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  1. What if when you were a young officer in the marines you held your best friend as he died in your arms, staining your hands with his blood. What if every time you look at those hands you see those crimson stains, every time you hear a certain song you hear his high jovial laughter and it takes you years to even be able to get through the day without seeing the hole that was torn through his chest and the glazed over look in his eyes as his life slipped away from him. _______ knows what this feels like. He and his best friend since kindergarten went into the marines together and were the perfect team. Until they were put on a very dangerous mission behind enemy lines. They were told that their position was unknown but somehow there was a group of enemy soldiers waiting for them. Their group managed to take down the enemy, but one of them pulled a gun and shot at _______, his best friend jumped in front of him and took the bullet. ________ begged him not to go, to stay with him but it was no use as he watched the light leave his friends eyes. He no longer so the point of being in the military, no longer saw the point in anything because he had lost his best friend and, unbeknownst to anyone even his friend, the man he loved.

    He was sent back to the states where he fell into a terrible depression, his family tried to reach out to him but it was no use he was so far gone. Plagued by nightmares of his dead friend, forced to replay that moment over and over every time he closed his eyes. this went on for several years until his depression turned to a dark hatred for the military. He knew, he just knew that they were set up that someone gave away their position. So he started a company that worked to bring all of the soldiers back home. He funded rescue missions that were never supposed to happen and pushed for peace treaties to be signed rather than bombs to be dropped. Because of this he became a man with many enemies. Especially with a certain industry who specialized in the creation of weapons for the war that was currently raging in the middle easy. From bombs, to tanks, to a promise of being able to enhance men one day to become the perfect unbeatable soldiers. ________ is their number one threat because he is constantly breathing down their necks, catching them on legal issues that most people would gladly look over if it meant better weapons for the war.

    _____ just recently started a lawsuit against them to stop their progress in the production of chemical weapons that would be used to destroy entire towns. He had enough evidence to at least pin them for malpractice, since they had started testing the devices long before they were ready. But he was striving for more, he had heard the rumors of POW's being used as test subjects for these new chemical weapons and was currently digging for proof. One night he decides to break into one of their facilities in hopes of finding something incriminating. What he finds instead is ten times worse than anything he could have ever imagined. he had been in the middle of searching through the files when a strong hand grabbed him from behind and threw him with a strength that was practically unnatural. In the dark he could not see his assailant and was fighting blind. However as he was finally pinned up against a wall a light switched on and he got a first glimpse at who it was that attacked him. It was his dead best friend only at the same time it wasn't. His usually kind expressive eyes were dead as if he were only a shell of the man he once knew and when he says his name, there isn't an ounce of recognition to be found. At first he was too shocked to react, it isn't until he is taken to an interrogation room and the head of the company is standing in front of him with his best friend at his side like some sort of obedient lap dog does he finally react.​
  2. This sounds really interesting. Can I be your partner for this?
  3. Yes of course :D
    do you mind being the guy who lost his best friend and started up the company and such? also for CS's are real pictures ok with you because i'm working on my CS right now and I have a Real pic, picked out >< though I can easily go and find an anime picture if you are uncomfortable with that.
  4. Great! Yeah, I don't mind playing as him. Real pictures are okay with me. It might take me some time to find a picture I'm satisfied with so the CS may take some time.
  5. that is perfectly fine! ^^
    so in my CS I am explaining why the company took him and stuff but let me just run it by you just to make sure you are ok with it.
    I was thinking that the special task force they were on were actually men selected to be part of a secret program that was working on creating the perfect super soldier but they could not get clearance to use human test subjects. So they had intended on taking all of them and reporting them 'killed in action' but they turned out better than they anticipate and the only casualty ended up being MC so they had to just settle for one. Each person on the task force was selected for a specific skill they had. so MC is a near perfect shot that is what got him on the task force.

    is this ok with you? if not I can easily go change things and we can come up with something you like better :)
  6. Sounds good. Gives me more of a history.
  7. Ok cool I am going to get the thread up. ^^

    here is the thread, do you want to start when your character is sneaking into the Markov Industry facility and is captured by MC?

    ((if you want we can discuss how the plot should progress through PMs.. or we could just wing it))
  9. Yeah, we'll start of there. Before we do let me just get my CS up.

    I think its best to wing it. Go with the flow kind of thing, you know?
  10. yes of course, I wasn't planning on posting anything more until you were ready ^^

    ok cool
  11. I posted my CS. Is it okay? Tell me if I need to change anything. :)
  12. It is perfect! ^^ (Alex Pettyfer mmmm)
    I'll get a first post in, though it's gonna be kind of sucky since I'm on through my phone.
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