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1,230,450,698,487,590 minutes? … Days??? How long had he been in this damn stasis-pod!!! He felt like a claustrophobic buried alive only it was worse than that he was drowning alive. Incased in an anti-gravity module filled with luke warm liquid, left to float asleep during the long dives. Supposedly to hamper the shock affect from the gate jumps- Black holes could be a bitch after all! Unstable just like women! But this long under and he was loosing his mind. The body of Unit 1623 was illuminated with green lights and liquid, just like ever other pod. But unlike those pods, the seemingly young man in Unit 1623 wasn’t asleep.

Poe had never actually fallen asleep, as the transport Freighter had ‘Put them to Sleep’. Instead he floated locked in semi-consciousness as the drugs coursed through his veins and the oxygen tube forced him to breath forcefully. Dammit he hated these things, but with the current tech it wasn’t easy to get half way across the Universe. Gate’s had been made from naturally collapsing stars at first – later the tech advanced and the RB-SECT started Making their own stars collapse. Poe had been very much against this hell he’d even rallied with his old pal Raylex. Ah good times good times. But he needed to focus now. Damn his wandering mind these drugs they made you reminiscent or was that only his age.

How long had he been in this tube again? For –Fucks Sake! I lost count again. He sighed inwardly and decided it was time to check on current events. His pod flickered suddenly a mere flash of red before going green again, then finally turning a bright aqua-turquoise as Poe sank into his power well. They’d put him in a form of water, silly how such a mishap in the future could get him out of So many trips to the slammer. Hell it’d already saved him. But back to the task…

The bright blue coloration of the lights on his pod were a key indicator that he was still well enough conscious to wield his abilities. Poe’s mind sank further away from reality, and himself, filtering out of his own body even in tiny threads. Splitting himself into strings of data, fibers if you will of energy that lanced through the water causing bright circuitry flickers within the water around his body. This if seen by anyone with advanced medical knowledge would be recognized as the map of a human’s mind when viewed through MRI’s. In a way Poe’s mind was within the water within the machine, within it all, and not only was he within it. He was hacking it. He was searching for the wireless data hub that monitored every single pod module. Finding it wasn’t all that tricky but breaking the codes of the RB-Sect gave him a yawn’s worth of trouble, it almost was like child’s play for him.

The moment he got through the dark world he projected himself through suddenly became stark startling white. Not a speck of color anywhere. The world felt into place bit by bit until the white room of nothingness was complete around him. Poe would see himself and see from himself all at once, a mind’s eye view of himself while still moving through the world, this double view game him ultimate supervision of his surroundings. Higher levels of his race fought to get the control he held of this digital plane. But his odd alignment with water had given him this. He wasn’t strong but he could do things they’d never even imagined. Poe in this world had hair just as turquoise as he eyes were. Where it was silver in reality it still had the same mop-ish style.
As his face lifted her saw the Link gear even though it wasn’t around his temples in reality he always projected them on in Virtua. His face was completely hidden behind a flawless, white mask. Where eyes should be two black almond shapes peered the word placebo was under one eye a twisted joke he caste on reality. While creepiest part of this mask was the upwards curved smile that projected the word commands of programs and actions he ran. And the moment creepy little smirk was nothing but a blinking dot in the bottom of the curve.

His body itself wore a classic styled button up white dress shirt with business jacket over and a tie strung loose upon his neck, a black skin tight body suit was underneath it all keeping all of his skin consealed. His hands covered with white gloves also broke to this same black material. His identity completely anonymous in this realm, a lanky figure with a creepy mask and Link gear. Some people liked to call him Mr. Poe for his causal manner of Virtua fashion. But he could care less. Boring…

That was when his mind extended, now that he was in the Net it was time to do a Browse search see just where this hunk of junk was on their… Re-Routed projectorie. He’d waited until the third Gate jump to hi-jack the freighter, it was a simple task send those who would look for it one way and turn the ship to take a gate it shouldn’t. Oopsie! Poe was a bastard he knew it but hey the next ship going to the Milky Way Ruins was a little beater Pub Class and he didn’t have the time for that shit. The time was now if never before.

Poe’s mind suddenly brought up file upon file for miles around all of these contained the information they’d been using to Cover the incident from ten years ago. An Explosion had set off and broken apart three wings of the E.C.H.O- SS. Nearly 5,000 lives lost and the only thing the official report had said at first look was a reactor over charged and blew. HA! Poe knew better these Space Stations were built to keep this. What had caught him more however was his father’s involvement his name had been attached to several release forms. Not only that, a large quantity of their own Tech had been going to ECHO’s private R&D department.

POE had been keeping an eye on them since, and now… whatever they have been working on was complete supposedly. They were having a few hiccups. Something to do with Electrical Cognitive Recognition … Poe’s Expertise; so he had submitted a formal resume to the R&D. Breaking in of and hacked his way to the CEO’s inbox with push notices too boot. They had read, they had called, he was going to see what he could do to … help…

The creepy mask looked up and the semi-circle of lips project the phrase ‘ You are Free’ a gloved hand would lift and from that hand bits of energy would float free to form vector arrows suddenly. Then race and stretch from the base of the energy column he created. These arrows rushed about piercing though file after file lifting up the relevant Poe was able to see everything within each it was like have a thousand minds all at once. He loved Virtua, if he could stay there for ever it would.

He found what he needed, the acceptance letter, a letter of Request for Formal Inspection, a Date for Viewing, a date Poe now had locked in his brain. This date had come across only a few nights ago. And since he’d been as impatient as a kid in a candy store. Soon he though, soon he would know why they did it. He hoped Raylex and his connection in ECHO would get him the crew he needed. Cause when it was time to go they were going to be the Galaxies most wanted. Poe could live with that title. He smiled inwardly as he halted his search. The arrows pausing in strike form like snakes awaiting their master’s command. He felt the eyes of another coming into his virtua net. Poe laughed it was a Dr. Scanner. How pathetic. But not need to tangle with something when he could reserve the energy and push the thrusts of the dingy freighter.

So he did , pulling back to the torment of his body, all arrows released the energy vanished and finally all but the mask remained in the Virtua Reality. Then finally a static glitch crossed the plane and the mask too… was gone. As Reality came spilling back into his conscious the pod would slowly return to a normal green hue, Poe was back in his body. But now her had the horrible pain to deal with and the un ending months that stretched before him before he could be free of this damned pod.


It was early at least that was what all the digis-clocks were reading. Supposedly it kept Most of the universe in sync. Poe often ridiculed the system but not today, today it was as if they were getting him back for all his slants in the past. Their glow was nearly as bright as a star’s to his eyes as he cleared the docking bay. The ring of engine’s the noise of people it was like being thrown into a pit of various races all jousting for the right of way, all their needs more important than the next man, woman or questionable species here. Finally he’d made it into the core of ECHO, now came the brutal part of navigating this behemoth of a Space Station and find his way to Sokyo District.

The place he needed to get to was not all that friendly to outsiders of the SS-ECHO; and he was just that. His cargos were black skinny leg variety tucked into the high tops of a pair of antique converses he kept in prime condition. Over this he wore a plain shirt that screamed brightly NO PAIN NO GAIN! Then a hoodie that appeared tech altered, in fact both his pants and jacket could convert for non-atmos situations. But as they were now he looked like a 20 year old punk with hood drawn up head tilted down as he poured through the crowd. Once the crowd started to thin he would look up his silver white hair caught the light and his tanned skin seemed to absorb the light instead.

His luminescent aqua-turquoise eyes were shielded behind the visor of his LINK GEAR. This equipment looked like little more than a pair of headphones that wrapped around the back of the skull instead of along the top. They were white with charcoal black accents and the words ‘YOU ARE FREE’ were on the very back of the band. These headphones connected him to the Virtua realm and well he was never without them. They were his most prized possession, mostly due to the fact that he’d modified them to hell and back. Without these he would have to revert to more …. Primitive means.

While his light sensitive eyes were shielded he was still experiencing one of his normal body numbing migraines. Funny how he always experienced them around larger ports like this one. Perhaps it was all of the bloody tech. None-the-less Poe was on a mission, he had places to be and people to meet up with. One old friend actually. So with those thoughts Poe pulled from his jacket pocket a capsule of pills and popped two like candy. He sighed as they dissolved in his mouth instantaneously and the relief, even minor, spread to his limbs.

He had made it to what he believed were the lower decks by this time, his mind had been wandering he barely knew where he was. Pausing by an access panel he looked in it’s direction and his visor did it’s work, scanned, x-rayed and data sifted through to find where the hell he was and how much farther he needed to go. “Damn if this place isn’t fucking big…” He mumbled.

He turned to walk a few more meters down the corridor then opened a man hole and slide down the rails of a ladder to another lower level. He proceeded to do this about ten more times until finally his feet dropped through a layer of steam and suddenly with his visor aglow he was now in a level of corridors that were dimly lit and slightly musty in the atmos area. It seemed this portion of the Ship was the rationed Slum Sector. Poe smiled showing both top and lower levels of teeth were sharp and curved a bit at the tips. He looked almost like a wolf with that grin. His blue eyes brighter now that he was in the dark he’d found the level he needed. He walked down the corridor a bit and drug his hand across an old panel that read ‘Soyko District’ Russian and Japanese lower class supposedly, but hell there was a mix of everything here.

He found himself only minutes later in a large hub chamber, cat walks criss-crossing open space while tiers held platforms were business, home and industry could work and function along everyday life… hell there was even a park on one platform. But Poe found himself taking an escalator up to a shadier level that was past the rim of the chamber and down an alley-way corridor that broke off like spider webs from the main chamber. He soon found the violet neon light glowing above the double doors of a club called Amnesia.

Memories blazed through his mind as he approached the doors, this club had a man on the door who looked of Zleor heritage, tentacles all over the damn face but dam nit they had a body of a minotaur. Big brutes with a keen eye for trouble. Poe halted at the door and gave the man a stern voice “За край /Za kray / Past the Edge/ “ Before moving to the door it slide open obedient to Poe as he’d order a command for it to open without it’s keeper’s keepers permission.

Once inside the club Poe’s eyes darted left then right, great Raylex wasn’t here yet. Just like her he figured then moved for the bar might as well get something else to help this headache along. He paused at the bar to order a Solar Martini then moved to a table in the back. His drink glowed bright pink and made him look leery as his blue eyes and visor clashed against the drink. But after taking a moment to examine all the people currently roaming, the dancers, the lurkers, the party goer’s the shady business men Poe felt at home and relaxed a little. His age had not been a question; these days your data chip told everything about you. He didn’t have one. Normally inserted under the thumb or a similar appendage you pay with the press of a thumb. His race being in control of tech ., walking silicone circuitry he could use and communicate freely with all machines freely. With his link gear he could interface wirelessly, or without touch. So payment with a press of his thumb, a slight flash of aqua and then he’d been on his way.

Now that he was relaxed he drank down two helpful gulps of his drink then slumped down in his cushioned semi-circle bench and let his lids slide half over those bright eyes of his. He also had a Red-Blue a strange energy drink mixing the two drinks together was a favorite of his but right now he needed the raw juice as his mind linked up with his gear and he crawled his conscious from his body.

Sliding about the security interface of the bar he kept one eye on the inhabitants while searching through the files he and Raylex had compiled for this … mission. Mechanics, gunners negotiators so many spots to fill Poe wished it could be only a hand full. He didn’t know how he would do with this many people, his apparent age was bound to come into question but the fuck he would let anyone take command of this from him. He had a mission, as he looked over the files he decided and calculated all of them into his own memory. Which would be the most troublesome, which would be the least worrisome. He arrived on Ruth Stellius’ file and his brow quirked in both Virtua and in reality. She was going to be an issue perhaps, their family had history but Poe didn’t really give two shits about how much money her father had cost his. He was disowned after all, well at least as a Heir could be disowned. It was laughable really.

He almost hoped she would cause him issues, none the less she was a good Astro Mech… he needed that more than anything. Someone who pushed the limits of known knowledge, the ships he would be working on was nothing they’d ever seen before. But for now they had to get the key first. He hoped her knowledge of ships and mecha would come in handy with their first task.

The key… it was going to be a bitch to get, but he had to hope that they could get it and the ship and then bail from ECHO without being killed. Poe trusted Raylex with her decisions and his own for that matter, the invites were sent now it was the waiting game to see who all showed up. He was still unsure how he wanted to pitch this to this motley crew, but he had to be careful.

Someone else was entering Amnesia and even through the black light purple lit room Poe saw EVERYTHING from his position half in half out of Virtua. He was like a spider watching as the doors opened, who would be first here he wondered. His arms were draped along the back of the bench he sat on and in one hand hung the RedBlue can which he sipped from again still peering at the new comer through the visor he gave a creepy vibe off but something about him seemed oh so ... innocent?!

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Ruth Stellius

Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK, she griped continuously. Now, Ruth is no stranger to crowds, or dangerous places for that matter, but getting to this "meeting" has been disastrous at best. Holy crap..., She closed her eyes and exhaled, leaning back against the closest musty metal wall. She began to retrace her steps since Pier 604, the Drezdian starport she departed from.

Okay, so I leave the port, then deep space, then decelerated near ECHO station... There was a pause in her thinking process. Wait, there's no way they'd decelerate 40 clicks out... they were buying time... She began to piece everything together, Those bastards! they knew I was coming. Her plan had been to come in quiet, so she figured she'd board a ship. Of course, common traders would never trust Drezdian ports, but interplanetary aid always had a soft spot for the sick and hungry, and, besides criminals, that was something Drezdia had in abundance. So, conveniently, she boarded a humanitarian service vessel out of Pier 604 bound for the Sokyo District, to meet up with this... mysterious contact. She recollected the series of events following her arrival.

...EnnSec, she concluded. It was a private security force. She'd seen the logo on the destroyed remains of an enforcer class ship that engaged one of her dad's freighters so many years ago, and just today, she saw the logo on the armour of a man who tried to apprehend her. Of course, that same man found himself face flat on the floor of the service vessel with a massive hole in his chest... but it wouldn't take them long to realise that a bunch of homeless people couldn't have packed that kind of punch. Ruth exhaled again, still somewhat overwhelmed.

I killed that guy.

It wasn't so much the shock from the act of killing, so much as it was from the implications it would have. If this had happened at any other district, she'd already have been detained, or worse. Since that ingenious decision, she's been laying low, hiding from every sensor and security checkpoint. Lest they notice the sketchy hooded girl with no data chip. Ruth collected herself, and continued onward through the winding corridors of the Slum Sector, where the Drezdian hopefuls she boarded with were bound to start their new lives. Some place, she thought derisively. Finally going up an escalator, and searching around for several minutes, she found herself before a set of doors. The word "Amnesia" fastened above them in capital letters.

Goddamnit... I could really go for some amnesia right now, she thought with a sense of relief, relishing in the idea of getting lost in the glass of an overpriced drink. But she knew there was a far more pressing reason to be here. This was her destination after all.

Once inside, she couldn't help feeling like she was back at home. The sultry dancers, suspicious looking figures watching from the sidelines and shady businessmen out to deal who knows what. This wasn't exactly an average 19 year old girl's idea of comfort, but it was certainly a Drezdian's. She wondered if this unnamed contact enjoyed a place like this... meeting here surely proved that this contact, whoever they are, has a plan worth hiding.

She adjusted her hoodie, which still concealed the majority of her face. The possibility that this was some sort of trap hadn't been ruled out, and wasn't ready to get comfortable just yet. Wandering along the edges of the dance floor, Ruth hoped the contact would know her when they saw her...
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Raylex hadn't been very sneaky about her identity lately and knew it was coming back to bite her. Walking down to pier she heard the familiar commanding voices of the officers and rolled her eyes. See now Poe told me not to kill anyone but what am I supposed to do with this bunch?! Sighing deeply she turned and faced the officers.

"Good day gentlmen, how can I be of assistance?" Her tone was one of old courtesy and she eyed them both carefully, seeking and rating their weapons based on their power capabilities and shooting ranges. The officers slowly drew their weapons and ordered her hands up. Well fuck, this is just lovely. I hope you're happy Poe because if it weren't for your stupid "keep your head low" rule I'd have killed them and been out of here already.

Feeling their grubby hands patting her down they extracted her pistol and her two daggers. Little did they know she also was carrying a blade hidden in her rose hairpin, stupid cops. You'd think that years after earth was lost the police would be lost with it but no, they were still around and still just as annoying. Biting her lip Raylex was seated in the back of a patrol car on charges of theft, murder, and evading arrest. All she was guilty of truly was being a prisoner to her self, she was raised a criminal and knew no other way but right now the officers weren't interested in her sob story.

Knowing Poe wanted her help in retrieving the key and the ship she racked her brain trying to think of what he would do if he were in the back of a squad car being whisked away from where he needed to be. Slowly raising her leg she used her foot to remove her hairpin and the bladd. Careful so that the cops weren't wathing she began to pick at her handcuffs quirtly, attempting to make conversation with the officers to distract them.

"So, you boys patrol here oftdn? I'm sure you get all the crooks you're looking for huh? Two big strong men aren't easy to escapenfrom, and I should know!" She giggled slyly as she undid her handcuffs. Thank the stars for being so damn flexible! Whatever she was a mix of made her extremely flexible and today it was working well for her.
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It is about time I get started. Her thoughts rallied as she sat in her cabin contemplating her next moves. They were a small crew of only fifteen members just starting out in the pirate business. They already had a fair sum of money from salvaging damaged ships but they weren't good enough to be a problem. She had already become familiar with the strengths of this crew and figured it wouldn't be hard to take them all down.

It was about a month ago when she met them. A while back when Maeve was still a rather distant sector of the galaxy, she was a part of this large pirate crew who was about to go on an all to risky heist. Of course it was very successful and the crew reaped their rewards all thanks to her excellent help. They would have been so lost without her guidance around the building. She enjoyed the rejoicing of the crew but they had far outlived their usefulness to her. Thus began her plotting of when to get rid of them. Around the time that they came to the more inner parts of the galaxy she decided it was a good time to take over the ship. With one fatal attack she took out their nimrod of a captain and with it the control of the ship. After that, taking out the rest of the crew was light work for her. Pity it wasn't more of a challenge. A more sinister smile had spread across her face after she bagged all of the money they stole. But alas, this ship was far too damaged to continue on and much too big for her to run alone. She needed a smaller, more capable, ship to take back to the Sokyo District. It just so happened that a small band of pirates came a few days later to salvage the remains of her seemingly ghost ship. With that she bought her way into that crew. They just so happened to be heading in the same direction as her desired destination, making them the perfect scapegoat from the interstellar police but that was only a month ago.

She continued to stay in her thoughts until someone had knocked on her door. One of her shipmates had come to inform her that they had dinner prepared. A smile worked its way onto her face as she saw it as an opportunity. Perfect. She rose from her chair and exited her room to go to the dinning hall. She was greeted kindly by her 'friends' and she took her seat at the table. The captain came and everyone rejoiced for they would soon reach the pier. Midway through the meal Maeve stood up onto the table. "I have something I would like to say." The small defenseless crew gave her their attention as she spoke. "I thank you for lending me your ship and your money. You've fed me and sheltered me but now I have no need for you." With a smirk she pulled out her prized guns and ended all of their lives. She left them where they laid and went to the vault where all the money was kept, even her own. I think this is a sufficient score for now. She smiled as she collected what was now hers before she went to navigation system for the ship. With it's course set to Pier 302, a more dangerous crime filled area, she waited patiently for the ship to dock before she exited.

Maeve walked around until she had reached the Sokyo District where thugs ran loose and desperate were all around. To the average thief she looked to be a fairly attractive woman dressed in a shirt that only covered her breasts and tight black pants that cupped just around her waist carrying a large bag of something. The only peculiar thing about her was the fact that she wore a gas mask to cover the lower half of her face. That intimidated most thieves for she was fairly known in the industry. The woman who could kill a man with her looks alone made her way into a building with the words Amnesia plastered across the top. The guards immediately let her in knowing she was one of their most spending regulars. She always comes here when she returns from a trip to unwind and lay low until things die down. She happened to be friends with the owner after becoming such a good customer and is allowed to come and go as she pleased. Without saying a word to anyone she took a seat next to the bar with her large sack of money and ordered a drink.
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Dr. Morton Stray

The doctor had been lost in thought, dreaming of the possibilities his future may hold. When he finally came to his senses, he found himself immersed in a large crowd. Ah, ECHO station... right, he reminisced, recalling his current objective. Among the poorly dressed lower-class citizens around him, Morton was certainly an oddity, if not an outright freak. He used to feel insecure about being seen publicly, his scratched-up archaic exo-skeletal armour would have him appear like some sort of super villain or mad scientist out to hurt people. Nothing could be further from the truth, he remarked to himself with a sense of duty and pride. These days, Morton glorified in the frightened glances and disgusted looks of common folk, 523 years have taught him not to allow himself to be affected by the tyrannous eyes of the public.

Dr. Stray walked onward, with confidence in his stride, through the relentless crowds of the upper Sokyo district. He had a mission. Each step signified another step towards his final life goal, a goal which would be the final evolutionary step for all sentient beings (like these poor sods surrounding him now), and eventually forging what he believes to be true biological perfection. He hadn't even considered the thought that his employer could be lying to him, it was a plausible truth that he refused to accept...

Morton was now in a far more decrepit and impoverished area of Sokyo, the Slum Sector. Rising up an escalator, the doctor hummed a near-silent tune, which sounded somewhat metallic due to his mask. He then followed an under-dressed Mendalorian, who was sure to be a rowdy pirate of some sort, into Amnesia. Here we are..., he thought to himself, somewhat excited to meet his query, Poe Wysse. Morton figured he must be among the few who were actually in on his identity, as it was likely a dangerous thing to share immediately, especially considering the kinds of people he was hiring...

The loud music hit him first, it resonated throughout his armour, creating a violent ring which wracked his ears. He adjusted a dial just below where his ear would have been, and the ringing seemed to die down. As he walked through the centre of Amnesia, he couldn't help noticing all of the sightly luminescent drinks around the bar. He chuckled to himself, unable to remember what it felt like to drink anything, let alone a glowing drink. After averting his gaze from the bar, he made a 360 degree scan of the room, and quickly spotted young Mr. Wysse. It was then he realized that Poe had been aware of him the moment he entered Amnesia, remembering to note Poe's extreme familiarity with Virtua, something Morton was never able to fully grasp.

Poe was slouched somewhat creepily on a bench near the back of the club, one hand clutched around a RedBlue. Morton walked over to him more promptly than usual, to ensure his discipline and determination were made known...

"If it isn't Mr. Poe Wysse...", he began, stopping to take one last glance around the club, "Surely you could have chosen a more pleasant place for us to convene...", he spoke, his British accent immediately recognizable. He then preceded to extend his clawed hand, gesturing for a handshake, "...Dr. Morton Stray, as I'm sure you already know".
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Winston Conroy

Winston walked through the Sokyo District looking for any amount of food he could find, his cat Vi clung around his neck like a scarf. Winston swayed back and worth while walking bumping into people a swiping any amount of money he could. Reaching an alleyway Winston sat down to see if his pick pocketing was any amount successful. Drawing from his pockets he pulled out his finds Barley anything... he thought to himself. His stomach growled loudly, Winston sighed whilst thinking of a way to get food. "Mowwwww" Winston looked up to see Vi standing in front of a vent, "What'd you find girl?" Winston crawled over to the vent to examine it closely. "Doesn't look to hard..." Winston reached for his welding rod from his belt and began the process of opening the vent. Winston made quick work of the vent and removed it, "Well Vi time to explore!" Vi darted into the vent with Winston close in tow.

After a bit of crawling Winston and Vi arrived in the rafters of the club Amnesia "Well this is interesting...stay here Vi, I'll be back" Vi meowed back at him which Winston took as acknowledgement to his request. Crawling through the rafters he reached a long pipe that stretched to the floor, grasping it Winston slid down to the floor of the club and began making his way through the room. Most people were to busy to notice a few things slide from their pockets in a place like this, Winston managed to grab a few bits of food off peoples plates as well. Well this seems like as good as place as any to stay for a bit!

Winston made his way back up the rafters and rejoined Vi, "Miss me?" Winston said with big grin Vi meowed to him "I'm going to take that as a yes!". Winston pulled some of the food he swiped from his pockets and fed them to Vi. Winston remained in the rafters for some time simply watching the club floor, every now and then focusing on an individual that seemed interesting. Over by the cushioned semi-circle benches Winston saw a shaggy headed man that seemed to be waiting for someone or something. Winston perched himself on the closest rafter and simply watched the man, Vi sauntered over and climbed on top of Winston's head and meowed "I have no idea what he's doing" Winston whispered, Vi meowed again "Yes I'm sure about it" he whispered again, Vi meowed again "Don't take that tone with me!" he said whispering.

Dactrin had received a message from a contact, an invitation from a certain Poe Wysse for a mission that could bring enough reward that could possibly allow him to retire for a short period of time. Dactrin had been wanting to take some time off to visit his home land, perhaps work on some of the projects he had been wanting to start. Although he was an independent contractor in his line of work he still had to report to those who payed him. If he didn't remain in close contact with these connections he would begin to lose jobs and credibility at an alarming rate. He had worked so hard to build his reputation that it was hard to think of letting it go and risking instability, losing all of his hard earned associations. He needed capitol before he would entertain the idea of going dark.

Tonight he had located the target he had been tracking for three months now. Gunner Bowback, a Jiinian and a real piece of shit, who was giving Dactrin a run for his money. Gunner had a notice out for his bounty, and he knew this, but he was unaware that a bounter hunter was already hot on his heels. He kept moving, slithering between ports until he felt he could finally stay in one spot. The ECHO station was always an inviting hiding hole for bottom suckers like him, their dull minds coming to the conclusion that they could hide in the masses where the multitude of faces seemed like a feasible disguise to be lost in. But Dactrin knew this game well and, finally through a liquor fueled round of classic Texas Hold 'Em, Dactrin received his latest tip for Gunner's whereabouts that led him to Amnesia.

Dactrin was let in to the club Amnesia with ease, being a regular patron. Although he lacked a chip to verify his identity he had done enough deals with the owner to get free access, granted he share a portion of his earnings in return. He nodded to the guards at the front, mentioning softly "gentlemen" before walking inside.

The drum of the music and the hot stench of dancing bodies in the air hit him in the face like a back handed slap. He took an extra breath as he acclimated, making his way quickly through the crowds towards the back where there was an exit near by. From there Dactrin leaned his back against the wall and scanned the crowds. His eyes shimmered, stopping at each face as he searched. Gunner would be here, somewhere.

While Gunner was a sneaky bastard he wasn't the brightest. Dactrin thought the easiest plan of attack would be the stealthiest and most unassuming. Although the owners worked with Dactrin they forbid him to make a mess or scene in their facility; breaking this rule would result in an abrupt end to their agreement and access to the room.

At the bar, the purple skinned Jiinian hunched over on his forearms, ordering his drink. He wore a hooded jacket to hide most of his face, though is hands were visible and uncovered. Dactrin, as he did with every target, did his full research prior to beginning his work. He learned that Jiinians, while purple in skin tone like many other species, had sharp nails. In addition, a unique trait for their species, the beds of the nails are ink black. Dactrin watched carefully as the possible suspect reached for his drink, giving him a better view of his hand. If you looked as closely as Dactrin did you would see it, nail beds the color of the night, small yet visible. A smirk curled Dactrin's scar mottled lip slightly upwards as he pulled off his hood. He walked over towards Gunner and stood next to him, pretending to get the bartender's attention to order his drink. While waiting, he turned his head and looked to Gunner, giving him a broad and friendly smile. "Great night for a party, isn't it mate?" He asked. Gunner, already slightly intoxicated and none the wiser, reciprocated his greeting with a wide grin. Gunner looked directly in to Dactrin's eyes and raised his glass, saying "the best night to have some fun!" in agreement, his tone raspy and slightly garbled by the alcohol.

Once Gunner met Dactrin's eyes the work began. The sensation is gradual and hardly noticeable, especially if you are unaware of the Takarin's abilities. It was clear at an early stage that Gunner was not, as he maintain eye contact with Dactrin's stunning eyes, waiting for his repsonse. Before he could realize Dactrin wasn't going to give one, it was too late. Dactrin was sending waves of emotions in to Gunner's mind, piercing the neuro-pathways of his thoughts and short circuiting his normal brain processing with emotions of his choosing. Dactrin sent the feeling of confinement in to Gunner, along with anxiety, and claustrophobia to encourage the yearning to leave. Once Dactrin saw the change in Gunner's face as the emotions began to set in, Dactrin placed his hand gently, yet firmly on Gunner's forearm. "Are you feeling ok?" he asked with mock concern. "It's kind of stuffy in here, right? Do you want to get out of here and get some fresh air?" After he spoke, Dactrin sent feelings of trust and friendliness in to Gunner, downplaying the building anxiety he had created.

Dactrin knew when he had his subject locked. It was an internal switch he felt when he had successfully over come his target, acquiring full control over their emotions and how they feel. It was, for him, a feeling of release from his target as he could feel when they succumb to the point of imparting full control to Dactrin. At this point Gunner would not be in control of how he felt until he broke eye contact. Dactrin was now imparting the strong desire to Gunner to maintain his eye contact and thus Gunner would have no choice but to follow his lead.

Like a puppet master, Dactrin wrapped his arm around Gunner and, maintaining his eye contact while he kept their foreheads close together, walked with him to the back door, gaining special access by the guard patrolling it. The back door opened to an empty hall way, used mostly for access to trash receptacles and storage rooms. His contact had been notified to meet him here within the hour.

Dactrin maneuvered Gunner in to the concrete hallway and rested his back against the wall. Trust. Relax. Safe. Peace. Dactrin drilled calming emotions in to Gunner relentlessly, rendering him in to a trans like state. Slowly, Dactrin pushed Gunner's shoulders down and helped force his body in to a sitting position on the floor. Gunner stared up at Dactrin, mesmerized in their eye contact, as if waiting for his next command. Dactrin stared down at him for a moment. He had used his ability to inflict painful emotions on people before. He would even admit to doing this purposefully without the necessary need. Gunner's face looked like a lost child, jaw slack with a parted mouth, drool beginning to seep out from the side and drip down his chin.

"Good night Gunner." Dactrin told him flatly.

Swiftly, Dactrin pulled out his blade and swung the heavy handle down and to the side of Gunner's head with a brute force hard enough to crack open most anyone's skull. Jiinian's on the other hand have very thick boned skulls and the force Dactrin exerted merely rendered Gunner unconscious, which was exactly what he wanted. Gunner's eyes dropped shut, his mouth parted even more, and in his unconscious state, he slowly fell over on his side. Here Dactrin would leave him to be picked up. His reward? Gunner was a thief and had just robbed an interpreter for a wealthy traveler. The currency Gunner took was now Dactrin's, along with anything else he fancied on Gunner's body. Dactrin crouched down and search Gunner's pockets. He only found the stolen money in a small satchel and an unknown electronic device, but it was enough for this easy task. After standing back up, Dactrin glared down at the seemingly lifeless fool. While Gunner was requested alive there were no instructions for his well being. Without much thought Dactrin gave two swift kicks to Gunner's face, snapping his pointy nose, and three more kicks to the side of his body, the cracking sounds confirming he managed to break some of his ribs. Dactrin stepped back from Gunner, watching the blood ooze out of his bent nose. He exhaled deeply, tilted his head from side to side with a few relieving pops, then turned back to re-enter the club. He still had time to prepare for Poe's arrival.


Dactrin sat in the club near the back, a glass of water in one hand, hood shrouding most of his profile. The dimly lit room was to his liking, allowing his impaired eye to see better in the dark club. The loud, bass dropping music and strobe lights on the other hand were tiring and agonizing. Dactrin could only assume the one who sent the invite had a reason to choose such an environment for their meeting. He knew from the message that he should expect to meet other people as well. Knowing this he kept his profile low, a safeguard until he knew for sure he was safe in this new company.

Shining blue eyes gazed out across the room, peering through the vast crowds that shifted along the floor. He was unfamiliar with exactly who Poe Wysse was but with bits of information about his looks from the contact that delivered the invite, he knew what to look for. Poe's name had come up often when he would be out collecting information for his next lead. It was odd how they described him, compared to the stories of his legacy. He was apparently looking for what would seem to be a kid with silver hair and bright eyes, trademark ear phones wrapped around the back of his head.

From where Dactrin sat he had seen Poe enter, making his way to a seat that would allow better visibility to look for his guests. He wasn't sure if Poe knew that he had already arrived but decided to wait for the others to join before showing himself. A master at his art of discreetness, he kept within the shadows of the back wall.

Poe was soon greeted by what looked to be some sort of robot or android creature. The movements though began to make it possible this creature was more warm blooded than he seemed. He greeted Poe with a hand shake, the first to make contact with the creator of their invitations. Dactrin glanced around the room, eyes falling on the myriad of species that littered the bar, dance floors, tables and chairs. He wasn't sure how many of them were invited but he knew it had to do with building a crew; details would follow upon their first meeting.

Hoping this was a job that would give him a big enough reward to go dark for awhile, Dactrin stood up to his feet and began his slow yet poised walk towards Poe and Dr. Morton Stray. Once he stepped up next to them, still a few feet away and on edge in case this was in any way a set up, he looked between Dr. Stray and Poe, resting his eyes to Poe before making his inquiry. Poe's look fit the description he was given too well, allowing Dactrin to feel confident he had made the right contact.

"Poe Wysse?" Dactrin inquired with his mellow baritone voice, his iridescent eyes as bright as Poe's yet shimmering as the club lights danced around them. "Dactrin Bracksten, accepting your invite and present for further information about your affair."
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Raylex's cuffs came off with ease as she replaced the rose pin blade back into her maroon hair and sat forward in her seat. She felt the patrol car roll to a stop and knew they had arrived at the station. Blowing the hair out of her eye in irritation she waited for her door to be opened by one of the officers and the moment it cracked open she shoved all her weight against it throwing it wide open and throwing the officer on the ground. He drew his weapon but not fast enough, Raylex was on top of him pinning his wristdown wit her foot and his chest with her body weight before he could even cock it.

"It's not very nice to shoot someone so pretty now is it?" She said in a sassy tone and she punched him square in the jaw knocking him unconscious. The other officer fired his weapon at her from around the other side of the squad car and the laser blast barely missed her shoulder, burning the shoulder of her leather jumpsuit. Growling she leapt easily over the car and held him in a choke hold, his pistol pointed at his own temple now, daring him to try and move. Without hesitation she snapped his neck and threw the now lifeless body to her left spitting down on it.

"I didn't want to do that but you ripped my uniform, it sucks to be as good as me sometimes." Flipping her curly hair over her shoulder she looked all around her to see she was alone on an access road to the police headquarters, just far enough to not be seen by the watch towers. Pulling out a golden pocket watch she saw the time was nearly to the set time to meet Poe at the club Amnesia. Leaning down she grabbed both pistols and searched the patrol car for her taken weapons. She knew she'd have an even prettier bounty on her head than she did now when these officers were discovered here so she had to move quickly.

With her flintlock pistol safely back at her side Raylex trotted down the gravel road and caught a taxi in the black district, where the police rarely go and taxi drivers are as dirty as the city gutters, she knew she wouldn't be reported here. After the taxi pulled near the club she instructed the driver to stop a block away so she could use the back entrance, she had a lot of enemies in this town and lots of people who would love to be rewarded for turning her in to the cops.

Although I'd love to see them try I don't have time for another delay, Poe is already going to question my tardiness. Raylex thought to herself as she took a back all to the back door of the club. A large guard stood there but after a few winks and a close pat down the starry eyed guard let the lovely body into the club no questions asked.
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Talitha Thomas

Talitha winced as she inserted the new data chip into her thumb; no matter how many times she replaced the chip she was using the quick jolt of it piercing her skin caught her off guard every time. She looked at the small drop of blood with a passive apathy before bringing her thumb to her mouth and sucking on it for a few moments.

I don’t understand,” Josiah muttered as he leaned against the door frame. “You’re good at your job. The best I’ve ever heard of. You make us both a lot of money, and now you’re done? Finished? Just like that? Come on, girl. Use your head.”

Not bothering to respond, Talitha went about her business, getting ready for this last job before taking on a new kind of life. In truth, she had grown tired of handling the punishments. She had provided the services for others. Those who didn’t have the stomach to dole out the punishments themselves. Over the years she had begun to believe that her clients deserved to have people do bad things to them. If they couldn’t punish the offenders themselves they deserved to be mistreated. It was simple as that, and she didn’t owe Josiah, or anybody else an explanation. This would be her last contract before she effectively retired as a hired disciplinarian.

Her weapons all concealed, save for the polearm strapped across her back, she double and triple checked that everything she’d need was on her person. Talitha wasn’t planning on returning. When she moved to exit Josiah defiantly stood in the doorway still expecting an answer. He’d known her for fourteen years, and yet still held out for her to open to him. She trusted him, tolerated him, but beyond that held no loyalty. She had long since repaid him for his original generosity, and as the years passed it was clear that he was also afraid of her. Not like others were. No. He knew she had an intrinsic set of morals on which she operated, that she wouldn’t just go off the deep end for no known reason. He was scared that he’d do something to merit a punishment. That he’d push her too far.

In the end, he yielded, shying away from her presence as she loomed over the doorway. With a small frown, he shrunk away from her and disappeared around the corner. Barely waving farewell. She sighed, and nodded her head in acknowledgement. Talitha wasn’t one to grow attached, but Josiah was closest to family she’d ever had and deep down she felt something unidentifiable in leaving him.
The smooth wall felt cool against her back as she leaned against it, her crystal blue eyes sweeping across her surroundings while never loosing track of the target. This was her process. The only way she was able to fulfill the contracts. She observed. Watched until it was proven that the target deserved their punishment. Some contracts ended up getting broken, but her clients always knew that was a possibility. Talitha did not compromise herself for anybody. If they wished her to risk herself and her freedom to punish on their behalf, they knew it wasn’t so cut and dry. She would make the final decision. Not many had earned a pass, but it happened.

She’d been on this job for several days now, and almost had enough to satisfy herself. She had tailed this guy for anywhere between twelve and fourteen hours a day. Just watching. Today was the last day though. By sundown, the man would either be adequately punished, or he would have been granted a reprieve. Either way, she’d be finished with the job.

Talitha stifled a yawn. She was patient, but she hadn’t moved in over an hour, and she was getting restless. He hadn’t been this stationary in all the time she had observed him. Sitting there. On a public bench. Twitching. Alive with nervous energy. It was almost as if he knew he was being watched…

It was then that she saw it. Daddy’s hat. Daddy had been punished though. Her mind flashed to that day so long ago. Daddy’s hat laying on the street a meter away from the blood pooling around his unmoving body. Pulling herself out of the past, she couldn’t help but focus on the wearer. His gait so similar to Daddy’s. But it wasn’t. She knew. Daddy had been bad. Daddy had been punished.

Her feet were moving. Following after the hat barely visible above the crowd of people gathered, bustling back and forth. Without a glance back at her target she moved from the crowded business commons, into a less busy connecting passage. The hat kept moving forward. The man wearing it oblivious to the tail he had picked up.

The hat continued on. Moving down lesser used passages at each turn. Eventually, he’d know that she was following, but by then it’d be too late. There would be no stopping her, and no witnesses.

The hat stopped.

The passage was narrow. Not much wider than she was. The air stagnant, and covered in shadow from the surrounding walls. A quiet laugh echoing off the smooth surfaces. “I never thought it would be so simple,” a hauntingly familiar voice sounded from under the hat.

Talitha stopped. Silently taking an inventory of the situation.

Who knew that after all these years you were still hung up on your father,” Josiah turned around and smirked. He wasn’t afraid right now. His pupils were dilated, his mouth stretched into an unnatural snarl or smile. “I figured this was a long shot. Plan A, if you will.

She stayed silent. That uncomfortable feeling that she had when leaving their living quarters now gone. Replaced by anger. She knew what this was. Josiah had convinced her target that he was a target and got himself hired to take out the assassin. She was the assassin.

Still won’t talk to me, huh? I promise you’ll be begging by the time we’re through.

You must be stupid,” she said. Her tone flat, and unimpressed.

Fuc—,” was all Josiah had time to get out before Talitha’s knife hit him in the throat, effectively rendering him speechless. She had been aiming for his chest, but knife throwing had never really been one of her best skills. His body crumpled to the floor.

Approaching, Talitha knelt next to him, listening to the gurgling sound of him choking on his own blood. She pulled the blade, wiping it on the sleeve of his shirt before returning it to its sheathe and picking up the hat from the ground near his head. “You talk too much.
Hours. Wasted hours. It took her way too long to relocate her target, but she did. She didn’t need to watch any longer either. He had wanted her killed; that alone deserved punishment. And lucky, lucky. She had found him in a motel. Celebrating life with a few top-dollar professionals. Too easy, she thought, but it didn’t matter. Her distraction had cost her precious time and she was already running late.

The clerk that handled room assignments looked at her suspiciously, but handed over the key anyway. She doubted he believed that she was a scorned partner, but his fear kept him from questioning her too thoroughly. To cover his own ass, he made her pay for a room, and scan her data chip. She’d have to get rid of this one after she was through. She sighed. The client wanted little blood, so guns and knives were out of the question unless absolutely necessary.

She pressed her thumb against the door until the lock clicked and it swung open. Stepping inside, she used the confusion caused by her arrival to close the distance between herself and the target. Grabbing his head in her hands she looked him in the eyes. Her ice blue gaze burning into his panicked brown eyes before she twisted. His neck snapping. He had been primarily humanoid, so it hadn’t taken too much to succeed. The women stared in shocked silence before running from the room. They knew better than to cause much more of a scene.

Talitha sat on the bed next to his body. Calm as she pulled her favorite knife from its hiding spot. Taking her torch she heated the handle until it burned bright and pressed it to the man’s forehead. Her mark, so that the client knew it was her, and not somebody else to finished the job. The mark was required in order for her to get paid, and after the day she had the last thing she wanted to do was forego her due.

Looking at the digis-clock next to the bed, she cursed and pushed herself up. She was late.
Amnesia was not her sort of place. At all. It was hard to find a place inside where she was comfortable enough to relax. The music was too loud to hear if somebody was approaching, and walls were basically inaccessible. Not to mention the bouncer at the door. He had never been a fan of her weapons.

There was a service panel in the back of the club though, and Talitha opted for that entrance. Sliding out of the wall, she dusted herself off and took a moment to cut the data chip out of her thumb before entering the club proper. Her gaze sweeping the room until she found who she was looking for.

A path formed automatically as she made her way through the throng of dancers on the floor towards the couch. Her eyes met with a few of those who were present. She knew a few of them, by reputation only, but didn’t acknowledge anybody but the one who summoned her; giving him nothing more than a curt nod in greeting, silently waiting for what was to come next.
Ah so it would be the hardest of them to enter the bar first. Poe noticed Ruth’s entrance and gave a slight glance in her direction as he tilted back the drink. She seemed nervous as she edged around the dance floor. She was getting closer to his position and leading him into having to make his mind up on what to do with her. Surely she would know him on sight, His kind were an easy spot due to their eyes. So he would need to make up his mind soon. He took a moment to eye the time displayed in Virtua, and let out a soft sigh. Ray was late, he wondered what she would say to him. She’d probably been arrested. His brow quirked and a deviant smirk pulled his lips ‘Heh’ went though his mind and out his mouth in Virtua but he remained silent in reality.

Something in his side view caught his attention as Maeve the second of his Candidates to arrive had come in rather swiftly. The guards stepping back as if they knew her, she would make for the bar first and foremost; a bag at her side seemed to be plush with loot. She didn’t look about for him as Ruth was still doing she seemed confident he would come to her. But as the doors slide open again Poe noticed something of an oddity enter and her attention locked on Dr. Shay.

The man if you could call him such moved slowly about at first but seemed to give wait just past the entrance. Poe’s brow quirked and suddenly an electronic ping echoed in both his worlds warning him, he’d just been scanned. Poe’s eyes finally readjusted and brightened as he focused more in Reality. The good doctor was making haste his way shortly after the ping. So he realized the young rogue had been waiting good.

Poe was starting to like this man even as he stopped just before him and stated his intentions. His accent was archaic in some parts of the Known (the extensions of the universe that are known and well traveled are often just called The Known) Poe glanced at his hand but refused to take it simple gesturing to take a seat with him at the table. “Dr. Stray Morton, yes I am aware of your identity, and you are correct in assuming mine. Please for the time… only refer to me as Poe. You see…” Poe paused and sat forward finally kicking his feet from the chair across the table down to the floor and sliding up in his spot. “One of the other candidates is not to Keen on my family, though she may not understand I have split ties with them. Besides that good Docter. I would rather not have my true ser naming known” He pushed up the visor to peek from beneath it his glowing eyes danced with a mire close to pure sin.

He leaned back in the chair and sighed “As for our place of Venue… This is my one and only property. My home away from home as it were. Once we are all assembled we well move to a much quieter location. I only ask that for now you act casual, many eyes still reach this deep into the Sokyo District.” He slide the visor back down and said “Just a moment please… Something has caught my attention online…”

He leaned back a little but remained deeply rooted in Reality still. He was scanning the RB radio scans. Apparently and now he wasn’t sure if it was her or not, but someone had made a slip of some coppers and was high tailing it towards the Slums. Poe had a feeling it could only be Raylex. He sighed and then glanced sharply to the right his blue green eyes lead trails when they moved this fast. He spotted something in the air vents and followed the mischief of a young man who slipped into his club unknown to apparently anyone but Poe. This kid was crafty if nothing else and smooth as he moved bout lifting what he saw fit. Poe’s attention on the young Lad remained discreet but still he found interest in Conroy someone so nimble and fleet of foot could come in handy. Poe shook his head, that’s a bad Idea I don’t need to have a kid getting killed on my watch. He glanced back to Dr. Stray as Dactrin finally made his way over.

Poe had been keeping tabs on him too, but not in such a forward way with his Reality’s body. Dactrin; little did he realize, had done deals with Poe more times than either could count. The man was a jack of all trades and Poe had needed his odd ball assortment of talents often enough times. The fact that they had never met though was a bit of an inside joke to him at least. He too greeted him with his Alias and last name “Christ … “ Poe said starting to gesture for Dactrin to take a seat as well and was about to once again mention his name but he had been cut off.

Raylex came striding in through the back. Thank the Stars Poe said glancing in her direction, this of course caused him to appear a bit… off to those around him but he quickly recovered by calling an order at the bar. “Rounds Please… “ He sat back and waited for Ray to head this way. “Now Dactrin… how many times do I need to remind you formalities will be the death of you…” It was a term he;d used a few times in transaction with the man and the quirky smirk that was pulling his lips showed he was hoping Dactrin would remember this stranger on the comm. “Don’t be so uptight, We still have a few coming and then … We’ll talk on the matter I called you all here for."

Right behind Raylex entered Ms. Talitha she looked…worn out? No something else she seemed to be projecting an air of Dominance. He glanced at Ray as she arrived in the bar proper. His blue eyes glanced towards first Ruth then Maeve, seconds later Poe’s voice crackled into Raylex’s comm his Virtua connection still intact the moment she came in he’s started to hack her. “Dearest can you fetch the other ladies? We’re going to head upstairs now…” Of course he didn’t say this in Reality but on comm he was connected via Virtua and his online self could speak; Poe liked to consider this the closest thing to telepathy you could actually get … with Technology at least.

He turned her attentions back to the group and smirked “Well as it seems most of us have gathered… Let us head downstairs shall we?” He asked standing and moved past those assembled. His hands instantly sunk into his pockets as his posture slouched and he made his way towards a hall that led to ‘Private rooms’ Hah Poe had found this joint back In his first generation (100 years) His elder brother had caste the property off into Poe’s lap saying it was beneath his efforts and time. Poe of course only saw HOOKAS! Course he’d matured a bit! Ah good times his first generation had been.

Once in the hall his hand came up to plant itself in the center of a strange tribal ruin painting that rain the length of the hallway. The ruin lit up blue – as if luminescent ink spilling from his skin spread into the ruin to lit it. A heavy locking mechanism shifted within the wall and suddenly it shifted outwards and slide down along a portion of the hall. Poe’s hand yanking free as the door slide back he waved them in to follow if they chose to or not was always up to them.

Upon descending the stairs light’s starts to hum to life, and finally as their feet landed they would find themselves in some crazy plush penthouse, that believe it or not had been pimped out in many ways. Most of those ways were hidden gun mech’s win the walls that he could control manually with his GEAR. He gestured for them all to enter a seating lounge area with white couches and chairs scattered about the center stage of a gigantic glass table. Everything was white here

Once everyone was comfortable he glanced about. Poe stood at the head of the table and glanced about the group assembled. “Alright… I assume you either already realizes who I am or know who I am. But to be on the same page… “He snapped his fingers and the room went to a half light as a hologram projection started to build the galaxy out before them, a familiar commercial on most networks the WYSSE FAMILY incorporated and building a better tomorrow! The lamest slogan in the world. The hologram paused and Poe stepped through a Star Gate structure with the WYSSE Logo on it. “That’s right… I’m a Wysse… But for anyone having hang ups on my family; …. “ He passed a glance towards Ruth “Get over it, I hold no ties to my father or anyone within my family. Ture I still hold inheritance but I believe that is only because my father is a deluded old man these days…” Poe’s eyes cut back to take in the whole group almost like he was pausing for affect.

“Now onto the why the hell are we here Poe part…” He smirked as his visor brightened the hologram exploded and the stars spread out into the Known. “WYSSE and RB SECT have been creating for the last few decades, Star Gates without the natural means. What even more interesting is… they’ve been advancing their tech. They have a new toy… And I want it.” He glanced about. “I’m willing to hire on each of you to do what you do ever so bestly!” He said his fingers steepled infront of his chest and his brow quirked “What’s in this for you exactly… Oh loads.. First of all how would you like to be part of the Crew that Could never be caught. What if never again do you have to worry about which Jump Gate to take to get the hell out of Dodge?” He smirked and sighed “And who wants the key to the greatest treasure in all known Existence? “ He snapped again and the hologram transformed into a Planet lcaed of gold sweeping about it in a strange disarrayed of unsettled rings the planet itself was said to be the very substance of green the End all to all treasures in the universe a Literal Treasure Planet. No one had Ever come back from trying to reach this goal though, and several variations of the map existed. But what Poe was giving them was an actual route to this treasure. A pay day of 3 lifetimes.

“Course if you don’t want Avalon… I can always find other’s more willing to hunt for this…” He smirked and lifted his hands like he was pushing up a level the lights came up again and the hologram dispersed. “Questions; Compliments? Confusion?” He asked still smiling like a cheshire cat.

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Winston Conroy

Winston sat in the rafters watching the strange man, not long after several people began joining the man. First a man wearing a hooded jacket and strange mask. Vi arched her back and hissed at the sight of the man "Shh it's okay girl" Winston said as he picked her up and placed her on his shoulder, Winston heard the first man refer to the masked individual as Doctor Morton Stray, then the man referred to himself as Poe. Winston couldn't help but giggle slightly at the name Poe, focusing his robotic eye on Doctor Stray Winston began a scan of the hooded man.


His eye immediately picked up the amount of robotic pieces were part of the Doctor Well aren't we interesting Doctor Stray! Winston shifted his stance so he could be slightly closer and hear better. Vi crawled down Winston and darted after some vermin within the rafters, by the time Winston noticed what she was doing she was gone "Dammit Vi! You literally just ate!" Winston returned his focus to the forming group of people, listening in he overheard the man named Poe that Amnesia was his property I really hope he doesn't mind me sneaking in...okay breaking in, and doesn't mind that I stole from a number of his customers, not to mention stole from the club.

A large man wandered over and took a seat next to Poe So far there are 3 people down there that could kill me...maybe I could take on the Doctor...but I have no idea what exactly the robotic parts do... Lost in thought Winston completely missed what Poe said to the newly arrived man, Vi finally returned with a prize she sauntered over to Winston proudly holding the freshly dead vermin in her mouth. "Yes I see it" Vi dropped the vermin and meowed at Winston "No I would not like it, thank you though" Vi meowed again "Yes I'm sure" Vi picked up the vermin and headed over to a larger area in the rafters to eat her kill.

Winston saw Poe begin to use his comm, quickly focusing on it Winston was able to access the channel to see who he was talking to and what he was talking about. Hearing that there were even more people coming pretty much destroyed any chance that Winston would go anywhere else tonight. "This has to be something important, right Vi?" Winston looked up to get some kind of acknowledgement from Vi but received none "You never support me..." Winston resumed his eavesdropping and heard Poe saying they were heading downstairs.

As the group started moving Winston did his best to keep up with them in the rafters with Vi in tow. They all reached a hallway with a massive door that opened seamlessly for Poe, sadly for Winston he could not get any farther in the rafters if he wanted to get through that door. Once everyone was inside Winston jumped down in front of the door and did a quick scan of it. The scan didn't reveal much except that the door had an impressive locking mechanism. Looking around Winston couldn't find any type of access panel for the door. Scanning again Winston saw that there was a panel in the floor below him, quickly removing the panel revealed a series of wires. A wild grin spread across Winston's face as he saw this "Oh Poe, you're making this to easy!" Winston cracked his knuckles and pulled out a simple pair of wire cutters.


Winston began carefully cutting at some of the wires and then attaching them to new wires. "That goes here, this goes there...this is now here...Vi stop touching that...a snip here..." in a short amount of time Winston had the door open. Quietly replacing the floor panel Winston stood up and gathered his wire cutters and proceeded through the door. Winston could hear the faint sounds of talking from down stairs and began making his was down there. There were no rafters here but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing for Winston. Winston looked at Vi and gestured for her to stay there, he shimmied his way along the wall and hid behind what appeared to be a pillar.

Poe was already in the middle of talking so Winston was a bit lost, he did hear Poe mention Treasure which peaked Winston's interests. Winston shifted himself and began surveilling the room to see who had joined Poe, by his count there were 4 new faces. There are now 7 people down there that could possibly kill me...and yet I'm still here...I'm going with 6 people that could kill me. I could totally win against Doctor Stray. Winston hid behind the pillar eagerly waiting to hear from the rest of the people in the room.
Ruth Stellius

Where is that goddamn tech-fiend... Ruth persisted, still searching every inch of the club for her unknown query. She may not have known much about her potential employer, but given that he managed to contact her through Drezdia's Null Sig (wealthy but sketchy crime worlds can afford to set up a planet-wide jamming system which blocks long range scanners and interplanetary communication, known as a Null Sig or Nullified Signature) she can at least be sure that he must be some sort of masterful hacker.

She glanced past a group of individuals meeting unceremoniously near the back, from where she stood, their words were indiscernible above the pulsing bass. After sharing a few words, one of them stood up. His hands were in the pockets of his hoodie, and had a posture as careless as she was. Before he could turn his back to her view completely, Ruth caught a brief glimpse of the stranger's ominously luminescent turquoise eyes...

That's him...

She decided to tail the group into a hallway with a sign labelled "Private Rooms -->", trusting that her light grey hood still concealed her identity. Or, at least, she hoped it did. Especially now, as it felt as though she was being watched.

The brief and unexpected sound of a cat's meow seemed to pervade against the music behind her as she continued down the hallway. Ugh, I hate cats, she thought idly.

A few feet in front of her was what appeared to be a short but fairly-built mercenary, who's stride was silent and unfazed. Beside him was some sort of machine perhaps, given the glowing bits and metal plating. Her contact, the Veroesian, appeared to be leading the two of them. As the ancient markings on the walls of the hallway lit up around them, Ruth joined the others behind him. Seeing as no one appeared to be concerned with her presence, let alone protested it, it became clear that this was indeed the "meeting" she travelled this far to attend.

The mysterious Veroesian led the group, which now included Ruth, with a vague sense of pride into what appeared to be his personal penthouse. Taking a careful seat in a lounge area, Ruth couldn't get over her surroundings. The room was absolutely pristine. A level of cleanliness and luxury she's just about never witnessed. While sliding her hand across the arm of a couch, she began to sense that this particular contact must be particularly powerful, a fact that settled uneasily in her gut... I don't trust him.

It had only begun to dawn on her as he began to speak... Ruth's face turned pale, she knew who he was before he managed to utter the name himself... "Wysse" the name rang in her head, memory could only connect that name to the sound her father's angered ravings. Stories of economic hoarding, mass inequality and damn-near galactic imperialism. If her father were here, he would already be shanghaiing this kid and selling him for ransom to that "greedy, good-for-nothing family of Veroesian fascists", as he called them. Ruth was ready to pounce on Poe, nails and all, but was stopped suddenly by the sheer gravity of his gaze as it fell upon her. Her face was flushed, she felt exposed, deceived, betrayed.

Her hands were clutched tightly around the arms of the decadent couch, only after finishing his sentence did her rage begin to subside. No ties, eh? ...We'll see about that, Ruth thought derisively, still quite far from trusting Poe Wysse. Ruth listened to the rest of his proposal and cocked her head. Despite her feelings to the contrary, she felt a slight notion that she would actually accept this position after he spoke the words "new toy". The mention of treasure scarcely caught her interest, but a chance to commandeer prototype astro-tech from the notorious Wysse family was an opportunity she'd kill for. Whether this opportunity was worth having to work with Poe goddamn Wysse, the son of her father's greatest enemy, is another matter entirely.

When Poe posed his questions at the end of his proposal, Ruth was genuinely surprised she'd managed to keep cool through all of this. She huffed, disgusted by his self-confident smile, then stood up suddenly, crossed her arms, and spoke.

"Yeah, actually. Why the fuck didn't you tell me who you were until now; you have massive balls to even consider bringing me here; and if you plan on keeping me here longer than a second, I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this new toy of yours", she stated, promptly answering all three of his previous requests. Remnants of her stern tone resonated throughout the luxurious penthouse...
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She was picked up by some random woman who told her to go to the back room with her. At first she didn't know what to think but why not go along. She rose from her seat and went to the back room with all of her possessions. She had remembered that she received a contact notice from a strange man but she didn't pay much mind to it as that wasn't typically her type of thing. Nonetheless she followed along with the woman to the back room that lit up along the walls.

As she entered the room she saw the man who she assumed was her employer. The others in the room didn't look like much to her. She did recognize one other person in the room besides the woman who had brought her in, the bounty hunter. She had heard reports of him taking down people on some stolen comms but never paid any greater attention to it. Besides him there was a robotic looking man that caught her eye just for the fact that his armor intrigued her. How it worked would be interesting to find out. Other than that no one else proved to be of any particular interest so she took her seat towards the door with her large bag under her feet.

After listening to what his 'oh so important' name was, she honestly could care less about who he was, he explained his reasoning for gathering this ragtag group of criminals. Interesting. Mae could never turn down the idea of getting endless treasure but the proposition sounded almost enjoyable. "Making it back alive from the treasure planet is quite a feat. You must know that word would get out and several pirates, bounty hunters, and not to mention the law would be after us for sure right? This is no simple task. There's also the issue of this new toy, as you call it. How do you suppose all of us are to get through top security and make it out in one piece with this thing?" She spoke through her mask but even though half her face was covered you can see the stoic look in her eyes. Mae hadn't particularly cared how the others got in since she was sure that she could do it if she so desired. It was just to see if he had some kind of solution or was a clueless leader.
After their intimate exchange of thank god you made it glances Raylex followed Poe closely to the secret penthouse, well secret to everyone in the group but her. Many a night she had spent here with Poe but neither would acknowledge that in public. Taking a seat on the couch and propping her legs up on the glass table she casually spun her dagger in her fingers, waiting for the spray of questions and concerns to drown the room. This Ruth character seemed a little sketchy to Ray and she tensed when the woman stood and started shouting at Poe.

"Hey shut the hell up and let the man talk! Damn! You all come in here like you have some sort of right to be here, no. This is a priveledge so sit down and shut up so he can tell you what the fuck you want to know!" Shouting slightly Raylex was standing now with her dagger in hand. She would never overstep her bounties and wound someone that didn't legitimately deserve it but right now she was pretty close. She hated it when people disrespected Poe, not only because she was his close friend but also because she was First Mate.

Nodding to Poe to continue she sat back gently on the white couch and took up her laid back position having heard Poe whole speel long before the others. Cautiously she heard the doors open and watched the young tech freak slip into the room followed by a small cat. Well at least that one doesn't seem to be too much trouble. We'like just have to get better locks on the doors. Raylex's ears perked a little at the mention of the "Treasure Planet", it seemed Poe had forgotten to mention that part of this crazy plan to her the first time her spat it at her.

Sitting up she looked him straight in the eye, a kind of what the actual fuck Poe?!? kind of look. Normally when there was anything to do with loot in this part of town Raylex wad the first to know about it so for her not to know about a whole planet full of gold was unheard of.
Dr. Morton Stray

The doctor listened thoughtfully to Poe's explanation in regards to his identity. "Ah. Respectable enough. This job of yours is... a sensitive one, I don't doubt that", he spoke softly, whilst taking a seat. Looking into his newly revealed eyes, Morton sensed the man's distress.

He was slightly relieved at the mention of a quieter place for the details of the mission to be relayed. "That would be in our best interest", he remarked. Moments later, a Takarian hybrid greeted Poe. Upon spotting his equipment, Dr. Stray was somewhat irritated that Poe would share his identity with the likes of a bounty hunter. Especially given that this mission of his may indeed incur a hefty bounty.

Then again, Morton wasn't exactly the one who should be concerned with the possibility of betrayal...

A round of drinks were served on the table before them, interrupting the thought. Morton only stared into his drink, watching the ripples brought on by the beating music. Upon Poe's suggestion to leave, Morton silently obliged and followed him down a hall. Being in a dim hallway of a backwater club in a lowly developed area of ECHO, Morton was beginning to feel as though he expected more from young Mr. Wysse. Perhaps his father wasn't too fond of him after all. When the locking mechanism opened, however, the doctor was pleasantly surprised to see that Poe had a sense of refinement. The room was sublime.

As the ragtag gang of potential members made their entrance, the scantly-dressed Mendalorian he saw earlier caught his attention. Now, Morton isn't one to be haughty or conceited, but seeing the kinds of brash and trigger-happy people Poe was hiring made the wires behind his neck twitch. I hope you know what you're getting into young Wysse.

Morton sat silently and motionlessly throughout Poe's overview of the task. Dr. Stray felt a series of different emotions, he was intrigued above all else. The Mendalorian spoke from behind her mask, after which he began to think of her differently, perhaps she had more wisdom than she let on. Morton agreed with her words, this mission of his wasn't exactly a walk in the park... rather, it was nigh-suicidal. It's no wonder Mr. Wysse wanted to keep an eye on his boy, he gathered.

The doctor immediately picked up on the faint sound of an opening door, Some eavesdropping miscreant, no doubt.

And I thought I was the only informant..., Morton jested.
"Pit! You idiot! How'd you even get this thing?! What is this thing?!" Pit's buyer was running behind Pit helping him roll a large black case as men shot at them. "Jump!" Pit screamed as he hopped through a wall phasing the case and his friend. When they reconstructed their momentum slammed them into a wall. "Pit! This guy you have to me-" The man was cut off by the sound of gunfire and a few shots missing him by a hair. Pit already began running again. "Why don't we talk when we're not getting shot at!" Pit stooped and looked around. The two entrances on either end of the adjacent hall were blocked by men yelling and shouting armed and ready to fire. He pushed the case back down the previous hall into his buyer thus sweeping him on top of the case. Pit jumped onto the case and slammed his hands down on it phasing through the men and to the floor below.

"Pit, you're fucking nuts man!" Pit kept his focus on the halls as the case was rolling downhill. "Yep, but you already knew that!" Pit laughed and phased again this time standing on the case riding it like a surfboard. Cops began to surface on the scene as well. "You still got your mask up right?" The man looked up to Pit who looked like he was about to do something stupid. "On three get ready to grab me." The cops got into a firing squad stance commanding the two to halt. "3!" "Wha-" Pit ran and jumped over his buyer whose weight flipped the case as he sat on its edge. He grabbed Pit just as he Phased in the air and the officers began to open fire at them. The case flipped through the two and Pit reconstructed. The case served as a shield for Pit to throw two firecrackers that scared the cops for a brief moment allowing him to phase the case and his ally through the ground undetected. The case and men landed with a thud in a busy sector of E.C.H.O.

"Okay, so this case... what the hell is in it?" The man stood up brushing himself off and Pit did the same. "Just some weapons. My plan was a cruiser, but that ain't as easy as it looks." "Wait-" "No. I was kidding. Your god awful food is around here somewhere right? Stick to the crowd and send my share like usual." Pit took a few steps and jumped up and seemed like he was going to do a belly flop on the ground, but Phased through into the club directly beneath him; Amnesia. "Poe. Who am I to judge..." When Pit fell into the room he landed on a table and watched as a oddball group of people left the room. "Must be them. What other shady bunch here would want to talk?" Pit looked around at the seven million candidates that might be Poe. "Where's the Raylex girl?" Pit hopped off his table quickly spotting her red hair flowing from the corner.

Pit followed and the wall opened wide. He saw the group walk in and then it closed. "That was her alright." Pit ran and jumped through the door. Not thinking of the possibility of steps he hopped over most of them, but stumbled over the rest. "Ah, crap that hurt." He rolled over and rubbed his head sitting criss-cross. "Hey, Poe? Raylex? You two in here?" Pit called out as he entered a lounge area and saw everyone seated. "Am I late?" Pit quickly pulled his mask off making his face known.
Dactrin sat down with the group after being offered a seat, but remained on the edge with his back straight. He had no reason to feel relaxed with this group quite yet, or if ever. "Formalities will be the death of you" was a saying he had heard a few times before when dealing with one of his informants. Although he had never met Poe in person, the recognizable tone of voice led him to the realization of who he was truly dealing with, mask gone and true form revealed. Despite having worked with Poe in the past, his distrust still held with the group and he remained quiet and alert as the others continued to gather. Aside from being on his guard he was usually quiet and serene, something Poe had jested at him before on, encouraging him to "loosen up". He admired the free spirit Poe held but he found it difficult to replicate for himself.

The group seemed to have been formed for the most part, the eclectic bunch picked for their varying talents to complete this mission. Dactrin caught sight of Talitha as she joined the group, keeping her eyes and focus trained on the one who invited her. Dactrin lifted his hands and pulled his dark hood tighter over his brow, concealing his profile even more. Talitha. He had met her before and well, he was certainly not happy to see her here as part of their entourage. This meant he would be working close with her, perhaps for an extended period of time. His thoughts of distaste for the mercenary's arrival were broken by Poe speaking to the group, announcing the beginning of their meeting. He tore his eyes off of her, glad she hadn't recognized him yet, and looked to Poe. He would expect nothing less than a job that would be worth his time and sanity.

Shortly after, when Poe was satisfied with who had gathered, they followed his lead to a more private meeting place. The relief from the din of the club was welcomed by just about all of them. The large white room was comfortable and chic and Poe was quick to offer seats so he could begin his presentation. Dactrin stepped to the back and leaned against the wall, not feeling comfortable enough to sit quite yet. He kept his hood over his head and crossed his thick arms over his chest, ready to hear this plan out.

Dactrin had heard of the Treasured Planet, a place regarded with both intense desire and fear. If anyone would have both the bravado and the resources to take on this mission, it would be Poe. Dactrin knew that despite the offer of clean getaways and gold beyond measure, there would be something up Poe's sleeve. No matter how many questions Poe would answer Dactrin was sure there would be an unknown catch, something Poe would reveal later on when it was too late for anyone to back out. He thought about this carefully. Taking on this quest would involve careful consideration of the possible risks, rewards and sacrifices.

A soft noise from the side caught Dactrin's attention. Someone had joined them and was trying to remain undetected. Dactrin raised an eyebrow and, while unable to see who might have entered, took note of their presence. In Poe's establishment he was confident Poe would be highly aware of those who entered, no matter how stealthy they tried to be. His connection with technology and the surrounding surveillance gave him an additional advantage.

Poe inquired for questions with a rather unnerving passive aggressive approach. It seems he didn't want the group to feel too special but rather more replaceable, whether it was true or not.

Suddenly, immediately after Poe finished, one the group members stood to her feet. Ruth scoffed loudly towards Poe, upset for reasons that seemed more private and from the past. Although abrasive, she did pose a question he was curious about as well, wanting more information on Poe's "new toy". His attention was brought to the Mendalorian who spoke next, her hair a giveaway for her race. She was a breath of fresh calm air when she spoke.

Before Dactrin could chime in, Raylex stood up next, defending Poe with a threatening posture, eyes glancing around the room as if they all had the same feelings as Ruth. Dactrin watched the two women with narrowed eyes, exhaling deeply as their uncontrolled anger was troublesome. It seemed Raylex was close to Poe or perhaps she was his body guard. Either way, if she continued to act so aggressively the moment Poe was challenged, their team would have many problems down the line. As quickly as Raylex reacted she relaxed, sitting back down.

Dactrin cleared his throat before speaking. He took a step forward from the wall, unfolding his arms to pull his hood back and his cloth mask down to reveal his entire face. He looked at Poe and said "She's right" glancing to Maeve. "We need to know what your game plan is for getting us safely out with both your desired "new toy" as well as the Treasure Planet. We might have collectively great resources and skills but without a game plan we're going in blind and at greater risk of failure. If you don't have one yet we need to make one."

A noise turned Dactrin's head to see a young kid fall from the stairs, landing in a crumpled awkward heap on the floor. A fucking kid. The young one bounced up and stepped forward, revealing himself to the group and calling out for Poe and Raylex.
Talitha Thomas

Apparently, she had been one of the last to arrive, which in all honesty suited Talitha just fine. It gave her the opportunity to see who all had been invited. The main portion of her attention was focused on tonight’s benefactor, Poe. She had heard enough about him to respect that whatever his offer was tonight was genuine.

While she met his eyes, she didn’t fail to notice the others around them in the peripheries. There was one who looked irritatingly familiar. She let her blue gaze slide to his figure just as he pulled the hood further over his face. He must have recognized her as well, but it did not matter right then. Poe was standing, leading them to a more logical location to discuss their business together.

She followed without word, acutely aware that they were being tailed. Her eyes didn’t wander looking for their stalker. She didn’t actively search them out. Instead she leveled her breathing and concentrated on listening. She had no enhancements, but genetics had blessed her with better than average hearing and life had refined that blessing into a usable tool in her everyday life. Another natural ability sharpened and honed over the years as a necessity to live.

Talitha followed. Her steps silent on the stairs as the group descended. The door shut behind them, but her focus stayed, listening for any would be intruder. The hum of the lights dulled her auditory abilities, but still she listened. Barely paying attention to the lavish room they had just entered. Without care for the layout of the room, Talitha grabbed a chair, and pulled it against a wall. As she sat, she glanced at Poe for only a moment before shifting her eyes back to the one that was so familiar to her. Watching him for any signs of hostility toward her. She had made a good deal of enemies in her lifetime, and she wasn’t sure he was not of them.

With her attention split between the sounds of the not-so-silent intruder, and delving through the files of her memory to place the mystery man, she hardly heard a word Poe had said. It didn’t matter though. She’d go along for the ride regardless; it was time for a change of pace and that’s exactly what Poe was offering. It wasn’t until Poe was finished, and confronted by another that Talitha pulled her attentions to what was being said. The unknown in the room momentarily forgotten. When emotions ran high mistakes were made. She made a quick mental note to keep an eye on the girl, as well. This crew was shaping up to be shaky, at best. Personal feelings had no place in a crew such as this. Talitha only hoped this girl and the mystery man from her past recognized these as facts.

The situation seemed to diffuse itself, simmering as though somebody put a lid on a boiling pot. The turmoil was still there, just momentarily out of sight.

Her posture relaxed, and she leaned against the back of the chair, listening now to the queries being thrown at Poe. The potential crew had all raised good questions. Their concerns were valid. She just listened and waited; unmoving, until a small figure phased through the door and tumbled down the steps. He wasn’t more than a child, still his arrival had not been expected. Talitha rose, her muscles tense and her brows drawn together; ready to strike if need be. When he called out, her posture relaxed and she looked questioningly toward the center of the room. “I take it you were expecting this one?
Poe was not surprised when suddenly Ruth was on her feet; aggression laced her voice as she snapped at him. Poe kept his cool though, having already expected what was to come next. Just as Ruth ended her words Raylex, his ever faithful, was on her like white on rice. She was on her feet and growling right back at the other. Poe had to admit in his head he was going ~CAT FIGHT!~ In Childish excitement but on the outside he was calm reserved and collected. Ray gave him a cursory nod to continue and he sighed but not from stress more as if to say ~What can you do…~ He turned his attention back to the questions she’d presented when he was just about to answer Ruth though Maeve brought up his next point what exactly were the specks on his toy.

He paused again though as a ping on his GEAR warned him someone had opened the door. Poe smirked no better time like the present to see if Dingo was still active he brushed his fingertips together as if to snap while his hand was still down and by his side. The smallest of snaps that would send a pulse that floated by silently into the room past Winston and Vi and down the hall into his bedroom. Such a faint noise and yet it was all he needed to do, a slight pulse and the mechanism he summoned awoke. Bright yellow eyes lit slowly as if opening, metallic ebony-blue body plates shifted as an animal like machine stood on four sturdy limbs claws feet barely making a sound as it turned to face the door which opened for it.

While Winston stood leering from his spot he probably wouldn’t notice this machine as it padded so quietly on metallic limbs. One would expect this canine like machine to make a racket of all means from what it was made from, but no Poe had spent Countless years honing this machine. He called him BlakJak. BlakJak stood behind Winston now his head lowering and metallic maw opening to expose the row of realistic teeth. A strange techno-sonic styled voiced issued a raucous of snarls suddenly out of no where at the boy. This would more than likely startle those in the sitting area, but their curiosity would be answered as Blak took a step forward directly towards Winston those teeth bared and the growls intensified. If he didn’t move the canine was going to attack that much was clear. It would only take a few steps from Blak and the boy would be forced out into the open with the rest of the group.

Poe’s eyes already locked on the area he would emerge when suddenly low and behold pit arrived a brow quirked further. He should have expected this to happen nothing was ever smooth with this many crimincal in one bloodeh room. He sighed and waited a moment giving Raylex a look before he finally continued.

“Yes Talitha I’m sorry my dear…” He shot Pit a look that said Sit down shut up, then cut that same look towards Winston. Then he continued. “Alright so you want to see the prize, I can respect that. Let’s see here we are…” He lifted a hand from his visor and suddenly what looked like rough drafts, blue prints and diagrams all projected in the room.

The body of the ship was unique in it’s own way and the four mege thruster packs on it’s ass end would surely make any grease monkey swoon. But something about the design was …. Different, as the spects and features came up in blocks and the side displayed two gunner ships, this baby looked ripe and ready to be plucked by RB –Sect with all that shit added on.

Poe waited until they all had their gander of the ship, then would bring up the most interesting feature of the ship. A navigational AI coordination system that apparently was linked up and fueled to the Star-Drive Engine (brand new mechs will be like OMG WAAA) and could work as a booster mechanism. Poe would break into their reverie of the machine though. “Essentially this ship is supposed to make Jumps without Gates, so um… no more planning around the RB Dicks… Oh and also. The Ai system also has every known star, of every known system of well hell it’s said this thing can hack into reality itself and find the best route to heaven if we wanted…” He turned his glowing blue eyes on the machine as the specs all spanned out again so everyone could get another look see.

Poe’s eyes would become distant, he was checking in on things online while also his mind came about the few questions Ruth had had “I invited you Ms. Ruth because you are said to be the best Astro Mech out there… However, if you cannot get over our families … past, then I will have someone come to escort you personally back home. In fact each of you were chosen for your own unique abilities, masteries and well yes even some of your vices and past crimes. I can find just about Anything online...I am also talented at messing with them” It wasn’t a threat either by the way his eyes had turned so cold it was a promise. They already knew far to much to simply let anyone simply leave, and he hoped that all would stay, he didn't want to have to clean up so early in the game. Turning his attention back to the whole. “Now… I will need either a Yay or a Nay from each of you… This is as much as I will discuss until I know you’re on board. And Yes That goes for you too Mr…. Ah yes Winston. “ He said looking back at the boy while the robotic Canine still kept it’s yellow eyes locked on him. “Sorry about that BlakJak heel!” He said rather than control the hound with his own abilities. The canine would step back and sit simply, while it's focus remained on the young Winston. He didn’t want them knowing everything about him yet. He only hoped that as those with the knowledge of machinery didn’t ask further into the AI, that was something they were going to have to wait to understand and see.

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Ruth Stellius

After letting Poe have it, one of the others abruptly stood. The woman spoke harshly, defending Poe's authority with fiery passion. Ruth met her gaze with one of malice, "Who are you? The rich boy's fucking cheerleader?". Upon noticing the dagger, however, Ruth thought better than to escalate the situation further. She grumbled in frustration, sat down, and decided to keep her peace for now. With nerve like that, Ruth was sure this woman was going to be an issue.

When Poe finally agreed to provide details on this "new toy" of his, various projections materialized in the center of the room. As soon as the light from a blueprint projection reached her retina, the annoyed expression on Ruth's face vanished. She pulled out her datapad
without hesitating, and, while in a state of zen, began typing down every detail she could manage.

Four thrusters, two rail guns, a highly-advanced magnetic jammer, neotrantic shield array, two military-grade corvettes, bombs with excessive payload... Mysteriously, the power supply was vastly greater than most ships of its class, even with the guns accounted for... When the details of the star-drive engine appeared, she stopped typing and gawked in disbelief. Poe then oh-so-casually mentioned how the ship is capable of jumping without a gate. Ruth was already having trouble hiding her amazement, and with that last straw, her jaw dropped. This was a starship with manoeuvring capability akin only to those she's heard in old Drezdian legends or the impossible imaginings of retired smugglers. The existence of such a ship was unthinkable, yet the proof was right there before her eyes. While continuing to stare blankly with her mouth half open, Ruth pinched her own thigh, still having trouble processing all of this.

The sound of Poe's voice recovered her attention, she then shook her head, and made an effort to bury her reverence. She thought it was witty of him to regard her as "Ms. Ruth" rather than "Ms. Stellius", considering everything the name "Stellius" entailed. Poe's words also reminded her that she was being hired as Ruth: an expert of astro-machinery, and not as Ruth: the daughter of Argon Stellius, an all-too-familiar label.

When each member was asked for their final consent, Ruth began to weigh her options. Accepting Poe's offer would mean rebelling against everything her father stands for, plus he's an arrogant prick. Willingly working with him is something she never thought she would consider, let alone accept. On the contrary, however, this mission may in fact be a chance to make something of herself, rather than continue to live in the shadow of her father's vast influence. She gazed once more at the blueprint layout of the starship, yearning to lose herself in every control console and engine drive.

She took her time, and listened to each of the others before making her response, "Alright Wyssey. I know you don't like me, and I sure as hell don't like you... but that ship...", she hesitates, as her tough demeanour is beset by growing excitement, "that ship is worthy of my attention".


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