ECho Space Station [SCI-FI]

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    Galaxy Messier 83 / Space Station : ECho /Area - Unova Mall -ARCADE! / Food Court


    So the day wasn’t going exactly according to the prescribed ‘Plan’ laid out on the day planner app within her CSD. But it was There fault after all; rousing her from slumber before the crack of dawn was just rude and cruel in her opinion, and as such had called for her absolute rebellion. Of course if one of her EXForce guard dogs showed up she could always claim incompetence ~What; how do you use what thing now?~ a cheeky response would be given when asked about her CSD. Of course she knew how to use the bloodeh thing, how else would she have shut off the damn alarm.

    After she’d disposed of the evil sound, she’d played with the device until she knew it’s every mode, function and setting. It was now hung from a belt loop on her waist in the form of a fluffy ball of fur. Very cute, she figured that form matched her hooded dress more than anything else. Charcoal leggings and a pair of black leg warmers helped to hide her rather large cat rabbit feet as she stood leaning against a rather old school game station. Her fingers gripping the toy gun and aiming down the site with aqua blue eyes she fired round after round of pixilated explosive rounds. The blood, carnage and overall gore of the game appeased Kaezi’s inner sadist.

    One large ear swiveled forward while the opposite flicked about listening to those around the arcade room, registering everything from PEW-PEW to screaming children in the food court opposite the grand Pi Mall’s corridor. Her nose twitched to pick up the various aromas wafting from that food court and her stomach growled in protest to her gaming time. The lolli hanging from her lips was not sustenance enough for the growing pit in her stomach.

    ~one more round~ She thought in defiance as she pulled the trigger on a rather hideous zombie. To the casual passer by, Zi looked like any other normal twenty year old enjoying some down time between classes, or some other such nonsense. Even the matching silver collar and bracelet she wore could be mistaken for the SUR Medi-collars. In reality the jewelry was high tech pacifying and tracking beacon for the Galactic Feds she was suppose to have checked in with earlier that morning.

    Going silently over the check list in her head again she gave a cheeky grin and bit down on the stick of her lolli.

    ~To hell with them…~ She thought as her avatar finally died. Luminous blue eyes glanced up at her score and a brow quirked, ~Good enough for first times in what five years?~ She shrugged a shoulder and holstered the toy gun before turning away from the game in full. Stepping down off it’s platform her padded feet made for a quick and silent escape from the arcade and it’s raucous noises. Shoving her hands in the pockets of her graphic sweater dress she started to shuffle into the open food court weaving through chairs as she went. Today was going nicely she had to think, so now to get something to eat.

    Right hand extended to her CSD Fluff Ball and giving it a squeeze reverted the crazy device back into a rubix cube form. She started to shuffle the different layers and sections of the transparent cube before finally one side read her current money balance. She sighed and flicked an ear backwards in disappointment.

    “Maybe just enough for Sushi…” She said looking up her vertical pupils contracting as she looked, why was it so damn bright on Terra.

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