet huff and he glanced to Bree before looking back to Clyve.

    "W-We want to talk... About something... I-Important!" Sice said, trying to muster some form of courage that even momentarily caught Clyve off guard.

    "Fine." Cold as always, Clyve shut the book after placing a book marker between the pages, slowly standing before turning to face the duo. "Five minutes. All you are getting."
  14. Bree straightened up and looked wide eyed to Sice as he spoke up just as she opened her mouth to reply to Five. Had he... really done that? Sice spoke up, out of all things? Normally she would squeal and congratulate him on such an accomplishment, but there were more pressing matters at hand. "Thanks, Clyve!"

    He pushed the book onto an end table beside him, looking at them and waiting for them to speak. "Uh.... p-perhaps this would be better at the table," Bree said with a motion to the table with a few chairs surrounding it. He gave a small sigh, slowly pushing himself up from the chair and walking across the room without another word. Bree followed, giving Sice a big smile and two thumbs up. It seemed like it was going well in her eyes, after all.

    Clyve pushed up his glasses from the bridge of his nose as he sat. The lenses did nothing, he had perfect eyesight, it was just another thing that the scientists did for fun. Sice was the goth, Bree the childlike one, and Clyve the smart one.

    "I trust this important then," he muttered with a bit of a sharp look to Sice before his gaze turned to Bree, his expression never changing.

    "Oh, yes, very much," Bree spoke, looking a little unsettled under his icy gaze. Clyve was a very critical thinker, what would he think of a plan that was so... out there? She folded her hands together and placed them in her lap, twiddling her fingers absently. "Are you.... happy here?" Okay, maybe that wasn't the way to start things out with him, she admitted, but she couldn't think of anything else to say.
  15. Staring at Bree blankly, Clyve readjusted his glasses as he shifted in his seat.

    "Am I... Happy here?" He repeated the question thoughtfully, almost condescendingly as he rubbed his chin. "Well, I'm not sure, Three. The food is quite subpar - or rather, the food has no taste at this point. Because it's the same thing every single time. Which is the case for everything here." Clyve breathed out, not sure if he was annoyed or merely... exhausted from vocalizing the thoughts that frequently permeated in his head.

    "Bree, you may be the 'Cute' one, but you are not ignorant. You do not require my level of intelligence to know there is no happiness here for any of us." He said while once more readjusting his glasses and Sice fidgeted slightly, having opted to sit beside Bree even if it left him exposed to Clyve's cold gaze.

    "That's why... We-We're gonna... Leave." Sice whispered and Clyve's mouth twitched. It took every fiber of his being not to burst out in laughter.

    "Careful, Sice, it almost sounded like you claimed that you and Bree were attempting to formulate some plan of escape. That's a dangerous thing to do - it would certainly end in 'termination'." He warned as he leaned forward. "Besides, escape would be neigh-impossible... Unless we were able to, hypothetically, gain access to the lower levels by having Bree steal a key card with her telekinesis. And, hypothetically if we were able to do so undetected, we'd need Queen to blackout the facility while you melted the titanium foundation to allow me rip a path underground that could lead us to the outside... Hypothetically." Clyve said, his facial expression remaining as neutral as possible while Sice sat in stunned silence, his head slowly turning to Bree as he found himself at a loss for words.
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  16. Bree sat in a similar, stunned state for a moment, staring at Clyve as he finished and leaned back in his chair again. Leave it up to Five to nearly come up with the entire plan for them. She looked to Sice, who was looking at her and waiting for her to be the one to speak next. "Hypothetically," she started, using the same tone that he had used, "if we were to do all of this-"

    "As I said, Three, that is nigh-impossible." Clyve stood suddenly. "Your five minutes are up." He pushed in his chair and headed back to his seat, looking over his shoulder to the duo for one moment. For that moment, Bree swore she could see one side of his lips upturned into a smirk.

    She raised one hand and placed it over her chest, clutching the fabric lightly and feeling her heart racing beneath it. She had been beyond scared when she watched as he almost burst into laughter at their silly plan. Yet.... "He's in if we get Queen," she whispered to Sice, still a bit in shock. The more people they got on their team, the better. Queen was a very risky choice, but she had such control of her powers, Bree could only dream of mastering hers as as wonderfully as she did. Shutting down the entire facility would be a cakewalk for her.

    Turning in her chair, her golden-brown eyes looked to Sice's blue ones as she whispered. "Who else can we get? We can't afford to have anyone tattle on us - if they do, we're done for." Safety was in numbers, after all, even though their choices were limited with the ones that had been terminated and the ones who would stab them in the back. She pondered for a moment. "I think Jack would if I asked him."
  17. "Good luck with that." Sice muttered under his breath as he folded his arms and diverted his gaze to the floor. The very mention of Jack was enough to annoy Sice. It wasn't any secret that the two didn't exactly 'get along' - they were designed to be opposites of one another after all. At least as far as their abilities were concerned, one being fire and the other being ice. Their personalities clashing was just icing on the cake as far as the Overseer and the Observers were concerned.

    Whereas Sice was a bundle of anxiety, paranoia and general awkwardness - Jack was the complete opposite. Calm, confident and filled to the brim with bravado, Jack was one of the 'favorites'. And that aggravated Sice to no extent - he just couldn't wrap his mind around how anyone could be confident given their situation. And that fueled his paranoia. Which made him dislike Jack even more. Oh, and the ice puns didn't help.

    "If you think he'll be useful... Go talk to him I guess." Sice muttered before huffing out a sigh. He knew the more people they had, the better the chance of escaping. But, he also knew that it also increased the chances of them getting found out. "I'll... T-talk to Queen I guess..." He spoke softly, clear anxiety in his voice. He wanted to be useful, but he knew the only way to do that was to go and try and get Queen in on their plan. But that required actually speaking to someone and that was something he sucked at.

    "B-Better her t-than Jack..." He grumbled as he stood and rubbed his arm. "I-If I get her to agree, w-we'll be at the Garden." Sice said. He knew the 'in-door' Garden wasn't all that big, but it wouldn't be that odd or alarming for all of them to be there. It was one of the few 'nice' places in the facility after all. "G-Good luck with J-Jack..."
  18. She heard the tone in his voice after mentioning Jack and tried to give him a reassuring smile. Bree knew the two didn't get along, when they were in the same room it was a feud of icy gazes - literally in Jack's case. "He will be helpful. Anyone we can get to help us out is good, the more.... merrier? Is that the term?" She trailed off here and shrugged it off.

    It was better for her to talk to Jack anyways. Queen seemed to have a small distaste for her that she didn't understand. Though, Queen hardly got along with anyone. She was a bit like Clyve in that case; independent, strong, and kept to herself. Bree both envied and admired her, mimicking her actions even if her big heart and kind demeanor showed through most times.

    She stood and gave Sice a thumbs up, her smile widening. "Good luck! You'll do great!" She hoped. The last thing they needed was either Queen or Jack telling the Overseer. Clyve's words rang in her head. It would certainly end in 'termination'. It filled her with fear and hope at the same time. Fear that her and Sice would be killed for even thinking such thoughts, and hope that her and everyone else would be able to escape together, hand in hand. It was definitely a laughable thought, the group of socially awkward teens raised in captivity definitely didn't all get along. A few were brainwashed beyond belief.

    "I'll meet you there," she spoke, pushing in her chair and wandering where she thought Jack would be. She could feel the pace of her heart pick up again and tried to swallow down her fear. She hoped Sice didn't see that anxiety that she tried to hide, for if anyone would know the signs it would be him. She glanced over her shoulder once at Sice before straightening up again. She would do this for Sice, for everyone else, and for herself, hoping for a taste of freedom.
  19. Practically scrubbing his face with his hands, Sice attempted to calm himself. He wished he could be as calm and cheery as Bree usually was, but his mental state was permanently wrecked. And, he didn't know if it was his own paranoia, but even Bree looked little on edge. No, he was probably just seeing things. His anxiety was just getting the better of him... Hopefully. He'd really hate for his mental instability to rub off onto Bree.

    Giving Bree a shaky thumbs up and forced smile, he took a deep breath as he practically staggered out of the room. Oh man, how was he supposed to do this? He'd have to actually try and convince Queen to go for something he wasn't even confident about.

    'I can do this... You can do this...' He attempted to encourage himself as he walked through the facility. He knew where she'd be; where she always was. Stopping in front of the double wooden doors, Sice gently pushed the door open partially before slipping inside of the 'library'. It was a small room, in all honesty, with only a single bookshelf and a few chairs and table strewn about.

    Just as Sice guessed, Queen had pulled a chair into a corner and was lazily lounging while flipping through a book without an ounce of enthusiasm. Hands in his pockets, Sice felt his mouth go dry as he became even more nervous. What was he even supposed to say? Not only was he nervous, but the fact that Queen was given the 'popular' archetype made that even more difficult.

    "Stop staring, you weirdo." Queen demanded, glancing up to look at the nervous wreck in front of her. While only a foot or two shorter than Sice, her attitude usually made him feel shorter than her. With her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, her usually annoyed demeanor seemed to be intensified as he faltered under her intense gaze.

    "I-I... I need a favor." Sice managed to choke out and Queen raised an eyebrow, her curiosity being piqued. Raising a finger, she motioned for him to come to her and he muttered under his breath. Grabbing a chair, Sice dragged it to Queen, back facing her, before sitting down to let his chin rest on the back of the chair.

    "You? Need a favor?" Queen mused with a laugh, leaning forward with narrowed eyes. "What do you want, Mr. Anxiety?" She inquired with a smile that only seemed to make his anxiety even worse. He knew this was part of Queen's 'archetype' - the taunting, teasing and half of her words having some sort of sexual undertones.

    "I-I... I need you..."


    "To h-help us break out of here." He stammered out quietly and Queen blinked in confusion.

    "What?" She hissed out, reaching forward to grab his collar before yanking him to her, almost pulling him out of his chair. "Have you officially lost your shit, Sice?" Queen inquired, growing more and more nervous by the second. Was this some type of trick? Was the Overseer testing her? Was this a trick? There was no way Sice would even think about breaking out.

    "B-Bree gets the keycard, we get access to the lower levels. You b-blackout the facility, I melt through the wall then Clyve tunnels our way out." He stammered out, explaining the plan and Queen's eyes narrowed.

    Sice wasn't smart enough to think up a plan like that. Even if he was, he'd be too paranoid to even consider. Did that mean...?

    "I didn't think Clyve had the balls." Queen commented with a smirk, letting go of his collar to let him fall back. "Alright, Sice, seems like this could work. Though, frankly, I didn't think even you had the balls." She laughed, leaving Sice with a mixture of feelings he didn't know how to handle.

    "T-T-Thanks?" He asked awkwardly as she stood and patted his shoulder.

    "Where are the others?" She questioned and Sice stood.

    "Meeting in the garden." He replied nervously, rubbing his shoulder as he did so. "W-We should head there..." Sice suggested and Queen nodded.

    "Come on then." Queen grabbed his hand before dragging him out of the library straight to the garden.
  20. "Bree." Jack had greeted her with his usual cold-sounding tone, a large hand reaching out before he placed it on the top of her head. He ruffled her hair, as if she was a child. It was hard to get used to his demeanor. Jack always seemed composed, almost a bit icy, as if he lacked proper emotions. In reality he just didn't know how to express said emotions, but Bree understood him. He was just a little rough around the edges, that was all.

    With a smile she fixed her bangs. "Jack," she spoke. It had been easy to find him. He was where he always was, in the small room designated for exercise equipment. They actually did have some decent things, mostly because this room actually benefited the scientists in the end. The stronger they became, the better weapons they became. Jack was a perfect example of this; chiseled to perfection like a Renaissance sculpture. Strong, powerful, poised and collected. Everything Bree wasn't.

    She sat at one of the machines beside him as he rubbed at his forehead with a small towel. "I.... um.... I have something I need to talk to you about," she said as he rubbed the towel across his face. He brought it down so just his gray eyes were peeking over the fabric.

    "What's wrong?" he asked, sensing her nervousness. "Is someone messing with you, Bree?"

    "Messing with.... uh, no, that's not it at all. Just.... just hear me out, please!"

    He nodded as she took in a deep breath. Sice was being brave, so she had to be brave too. She leaned towards him, whispering even though there was no one else in the room with them. "S-some of the others, and me, we're making plans to escape. And I want you to come with."

    His gaze became somewhat colder and he leaned more towards him so that they were almost nose to nose. "Who?"

    "It's... um.... If I get the keycard to the downstairs, Queen will help blackout the whole place. Sice will melt the," she stopped for a moment to think of what Clyve called it, "titanium foundation, and Clyve gets us a way out underground."

    He drew back, in silence for a moment, before bursting out into laughter. Bree watched him in shock for a moment as he hit her on the back, probably harder than intended as it caused her to wince. "Six and Five! Good one Bree! Like those two would-"

    "But they agreed already! Me and Sice came up with the plan ourselves!" Well, that was a lie, but they initiated the plans. She watched as his smile slipped back into his normal stonic look, realizing she was completely serious about what she had said. Bree continued softly. "It's the truth. Me and Sice want to escape, and Clyve is in if we get Queen. A-and Sice is asking her right now...."

    This seemed to surprise Jack. Sice actually stepping out of his comfort zone? "You're serious.... you're serious....." He scratched at his hair, running through everything in his head. "Queen will do it. I'm sure of it." He watched as Bree reached to grab at his free hand, giving him the biggest smile.

    "It will be amazing, I'm sure of it. All of us as a family, free together. Just imagine it...."

    As she trailed off he nodded. Now that sounded like Bree. Doing this for everyone to be together. "If Queen is in, I'm in too." He watched as her face brightened even more and he stood, slipping off his shirt and putting on a fresh one that had been folded neatly in a chair across the room. "How do we know if she agrees?"

    "We're meeting in the garden," Bree said, jumping onto her feet and clasping her hands together. "I'm really happy you said yes.... but promise me you won't tell anyone regardless of what happens! Pinky promise!" She raced over to him and stuck out her pinky and he gave her a blank stare. "Oh, it's one of the things the one of the observers taught me! You wrap your pinkies around each other to make a promise you will never, ever break."

    He let out a gentle sigh. Sometimes Bree really did live up to her title that they gave her. "Fine, I promise." He put his pinky to hers until she gave a satisfied smile before dropping his hand. "Okay. Let's go."
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