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  1. Hello all. I am Azul, and am fairly new to this site, but not new to roleplaying. I desire to create an Active RP, where pretty much anything goes. Anyone can join, and you can be whatever you desire. I myself have varying post lengths, but always give at least a few lines to multiple paragraphs. I'm tired of seeing RP's die, and things of the like. So, if anyone is interested, I would like to create a RP Multiverse/Universe with Several plot lines, and have everyone included. If your tired of waiting days for a response, then why not join this roleplay, and together with each other we can all forge a new, fun, diverse RP.

    The main planet will be called Ebonzia, with many different races, cultures, lifestyles, and technology. It is the size of Earth, only a hundred times over. There are your celestial beings/Angels, demonic beings, Werewolves, Vampires, Undead/Zombies, Anthro's, sentient machines, humans, elves, dwarves, and far more. The Most famous/infamous city is called Mythos, which inhabits millions of lifeforms in its own right. Certain districts are modern, some medieval, and even futuristic. Given the size of the city the cultures are wide spread.

    The dominant species are Humans, Drow Elves, Werewolves/lycans, Dragons, Demons and Vampires. The Godly beings playing a major part in all of the events from behind the scenes.

    MAIN PLOT: Four hundred, and seventy three years ago the barrier between the mortal plane, and the lower planes was broken. This was done intentionally, and maliciously by High King Nokato Shinjuku. What transpired afterwards was nothing short of a nightmare. Demons of all sizes, strengths, and capabilities were freed from their damnation. Being that it occured without warning, the initial days following the disaster was sheer chaos, and death. Hundreds if not thousands perished within hours. "Show them the wrath of your King." Nokato instructed. His underlings did just that. Slaughtering without mercy. Humans suffered the worst casualties during the subsequent war. As they had the most territory, but also the most widespread military. The Drow Elves used their magic, the dragons brought down rain of fire, the lycans used the bestial strength, but in the end the losses were far greater than any side will openly admit.

    Now after a few centuries of what the demons call "Peace", the official treaty seems to be dissolving by the minute. The Heavens were instructed by "God" long ago not to interfere, but there were still those select few who disobeyed, and as a consequence were cast out from the Kingdom of Heaven. They are referred to as the "Fallen". Extremely powerful beings that were once Archangels, Seraphim, and warriors. They alone tipped the balance, and convinced the Daemonic King, and his legion to cease their advances. Society as a whole is on edge, rumors of another war soon to come are wide spread, and the fear is high.

    Will war breakout across the continents? Or will peace prevail? The choice is up to you.

    Sub-plot: The President, and vice president of Riyuk has just been assassinated. Confusion, and panic is growing within the entire human nation. The chain of command has been broken, and now the country is on the brink of civil war. A successor must be named, and he/she must restore order before it's too late.

    We will need everything from politicians, presidents, soldiers, assassins, and even Kings, and Queens. Of course you could always be a villain. Use your imagination, create an organization if you feel like, or team up with another player, and you two can forge your own empire should you choose to. I hope there is some interest from some of you, if not, well, I tried right? I have a lot of ideas so, let me know if your interested.

    I will act as GM, doing things like triggering events, spawning enemies/NPC's, and making sure the plot moves along nicely if I'm able to.

    I will post quest that you are able to try, and complete if you so wish to.

    There are only a few simple rules.
    1] No "God-modding"
    2] Respect the players OOCly, do whatever you want ICly.
    3] If you don't reply within a reasonable time frame, expect the events to continue unless you give notice.
    4] You can play one of the unchosen "Order of Six" and Change name/title.
    5] There will only be 6 Archangels/Seraphim.

    The Dragon Empire : These beings are very powerful, and have forged their own lands through sheer force, and power. They range in size, going from leviathans to humanoids.

    "THE ORDER OF 6" is the demonic Hierarchy that rules the southern hemisphere. There are six Ancient beings of demonic origins, forged by Fallen Angel Lucifer's seed. The "Order of Six" are able to be played if you believe you will be an active roleplayer in this thread, and like to have detailed fun, and it isn't taken. These individuals control the "Government" of the southern lands, and responsible for the laws, or lack there of. They are:
    High King Nokato Shinjuku : Played by me.


    High Queen Ein : Played by ___NPC

    Dark Queen Asyria : ___NPC


    King Juzatsu : ___NPC


    Princess Alysia : ___ NPC
    Dark Lord Abbaddon : ___NPC
    The "Order of Six" are able to be played if you believe you will be an active roleplayer in this thread, and like to have detailed fun, and it isn't taken.



    Kingdom of Tyranzia


    Fabishu Great Forest

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  2. I'm interested in this!
  3. This looks great. I'd like to be apart of it.
  4. I believe I'll be active, but I think it comes down to how active you want us, as a group, to be Azul. I take interest in playing an NPC(s) like Dark Queen Asyria and Princess Alysia. How many NPCs can we play?
  5. @PinkArrow Just a post or two a day if possible. You can play as many NPC's as you can handle. Though for the six, I'd like only one per person. The IC is up in fantasy as "Fall of Ebonzia".

    @DiamondGhosts Alright, post a CS, and feel free to join the RP in the fantasy section.
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