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  1. ::E.C.H.O::
    To Aether's End

    Welcome to the ECHO-SC /space city/ a beautiful metropolis composed of 16 sectors / nationalities / from old Earth; which btw Earth is gone. This community thrives in a somewhat peaceful state as it floats all over the 16 seperate galaxies and deep space. It's citizens work and function like any mega-city would just in space. This Space Station will be one of the main hubs or ports for our RP; as it also houses several other 'features' to our rp within it's hull. The Station is currently visiting SATURN'S MOONS; TITAN is current one viewable from the Northern side of the facility. RULING GOVERNMENT - THE RB SECT - 17 have had their hands in some interesting projects lately and the fuel of a new revolution is sparking throughout the universe as the common man is growing tired of the governing powers. Where will you stand in this fantasy - amongst the stars? Or in the darkness of the Void?

    WHAT IS THIS RP?!?!?!
    This is a Space Pirates & Sci-Fi Fantasy Hub Group; or at least that is what we are leading up to! A hub group will consist of a Massive WHOLE; but then will also include several groups within the group. Like bubbles within a larger bubble. We will rp here on Iwaku threads & Chats or even in Skype if you like; each rp thread however would be linked back to this main thread so that others may read and would be labeled by an ARC #. We're kicking this group - idea off with the foundation / creation of a brand new pirate ship. Only thing is they have to steal their ship first. After this first arc is complete I will be opening up positions for TWO NEW SHIPS AND CREWS to be formed by members of our group and new members too. These new ships can choose to be ANYTHING within the galaxy! Be they our first crew's allies? Or our Enemies? Hell they could even be our Fren-Enemies! But that will come later. For now we will start with the creation of our first Crew!
    •• So if your into original settings, and Sci-Fi / Fantasy themes; Hit us up to join the group!

    •• So Poe has come all the way from Apaxios in the Red Shift 7 galaxy to the Milky Way Ruins with one goal in mind. Now he's on the ECHO - SS, now he just has to find his old partner Raylex Blood and get a crew assembled. Hopefully Ray sent out half the invites as he instructed. He sets up shop in a club called Amnesia located in the slums of ECHO - the Sokyo District. After he infiltrated the security of the club he wastes time waiting by looking over the 'Candidates' files. Little does Poe realize Ray won't be the first he meets with. As the Candidates start making their way in Fate sends the young man a few curb balls and he must make due with what he's given. And where the hell is Raylex anyways!
    •• Alright so the gist of this start up plot is as follows; POE has just recently stumbled into some primo intel on some sweet new tech his family and the private sector have been working on. With hidden motives of his own he's spurred into action after formulating a devious plan. He hops the first Freighter Class Ship /FC-S/ and sets off on his adventures to locate possible crew mates for his new toy... which he'll need their help to get ! That is the Sweet and simple of it.

    Poe's Check List: '
    Okay so I'll need to find a... '

    •• MEDIC - OPEN

    X HAVE AND IDEA! TALK TO ME ABOUT IT! These are not set in stone ranks either so if you have a better title or something else you think would do us one better let me know! X




    + You may have as many CHARACTERS as you Like. However I expect mostly rp from MAIN CHARACTERS!
    + Don't break our universe! Try not to make Even Bigger Bad guys then our WORST OF THE WORST - There will be an area below dedicated to Factual information about our Universe. If you break out universe I will break you from the group ^^ and KEEL YOU IN STORY !!! It will be a horribly gruesome or humiliating death too. Cause you know I'm twisted like that.
    + I don't care how much you post; what I do care about is the quality of said post. I am not talking grammar either cause honestly we're human, we ALL MAKE MISTAKES, grammar errors I can tolerate and will make myself. However, if you post back some two sentence bullshit I will impale you with a spear and tack you to the front of the ship. I am a big BIG fan of descriptive posts that Paint a story for readers as well as adds to the plot and advances things. Also in reverse don't post a million lines of horse shit that lead absolutely no where and cause us to question your sanity... 'Is that person playing with themselves? Should we call the doctor? ' Just try to stay on point with the rp group.
    + Try to be active... -.- the group will run mostly with us in the single master thread. But I would like us to remain in Posting order which will be set up at the beginning of each Arc. Each Arc will get it's own Thread in the SCI-FI in character area. As you enter so is your posting order. If our confused on who's turn it is in a post simply check the first post of the arc - thread you are in, poe will always have a POST ORDER there. If you remain inactive for numerous days on end (4) then poe will veto your post and you may be skipped. If you are skipped your character WILL NOT DIE, however this does not mean they cannot be injured in your absence.
    + Side Rp's can be had in the Chats and sent to POE.ETIC for logging in my blog if you like but is not necessary, however at least a summary of what happened would be nice lol. I also like to rp in Skype for smaller side plots with 1X1s. Or of course you can make a 1x1 thread and send the to Poe and the same will be done it will be logged in the arc contents if you want it to. NO THREADS MADE ARE EVER REQUIRED TO BE LINKED ! But come on isn't that why you joined our insanity?
    + Of course all IWAKU rules apply. And Character Apps must be posted and approved HERE IN THE OOC THREAD BY POE BEFORE YOU POST IN ANY OF THE RP AREAS.
    + NO DRAMA I'M NOT KIDDING JUST DONT. I will do such horrible things to you if you cause this group to collapse on drama.
    +More may come later but I figure the obvious must be said. Insert all those annoying rules every RP'er should already know to follow. NO GODMOD/SPAMMIN/MARY-SUE/ONE-LINING ETC ETC
    -- More may come later. Thx for reading and by joining this group you are accepting the rules above. If not SHOVE OFF!


    ••JULY 3RD UPDATES! I have reworked out OOC info posts lookie! SHould be easier to follow and understand now i hope. HEY @Redsun_Criminal ~ DO A PROOF READING OF THIS FIRST POST FOR ME FOR ERRORS PLEASE THEN PRIVATE MESSAGE ALL CHANGES REQUIRED TO ME! Anyways lol, I am also working on the Tid-Bits section still; I know i know it's taking me forever but honestly I didn't realize I had so many ideas for this until we got going LOL. So anyways Stay Tuned today and check over this post and the two that follow for information updates and shuffling and re working of our lil thing here. Lol.

    p.s. You know in after thought I realize I should have added a few more OOC HOLD posts lol. So @BookDragon143 ~ My lovely - I may one day call upon you to do some editing for the OOC group info.

    -- I will be treating you with more updates on the info posts, and working on the Tid-Bits some more, I will have them posted today even if they are incomplete. i feel Like i have been torturing you guys with saying it's gonna be posted then haven't - makes me feel horrible! so will post today in fact soon actually you should see updates and changes- That is all for now ^.^

    ••AUGUST 1ST WEE!!! Alrighty! Now I am taking informations on species, places, planets, races anything you would like to be added into our OOC info Tid Bits. I myself will be adding all there is to know about the verosai in the next few days.

    I will also be updating and plotting out the first steps of our heist, the ship a little bit more and other little things. I also wanted to once again Apologize for the lack of activity on my end this past week while my net was down.



    race | age / and appearance age if you have something immortal (everything can be killed tho ^.^) | Sexual Preference (not sure if we actually need this iunno there it is tho)

    •• OLD OCCUPATION (before Poe finds you pretty much you can see this as these people have prolly never met)

    •• Requesting RANK

    --preferred ART - NO IRL PEEPS SORRY I DONT PLAY THAT WAY ^.^; Sorry in advance if you want a IRL person face; Art + Anime acceptable. Would also like at LEAST a para about your character. Remember there is more to describe about someone than just their hair, eye, skin color. So very much more ^.^ The more original you are the more love you will get
    --Again there is so very much you can say about your characters here other than just likes and dislikes and shit like that get creative

    -- Abilities / Powers
    -- Weapon of Choice

    Think game chart / graph loose idea on where your character's strengths and weaknesses are. I give you 15 stars to spread out on the area's below for your character. Also Erase this line before posting your app.
    -- Strength: power of strike
    -- Defense: Power to withstand
    -- Magic: Power to Wield
    -- Lifeforce: Length you can endure
    -- Agility: The speed with which you move
    -- Mindset: The intellect you puzzle

    •• HISTORIA!
    Tell us about your character what were they doing before they came across Poe and his insanity! Lost can go here. You don't have to go into a life long story, or you can either is fine it's up to you. However I would at least like two paragraphs about your character's past.


    Poe.Etic | BookDragon143 | Redsun_Criminal | Wooness | Innocent_devil | Supah Turtle | BLOX | Shiro Kiyoshi


    - Poe.Etic plays: Poe Wysse | ACEIA
    - Redsun_Criminal plays: Ruth Stellius | Morton Stray
    - BookDragon plays: Raylex Blood
    - Wooness plays: Winston Conroy | Tai
    - Innocent Devil plays: Maeve Zardone
    - Supah Turtle plays: Talitha Thomas
    - BLOX plays: Dactrin Bracksten
    - ShiroKiyoshi plays: Pit | Aaron

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    race: Veroesi ✪ age: Mid twenties in appearance actually 225 ✪ Sexual Preference Bi​

    •• Old Occupation Everytte Wysse hails from the planet Apxαίοs, home of the Space Elves as the common tongue relates them. On his home he was part of a rich family that had their fingers into everything. He wanted for little, and strove to achieve even less. As a younger Elv-kin he developed few friendships and cultivated his ... abilities until finally he became one of the most notorious hackers across the universe. But then again since the Net when Psych-Link it really has become a breeze for Tech-Elves and other higher functioning minds like them.

    •• Appearance
    overall - Lean and toned body he seems to have barely an inch of fat on his whole form, having trained from year 15 of his life he has kept up his shape not due to need but due to routine more than anything else. His hair is a shaggy mess cut into the 'In-Style' most people refer to as a mop. Though his hair is shaggy it also seems light and soft, the coloration something close to silver yet almost to white and to reflective when it's dry to be called silver, though when in the rain as you can see from the above image of him, it's almost gray like an old mans. His eyes on the other hand are almost Too saturated in color; bright aqua turquoise pools that seem kind enough, but something about his gaze just throws people off. Some would say he has a ghostly stare, that he's holding back too much behind those 'Too Kind' eyes. His face tells an age of youth when in truth he's damn near 215 now.

    On a side note, Eve or Ever as some refer to him as, is not very keen on what he wears and will often be seen in a pair of black (or green - gray ) skinny leg cargos, his shirt is normally some 'Banger' slogan or free the Sectors BS, save a tree the more cliché the better for him. Over this he wears his normal looking dark gray hoodie with a fur-lined hood. His right ear is pierced only a single time and from it an obsidian hoop hangs holding a tiny black opal orb. However something you will NEVER see him without is a pair of aqua blue head phones that wrap about the back of his head. This device is actually a nerve net and allows him to psychically link with anything connected to or touching to water.

    -- Likes - ViD Games / Sleeping - Being Lazy while still be productive as shit / Out Foxing his opponents
    -- dislikes - Haters / Crazy Clingy Bitches / Hacker's Who Out Fox Him

    Overall - Oh is POE ever just a ball of crazy hormonal emotions... at least that's what his father thinks of him. Under the surface of a seemingly spoiled rotten dick-head is actually a cunning, arrogant prick! That also just so happens to have the genius and know how to fuck your entire world up if need be. He tends to pull the whole lone wolf persona but lately he's realizing he needs... friends… no he needs a Team, something he can use to get to what he needs. But more over he really needs friends. He just would NEVER admit to it not even to himself. Ever' tends to be quiet at first, taking those he meets in to fully access their use even if it's just for a chit chat, he must analyze everything. But once he does start to let other's in he turns out to be one of the most loyal of friends you can ever have on your team, even if he is a little... strange once you get past that eerie lone wolf been kicked to many times shit he pulls.

    When you do get past that arrogant side of him, you find a loopy young man who doesn't exactly understand the lesser things in life due to his rich up bringing this casts him in a Naive or Innocent light do not be fooled. But he's always ready to learn; sadly it is one of his flaws - never take him or allow him near a museum. Those who cross him or out wit him look out, he's vicious and has a problem with holding grudges. He plots and plans and is a very patient man when he needs to be. He may not get you back today or tomorrow but he will ALWAYS get those who cross him back in some way. In a short and quick brief though if you wish to compare Poe to someone think of a little more angry version of the 10th Doctor from Dr. Who.

    -- Abilities: ELEMENT / TYPE: WATER/ ICE = SOURCE: Normally water Molecules which he practically rips out of surrounding materia or from his own body. However ANY WATER CONTROLLED BY POE CAN LINK UP PSYCHICALLY
    -- Poe is also somewhat of a poltergeist himself. He has an ungodly control over Telepathic and Telekinetic Brain Wave Patterns, so yes he can move shit with his mind and he can talk to you through you brain an shit. Think Elf - prof X lol. However due to his powers he remained in constant pain with screaming migraines and sever light sensitivity.

    -Weapon of Choice: DINGO, which he is often times seen upgrading in some form or fashion, but normally looks like a big ass white great dane, but it's interior is completely mech. Like So.

    -- Strength: ✪
    -- Defense: --
    -- Magic: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Lifeforce: ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Agility: ✪ ✪
    -- Mindset: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

    •• HISTORIA!
    Raised with a crystal spoon in his mouth... literally. This kid had nothing to want for. His family an extremely extended one as it was had it's fingers in just about every major Commerce from the Milky Way Ruins to the Ultrous Galaxies. And his own father was perhaps not one of the most influential but still a big gun in their arsenal of Commerce still! And like most rich kids Poe did everything in his power to go against the grain of his family.

    As he hit his first lap round 100 years old he started to learn his ways with his powers and advanced them as quickly as he could. His race is not one of dim wits, in fact the Veos as they are often short named are one of the most intelligent races. But to his family he was useless. Upon his second hundred years though he has settled down and become a long more interested in his families company. This worried it father at first, but now his father believes him to be just a Bone headed Protestor and a tree hugging fool wasting his talents and life away. Poe however has been creeping through their highest security levels.

    He would begin picking apart their R&D department after a horrific accident occurred on ECHO costing the station nearly 5000 lives he felt the grievous incident could have been EASILY avoided. What worries him is his father's john'hancock scrawled across orders to Black Wall (make vanish) any information surrounding the incident. So he jumps ships leaving a lesser Station three galaxies away he's headed for the Milky Way Ruins where he hopes to be met up with some old friends and have a fun time getting a new ship.

    race Human Hybrid ✪ age: 23 ✪ Sexual Preference Straight​

    •• Old Occupation Raylex was an old "friend" of Poe, they have had their fair share of lonely nights but his trust for her goes deeper than the bedroom. A long time has passed sin center they were romantic and they have both become stronger friends because of it.

    •• PERSONALITY Raylex has a complex personality, one moment she is quite nice and agreeable but the next she has her barrel to your throat and her blade on your heart. She may be the ships heart throb but she is an independent strong woman with no interest in really anyone but Poe, though she'd never admit she still had feelings for him... ever. She hates annoying people and stupid questions and quite enjoys a good poker game. She has a few sexual kinks but I'm sure those will be found out soon enough.

    Abilities / Powers extreme powers of persuasion due to her *cough* physical condition.
    Weapon of Choice Scottish flintlock pistol

    STRENGTHS strong willed,quick thinker
    WEAKNESSES tends to get caught up in drama, can overreact, likes to shoot first and ask questions later
    -- Strength:
    -- Defense:
    -- Magic:
    -- Lifeforce:
    -- Agility:
    -- Mindset:

    •• HISTORIA! Born to unknown parents she was an orphan raiding the market tables for food as a child. As she grew, larger more expensive things became her fancy and she got the hang of not getting caught her long time friendship with Poe landed her a spot on the ship long ago but she only has just now accepted the offer, too tempting to pass up. Her history with the law has made her wanted in many sectors so she is more on the run than looking for adventure, truthfully a little of both if she's honest with herself.

    Aspiring Astro-Mechanic Ruth Stellius - REDSUN_CRIMINAL
    Race: Pure human | Age: 19 | Sexual Preference: Straight (Bi-curious)
    • Old Occupation
    Ruth is the daughter of two criminal super-giants (see below). She spent most of her life recovering and rebuilding salvaged ships with her father, and, despite her young age, has generated 18 years of experience with astro-machinery. She also spent time disturbing the peace, betting on highly-dangerous corvette races, and generally relishing in her role as the "princess" of the overpopulated, backwater, crime-infested, underground, junk world she grew up on. Although calling her that will probably get you a knee to the groin...

    • Appearence
    Having spent most of her life painstakingly fixing up salvaged ships, Ruth's never had any trouble staying in shape. Her droopy golden-blonde hair grazes the base of her neck. Her irises, on the other hand, are stark grey, a telltale trait of those born in Drezdia (see below). Oh, but don't be fooled by her docile appearance. In that skull of hers lays the dark power source of all evil, as most of her ex-boyfriends would have you believe (see below).

    When it comes to clothing, Ruth makes a concerted effort not to give a shit, and tends to either be in her working gear (see picture) or underclothes. Being the daughter of a wealthy smuggler, she could certainly afford to dress luxuriously, but the thought of anything pristine or "girly" sickens her, and she'd much rather wear whatever's comfortable/practical. Parts of her gear include cute sketches made when she first received them, which are most pronounced on the protective visor that rests on her forehead. She decided to keep them even now, not only as a sentiment to her childhood, but as a tribute to her care-free/pleasure-seeking attitude.

    -- Likes - Working on ships, rigging corvettes in underground races, betting on said races, flipping people off.
    -- Dislikes - Condescending people, pushy jerk guys, governments, bureaucracy.​
    Ruth is essentially a "good-for-nothing conniving little punk", as stated by one of her father's former employees. Liking Ruth as a person is an acquired taste, at best. She's as proud, playful, stubborn and rebellious as a two year old. While, at the same time, she's rough, tough, and doesn't let anyone piss her off without them knowing. The fact that she's never had a deep relationship (see below) resulted in a lack of social etiquette, and always seems to have no time for people's problems... unless of course that problem involves a ship. Astro-tech is just about the only thing that brings forth what little discipline and seriousness she has, and her experience in this field is proof of that.

    Beneath her tough, careless and fuck-the-universe attitude is, in-fact, a damaged little girl. Only ever having known the underground (both figuratively and literally) society of Drezdia, Ruth didn't have very much of a childhood. The most prominent contributor, was the fact that she hasn't been able to form a lasting friendship or romantic relationship with anyone due to her family name. Almost all Drezdians shudder at the mention of Stellius, it would remind them of their overdue payments, their crippling debt, or perhaps even the threat on their life. Anyone who dared touch her could expect to be jettisoned within the same hour. That isn't to say she didn't have any relationships, it's just that the ones she did have were far from consensual. Of course, Ruth did relish in the power she wielded, and got away with spitting in many-a-man's face, but at the same time, she never shared a meaningful bond with anyone beyond her own father. When several dry layers of callousness and sarcasm are eventually peeled away, all that's left is a hollow center, a girl who doesn't truly understand who she is as a person.

    -- Abilities: A shit-load of tenacity. Which has given her an increased resistance to telepathy/mind control. Her most prominent talent, however, is her extremely high proficiency with astro-machinery and spaceship composition.
    -- Generally detests those with psychic abilities.

    -Weapon of Choice: KLO-ETCHKA, a shotgun passed on from her notorious mother, and her mother's mother. The word Klo-etchka is etched in small letters near the handle, it means "The Bitch" in a forgotten dialect, or so Ruth would tell you...
    Ruth rarely carries it with her, and instead stows it within the hidden compartments of whatever ship she happens to be working on. This particular shotgun is said to give good fortune to the vessel it's stored within, and always seems to be nearby when the need arises. She tends to call it "Kloey" as Klo-etchka can be arduous to pronounce.

    -- Strength: ✪✪ Slightly built and easily angered.
    -- Defense: ✪ Small frame.
    -- Magic: -- No sense of magic.
    -- Lifeforce: ✪✪✪✪ Stubborn beyond reason.
    -- Agility: ✪ ✪✪✪ Spent most of her life running, squeezing and climbing around ships.
    -- Mindset: ✪ ✪ ✪✪ Has a very keen mathematical and mechanically-inclined mind.

    •• HISTORIA When Argon Stellius, the greatest smuggler in the Milky Way Galaxy, and Erna Heze, the leader of a planet-wide crime syndicate, come together... the resulting child becomes one of the most untouchable in the underground world. Even if that means the resulting divorce nearly caused an interstellar gang war...

    DREZDIA- Ruth lived most of her life in Drezdia, a near-lawless crime world, under the protection of her father and family name. Drezdia is more of a massive asteroid than a planet, and is devoid of an atmosphere. Beneath 75% of the cold rocky surface is an expansive underground cityscape. Those unlucky enough to be shot out from the confines of the underground colony would cease to live within moments (see "jettisoned"). Her father owned over half of the planet, although almost all of it was lacklustre, and luxuries were hard to come by. Oxygen came from strange fungi which lay deeper within the planet's multi-layered caverns.

    ERNA- Ruth had never met her mother, but such was to be expected, as Erna was a shadowy crime-lord who only contacted her clients through agents. Yearning for her roguish lifestyle, Erna fled Drezdia soon after giving birth to Ruth. Argon nearly overturned half of the galaxy looking for her before realizing the truth. Ruth doesn't use her mother's family name, as her mother used a different alias, and therefore the name holds much less merit with the criminal world than "Stellius".

    ARGON- Around the time Ruth was born, Argon Stellius' galaxy-wide smuggling operation had made him a very powerful man. His profession also cost large corporations, notably those under the Wysse family name, trillions in lost profits. With the dawn of new security measures, however, big-time smugglers like Argon quickly became a dying race. This was a truth that he spent every waking hour trying to hide from Ruth, and more especially, a truth he hid from his benefactors. Unbeknownst to Ruth, her father had only allowed her to sign up on a crew and journey into the depths of space to prevent her from witnessing his eventual downfall. The smaller gangs he had gathered by his side were reliable, but would pounce on Argon the moment his business showed signs of weakness.

    Race: Veroesi | Age/Appearance Age: 260/Looks like she’s in her 20s | Sexual Preference: Lesbian

    ••Old Occupation: Mechanic for a space station, Mechanic for a Crime Syndicate, Exotic Hunter



    Hair: Long hair, shaved on the left side, Blue, and Purple streaks
    Eyes: Blue eyes that are clearly robotic
    Skin Color: Light Skin
    Clothing: Usually dressed for combat
    Top: Wears a leather jacket with a fur lined coat, wears sleeveless body armor under the jacket
    Bottom: Shorts, and a belt
    Shoes: None

    Her arms and legs and completely robotic, so she’s fine with leaving them unprotected. Her arms and legs contain hidden compartments that hold a multitude of weapons. She wears cybernetic enhancements in her ears that are removable though.


    Tai is a vibrant woman, she is fun loving and quite a bit flirtatious mostly to see how people react, and is always seeking new challenges. While she may be fun and a bit carefree she can be very stern when on a job or a hunt. Tai knows that there is a time and place for everything, and while on a job or a hunt it is not the time to goof around. Tai is a very trusting person but once that trust is broken it’s nearly impossible to get back.


    Quick aim - She aims so fast it’s almost like she knows where her target is going to be.
    Combat Mastery - Excels in most forms of combat, whether it be guns or hand to hand
    Superior Strength - Due to her mechanical appendages she possess near super human strength
    Robotic Eyes - Her eyes contain a number of abilities

    Her Weapons:

    SC12 Automatic Shotgun

    Zeus-Z303 Thunder Javelin

    [​IMG]Sniper Rifle (All Seer)

    Her Ship:

    Storm Chaser

    Think game chart / graph loose idea on where your character's strengths and weaknesses are. I give you 15 ✪ stars to spread out on the area's below for your character.

    -- Strength: Power of strike
    -- Defense: Power to withstand
    -- Magic: Power to Wield

    -- Lifeforce: Length you can endure
    -- Agility: The speed with which you move
    -- Mindset: The intellect you puzzle


    Being a Veroesi Tai has had quite an interesting life, and being a Wysse she had quite a privileged life. She was raised with her father and brother Poe, where he excelled at Magic abilities she excelled at strength. While they were siblings she didn't spend an ample amount of time together. They shared the same father but that is pretty much where there similarities stopped. When she was still a child (In Veroesi years) she began tinkering with mechanics and discovered her love for fixing up old ships or just creating new weaponry. When she was a young adult Tai left home to try and make it on her own, while her father was upset about it he understood and let her go. She didn't really keep in touch with Poe but had ties with her father just in case she ever got in trouble. Tai settled on a small space station and worked as a mechanic for the ships stationed there, and every now and then creating a weapon to be sold to some less than reputable people. But to Tai it was easy money, and it was money she earned for doing what she loved. Tai grew bored of being stuck on the station and when she earned enough credits she bought herself a ship and fixed it up and left the station. Tai found her way to a nearby planet where she began work for a small crime syndicate, she simply fixed up their ships and repaired their weapons; while not technically legal it was very lucrative for Tai. Though she told her father she was simply working for a repair center.

    Tai is a clever woman, not as clever as Poe, but not clever enough to successfully double cross a crime syndicate. Tai had started claiming additional damages on their ships and making them pay for parts they didn’t need. When the syndicate found out it did not go well for Tai, they found her walking home and nearly broke every bone in her body. When Tai woke up in the hospital she couldn’t see and was told that she was completely paralyzed and blind due to her injuries. Tai didn’t know what to do, she felt like her life was completely over. Of course her father found out about the accident and showed up at the hospital to scold Tai when he found out about the circumstances of her accident. Since she was a Veroesi she was still able to connect to the net, utilizing this she used her mechanical prowess to design mechanical limbs and robotic eyes for herself. She found a local mechanic who could build the appendages and shipped him the parts with instructions on where to deliver them once completed. Tai convinced her father to put up the money for the parts, even though he saw it as a fools errand.

    Tai told the doctors at the hospital what she was doing and that they needed to amputate her arms and legs and remove her eyes. They pleaded with her not to do this but with convincing from her father the surgery commenced. When completed Tai had metal sockets where her arms and legs used to be, and empty metal shells where her eyes were. The doctors were convinced that Tai was crazy but Tai knew the new limbs would work. The doctors attached all the limbs and eyes to Tai, and just like that Tai was able to move again. Tai sat up and thanked the doctors and left the hospital that day. She spent 75 years of her life training herself how to properly fight so she could use the weapons she creates, and to make sure nothing like what happened to her happened again. To hone her skills Tai practiced by hunting dangerous game on a variety of planets, by doing this Tai became an excellent tracker as well as a fearless hunter. She began doing odd jobs for her father in an effort to repay him for the mechanical parts he purchased for her.​

    Race: Human | Age/Appearance Age: 18/Early Teens | Sexual Preference: Bi​

    Old Occupation: None
    Role: Assistant Mechanic

    Hair: Silver
    Right Eye: Red (Robotic)
    Left Eye: Blue
    Skin Color: Light Skin
    Clothing: Usually dressed fairly casually
    Top: Simply jacket and shirt
    Bottom: Cargo pants to carry a multitude of tools
    Shoes: Very rarely wears shoes, he prefers to wrap his feet so he can run easier
    Accessories: Has a belt with various gadgets and tools on it
    Welding rod

    • His hands are covered in many scars from years of working with machines​
    • Has a large burn that covers his right shoulder and part of his right arm​

    Winston is a charismatic individual, while 18 he can often be mistaken for a child (It doesn’t help that he can at times act like a child). While he can be a handful when it comes down to business he will hunker down and get the job done. Winston wants to cheer up everyone he can, anyway he can. He always tries to find the bright side of situations even in the saddest of times.

    Extremely intelligent


    -- Strength: Power of strike
    -- Defense: Power to withstand ✪✪
    -- Magic: Power to Wield ✪✪✪
    -- Lifeforce: Length you can endure ✪✪
    -- Agility: The speed with which you move ✪✪✪
    -- Mindset: The intellect you puzzle ✪✪✪✪

    Winston grew up in a small off world colony with his family, the first years of his life were fairly uneventful. While growing up he discovered his love of technology and machinery, and did anything he could to create things that could help the colony he lived in. While this greatly benefited him and the colony in the long run it was also dangerous, when he was 12 he managed to lose an eye due to an explosion. That eye was replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic that he created himself. Around when he was 16 the colony was attacked, Winston was outside the colony gathering scrap metal during the attack. When the attack began he ran home as quickly as he could. By the time Winston got back to the colony he was to late, dozens were killed, houses were robbed of all valuables. He found his parents dead in their home, it was one of the few times when Winston couldn’t see the bright side of the situation. The remaining survivors of the attack left the colony as it was all but burned to the ground. Winston stowed away on a small cruiser and hoped off once he reached a larger spaceport. From then on Winston became a scavenger, working odd jobs for money or just plain stealing from time to time, he didn’t feel great about it but needed to survive. He had a habit of sneaking aboard ships to get to different areas that wouldn’t know of him so he continue his small crime spree. While on a spaceport he happened upon a small kitten, doing his best he cared for the cat he named the kitten Vi and ever since then the two have become inseparable.​


    Remington 'Remy' Wayne: 2nd Mechanic Assistant

    Race~Half Human and Half Unknown~Age~18-Sexual Preference~Heterosexual​

    ~Old occupation~
    Remy had been lurking around on his home planet, he was a thief and was a huge collector. After his fathers death, Remy had to live for himself so he went and stayed at a old abandoned trash yard his father owned but caught on fire a while back. After Remy liked to take things for himself but felt bad that he couldn't help others. So Remy had just been trying to steal things to fix up a small two seater ship. Even though he isn't that close to finishing it, let alone fly it. He also before his dad died was being trained on how to fly a ship, and was quite good for a thirteen year old.

    Remy has had the same, rugady shaggy brown hair as a kid, he didn't shave it or cut it because it always stayed as messy as it is, his hair is dark brown but no too dark to the point that it looks black. He has very light snow like skin, even if he had been outside most of the time, his skin stayed the same pale as it always did. He has a slim, more skinny then muscle, but has barely any extra fat. His eyes are an aqua blue which are known to brighten his face. His face is known by people to look like there is makeup, but Remy has always said he never wheres it, his face is clear and nothing buries his face from texture. His clothing is mostly used everyday since he has no money and is wanted by the police. He wears dark grey cargo pants, with many pockets which are often filled with miscellaneous items and tools, but is also accompanied by a satchel around his shirt. He has a dark brownish leather jacket, which holds a few tech items and a flashlight. He commonly wears a bright velvet long sleeve shirt, with a white target on it, also has dirt marks and a few holes near the neck and the arms. Remy wears red sneakers with white laces which looks a lot light grey but hasn't washed it in a while. He commonly wears his dad's light black hat which has a few modifications inside. He has a blue blue tooth in his ear that is used to overhear voices from a few feet away. It also has blue gloves that go around his whole hand and a bit of his wrist, it has a few loose straps. Finally he always has his pet tech spider, "Apollo" Who he fixed up a year ago.
    Likes: Tech, resources, Ships, Apollo (Spider), Tools
    Dislikes: Guns, Fighting, Fire, Police, people telling him what to do.

    Remy is assumed bu the public to be a rotten kid who steals for sport, but really Remy is a very intelligent kid, even if he didn't know his father for too long, he taught him enough. He catches onto things really easily and uses his mental math to get out of situations simple or difficult, he knows his way through puzzles. He can be reckless at times, but he's used to being reckless and not facing the consequence because he had been on his own that long. He is used to using his mental mind and finding out useful things to get out of situations or thinking of plans, even though they are not the best. Remy has a really hard time trusting people, especially male figures, and also some female figures. When Remy falls for someone he stays on that person until he knows that he can't get her or until he knows she doesn't like him. Deep down Remy cares for people but it takes a while before he actually cares for someone, he feels that everyone he cares for dies or he never sees again. At first he will sound miserable and sarcastic when you first meet him, but once he sets in and cares for his crew, you see his true self and his enthusiastic attitude. He is actually really confident in his own skin and confident in himself, he can be brave sometimes but is only willing to risk his life when he doesn't only care for himself. He also is very productive and will stay up all night constructing things, but also has his own lazy days when there is nothing to do or is just tired. Remy doesn't like getting talked back to or getting barked orders at, he will be very rebellious because he wasn't disciplined as a teenager. He is independent and likes working by himself because hes used to it, but would be opened to someone helping him if he felt they knew what they were doing. Remy also puts a lot of weight on luck and most of his inventions end with failure, but some end with success.

    Abilities / Powers
    He doesn't know if he has any abilities, since he didn't know his mom, but he is an expert with mechanics.
    Weapon of Choice
    He doesn't like any guns so he sticks to the basic trick, like smoke bombs, electric gloves and others.
    Oh and Apollo!
    -- Strength: ✪
    -- Defense: ✪ ✪
    -- Magic: --
    -- Lifeforce: ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Agility: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Mindset: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪


    ✪NAME | RANK :: Sebastian "Ash" Ovital / Privately Contracted Doctor
    race | age | Sexual Preference
    Hybrid Human / Age Appearance 24 / Actual Age: 48 / Straight

    Is currently working as part of the medical crew aboard the SS Echo privately contracted thanks to some... helpful connections from his past that wanted him to leave. He has since been doing his best to help those who need medical attention both by legal patients, and by illegal means for those who can't. He is highly capably in both biological, and cybertronic medical fields.


    "A heart of gold tainted with eyes of death." Ash as he refers to be called by both his employers, and patients is a rather unsettling man to be around, or so explained by those who have met him in person. His overall personality isn't the cause of it though more as his presence. People know that Doctors carry around a scent of death around them as with their field they experience it immensely. Yet with Ash there seems to be a rather tainted mixture to the scent one that only those with a sharp killing instinct can discern... the scent of a fellow killer. With piercing red eyes, and unusual pale like skin Ash stands at about 5 Ft / 9 In with a lean muscular figure. What you can't see, however, is the numerous wounds of war across his torso, and legs.

    As in regards to actual social etiquette Ash is a rather relaxed, and straight forward fellow not masking his actual opinions of other in fear of what can become of it. As well due to his job Ash has a bit of a observer outlook on most subjects always listening, and watching before taking action unless of course provoked to act fast in the worse case scenario.

    To his patients he comes off as a rather caring man willing to listen to their worries, and plea's as he patches them up even if he knows there is usually nothing he can do for them outside of the medical room. To those he see against his sense of moral code, or situations where he believes he needs to get involved he becomes quite... "Devilish".


    -- Abilities / Powers
    Magi Tech Healer: Of course its not rare to hear about Doctors using magic in the medical field. It is however a completely different thing to see it done. As long as he can concentrate Ash can close most non-lethal wounds within minutes as well as cure minor poisons to the body yet once things start stepping out of the "small" range he can only help to temporarily ease the pain, and effects taking place. Hopefully long enough to get said person to a place he can start operating on them efficiently. He even has the ability to magical mend damaged cybernetic body parts, but if the actual parts are missing your SOL since he can only mend not create.

    Magi Tech Eye: Think those red eye's are just for show? Well there not XD. Thanks to his mothers species Ash has very strong eyes that allow him to see up to three times the distance/magnification of most other species with the aid of his mana pool that is. He can't just use them 24/7 as it actually drains slowly from his mana pool. One can actually tell when he is using this ability as his eyes will literally start to glow. Not only highly useful in the medical field these eyes also enhance his accuracy with a gun.

    -- Weapon of Choice
    Dual Hand Guns Hornbill
    Combat Knife

    -- Strength: ✪ Against a normal person no problem, but don't expect me to go fist to fist against a cybernetic/very muscular person.
    -- Defense: ✪ I have a bullet proof vest that's it.
    -- Magic: ✪✪✪✪ Thanks to numerous years of actual use, and study I am definitely above many in the ways of magic
    -- Lifeforce: ✪✪ I can take a few bullets, but I am definitely no immortal.
    -- Agility: ✪✪✪✪ Being a Combat Medic teaches you many things about your own reflex's. You have to be quick, and precise to save lives. That's double for taking them...
    -- Mindset: ✪✪✪ You have to have a very vast mind to be a Doctor, but you don't have to be a complete genius for it.

    •• HISTORIA!


    Race: Velosian - Age: 773 (yup) - Sexual Preference: Asexual

    • Old Occupation
    Dr. Stray has spent his most of his life researching, analysing and cataloguing all life across the universe, and has a secretive plan to eventually find a cure to death itself. He spent time with various scientific organizations in several galaxies, but was kicked out of many of them due to his unorthodox view on life and death.

    • Appearence
    Morton is certainly an odd looking individual. His voice, which sounds like that of a man in his 60's, seems to exhibit a noticeable British accent, as well as metallic undertones due to his mask. One could almost mistake him for a robot, which wouldn't be far from the truth, as 40% of his composition is mechanical. He attempts to hide the more unsightly parts of his augmented body, such as the back of his head, with a hooded jacket. Morton's exo-skeletal armour is his greatest invention (see below), and prevents him from dying of non-violent causes. Yet no piece of this armour can ever be removed without killing him, as his frail body lacks immunity to even the simplest of bacteria. Morton's mask resembles those once worn by plague doctors during the Black Plague.

    -- Likes - Peace and quiet, studying life forms, concocting potions/poisons, observing scientific anomalies.
    -- Dislikes - Overly-ambitious people, people who choose happiness over knowledge, loud noises.
    In spite of his appearance, the first thing anyone would note about Morton's personality is that he's extremely soft-spoken, courteous and polite. Moreover, he tends to be helpful, altruistic, and obedient in groups. Since losing his own team of scientists to a plague (see below) he lacks the will to lead others, and takes a passive role in team scenarios. He sometimes considers himself more of a philosopher than a scientist, and tends to find himself lost in thought, contemplating the purpose of everything. He has concluded that, in and of itself, life is worthless, and that sentient lifeforms must ascend their being in order to find fulfilment. Whether that means death... or fully combining sentient life with machines. His disliking of those with too much ambition is rather hypocritical of him (see below).

    -- Powers: Telekinesis of minor objects. His laboratory workspace often involves random tools, substances and datapads floating around him rather than on a desk. He sometimes uses this ability with tiny syringe darts, through which he can inject poison into unsuspecting victims from up to 10 feet away.
    --Abilities: Highly acute senses, vast bank of knowledge (especially pertaining to xeno-biology and magic-related chemistry).

    -Weapon of Choice: TOXICLAWS, the gloves of Dr. Stray extend into sharp claws. When he wishes, a scratch from these claws can administer a deadly neurotoxin. This toxin can be set to either paralyse, subdue or kill an individual. Of course, this only works on biological targets.
    -- Strength: ✪✪ Strikes swiftly.
    -- Defense: ✪✪✪✪✪ Exo-skeletal armour.
    -- Magic: ✪ Minor magical capabilities.
    -- Lifeforce: -- Isn't likely to survive any hit that penetrates his armour.
    -- Agility: ✪ Far from being nimble.
    -- Mindset: ✪✪✪✪✪✪ Has wandered the universe for hundreds of years.

    • HISTORIA (his defining aspect)
    Velosians are a human-like species located in the star system of a distant galaxy, virtually unknown to the rest of the universe. Their civilization had only just begun to explore space when the Velosian home planet, Velos, was ravaged by a terrible disease. The plague had originated from another world, its structure was absolutely foreign to their immune systems and medicine, hundreds of thousands lost their lives to the disease with each passing day. It was capable of spreading through contact, food, blood, water and even managed to infect the air. The entire planet was becoming inhospitable, and its inhabitants didn't have the resources to go off searching for a new one. In a last ditch effort, the Velosian government tasked their most accomplished scientist, Dr. Stray, and a team of biologists to find a way to survive the disease. Morton dared to be the first test subject, a decision which should have killed him. He underwent numerous cybernetic augmentations and received a power core made from an impossibly rare substance, Maxignium Primus. Once the project was complete he no longer needed to eat, drink or breathe, and whatever little was left of his former organic self was sealed away behind a powerful exo-skeleton. The disease had been beaten. It seemed miraculous... but it was too perfect to be true.

    It didn't take long to realise that this highly advanced technology could not be replicated without far more Maxignium Primus... and so Dr. Stray was forced to live on, as he watched each and every member of his species perish around him. Within months, Morton was the very last Velosian alive. With all of his intellect, he managed to save himself from one of the worst diseases the universe has ever seen, but being so caught up with saving himself, he was unable to develop a way to save everyone he ever cared about.

    After spending 50 years wandering alone in the ruins of his former civilization, searching for any sign of hope, it also became clear that his invention had granted him the unholy gift of immortality (Velosians naturally have the same lifespan as humans). It was as if fate had decided to make a mockery of him, and force him to continue living despite his insurmountable guilt. 150 years after that, a human exploration vessel discovered Velos, and Morton, the only (somewhat) living thing on its dead surface, who joined them. He spent every waking minute of the next 50 years creating an antidote for the disease that had destroyed his home world. The cure he resultantly created was far more effective than he could have hoped, but it wasn't nearly enough to cure the terrible guilt his past had left him with.

    He spent the next 473 years exploring every corner of the universe, cataloguing life forms, researching various elements, and stockpiling an increasing amount of knowledge. Curing the disease wasn't enough, he sought all of this information to eventually learn how to cure death itself. More specifically, he sought the element from which his power source was made from, Maxignium Primus. Granting immortality to all sentient life in the universe was the only way he felt he could redeem himself... (POE.ETIC - APPROVED) and when Poe's father offered him the location of a planet which held the source of Maxignium Primus, he was ready to do anything. In return, Mr. Wysse sent him to apply for a position in Poe's "secret" crew and relay information of his whereabouts to his father. He is capable of communicating with him through an extremely secure and virtually undetectable comm-channel.


    [pronounced: may-ve zard-own] | Age: Appears to be in the early twenties but is actually 638 | Heterosexual | Race: Mendalorian​
    •• Old Occupation: Mae has been running around her fair share of space pirates. She drifts from ship to ship looking for her next big score. She has never been truly loyal to any captain unless they have earned her respect but, if she does become loyal she would be one of the most useful assets to the team.

    Mae has golden, almost orange, eyes that seem to look right through anyone. Her skin is a rather fair complexion for her race that is normally either slightly darker or slightly paler. Also like most of her race, her hair is naturally a bright green color. On her planet they consume a fruit that heightens the senses but it also permanently dyes the hair green. As for her physical condition, she is rather slim with a small frame that can squeeze into almost anything. More often than not she is seen wearing her gas mask to cover the lower half of her face. Because of her mistrust in most people and the fact that her face could be recognizable she wears it at all times. The only exception is when she is sleeping or has someone around that she trusts with her life. Normally she is dressed in the least amount of clothes as possible and tries to keep it that way. More notably it is common for her to wear clothes that show her stomach, such as a crop top.​
    -- Likes: Money | Entertainment | Weapons | Exploration
    -- Dislikes: Wasting time | Fools who waste their lives | Being captured | Cold environments
    Mae is the type of person who likes to take the time to figure things out rather than rush in headstrong. She would carefully plan out her method of attack for guaranteed success in her head before every move. She also has a very reserved persona around strangers or people she generally does not like. After Mae gets to know some her more sarcastic side comes out. It can be anywhere from being brutally honest to just making snarky comments. Along with that is her becoming a more optimistic person.

    -- Abilities: Very acrobatic and able to contort her body as she pleases as well as excellent tracking capabilities.
    -- Powers: Suggestive manipulation of those with a weak mind [think jedi mind tricks]
    -- Weapon of Choice: 2 Colt XSE
    These babies are her pride and joy right here. She takes the utmost care in their maintenance and will never allow anyone to touch them without her permission. These guns are one of the only things she has actually purchased herself. Besides that she keeps a small knife strapped to her thigh.

    -- Strength: ✪ Not very muscular but still strong enough to defend herself in certain situations.
    -- Defense: ✪✪ Not very sturdy but can take more blows than she looks.
    -- Magic: ✪✪✪ Gets better with more concentration but the recovery time lengthens.
    -- Lifeforce: ✪ Can only go on for but so long.
    -- Agility: ✪✪✪✪ Not only is she the fastest silent killer around but she is also extremely nimble and flexible.
    -- Mindset: ✪✪✪✪ Very perceptive and quick to figure things out.

    Mae was born on Mendalora, a planet filled with jungles and wildlife. The people lived in a hot climate so they wore very little clothing, which she soon became accustomed to throughout her life. Her parents, like most on that world, raised her to hunt and survive in the jungles. There, most of her training took place to make her into what she is today. Around the time that she became just over four hundred years old she took off to see the rest of what the galaxy had to offer. She was still considered to be a youngling going off by herself but her parents had no choice but to let her go. Once she got out there she joined a small pirate crew where she learned the ways of salvaging and trade. After a while that crew died in a mission gone wrong so she moved on to bigger and better things, along with all the loot they had obtained. It wasn’t long until she spent most of the money so she had to join another crew, this time a much larger crew, and stayed with them until she got bored or found it time to rob them. Thus her life continued on this way in a chain of stealing and deceitfulness.

    Race: Human | Age: 28 | Sexual Preference: Pansexual​
    •• Old occupation: Merc for Hire
    •• Requesting RANK: Gunner

    •• Appearence: Standing five foot eight inches, Talitha appears to tower over even the tallest of persons. Her fiery red hair, and crystal blue eyes are stunning, but are overshadowed by the intensity of her attitude. She's strong and lean, her muscles gracefully sculpted over her body. She moves with the grace of a predator stalking its prey; silent and smooth.

    Completely comfortable in her own skin, Talitha prefers clothing that forms to her natural shape and will move with her, bending and hugging her frame as though it were painted on. The skin that is shown is adorned with intricate, and abstract tattoos. Designs marking important pieces of her life, though seemingly meaningless to anybody not privy to their deeper connotation to her life.

    Silent. Deadly. Powerful. Intense. Ruthless. Talitha is all of these and more. Constantly scanning the area she's in, looking for weaknesses, filing the holes in any defense. Many have called her 'cold', but little do they know she's scared. She rarely speaks, and is most comfortable if people would follow her lead, though she's found that her silence makes others uncomfortable and instead of ceasing to speak they speak more-- as though they are trying to fill the space between them with words. It may not seem like she pays attention, but she absorbs everything she hears, filing in her mind until the day the information may prove useful.

    Abilities / Powers: Intimidation is a specialty of hers, as well as stealth if the situation calls for it.

    Weapon of Choice: Expertly able to wield any weapon placed in front of her, Talitha is a skilled marksman in all projectile weapons, and while not her favorite way to fight, is deadly with a blade. She carries two identical revolvers on hip holsters, a mid range shotgun strapped to her back, and several blades hidden on her body. But her favorite weapon is a double ended polearm. Effective in any environment, with a sweeping range, Talitha can make short work of any foe.​

    -- Strength: ✪✪✪✪
    -- Defense: ✪✪✪✪
    -- Magic:
    -- Lifeforce:
    -- Agility:
    -- Mindset:

    Oh, my. What a story Talitha has to tell, if she will. Most of her exploits cannot be spoken aloud. Breaking these particular contracts will bring a price to her head. Discretion is one of her better qualities... An exception can be made this one time though.

    She was five when it happened. Her first memory. Perhaps if it weren't so powerful she could remember something before, but unfortunately that's not the case. It's the one memory which she can look back to and say, "Yep, that's my defining moment." Not that she ever has, or even given it much thought for that matter.
    The wind rushed through ginger ringlets as a miniature Talitha skipped and danced after the couple moving ahead of her. Her mother's bright hair glowing beneath the lights, and her father's head covered in the hat she only ever saw him take off at the dinner table. Talking about the boring things that adults talked about, they kept walking, happy to allow their child to entertain herself. Their heads close together as they disappeared around the next corner. Singing to herself, Talitha spun around the corner bringing them back into her sight.

    A soft squeak erupted out of her throat. Her mother was standing there. Over her father's body. Blood dripping down off the knife she held clinched in her hand. Her mama bent down, stabbing daddy's body again and again. She just kept stabbing. Talitha just watched, silent tears streaking her dirty face. It was a long time before Mama stopped and stood up, dropping the knife as she did. Silently, Mama approached Talitha and with a blood drenched hand she wiped the tears from her child's cheeks, smearing the coppery scented crimson liquid across her pale face. "You know, Tally, sometimes people are bad and just need to be punished." Talitha sniffled, running the back of her hand under her nose and just nodded before taking Mama's hand and following her home.

    There wasn't much more worth mentioning. Sometime in the next several weeks people came to try and take her away. Mama promised she wouldn't let them though. Mama promised that she wouldn't let the bad people take her away. Mama promised. The bad people took her after Mama stabbed herself. She explained that she had been bad, and needed to be punished, and then she punished herself. Talitha didn't cry. Mama had been bad. She understood.
    They put her in the place where all the other kids whose parents weren't around lived. Talitha never got taken into stranger's homes. Nobody wanted her. When the other kids were mean to her she punished them accordingly. Eventually, the grown ups kept her away from the other kids. She was alone.

    The years passed. Talitha grew. As she did the caretakers began to show their fear of her too. The only interaction she got was when they came to give her the required food. So, she just stopped talking to others. Eventually, she realized she didn't need them and she left. She was about fourteen when this happened.
    It wasn't long before somebody needed to be punished. What they did didn't matter. Talitha knew it was wrong and she punished them. That was when she met Josiah. Josiah found her punishing some plebeian in a dark corner of a passageway and pulled her off him. When he looked at her she didn't see the fear that she was used to. Instead there was admiration. It was Josiah that arranged her first contracts. The rest, as they say, was history.​



    Vivancto | 56 / 14 | ~
    •• OLD OCCUPATION ~ Thief
    "Pit" is a small kid about 5'11'' in height and with a frame made for speed.
    --Likes: Trinkets, Music, Mother-Figures
    --Dislikes: Blindness of any degree, Being forced underwater, The feeling he gets after gate warping, Jerks, literal jerks
    "Pit" being an amnesiac has created a personality based on events that have happened since his memory loss and what he can remember previously. His lifestyle as a thieving kid influenced him to become a charming wise-crack, unaware of his true age it was easy to adapt to the childish way. He's quick with his mouth, but doesn't talk much when the situation doesn't threaten his way of life or life. He bears a light smile most of where he goes and his posture is always upright giving him a confident demeanor, this sense of confidence was gained by complete osmosis.

    -- "Pit" can phase through objects.
    Phasing physics. Pit must be in contact with another object. The floor does count, but if he were to phase he goes through anything and everything. If Pit Phases while planted he will fall through to the center of the world. Also since he is phasing when he becomes tangible again if he is not in the open his limbs can be severed if he becomes tangible in between something.
    -- A Dagger with a compartment in its hilt to carry two firecrackers.

    -- Strength: ✪✪✪
    -- Defense: ✪✪
    -- Magic: ✪
    -- Lifeforce: ✪✪
    -- Agility: ✪✪✪✪
    -- Mindset: ✪✪✪

    •• HISTORIA!
    ✪"Pit" Before Amnesia✪Who is "Pit"?✪

    "Pit" was a soldier before he gained his amnesia. His home planet was at war with hostiles from an unknown source. The hostiles could force his species to stay tangible with their weapons rendering their biggest trump card useless. The hostiles came by the thousands content on wiping his planet from the galactic map. The invaders were succeeding in their plans, but "Pit" and his squad refused to give up. The daring trio came up with the ingenious idea of planting nuclear bombs on the star ships of the enemy. Their plan succeeded, but with great cost. Most of the squads that boarded the ships were forced to go kamikaze because the enemy threatened to disable and use their weapons against them. "Pit's" squad was one of those kamikaze teams, but he survived. In a scuffle he was rendered unconscious and one of his men escorted him to an escape pod. The pod had tech that far exceeded their own and with his Captain unconscious the navigator could only hope, but to land somewhere habitable.

    "Pit's" navigator set a random destination and launched the pod into hyper speed eventually warping them to the Milky Way galaxy. The navigator neglected to think of Pit's safety and when they took off Pit suffered severe head trauma. The pod was taken to the Milky Way galaxy and landed on ECHO. When the pod opened Pit scurried out like he'd seen a ghost. This was because he always got sick when warping and to do so right into re-entry was worse, but his partner suffered an eternal injury. The head trauma gave Pit severe amnesia when he woke up on reentry and he could barely speak at one point, but soon gained his voice again. Ever since the day he landed he's just been going by as his body needs and society suggests. His ID labeling him as fifty-six grants him many privileges and his minor appearance gave him much leeway for his actions. His situation was even better when he found out he could walk through walls (so long as he jumped so he didn't fall through the ground.), the new ability helped Pit get along even better.

    ✪"Pit" After Amnesia✪ How Pit became "Pit"✪
    Pit's life was much peace and action when he first arrived to ECHO, but it soon ended when he got his grubby hands on the wrong person's merchandise. The weapons were similar to those used on his people, but not as advanced. They were still big and bulky, but the boy felt drawn to them and when he stole them he took them apart and fidgeted with their pieces really unaware of what he was doing. One night he fell asleep while working on the items in his closet sized living quarters and when he woke he was above a tank just large enough to be the man's coffin, but all he could feel was the sudden plunge into the water and the blindfold around his face. The solution to his escape from the tank was simple. He phased through its underside and attempted to run, but with the blindfold on he ran right into one of the men watching him.

    The man had a dagger at his side. It looked nice and custom made. It fit two other pieces of metal that look like miniature throw able knives. The man carried a firearm and with its barrel he lifted Pit's blindfold and prepared to squeeze, but Pit instinctively jump-rolled through him and stole his knife. But, Pit knew of his weakness to his ability and was too scared to just hopefully hop through a wall safely. Instead he fought. He fought with the knife like he'd used it before, and he had he just didn't know it, and with a quick toss of the blade he killed the man easy. Pit was cautious when he was exiting where they kept him captive. He checked his corners and ran forward. When he saw an exit he shot for it, but a canister flew in and hit Pit in the head. Pit stumbled back rubbing his head and then looked down at the canister that detonated in a flash of blinding light. Gun fire immediately followed and next thing Pit knew he was shot in the arm and still couldn't see, but could feel everything. The screams and all haunted him in his blindness, but a soft voice came and took him from the pain.

    A woman apparently of medicinal background tended to his wounds. She was the one who diagnosed Pit with Amnesia and explained what he'd gotten mixed up in. The information almost detoured him from doing what he normally did to cope with this amnesia, but that fact scared him more and he continued to steal. However, the addition of the woman brought a new part of him out and he didn't steal from females. Pit started to find shelter in the opposite sex especially when dealing with big angry men. He saw their kindness and exploited it. And thus Pit continued this lifestyle happily for himself and for others. He just took whatever he wanted and whatever others wanted. Pit gained a buyer who gave him his nickname after realizing he lacked one. Even his ID neglected to share it. The device was old and fuzzy, so Pit was recommended by his friend to get a new one. Pit did so and this one was enough to get him what he needed and wanted. It sold him off as a 24 year old human male, Pit just had to play the part.

    The life of the thief proved rewarding when he had allies. Not much could detour him from it.

    Demi - Human | 167/ 15 | FEMALE

    •• OLD OCCUPATION Underground Brawler

    6'0'' foot tall with a frame not that much different from Pit's. Aaron is more curvy however.
    --Aaron is aggressive. She is actually really aggressive, like a full on hot-head. Aaron's aggression is fueled by an unknown source. However, many who come across him don't typically see this side of him if they don't anger her. To those who are nice and well-mannered around her she keeps her cool. In addition to her anger issue she is stubborn, loud, and a dreamer.

    -- Aaron has the ability of telepathy or communicating between minds. This ability also grants her the ability of learning languages and putting others to sleep by touch and disrupting dreams.
    -- A lightsaber.

    -- Strength: ✪✪✪
    -- Defense: ✪✪
    -- Magic: ✪✪
    -- Lifeforce: ✪✪
    -- Agility: ✪✪✪
    -- Mindset: ✪✪

    •• HISTORIA!
    Aaron has been alive for one hundred and sixty seven years. That is enough time to memorize the dictionary by heart, but instead of mastering the mind Aaron devoted her life to mastering the body. Aaron has lived in a warehouse district of ECHO since he can remember. She can't remember her parents because she didn't have any and no one took the child in. Aaron was held in an orphanage until she literally outgrew her welcome. Aaron found shelter and work in an underground fighting club. But, the stakes of the club were much higher than any other. It was life for money.

    Aaron was terrified of the consequences of getting involved in such a thing, but she needed money and no one else wanted the little trouble maker. Loneliness set in and soon depression followed by rage. This drastic change in Aaron changed her mind about the worth of her life and she officially entered a match. Aaron from their on practiced her skill with her lightweight blade so that she may live to see the next day. Poe's offer was irrefutable when presented. Truly any offer at that point he would jump at the chance to take.



    RACE: Human/Takarin Hybrid | AGE/APPEARANCE: 28 | SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Straight​

    OLD OCCUPATION: Rogue Bounty Hunter and Collector of Ancient Artifacts (both to sell and for his own personal collection)

    Dactrin maintains a usually placid look, a calm and serene demeanor with an almost detached expression. His hair is cropped at the sides, longer in the front and is usually in some form of disarray. His features are masculine with a heavy jaw line, wide brow and thick eyebrows. His eyes are the most stunning feature he has, a known Takarin trait. The iris' are a dark forest green while his pupils shine as an iridescent blue. He stands at an unimposing height of 5'8" with a lean yet slightly stocky frame. You would not know his true strength until he stripped off his layers of clothing to reveal tight compact muscles. Takarins are known for their thick skeleton and muscular structures masked within deceivingly lithe frames.

    Healed slashes from a dagger rest across his left cheek up through his brow and along the right side of his lip, the scars vivid reminders of his brutal past. The injury to his left cheek and eye left his vision all but impaired. Thanks to his Takarin blood he is able to see well in darkness but in light and daytime he is basically blind in that left eye. Because of this he prefers to work in the dark, feeling less vulnerable when he has his full vision.

    Dactrin dresses in all dark clothing, his attire layered with pouches, straps, holsters, and hidden pockets to hide and hold his weapons and collections. When he is out on a job he wears a heavy hood and cloth mask to help hide his face. Being in his line of work as long as he has he's become a known face in certain areas, a face many people would pay to have killed.

    LIKES: Quiet, darkness, coffee, reading books, collecting relics, lifting weights
    DISLIKES: Obnoxious people, people in general, confinement, being told what to do

    Dactrin is a detached person and a chosen nomad. He does not care to work with others, enjoying the privacy of his own company and the freedom to make his own choices with only himself to effect. It's not that he cannot get attached or be a warm person, it' s just that he has lived much of his life with a job that relies on such tendencies. Dactrin speaks to the point and is not afraid to speak his mind. He does not scare easy and will do what he wants regardless of how his surrounding peers may feel. He has a stubborn nature that he has mastered and one that is hard to break. Despite his standoffish nature he is a quick thinking individual and knows how to figure out best solutions for problems at hand. His tenacious, scrappy side allows him to use creative measures for fixing dilemmas. He does not stop at "no" or "can't be done" and will keep working towards his goal or resolution until he obtains it, having full confidence in his abilities.

    Abilities / Powers - Enhanced strength, agility, stealthiness, and quick reflexes. Has good eye sight in the dark and is skilled in hand to hand combat, and dagger assault. Has the Takarin ability to emit emotions on others once eye contact is established. The longer the eye contact is held the more difficult it is for the receiver to break away. Emotions of any kind may be emitted, ranging from happiness, peacefulness to rage, fear, or anxiety; any emotion on the spectrum is available.
    Weapon of Choice - His own brute strength and his three different sized daggers hidden across his body.

    ((Think game chart / graph loose idea on where your character's strengths and weaknesses are. I give you 15 ✪ stars to spread out on the area's below for your character.))

    -- Strength: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Physically strong and skilled with daggers.
    -- Defense: ✪ ✪ Thick skeletal and muscular frame with a strong mental fortitude.
    -- Magic: ✪ Emit emotions using eye contact. Needs to maintain eye contact for the effect, which can be difficult.
    -- Lifeforce: ✪ ✪ Slightly stronger than a human.
    -- Agility: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Despite his strength he is swift and has excellent reflexes.
    -- Mindset: ✪ ✪ Is not strong with exhibiting intellect to defeat his opponent, rather he uses his more effective skills to his advantage

    Dactrin grew up on a distant planet, technically a moon, that was used by humans as an escape when Earth could no longer be considered safe and stable. Humans co-existed with another species called the Takarins. Although Takarins resembled humans in structure the celestial beings had magical abilities and heightened senses. It did not take long for the humans and Takarins to inter-mingle, resulting in the creation of a new generation of human hybrids that were stronger, faster, smarter and lived longer. Dactrin was a hybrid, his father being human and his mother being Takarin. Dactrin inherited his father's attitude and mental strength as his mother was a rather timid and sweet-natured creature. His father taught him from a young age independence and fighting skills in hand to hand combat, weaponry, and knife play. Dactrin inherited from his mother some of the enhanced senses and abilities of the Takarin. Unfortunately Dactrin did not inherit much of his mother's personality. As much as he loved his mother he saw her as weak and encumbered with worry and fear. His fortitude was both taught and inherited by his father. When their planet was attacked, the skills he learned from his father proved to be much more valuable and life saving then his mother's.

    Dactrin fought hard to save his family, taking on one of the raiders in an intense battle when he was just 15 years old. In the end he wasn't able to defeat their attackers. He was struck down and rendered unconscious, his face resting in a pool of his own blood, pieces of his skin dangling from his face. Seeing Dactrin's potential and abilities he was taken captive. Although many Takarins survived Dactrin's family did not and he has not gone back since. He was held captive until he was 18, trained by his captor as an assailant for them, indoctrinated by their barbaric qualities. Once free Dactrin vowed to himself to never let another creature be his controller again. He went out on his own, using his abilities to build a successful living off of being an independent relic collector and bounty hunter.

    •• SHIP NAME: GXS-02 : prototype Gate-XSentinel - 2.0
    This is the Target of the First Heist, poe initial treasure so to speak. Crafted by the RB-SECT:!7 they kept it cloak and dagger for almost ten years, but now that it's construction is nearly complete Poe has found himself giddy with the greed of having this tech. For reason's to be known later.



    TYPE: Star-Drive-System [ SDS 2.0 ]
    ENGINE: BETA-GAMMA: Ionic Turbine with Quad Thruster Package
    Pretty much think a Star's heart has been ripped out and now fuels this beast of a space ship.
    •• dimensions roughly - 210 ft length x 350 width
    (EXTREME ESTIMATIONS AS I AM HORRIBLE WITH MATH! Going for a little bigger than the Firefly Ship though)

    ••DEFENSIVE: Phasic defensive forcefield
    •• 2 HUB
    Photon Rail-guns (barrel cased for Gunners to defend either side of the ship
    •• Front and rear mounted Tetryon Missiles
    •• Front-mounted Light Turrets
    •• Boom Babies: These are pretty much Land Mines only they have roughly 1/16th destructive power of a star exploding. Normally used when being pursued in close quarters.

    •• Electronic Magnetic jammer ( USED TO FUCK OTHER SHIPS UP THEY CALL IT THE HICKUP)
    Neotrantic shield array ( INTERNAL DEFENSES AGAINST PYSCHICS
    •• Series 30X11 Life Support Pod / Comes complete with TEN statis Pods for long dives./
    •• BYNX Ai System./ A cat!?!?! Well actually he's a hologram he looks like a japanese bobtail with siamese thrown in. A halt tail and glowy blue eyes. [ART WIP]

    •• The GXS - 2.0 Comes with all the shiny weapons above as well as two Gunner Corvets / think small single seater space ship that leaves the main ship when there is a greater need for defense. / These two little HellKats /as Poe alls them/ Will be a quick way to get back and forth to planets as well as defend teh GXS with supreme command. They looka like Diz!

    MILKY WAY RUINS GALAXY - Under Construction Still | 0 - § (creds)

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    The Known Universe
    From Left to Right row by row as followed. . . Also - Something interesting out there for my nerdie birdies! LINK TO KNOWN UNIVERSE IMAGE

    « »

    Andromeda Galaxy

    Black Eye Galaxy *

    Cartwheel Galaxy *

    Bode Galaxy

    Sombrero Galaxy *

    Cigar Galaxy *

    Comet Galaxy

    Red Shift 7 Cosmos
    This Galaxy lays on the furthest edge of the known universal plane and is actually fueled by a Blue Star, or cold fire star. The Dominant Race in this Galaxy are the Veroesi Elves who's home planet was consumed long ago. This Galaxies ruling faction is the Veroesi Royal Vechi; but they Allow RB-SECT jurisdiction in some matters they still control all space within this galaxy. blah blah blah more coming obviously lol

    Known Habitable Planets:
    -- Poe's From here

    Hoags Galaxy

    Sunflower Galaxy

    Tadpole Galaxy *

    Pinwheel Galaxy

    Whirlpool Galaxy

    Mayalls Galaxy

    Small Cloud Galaxy

    Magellanic Cloud Cosmos

    Galaxies with (*) May be renamed since the current name is retarded (humans are so bad at naming things lOL)

    + Ruling Government = RB - SECT 17 is the current ruling government of our Universe. Formed from an alliance of several larger Galaxia powers that came together around the 30th century, this group has evolved into the metaphorical Iron Thumb squashing laws down the throats of the many. They of course also try to ensure these laws are kept by patrolling the known universe in hordes of over trained grunts.
    + What happened to the Milky Way Explanation

    + Star Drives & Jump Gates

    + Money and how it is used and moved about

    + THE AVARIS BREED or AVA's for short. Worst thing in the universe you may one day be infected by this race (they are a BIG bad I use in most of my rp's hehehehe they are in my mind the ULTIMATE EVIL)

    + Ship Ranking System
    + Known Races
    + Known Beastia

    Also Coming Sooner or Later!!
    •• A Form / Sign up Form for other ships! Wanna join our crazy ass adventures? Maybe be an ally ship? Or arch nemesis! Or just a competitor, or a ship just coming to it's own! This plot SERIOUSLY has room to grow evolve and advance in VARIOUS directions. Can't wait to see it grow! So Promote us and try to get us some more members for our start up arc lol.
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  12. Humans man ... -shakes head- But actually that is lost in the records in this rp. You can think of Humans as having spread all over the damn place but earth pretty much imploded after decay due to humans, and then finally got hit by Solar Radiations before the Sun went POOF! took out almost a half of the Milky Way Galaxy ( which OMG SPOILERS! realizes Rogue just got classified info out of me... now ... you must die! lol jk jk) But yeah i'm online now.

    Also For everyone I have added my Skype to the first info page at the very bottom in horrible blue lol. If you wish it you may add me, I am almost 100% of the time reachable through said System (which i use as my personal messenger)
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