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  1. I, Duke Sigmund Francis Thornton, have cordially invited you to my posh villa and ancestral estate in the Yorkshire Dales of upper England for a week long gathering and retreat. I, as an established member of the British nobility of the upper echelon of my countrymen, wish to assemble a meeting of the most prestigious minds of the gentry in a think tank and cornucopia of ideas, musings and affairs of the state. You, my friend, have been chosen to attend this most exclusive of conventions. I assure you it would be greatly be in your best interest to accept this invitation. If you indeed are interested in this endeavor, send your reply most promptly. The gathering will be held at my villa on October 15th in the year of our Lord 1870...

    *This RP will essentially be a re-imagining of H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror story "The Rats In The Walls". Prior knowledge of the story is not required as I will be adding all sorts of twists and turns as the plot moves forward. Basically a group of nobleman and women, all of some significance and notoriety, have been invited by the Duke of Yorkshire to his isolated castle in England for a week long retreat where they will discuss various ideas mainly dealing with international relations and affairs of the state. In the midst of this, they will be thrust into a nightmare of epic proportions when they make a horrifying discovery having to do with the ghoulish history of the castle and it's former caretakers.

    Character Sheet
    Physical Appearance: (Description or Image *No anime)

    Name: Miguel Raphael Alvarado
    Age: 34
    Height: 6'1
    Title: Spanish don
    Nationality: Spaniard
    Personality: Miguel is obsessed in learning how the mechanics of nature work. He is inquisitive and has an very analytical mind. He has a tendency to over think things. Despite the fact that he is very much a "big picture" type of guy, he very much enjoys life's simple pleasures. He struggles with a moderate inferiority complex and despite his confidence in many areas of his life such as stature and the sciences, he struggles to understand the opposite sex.
    Physical Appearance: 555718_2380796016991_62477678_n.jpg

    Biography: Miguel Raphael Alvarado was born in Alta California in 1836 to prominent members of the Spanish royal court. Miguel was a bright child and extremely inquisitive. From an early age he became utterly obsessed with the natural sciences of astronomy, chemistry and geology. Being mesmerized by the world around him, he devoted himself to figuring out nature worked. He also developed a high sense of personal honor, ingrained in him by his father. Besides science, Miguel developed an interest in military strategy and application. To this end, he became very skilled in the art of swordsmanship.

    When he was twenty six, both he and his father were drawn into the conflict between the north and south, which spawned all out civil war in America. The Spanish court had interest and dealings with both the Union and the Confederacy and Miguel found himself as a representative of Spain in the aid of the northern forces. At the forefront of the arms tradership between Spain and the Union, Miguel helped to develop several applications in the use of new high grade forms of gunpowder and field explosives. He even had several meetings with President Lincoln himself to mediate in the negotiations of guns and ammunition being shipped from Spain. It was during these years that he met Duke Thornton face to face, as he was one of many delegates in representation of Britain, also in aid of the north. The two collaborated on many occasions in the exchange of commonwealth firearms. Miguel even taught the Duke the Spanish Circle of fencing and swordplay.

    His greatest achievement however came quite unexpectedly near the close of the American Civil War, when his true mettle was tested. Miguel and a field contingent were delivering a load of last ammunition supplies to a Union outpost of black troops when the northern camp were ambushed by a platoon of Confederates. Being outnumbered nearly three to one, the small Union force was in dire jeopardy of being completely wiped out. In an act of valor and extreme bravery, Miguel and his contingent threw themselves into battle, fighting off a nearly overwhelming wave of Rebels. Miraculously, Miguel fighting side by side with the black Union soldiers, managed to hold off the southerners just long enough for reinforcements to arrive. After the battle, Miguel and the contingent survivors were officially recognized by President Lincoln and awarded Union Medals of Valor.

    In his short time, Miguel as achieved the status of science major, ambassador, delegate and war hero. But little does he know, his biggest challenge has yet to come. Something that test his understanding, strength and logic in a hellish nightmare of madness, death and the supernatural...and all by accepting a simple invitation.
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